Shura's Wrath Chapter 455

Chapter 455

Guild Destroyer (1)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

As the Japanese players looked on in shock, Ling Chen continued to walk towards the Sunrise City. None of the players who had just witnessed that massacre dared to approach him. Unsurprisingly though, not long after Ling Chen started to walk, a thundering roar came from ahead of him. Soon, a dark wave of players rushed towards him, one that extended as far as ones eyes could see. As they came closer, even the ground began to shake.

As soon as they had heard that Ling Tian was here, the 3 largest guilds had sent almost all of their elite players. Under their leaders commands, they had rushed over and gathered together many powers had allied to face a single person, and they were full of morale and confidence. Their shouts shook the heavens, and their attitude was as if Ling Tian had killed their fathers and raped their wives.

Ling Chen coldly laughed and didnt stop walking as he continued to move to meet the sea of players.

Ling Tian, its impossible for you to escape today. Hurry up and arghhhhh!!!

Before the person in the lead could finish his words, an incredibly terrifying howl sounded in every persons ears. Ling Chen, who had been 30 metres away, left behind an afterimage as he disappeared. His speed was simply unbelievable, and streaked like a shadow towards the Japanese players in front of him. A single attack sent 8 Japanese players flying, who all let out cries like pigs being slaughtered. This was just the beginning. Ling Chen did not stop, and like a monstrous lightning bolt, he shot into the massive crowd of players with the Feng Chen Technique levelled up, and adding on the Icy Gold Wings that gave him 20 Movement Speed, Ling Chens Movement Speed already reached 238, even without a mount. With [Broken Shadow] activated, his movement speed reached 2380! This incredible figure could even cause a god to break out in sweat. The Japanese players could only see a wave of afterimages, and were unable to clearly see him or lock on to him.

In this state, Ling Chen charged full speed ahead, apathetically piercing through the Japanese players team like a bayonet. His arms continuously swept out with the Great Ravager and Twilight Spear as he looked forwards, searching for places to charge towards. He had no need to look at his sides, as every time he casually attacked with his weapons, he would blast away 20 or so players. To these Japanese players, coming into contact with Ling Tians weapons meant instant death, as well as an enormous wave of pain that would cause them to lose their minds.

Ling Chen didnt slow down at all, and the Japanese players screams continuously sounded out. The continuous screaming caused the Japanese players hearts to tremble and their scalps to become numb. The people at the back heard the screams from the front, and wondered what was happening. In the next second, a figure appeared in front of them and blasted them away As they howled and screamed, they didnt even know how they died and couldnt even clearly see who it was that killed them. Even if they looked down while they were flying into the air, they could only see a blur disappearing off to the distance. Ling Chen displayed just how terrifying overwhelming speed could be. Facing Ling Chen, who was more than 10 times as fast as them, not a single person could lock on to his position. When Ling Chen rushed over, none of them could react in time, let alone counter attack the outcome was either being massacred by Ling Chen, or, if they were lucky enough to escape death, by the time they had realised what was happening Ling Chen would already be long gone. All they were left with was fear and cold sweat- how could they counter attack? As such, in a very short period of time, Japanese players corpses littered the ground and screams filled the air. However, Ling Chen, who had dove into this massive army, had not been hit a single time.

Even if another player had this speed, they would not have been able to create such a scene. Extreme speed was quite powerful, but not every person could control this speed. If a normal player had this speed instead of Ling Chen, in the blink of an eye, they would crash into another player to crash into someone else at such a speed would result in them crashing to the ground, after which they would be jumped on by other players and torn to death. However, with Ling Chens eyes, agility and reaction speed, as well as instincts honed from extreme situations, the crowd simply couldnt block him with his speed. Ling Chen was like slippery fish, nimbly darting between the players.

Before the effects of Broken Shadow ended, Ling Chen had passed from the front to the back of the army with more than ten thousand players. There was a line of corpses on the ground, cutting this gigantic army in half. Ling Chen smirked and didnt even look back as he continued to rush forwards. Soon, he had disappeared from the Japanese players vision.

The gigantic army fell silent. The leaders all stared with their eyes as big as plates, and their mouths hung open as their minds went blank. A gust of wind blew past, causing them all to shiver

W-What are you all waiting for?! Hurry up and chase after him!!

Anyone could hear the trembling in the voice that gave out this order. Ling Tian had evidently ran towards the Sunrise City, and was incredibly fast. He had completely disappeared by this point. After the leaders gave out the orders, the army turned around and started running towards the Sunrise City. However, none of them were shouting anymore, due to how scared they all felt. Their fear written all over their faces.


Sunrise City, Unsetting Suns Headquarters

Looks like its here, Ling Chen said as he looked at the large words Unsetting Sun in his concealed state. He evilly laughed, Unsetting Sun? Heh Ill make this sun permanently set today!

Ling Chen loudly laughed as he revealed himself and charged forwards. He hefted up the Great Ravager and smashed it down towards the Unsetting Sun Headquarters main door. An explosion sounded out, and cracks spread out on the large door that was as tall as 3 people. The cracks quickly spread, and soon covered the entire door from the bottom to the top at the same time, the alarms sounded out, notifying every Unsetting Player that their headquarters were being attacked. The players within the headquarters all froze and then rushed to the main door.

 Whats going on?

In the main hall, Yamamoto Michio shot to his feet when he heard the alarm. He frowned as he yelled, Which bastard is tired of living and dares to attack our Unsetting Sun?!

It was difficult to establish and develop a guild to maturity, and so a mature guild would also be incredibly difficult to destroy. In fact, two guilds of similar strengths would be unable to destroy each other. Even if a guild was stronger than another guild, they would usually have to pay a heavy price to destroy it. Of course, suppressing weaker guilds was a different matter. The Unsetting Sun was the most powerful guild in the East Ocean Continent- this was something everyone acknowledged. Even if the other top 4 guilds allied together, it would still be impossible for them to destroy the Unsetting Sun. Moreover, since the Unsetting Sun had made a name for itself, no guild had ever dared to attack their headquarters, as this was tantamount to suicide.

Just as Yamamoto Michio went to see who it was who dared to attack the Unsetting Sun, a high-ranking guild member stumbled in, yelling, Alliance master!! Its Ling Tian Ling Tian has come!!

Ling Tian?! Yamamoto Michios face instantly darkened then became ashen. He gritted his teeth as he yelled, Good! We were looking for him, but he delivered himself to us! This time we must make him pay the heaviest price!

He looked at the pale-faced player and suddenly became enraged, yelling, Bastard! Isnt it just Ling Tian?! Why have you become so cowardly? Stop losing our Unsetting Suns face! Do you really think Ling Tian could destroy our Unsetting Sun by himself?!

A-Alliance master!! T-Things arent good Ling Tian has already already destroyed the main door hes already charged into the forecourt!!

Yamamoto Michio stared in shock for a few seconds before he yelled out in shock, What What did you say?! Hows that possible? How could he destroy the main door in such a short period of time? Even if the Black Dragon Guild and the Grand Alliance allied together, they have to spend at least 3 days and 3 nights attacking to destroy the main door! How could Ling Tian destroy the main door so quickly by himself?! Our main doors defence is already LV5!!

The main door was a guilds first line of defence, and was the toughest door to destroy. As the strongest door in a guilds headquarters, it had incredibly high defence, and this was even more so for the main door of the top guild. Currently, the Unsetting Suns guild level, LV5, was the highest in all of Japan. This meant that their main doors level had also risen to LV5. Currently, their main door had 20 million HP, which meant that if anyone wanted to attack the Unsetting Suns Headquarters, they would have to go through all 20 million of the main doors HP while being attacked by the Unsetting Sun players. Moreover, after main doors reached LV3, they gained a regeneration effect. If the speed at which the attackers could not outpace the main doors regeneration, it would be impossible for the attackers to break through.

Only 10 or so seconds had passed since Yamamoto Michio had heard the alarm and received the system announcement that meant that Ling Chen had only started attacking around 10 seconds ago

It had only been 10 or so seconds! How could he destroy the main door with 20 million HP in that short period of time?!

Alliance master!! Alliance master!! Things are bad!! Another voice came from outside of the hall. Soon, another high-ranking player scrambled in, yelling in fear, Ling Tian Ling Tian has already broken through the second door and is in the midcourt!!

W-What?! Yamamoto Michio stumbled, his eyes were about to pop out of their sockets. The second door had 15 million HP!!

Currently, Ling Chen was standing outside of the Unsetting Suns third defensive door. Behind him were countless Japanese players corpses. As the surviving Unsetting Sun players watched in horror, he raised his weapons and smashed them towards the third defensive door.


As the explosion sounded out, two massive damage figures rose up, and two large cracks spread throughout the entire defensive door. Ling Chen smirked and swept his weapons towards the door again.

BANG!!! Cracks covered the defensive door, which then crumbled just like that, a defensive door with 15 million HP was destroyed after just 2 attacks from Ling Chen.

 Of course, this wasnt because Ling Chens Attack Power had reached a terrifying level it was because of the strong [Destruction] element given by the Scorpio Orb! Since the defensive door wasnt a living creature, it could be easily destroyed! Under the [Destructive] element which completely disregarded HP, even if the defensive door had 100 times as much HP, it was simply a piece of rotten wood in front of Ling Chen.

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