Shura's Wrath Chapter 448

Chapter 448

Li Xiao Xues gift

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This dress is so pretty and pink, Yi Ruo would surely look pretty in this!

Wow! What a beautiful princess skirt! We should get this too! I cant wait to see Yi Ruo wear this she would be very cute!

A cute girl like her would look pretty no matter what she wore, I even want to bring all these clothes here home for her!

Li Zhao Nan walked in slowly and softly, his eyes landing on Chao Ying and Chao Xi. Their rich inky black hair swayed in the air, their eyebrows were straight and delicate, and their skin was silky smooth and white as jade. Their sexy bodies were slightly showing through their light-yellow chiffon dresses. The girls had the same level of impeccable looks, seductiveness and elegance. He was unsure at which girl he should be looking at as they were both perfect.

The shop owner beside them bowed politely to leave as he saw Li Zhao Nan. He walked towards Li Zhao Nan in a hurry and bowed down at him attentively, saying, Good morning, Boss!

Over half of the stores on 208 Street belonged to the Li Family and were managed by Li Zhao Nan. He first greeted the shop assistant and smiled at Chao Ying and Chao Xi with a little bit of surprise on his look. Chao Ying, Chao Xi, what a coincidence meeting you guys here. Oh? Who is this lucky girl you are buying presents for?

Yeah, we havent yet purchased any new clothes for our little princess. Brother Zhao Nan, are you doing an inspection again? Chao Ying answered Zhao Nan smilingly while pulling a small and cute princess dress in front of herself. She wanted so badly to go back to being a ten year old so she, herself, could try on the clothes that she loved.

There were already 10 pieces of clothing that she had chosen hanging by her side; most of them were suited for girls around the age of 10. Any clothes on 208 Street would have cost a fortune even if they were only for young girls. The clothes in this department were each made by the worlds top designer. Each piece was the only one in the whole world and the design was immediately destroyed after being completed. Altogether, the clothes would have cost at least 100,000 Chinese dollars. However, this was all small money to an outstanding upstart like Ling Chen who could easily earn ten billion within half an hour. Chao Ying and Chao Xis sister and brother had just returned from overseas. They were currently living in the Bamboo Sea Wonderland. Li Zhao Nan knew about this but Li Xiao Xue had deliberately warned him about it being a secret. He was not to tell anyone or disturb them, and he didnt dare disobey Li Xiao Xue even when he was extremely curious. Li Xiao Xue had the most authority after Li Yun Ze within the Li Familys financial group. Even his father obeyed her. He didnt have the guts to create trouble in front of Li Xiao Xue even though technically, he was way older than her.

They are a part of the Li family if they are Chao Ying and Chao Xis family members. Take as much as you need even the whole store if you prefer and consider these as the gifts from the Li Family, Li Zhao Nan offered in a friendly and generous manner. His smile was so elegant and natural, without any sight of pretence or reluctance.

Chao Ying and Chao Xi looked ecstatic. There was no way they would have rejected a bargain like this. Chao Xi smiled so happily and replied, Really? We wouldnt be easy on you if you are so generous then! We thank you on behalf of our little master!

Also ,we have to purchase some new clothes for our brother later. Is Zhao Nan going to pay for that too? Chao Ying asked jokingly. Her beauty was intensified with her impeccably sweet smile, brightening up Zhao Naos world. His brain went crazy and he nodded spontaneously, Of course, of course  

Chao Ying and Chao Xi were indeed not easy on him. They took all the women clothing and moved to the mens section and scavenged all the clothes there like a storm.

Chao Ying, Chao Xi, Li Family recently released a new luxury meal menu, I was wondering if I have the honour to invite you two over to try it out. If you think its good, you can also bring some back to your little princess and brother. Walking out from the Li Familys fancy store, Li Zhao Nan, as he had done so many times before, invited them over for lunch . However, he was rejected, which had been the same response for every one of his invites.

Chao Xi and Chao Ying looked at each other and smiled. Chao Ying took a breath and said slowly, Thank you for your invite, but unfortunately, sister and I had already agreed to visit Xiao Xue. Maybe next time!

Li Zhao Nan never expressed any anger even though he was rejected every time. His eyes brightened up at the girls reply and said, Going to visit Xiao Xue? Wonderful, I happened to have something to ask her I will tag along!

Sure, certainly! The twins smiled sweetly as usual.

An hour later, they arrived at the Li Familys yard.

This car is Bugattis latest limited edition. I placed this special order at Bugatti three years ago. The cost was about 7200 million Chinese dollars. It had just finished assembling last month and there is only one of them in the whole world. I have driven this for about three times now. The power was strong and wild that I was barely able to control it. Maybe it is more suited for someone who drives more adventurously than me.

Li Xiao Xue was leaning against the car door, smiling.

Ah? Chao Ying and Chao Xi had their mouths open in surprise. Xiao Xue, are you actually selling this car to us? This is something you waited for three years, a top luxury car personalised with your own name!

I am not selling this to you. I am giving it to you, Li Xiao Xue deepened her smile.

Giving this to us? Chao Ying and Chao Xi shouted agape in response, but, this is way too much. We

There was no way that they didnt know the customised car cost more than 7000 million Chinese dollars. Although Li Family was not low on money, a present worth 7000 million was way too much to accept.

Li Xiao Xue bit her lips slightly and walked to the middle of the girls and said, Stop being so polite if you consider us good sisters. Otherwise, your sister is going to get angry. Alright, it is getting late, drive the car back as soon as possible. Dont make your little princess and brother wait at home for too long. Also, when you go back, tell your brother that I really want to catch up with him for a bit.

No one could ever change Li Xiao Xues decision. Besides, they werent able to refuse such a luxurious gift like this. Chao Ying and Chao Xi were supposed to follow Ling Chens order and ask  for Li Xiao Xues help in purchasing the best-looking sports car. What they didnt expect was that Li Xiao Xue had gifted them her own customised luxury car. They could already imagine in their head how surprised Ling Chen and Tian Tian would be when they see the car. As such, they didnt stay around for too long. Each of them gave Li Xiao Xue a sweet hug and drove the car back to the Bamboo Sea Wonderland.

For a long time, Li Zhao Nan kept on staring into the direction of the girls departure, looking so lost. 

Li Xiao Xue glanced over and saw his reaction. She sighed and said, Zhao Nan, give up on them, there is no way you would succeed.

Li Zhao Nan was the only son from Li Xiao Xues uncle. She should be calling him elder brother based on their age, but she had always addressed him by his full name and no one had found it inappropriate. After all, Li Xiao Xues ability and authority was always there, so no one could possibly overpower her.

Why? Li Zhao Nan looked confused and quickly became defensive and agitated, You think that I am not worthy of them? They are my uncles adopted daughters. I have been in touch with them more than any other. How could I lose to any man on earth, I am not scared of my competitors! Why do I have to give up on them?

Li Xiao Yun looked calm, but her eyes were as cold as stars, Compared with other men, your overall qualities are quite high. Some people would even rank you and Long Tian Yun as the two best men out of all the youth in the whole of China. But if you yourself think that too, then you are way too deluded. Let me tell you straight, Chao Ying and Chao Xi both love someone already.

Thats right, they already have a man, and have both belonged to one man for a long time. They are dedicated to that man only. She shot a glance at Zhao Nans stoned face, and slowly continued, I know what you are thinking. A piece of advice, never try to steal them away from-

Li Zhao Nao interrupted her in shock.

Impossible, how could there be someone like that, who who is he ?

Li Xiao Xue turned around, looking a bit complexed, It is better that you dont know his name. Also, dont try to ask about it either. Besides, you better stay away from the Bamboo Sea Wonderland, otherwise, I really cant predict what will happen.

Bamboo Sea Wonderland.

Ling Chen felt too good today. He was almost blinded by how awesome the car looked when Chao Ying and Chao Xi drove back the customised Bugatti car.

Learning how to drive was compulsory to learn as a peak-level Reaper. Ling Chen was still able to drive well despite not touching cars for years. The house was surrounded by lots of empty space so every day he would drive Tian Tian around a few times. Under Tian Tians request, he had also started teaching her how to drive. Using a luxury sports car to practice driving was excitingEven pressing the accelerator lightly could make the cars speed go from 0 to 100kph instantly. Ling Chen broke into a sweat so many times even though Tian Tian had only driven in the main seat for half an hour. Luckily, there were no crashes.

Finally, he convinced Tian Tian to make dinner. He took a long breath and entered the pool to wash off his sweat. Shortly after, two slim bodies fell into the pond. One swam to his left and one swam to his right.  

Ling Chen tucked his hands behind his back and leaned against the wall, humming. Occasionally, he thrust into their mouths. Chao Ying and Chao Xi leaned side by side on his crotch, moving their bodies up and down. Using their sweet and smooth tongue, they licked and sucked his penis up and down, left and right. He could feel the girls saliva combine and mix, lathering his dick. Even though they were under water, he could still hear the sounds of their sucking. 

Ling Chen felt that the joy he was experience was about to send his soul flying. He panted heavily and said, That car, was it really given from Li Xiao Xue? There were no other requests?

The girls popped their head out of water, with their beautiful eyes staring smilingly at Ling Chen. Their white skin was wet, and they were softly breathing out air from their sweet cherry lips. They looked flirtatious with their wet messy hair stuck to the side of their lips. They made eye contact with Ling Chen and said, Xiao Xue didnt have any request. However, she seemed to have known your identity. Also, she was very interested in you and had wanted to have a talk with master.

The girls dived into the water afterwards, continuing the blowjob.  

Did she find out about my identity? Ling Chen frowned a little bit. He curled his upper lips contemptuously and continued, Next time I see her, I will tell her that I quite enjoy the peace I am having and will not want to be disturbed.

A clear voice came from the far distance immediately after he finished speaking, Brother, where are you? Time to eat!

Tian Tians voice gave him a startle and he could no longer enjoy the pleasure that was given. Woah! He jumped out of the water and put on his clothes in his fastest speed and replied, I am outside; will be there very soon!

 It would be terrible if Tian Tian saw happened just then. Ling Chen ran back to the house while still wet, leaving the girls chuckling in the water.

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