Shura's Wrath Chapter 460

Chapter 460

Destruction of the 3 Top Guilds

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

Shoi Fuku was more than willing to spend some money to chase this calamity away. However, the problem was that everyone knew that just half an hour ago, Ling Tian had swindled the Unsetting Sun out of 1.5 billion gold. Whats more, he had personally experienced his money disappearing while he was next to Ling Chen. He face instantly fell and his forced smile was even uglier than him crying, Brother Ling Tian, you deserve a reward, but but

Of course, Ling Chen knew what he was thinking about. He coldly harrumphed as he replied, President Shoi, I know what youre worried about. Youre probably worried that Ill steal your money or that I wont follow through with my end of the deal once Ive received the money. Hmph, If you really dont trust me, you can show everyone how much gold you have while youre still far away from me, then give it to me. After receiving my reward, Ill immediately leave and wont interfere in the Black Dragon Guilds matters. Although Im not exactly a good person, but I view promises to be as important as my life! Moreover, there are so many people here. I wouldnt want to risk my reputation!

Shoi Fuku wouldnt have to worry about Ling Tian stealing his gold if he showed everyone his gold while he was far away. Seeing that Ling Tian had made such a promise in front of so many people, Shoi Fuku was at ease after all, Ling Tian was Chinas number 1 expert. He wouldnt tell such a blatant lie in front of so many people. Hearing Ling Tians words, Shoi Fuku quickly thought, then hurriedly said, What are you saying? Ling Tian, youre a super expert, so Im sure your words carry as much weight as mountains. Theres nothing for me to be afraid of um, how much gold would satisfy you?

Hmm Ling Chen pretended to be deep in thought, then stretched out a finger, Im not a greedy person and Im not trying to take advantage of your Black Dragon Guild. Its just that Im afraid that if I dont do this, your Black Dragon Guild will feel that you owe me too much and be unable to be at ease. In that case just 1 billion gold.

1 billion gold? Sure, sure! Shoi Fukus heart ached, but this amount was fairly reasonable. At least, it was less than what he had expected. As long as he could protect the Black Dragon Guild from the Unsetting Suns outcome, even if it was an unreasonable price, he would grit his teeth and accept it.

Shoi Fuku immediately ordered his subordinates to transfer 1 billion gold. With his prior experience, he didnt go near to Ling Chen, but instead opened up his gold window, revealing how much gold he had it was exactly 1 billion gold!

Everyone, please look, I have 1 billion gold on me. This is the reward for brother Ling Tians efforts. After transferring it to him, Ill open my gold window again for everyone to see, Shoi Fuku loudly said. Shoi Fuku made it sound as if he was doing this to prove he wasnt cheating Ling Tian, but everyone knew the true reason behind his words.

After saying this, he carefully walked towards Ling Chen.

This time, Ling Chen did not use [Lucky Hand]. Instead, he received the gold from Shoi Fuku through a normal transaction.

Instantly, his account increased by another 1 billion gold.

After coming to the East Ocean Continent, not only had he obtained 2 God Orbs, but had also earned more than 15 billion gold! Ling Chen almost exclaimed in joy. He looked up at the sky, marvelling at this treasure trove! He almost wasnt willing to leave anymore.

After transferring the money, Shoi Fuku let out a long breath and retreated a few steps. He then showed everyone his gold window, which now displayed a 0. He loudly stated, The 1 billion gold has now been transferred to brother Ling Tian, not a bit less. Everyone has seen this brother Ling Tian, are you satisfied with this reward?

Ling Chen looked at the amount of gold he had, and nodded, Yes, Im very satisfied!

Thats good, thats good, Shoi Fuku nodded and bowed subserviently, and then wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. Inwardly, he was overjoyed that they had avoided such a huge catastrophe. Losing money and some dignity was worth it. He nervously asked, Then, brother Ling Tian, do you have anything else to do, or or would you like to take a tour of our Black Dragon Guild?

A tour? No need. The weapons that Ling Chen had put away reappeared in his hands, and his casual tone became cold and malicious, Your Black Dragon Guild is about to be eradicated; Im not interested in touring some ruins.

As he spoke, before anyone could react, Ling Chens body forwards with a [Moment of Elegance] and instantly reached the half-destroyed main door. He then sent a [Thousand Kilogram Rend] hurtling towards it.


The incredibly sturdy defensive door was blown apart like a plank of rotten wood, and fragments of it fell all around Ling Chen. The Black Dragon Guild players cried out in shock and horror, and Shoi Fukus rosy complexion became pale as a sheet. He pointed at Ling Chen as he hollered, Ling Tian!! Didnt you say that you would leave after taking the 1 billion gold?! What the hell are you doing?! Could it be that the mighty Ling Tian is such a lying and vile scoundrel? Didnt you say that you viewed promises to be as important as your life?!?!

Ling Chen glanced at him and slowly replied, Thats right! I said that I view promises to be as important as my own life but only when theyre made to people on my side! Dont tell me that you think youre on my side?! Damn, let alone me, even the pigs in the world wouldnt believe such a thing!

You You Ling Tian!! Ill kill you!!

Shoi Fuku finally understood that his humility and servility had been completely in vain. This demon who had unsympathetically destroyed the Unsetting Sun wouldnt show any pity or mercy. In front of him, harbouring any hope would simply result in them suffering more humiliation. This was the lesson he had learned from paying 1 billion gold he no longer held any hope as he screamed, ordering the Black Dragon Guild players to charge and attack. At this point, they had to destroy Ling Tian, or else it would be their Black Dragon Guild that would be destroyed. Hahahaha!

As Ling Chen wildly laughed, he activated Moon Grief and boldly charged into the crowd of players who now posed no threat to him at all. He continued to rush forwards at a shocking speed, completely disregarding everyone. Very soon, the second defensive door was obliterated by 2 Ling Tian Slashes from Ling Chen. Not long after, the third and fourth defensive doors were also destroyed. Up to then, only a single minute had passed.

By the time Ling Chen had charged to the fifth defensive door, Shoi Fukus throat had become completely hoarse and his expression, incredibly savage. Seeing Ling Chen walk closer and closer to the Black Dragon Guilds sign, he couldnt help but howl. He now experienced the same despair and hopelessness that Yamamoto Michio had. The incredibly tough and sturdy defensive doors were like tofu to Ling Chen, and even tens of thousands of players couldnt threaten him at all, let alone kill him. When he saw a new moon slowly rise into the air, his face lost all of its colour. His mouth opened, but in his fear, he wasnt able to make a sound.

Goodbye, Black Dragon Guild.

Ling Chen laughed as he raised his right hand and a silver light shot to the sky, activating [Moon Sacrifice]

Under the light from [Moon Sacrifice], the central area of the Black Dragon Guild became like that of the Unsetting Suns, turning into a hellish scene. Within the area covered by the moonlight, the players all perished, and the buildings and ground were all completely ravaged. The last defensive door was destroyed, and even the guild sign shattered from the damage it took. A system announcement, like a sharp blade, pierced into every Black Dragon Guild players ears, and sounded like thunder in every other Japanese players ears.

Ding Japan Region Announcement!  The Black Dragon Guilds sign has been destroyed, and the guild has been disbanded. The Guild Rankings have now been updated. Please view the Guild Rankings for the updated rankings.

After destroying the Black Dragon Guild, Ling Chen quickly left, not giving them any chance to seek revenge on him. He left behind him ruins and howls.

With another 1 billion gold in his pockets and being able to destroy another guild, Ling Chen was quite joyful. He concealed himself, and set out for his next target.

After the Unsetting Sun and Black Dragon Guild were destroyed, the number 3 guild, the Grand Alliance, became the number 1 guild. It had always been Saji Masaos dream for his guild to become the number 1 guild. However, now that it had become a reality, he simply couldnt feel happy at all. Instead, he felt incredibly nervous and waves of coldness washed over him because the guilds that had tried to hunt Ling Tian down also included his Grand Alliance.

As he worried and fretted, a system announcement suddenly sounded in his ears.

Ding warning! Your guild is currently being attacked, please quickly return to defend it!

This system announcement caused Saji Masaos body to stiffen, and in the next second, an incredibly loud voice shouted out, Ling Tians here! Grand Alliances trash, get out here to receive your visitor!!

Saji Masaos vision darkened and he almost fell to the ground. All of his anxiety had become despair.

If Ling Tian could destroy even the Unsetting Sun and Black Dragon Guild, his Grand Alliance, which was weaker than both of them, stood no chance!!

10 minutes later

 Ding Japan Region Announcement!  The Grand Alliances guild sign has been destroyed, and the guild has been disbanded. The Guild Rankings have now been updated. Please view the Guild Rankings for the updated rankings.

In a single morning, in less than 2 hours, the 3 most powerful guilds in Japan had been destroyed by Ling Tian 2 hours, one person, and it was in the East Ocean Continent

 When the news spread out, the rest of the world was completely dumbfounded.

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