Shura's Wrath Chapter 445

Chapter 445


Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

After listening to Ling Chens words, Yamamoto Michio, Shoi Fuku and Saji Masaos faces became red as blood, but they could not say anything in response. It was impossible for a player to steal another players money- this was something everyone knew. If the game allowed such a thing, who would still dare to exchange money from real life to gold in the game?

The three people could not rebut his words, much less steal money from him what a joke. Even if Ling Chen stood there for a whole day and night, they would not be able to steal even a copper coin from him. The only thing they would gain was shame. However, the fact that their money had simply disappeared was the reality that they faced, but they had no way to prove how much money they originally had. They felt so humiliated that they wanted to explode.

Ling Chen continued to speak in a righteous manner, What? You dont dare to? Could it be that even you think that what you said was rubbish? Whats even more laughable is that you dared to spout such nonsense in front of Mr Kato.

Ling Chen turned to look at the Chief Notary Kato Masa as he gravely said, Mr Kato, you should know that Japanese people have always hated us Chinese people. Its because of this racism that todays events turned out like this. Out of the kindness of my heart, I decided to sell the City Creation Token for a cheap price to these Japanese players, but who would have thought ai, who would have thought that this would be my reward. Its evident that this was a trap they set so that they could take away the City Creation Token for nothing and ruin my reputation. Cut the crap!!!

The three guild leaders had their money stolen, and were now counterattacked by Ling Chen, who had accused them of wrongdoing. They almost jumped up in anger and started to curse at him, Ling Tian!! You youre full of crap! It was you who set the trap and stole our money, and yet youre trying to make us seem like the villains!!

Me? Hahaha, Ling Chen loudly laughed, Thats the funniest joke Ive ever heard. Do you know why I arranged for this transaction to take place at the Notary Office? Its because I know how crafty and devious you people are, and that you would want to take advantage of me, a Chinese person. Who would have thought that you would actually try to use such underhanded tactics at the Notary Office! Dont you know that the person presiding over this transaction is the Chief Notary Mr Kato Masa? Mr Kato Masa is already over 100 years old, and has a wealth of experience. Hes seen many transactions in his lifetime, and its said that back then even the Emperor of the East Ocean Continent personally invited him to officiate a transaction. Can anyone doubt Mr Kato Masas professionalism? Although Mr Kato Masa resides in the Sunrise City, no one apart from him is worthy of the title of East Ocean Continents number 1 Notary! And yet, under Mr Kato Masas vigilant eyes, you dared to try to play tricks, and even tried to tarnish my reputation. What a joke! Do you think that Mr Kato Masa and everyone here are idiots?

When Saji Masao had started yelling, Kato Masa had begun to frown. He also felt that something was strange, but after hearing Ling Chens words, his face started to become red. When Ling Chen yelled out the words East Ocean Continents number 1 Notary, he couldnt help but straighten up in pride, and his mouth trembled to be praised so straightforwardly in public made him feel light, and his suspicions towards Ling Chen significantly decreased he was the East Ocean Continents number 1 Notary, and under his supervision, it was impossible for these insignificant players to play any tricks. This Ling Tian had stayed completely still the whole time, so how was it possible that he had stolen money?

Moreover, the conflict between Japanese and Chinese players was something he had heard about a long time ago.

In that case, the only possibility was that these three people were trying to tarnish Ling Tians reputations! And it was done in such an underhanded way as well! They were simply undermining his position as the Chief Notary.

The three guild leaders faces all darkened, but Ling Chen didnt give them an opportunity to speak. He turned to Kato Masa as he said, Mr Kato, this is the East Ocean Continent, the Japanese players territory. Im all alone here, so I would inevitably be bullied by them ai, though frustrating, this was to be expected. However, the reason I entrusted this matter to the Notary Office was because I trusted that Mr Kato is the most professional and responsible Notary. Im sure Mr Kato wont show any bias in this matter. As such, I can only ask Mr Kato to give me justice. I vow on my life and reputation that throughout this entire process, I didnt even touch the corner of their clothes! How would it be possible for me to steal their money in order to prove my innocence, I request that a recording of the events be played to everyone here. If any part of my body touched any part of their bodies, not only will I give the City Creation Token to them for free, but Ill give each of them 10 billion gold as well as apologise on my knees! However, if the recording shows that I didnt come into contact with them I just require that the three of them apologise on their knees. Kato Masa slowly nodded. For Ling Chen to say such words, it was likely that he was innocent. This caused the last bit of suspicion he held towards Ling Chen to disappear. He turned to face the green and black faced guild leaders, coldly saying, You three, do you agree?

None of them dared to respond. They all knew that for Ling Tian to say such a thing, he was completely confident. Looking at Ling Chen filled with righteous indignation, even they started to wonder if they had accused him wrongly. However, the fact that their money had disappeared was real, and apart from Ling Tian, they simply couldnt imagine who could have done such a thing.

Seeing them stay silent, Kato Masa felt even surer about Ling Tian and more suspicious towards them. He coldly asked, What? Are you feeling guilty and now you dont dare?

Yamamoto Michio gritted his teeth and replied, Who said were feeling guilty?! This was definitely done by Ling Tian! We definitely dare to accept this!

Since Yamamoto Michio had agreed, Shoi Fuku and Saji Masao had no other choice but to nod. As such, the recording of what had just happened was soon displayed to everyone. All eyes fell on the screen, and no one dared to blink in fear of missing something important. On the screen, everyone saw that as soon as Ling Chen walked out, he had gone to the trade seat and put his hands on the trade table. Afterwards, Yamamoto Michio went up, and his expression changed after a few seconds before and during those few seconds, Ling Chens hands had stayed on the Trade Table without moving. They had not even left the trade table, much less touched Yamamoto Michio.

Yamamoto Michio instantly felt cold sweat cover his body.

Next up was Shoi Fuku. After he went up, the only thing Ling Chen did was look at him. His hands remained on the table, and the only movement he did was tap the table subconsciously without his wrist moving at all. He was at least half a metre away from Shoi Fuku.

The same happened for Saji Masao in the recording, Ling Tians hands, or any part of his body for that matter, had not come into contact with any of the three guild leaders. This was evident to everyone. Even if Ling Tian had some way of stealing money, sure he had to come into contact with his target. Otherwise, wouldnt he be able to steal money from anyone by simply just looking at them?!

The recording finished playing and Ling Chens pained voice sounded out, I think by now the truth is clear and everyone has confirmed their suspicions. Out of the kindness in my heart, I decided to return this City Creation Token to you Japanese players for a cheap price. However, I was treated like this in exchange. Ai, I cant help but feel sad and angry.

Ling Chen sadly shook his head and everyone could hear the despair and regret in his voice.

By now, Kato Masa held no suspicions at all towards Ling Chen and he grimly asked the three guild leaders, Is there anything else you want to say?

This time, the Japanese players all looked at Yamamoto Michio and the others with scorn and disdain. This sort of plotting was simply too childish a recording had perfectly countered all of their claims. Thats right, even the other Japanese players believed that the three guild leaders had tried to set up a trap for Ling Tian. After all, they completely hated Ling Tian, so it would not have been surprising for them to do such a thing. However, the recording was solid proof that Ling Tian was innocent.

The effect of the recording was similar to a pile of dung being poured on the three guild leaders heads. Looking at the reaction of the Japanese players around them, they knew that no matter what they did, they would not be able to remove that pile of dung. As for themselves, after looking at the recording, even they believed that they might have wrongly accused Ling Tian. Perhaps it was because of some other reason that their money had disappeared. Yamamoto Michio gnashed his teeth as he said, We didnt falsely accuse Ling Tian! It was true that our money disappeared theres theres definitely something strange going on

 Youre still denying it?! Kato Masa was completely disappointed in them. He heavily said, Im utterly disappointed in all of you. As a resident of the East Ocean Continent, even I feel ashamed of your actions! Our East Ocean Continent is a country that prides itself in its morals and etiquette. We must always treat outsiders with respect and etiquette so as to show our countrys bearing and manner! And yet, youve tried to use such low methods to trap our visitor, causing our entire East Ocean Continent to be shamed. Not only did you try to trap him, but you used such a childish and stupid method! Within the Mystic Moon world, there are strict regulations regarding money. It is impossible for someone to steal money from someone else! Do you not have the common sense that even a three year old child would?!

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