Shura's Wrath Chapter 454

Chapter 454

Beginning of the Chaos

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

Ling Chen walked at a moderate pace towards the Sunrise City. Evidently, the Chery Blossom God Representative had sealed the East Ocean Continents World Boundary to prevent him from leaving so that she could quickly find him and retrieve the orb. Similarly, if Ling Chen wanted to leave the East Ocean Continent, he needed to find the Cherry Blossom God Representative however, directly going to find her like this would be quite stupid. Anyone would be able to guess that the Cherry Blossom God Representative had laid down numerous traps at the Celestial Cherry Valley, and would probably use all of her trump cards. If he went like this, he would definitely be throwing himself into her trap.

Youre trying to force me to come find you? Heh lets see who forces the other person out first!

After walking for a while, he began to see more players. Because he was fairly close to the Sunrise City, there were not as many monsters here, and the players training here were all quite low-levelled. Most of these players were simply playing for fun. At this moment, a team of around 100 people walked from the direction of the Sunrise City, all of whom had a blazing sun embroidered on their sleeves. Seeing them, the players all stepped to the side and looked at them and the suns on their arms, which showed that they were part of the strongest guild, the Unsetting Sun.

This group of people continuously looked around them, carefully checking each person. They only glanced at the female players, but would look at the male players for around 4-5 seconds.

 You, show your name!!

A player who had his name hidden became surrounded by the Unsetting Sun players, with 10 or so weapons pointed towards him. It was because he had hidden his name and his build was quite similar to Ling Chens. After the surrounded player quickly revealed his name, the Unsetting Sun players looked at it, apologised, and continued to patrol around. They were one of the teams specially sent out by the Unsetting Sun to look for Ling Tian, with countless teams like this patrolling the entire East Ocean Continent. Not only the Unsetting Sun, but also the Black Dragon Guild and Grand Alliance were all doing this. The leaders of the top 3 guilds all hated Ling Tian to their bones, and adding on the fury the Japanese players felt towards Ling Tian, all of them wanted to kill Ling Tian at all costs.

If it was before, Ling Chen would have quickly left. Of course, it wasnt because he was afraid, but that he didnt want to waste time on these small fry. However, now that he had completed his objective, since he couldnt leave the East Ocean Continent, it didnt matter what he did.


Ling Chen put on his battle equipment and held his two weapons, which everyone recognised, in his hands. He swaggered towards the Unsetting Suns team, revealing his name above his head.

Ling Ling Tian!! As Ling Chen walked forwards, a female player spotted him and started to yell out. The effect was like a hornets nest that had been prodded, sending everyone in the area abuzz. In China, Ling Tian was an incomparably powerful expert- this was something that everyone knew. In the East Ocean Continent, this name had become the name of a demon. After entering the East Ocean Continent, he had brought the Japanese players nightmare after nightmare.

The name above Ling Chens head stimulated every single Japanese player, causing more than half of them to subconsciously retreat. The Unsetting Suns hundred-person team charged up, forming an encirclement around him. The Shield Bearer held his large shield in front of him, pointing his sword towards Ling Chen as he roared, Ling Tian!! Lets see where you can run!!

His voice was loud but evidently, he wasnt that confident. As he shouted, both of his hands were evidently trembled. They had all been looking for Ling Tian, but deep down, they were all praying that they wouldnt find him. What a joke- back then at the Sunrise Citys Central Square, thousands of Japanese players had been toyed around by him. Even the legendary Blade Emperor had been insta-killed by him, so what could they do? They didnt even qualify to act as an appetiser.

Heh Ling Chen grinned, speaking calmly as if he had met an old friend, Are you sure?

These mocking words tore away the Japanese players fear. The Shield Bearer at the front didnt know what to say, and his face began to turn red. He roared, Attack!! Hurry up and attack!! If we kill Ling Tian, well be heroes!

With so many players watching, as the team sent by the Unsetting Sun, they couldnt simply retreat. Hearing their leaders yell, the rest of the players gritted their teeth and rushed towards Ling Chen.

Within the hundred-person team, there were Shield Bearers, Warriors, Mages, Archers, Assassins, Priests, Summoners all 7 professions. However, no matter how skilled they were or how good their equipment was, they simply couldnt threaten Ling Chen at all. Facing their attacks, Ling Chen didnt even move. Only when the melee players were right in front of him did he smirk and slash out with the Great Ravager and Twilight Spear. Two arcs swept out, instantly covering the area in front of and behind him.

Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang


A wave of colliding sounds rang out, and all of the players close to Ling Chen were blasted away this sound would have been quite terrifying, but it was almost completely covered by the sounds of the Japanese players screaming as they died.

The players sent flying screamed incredibly pitifully, sounding exactly like demons, causing the other players to wince. For them to let out such screams, the other players simply couldnt imagine the degree of pain they felt. This sort of pain should not have been experienced in a game!

As the rest of the players watched on with shock, the players sent flying fell to the ground. Everyones faces were incredibly twisted, and even the corpses bodies still had terrifyingly twisted expressions. Their eyes were staring horrifically, their pupils almost 10 times as large as normal, creating a shocking scene.

What What was going on? Why did their screams sound so pained? Why were their expressions so terrifying it was as if they had endured the greatest pain of their life or had seen something incomparably horrifying!

Didnt players normally choose the 10% pain setting? Could it be that all of these people were crazy and chose the 100% pain setting? However, even with the 100% pain setting, the pain should not have been so overwhelming!

In just 1 strike, Ling Chen had insta-killed nearly 20 players, and the screams they let out caused the other players to quake with fear. Ling Chens body blurred and reappeared somewhere else. What looked like a casual teleportation allowed him to dodge the attacks from the ranged players, and before anyone had realised what was going on, yet another 2 arcs were sent out as he grinned with the Scorpio Orb, his attacks completely ignored the other players pain settings! Not only that, it increased the pain they experienced by 300%! This meant that every time he attacked, his victims experienced the pain of being completely annihilated multiplied by 3!

In the current age where battles in real life were essentially non-existent, even a small cut would cause a person to grimace in pain and the sight of blood would cause most people to cry out how many people could endure the pain of being slashed by swords and spears? Moreover, Ling Chen had incredibly high attacks, and would cause them to endure 3 times the normal pain! Another 10 or so people were swept up in Ling Chens second attack in an instant, yet another 10 or so people screamed their hearts out, tearing at everyone elses ears. In that instant, they understood why the people from before had displayed such terrifying reactions the instant Ling Tians attack hit them, they could clearly feel their bodies being slashed into shreds, and their mind was completely devoured by the pain, making them feel as if they had fallen into hell. It was a sort of pain that made them wish they could die immediately as this pain stole away their consciousness, rendering them only able to scream and howl until their throats were hoarse.

Ling Chen was facing around a hundred people, which was a decently sized team. Although Ling Chen was by himself, his attacks could cover a large range. Even Shield Bearers would be inta-killed if they so much as came into contact with his attacks. Moreover, his attacks didnt have any cooldown times, and adding on with him walking around, the hundred-person team was nothing to him. Before the surrounding Japanese players could recover from their shock, Ling Chen had already decimated most of the players with a little more than 10 or so terrifying attacks.

Hurry!! 2 kilometres to the north of the Sunrise City!! Ling Tians here arghhhh!!!!

 After casually sweeping out with his weapons, the last of the Unsetting Sun players fell to the ground from when Ling Chen had first appeared till now, only 10 or so seconds had passed. A hundred-person team had been annihilated just like that, and the bestial howls finally ceased. Ling Chen looked around him and started to walk towards the Sunrise City. As he walked, the low-levelled players all stayed back, none of them daring to attack him. Their faces were horrifically pale, and some of their bodies trembled Ling Tian shouldnt have been able to make them so afraid. Even if it was for their honour, they should have rushed up to surround him and attack, despite the consequence of death. However, the screams from the players before had caused their bodies to tremble, and no one had even a shred of courage to go up Those howls and twisted faces and enlarged pupils it was evident how much pain the people who had died from Ling Chens attacks had suffered!

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