Shura's Wrath Chapter 461

Chapter 461

A City Full Of Skeleton Soldiers (1)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Chlocolatte

The news about Ling Chen destroying the top 3 Japanese guilds by himself completely shook the entire virtual world. When most players heard about this, they simply couldnt believe it. However, after they watched the recording, they all screamed and cried out.

As for the victim, Japan, the players there also had extremely strong reactions. All of the players banded together, and mustered all of their forces to hunt down and kill Ling Tian Of course, this was the only thing they could do to salvage what little of their reputation they had left. Since Ling Tian had entered the East Ocean Continent, they had tried to hunt him down. Now, he was still there, while the Japanese players suffered the greatest catastrophe in virtual gaming history. If their attempts to find Ling Tian and kill him were of any use, they wouldnt have been reduced to this state. The teams that hunted for Ling Tian were probably praying that they didnt even see him. Of course, the largest reaction was to denounce and condemn Ling Tian. Even the Japanese government protested and condemned Ling Tian, as they called this an incredibly serious crime which caused damage to Japanese property and psychological trauma to players. The Japanese government also pressured the Chinese government and Cosmos Corporation, asking them to publicly reveal Ling Tians real life identity and compensate the Japanese players for their loss. They also wanted him to be stripped of the right to enter the virtual world again.

In response, the Chinese government stayed silent and completely ignored them. What a joke! The high-ranking members of the Long family all clearly knew that Ling Tian was Ling Chen. They had made him a national fugitive, but they still couldnt find him. Even if they agreed with the Japanese, they simply couldnt do anything to him. Moreover, this player had shaken the world, and he was from China. This raised the morale and confidence of every Chinese player, and Ling Tian occupied an incredibly important place in their hearts. If the Chinese government overtly acted against Ling Tian, the massive Chinese player base would retaliate, which would lead to unimaginable consequences.

As for the Cosmos Corporation, they also initially stayed silent. However, after they were given more and more pressure from Japan, and more than 10 other countries, as well as even some large guilds from China, they created a response. Those countries all claimed that Ling Tian must have discovered some sort of bug, as it was impossible that the defensive doors could be destroyed so easily. As such, they asked for Ling Tians character to be deleted. The Cosmos Corporation replied that there were no bugs in the Mystic Moon world, and that they did not have the right to share Ling Tians stats. They also stated that a possibility for why Ling Tian could destroy those defensive doors so easily was because he might have obtained the ability to add a [Destruction] effect to his attacks, and a very strong [Destruction] effect at that. Normally, such a power shouldnt be wielded by a player, but nothing was impossible. If Ling Tian truly did obtain that power, it would have been through fate and hard work, and the Cosmos Corporation had no right to take that away from him.

After that, no matter how much the countries or guilds clamoured, the Cosmos Corporation did not make any further statements. Finally, the Cosmos Corporation had had enough and sent out warnings. Faced with the warnings from the controllers of the second world, the countries and guilds could only give up. In actuality, the Cosmos Corporation also felt quite powerless- they only had basic managerial powers, and didnt have any access to the games information. Let alone anyone else, even they wanted to see Ling Tians stats but they simply didnt have the rights! They knew that a single person controlled the Mystic Moon world, a genius called the Father of the Virtual World, Laurence. However, he announced that after launching Mystic Moon, he would stay at home and would not be involved in anything, and didnt mention Mystic Moon even once what was even worse was that he didnt even tell anyone where Mystic Moons servers were located.

As such, even within the Cosmos Corporation, the Mystic Moon world was shrouded in secrecy. However, its success was apparent for all to see. Every aspect, especially its graphics, were simply perfect and completely eclipsed its predecessors. The scenery, bodies, water, wind, flames, and people made it difficult for players to believe that this was just a virtual world. It was important to note that before Mystic Moon, the highest degree of similarity to the real world in the virtual world was 96%. However, no matter how high the similarity was, it simply couldnt compare to the real world. And yet, the Mystic Moon world had accomplished this.

Ling Chen, who had blocked off all external communication, didnt know just how much he had shaken the world. Even if he did, he wouldnt have cared about it at all. For him to do this, he simply didnt care about the consequences. He was already a national fugitive in China- why would he be afraid of a measly Japan?

It was just that he had messed with the Japanese players to take out his anger towards them, as well as earn some pocket money. Before obtaining the Scorpio Orb, he had never considered destroying the top 3 guilds, and neither did he have the ability. However, with the powerful Scorpio Orb, the guilds powerful defences were non-existent to him. With the Scorpio Orb, he could destroy a defensive door that would take tens of thousands of people a significant period of time to destroy in a matter of 2 hits. If he didnt have the Scorpio Orb, even if his Attack Power was doubled, it would be impossible for him to destroy the defensive doors so easily while surrounded. The true reason he had done all of this was to force the Cherry Blossom God Representative out. However, it would be difficult to achieve this through using just players. As a Moon God Representative, she didnt involve herself in battles between players. Hmm, but if it was something else killing NPCs? That probably wouldnt force her out either, but would cause him to draw an incredible amount of aggro as well as bring a disaster to him. Then what about the city?

As he stood in a shadowy corner in the Sunrise City, a plan slowly developed within Ling Chens mind. He evilly laughed as he softly said, LengEr, lets play a game.

A game? LengErs body appeared, with a look of confusion in her black eyes as she looked at him expectantly.

Ling Chen slightly leaned forward, and nodded as he said, Mhmm, its a very fun game. LengEr, you like the Undead, right? Things like like skeletons, which there were many of where we first met.

LengEr thought for a moment before hesitantly replying in a small voice, I like them

Then lets play an Undead game! Ill kill people, and LengEr will summon Undead from them. Well compete to see if I can kill people faster or if LengEr can summon Undead faster! We'll play from today till tomorrow. If LengEr wins, Ill reward LengEr with 10 cute dolls. If LengEr loses Ill only give LengEr 1 doll. Do you want to play?

LengEr still felt a bit confused, because she had never played this sort of game before. However, she was deeply attracted by the word doll. With the temptation of winning 10 dolls if she won and receiving 1 doll if she lost, she simply couldnt say no. She gently nodded her head, If I win, will I really get 10 dolls?

Of course. Ive never lied to LengEr before lets start now then!

Ling Chen disguised himself as he entered a Potion Shop and bought a big bag of purple potions. He was now incredibly wealthy, and did not feel any pain even when buying the Advanced MP Potions that cost 5 silver coins each.

Ling Chen headed north and chose a good place. When he stopped, he found his first unfortunate target.

This place was close to the players residential district, and there werent many people around. The atmosphere here was fairly quiet. In front of Ling Chen, a fat person and a skinny person were walking together. They werent carrying any weapons, but from their attire, it was evident that one was an Archer and the other was a Mage, both of which were battle professions. Ling Chen didnt want to listen to what they were talking about, and immediately rushed up to them. The two people saw a black figure flash in front of them, and before they could react, Ling Chens attacks quickly fell upon their bodies

Its your honour to be the first experiments! Ling Chen expressionlessly said.

Two howls pierced through the air, and travelled quite far. Ling Chen immediately heard many footsteps run towards him. He looked at the 2 Japanese players corpses on the ground as he said in a low voice, LengEr, its your turn. If youre too slow, youll lose~

Just as Ling Chen spoke, LengErs eyes flashed with a strange black light. Immediately, 2 greyish-blackish balls of smoke floated up from the 2 corpses. Two illusory skeletons also started to rise up, and by the time they were standing, they had become corporeal. One was holding a long Bow and the other was holding a silver Short Staff.

[Undead Archer A]: Type: Undead, Level: LV40, HP: 3500, an Undead Archer summoned by the Undead Aura released from Person As corpse. Holds a normal Underworld Long Bow, and has the same level and profession as Person A.

 [Undead Mage B]: Type: Undead, Level: LV39, HP:2800, an Undead Mage summoned by the Undead Aura released from Person Bs corpse. Can cast low level Darkness magic, and has the same level and profession as Person B.

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