Shura's Wrath Chapter 465

Chapter 465

LengErs Rage (2)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

Being surrounded by 8 Light Mages who were all at least LV80, this was the most shocking and powerful formation Ling Chen had encountered in the Mystic Moon world. He believed that it would be impossible for any other player to force a main city to deploy such forces. Ling Chen gripped his fists together and tried to quickly think of a way to escape.

No less than expected from someone who couldnt be taken out by the Golden God Archers. Indeed, youre no simple figure. Your power has exceeded all other-worlders no, youve completely exceeded the limits of other-worlders, or players! Looks like deploying us wasnt a waste. The Light Mage in the centre spoke in a deep voice. To be completely unscathed despite being sealed in their formation and attacked by them, and even reflected their attacks through some strange power, they were completely shocked.

Ling Chen smirked as he mocked, You 8 old men seem to have a high status in the Sunrise City, but youre actually joining together to take down a young person like me. Plus, Im just a little player- arent you ashamed?

Hearing Ling Chens words, the 8 Light Mages went red. One of them said in a serious tone, Since youre able to summon large numbers of Undead creatures, you have a very powerful Darkness energy. Theres no one more suitable than us to take you down. However, its surprising that a player has such a powerful aura of death- even greater than the corpses! No wonder you could summon so many Undead creatures in such a short period of time! Eh? Ling Chen felt a bit confused, but immediately realised that these old men thought that LengErs aura was his. LengEr was currently in her physical form, and these 8 Light Mages could all see her. But, because she was pressed up against Ling Chen, these 8 Light Mages couldnt tell that it was actually her aura. Moreover, no one would guess that such a little girl would possess such a thick aura of death, so they concluded it must be coming from Ling Chen.

You summoned large numbers of Undead creatures to attack the Sunrise City, and caused mass fear and panic. Your sins are great and unforgiveable! We cultivate Light energy, and only kill demons. We dont want to kill any humans, and much less do we want to hurt that innocent girl in your arms, so its best if you surrender now. After receiving your punishment, youll regain your freedom. Otherwise, well have to kill you! Theres nowhere for you to run in the East Ocean Continent! The Light Mage in the centre shouted. When the Light energy became dense enough, it was no longer warm and gentle. At least, what Ling Chen experienced was a sense of suffocation that felt as if there was a mountain weighing down on him he subconsciously hugged LengEr tighter. If even he felt like this, this would be even worse for LengEr, who was very afraid of light.

LengEr, dont be afraid, well leave here soon, its okay

Ling Chen comforted LengEr with a soft voice as a large pineapple appeared in his right hand.

Thats right, it was a Furious Pineapple!

With all of his active skills locked, Ling Chen was left with only his passive skills. With his skills and the Evil Gods Mask, he was confident that he could safely escape from this formation while being attacked by 3 Light Mages However, he knew that it would be almost impossible to escape from these 8. This pineapple bomb which could cause AOE stuns was essentially his only hope however, he also realised that Light energy had the greatest cleansing power, and for these people who had powerful Light energy, they would have high resistances against abnormal statuses. In fact, they might even be immune to some abnormal statuses. He simply didnt know whether this Furious Pineapple would be able to stun them or not.

He had to give it his all though He couldnt afford to die here!

To Ling Chen, these 8 Light Mages were much harder to deal with than the Cherry Blossom God Representative. However, that definitely didnt mean they were more powerful than the Cherry Blossom God Representative. It would take but a wave of a finger from the Chery Blossom God Representative to utterly wreck them. However, to Ling Chen, a Cherry Blossom God Representative and a Light Mage were essentially the same! To him, they were all undefeatable, while they could all insta-kill him. Moreover, he had no way to resist the CC skills they used. In that sense, the 8 Golden Light Magisters were like 8 Cherry Blossom God Representatives. He could toy around with 1, but against 8 he was powerless.

Ling Chen gripped the Furious Pineapple tighter and tighter, and looked for the opportunity to throw it down at his feet Without him realising, drops of cold sweat gathered on his forehead and dripped down, and lightly fell onto LengErs tightened face. LengEr shuddered, and couldnt help but slightly look up, and she stretched out her hand to touch the drops of sweat on her face they were very cold, just like her masters current body temperature. She didnt know why, but she slowly put her finger into her mouth her sense of taste was quite weak, but she could clearly taste the bitterness of the drop of sweat. She looked up at Ling Chen, who was tightly hugging her. His expression was icy and a quite scary, and was quite different to what he usually seemed like to her. His body was incredibly cold, and his heart beat rapidly and chaotically. The arm wrapped around her body was incredibly tense, but he controlled his strength so that she didnt feel uncomfortable.

Suddenly, the fear that the formation of light gave her slowly disappeared. She felt a strange feeling in her heart that had been frozen and lonely for countless years. It was a sense of warmth, and a sense of pain. She didnt know why it felt so warm- all those years, she had never felt anything before. Ever since her master had given her a pretty doll for the first time, she could feel her heart beating. There wasnt this sort of strange and interesting feeling before, and it had certainly never hurt before. Even when the Warring Palace Skeleton that had accompanied her for many years fell, although she had cried, she had never felt this pain in her heart.

Because the Warring Palace Skeleton had no feelings, it never showed any feelings to LengEr. However, Ling Chen was different- he was a living person who, in order to increase her favourability towards him, treated her like his own daughter every day. After interacting with each other for such a long time, he unknowingly revived LengErs emotions that had been slumbering for countless years and the feelings were gathered for her only companion, Ling Chen. These sort of feelings were very singular and simple, and quietly appeared and quietly gathered. They werent very obvious and she had never expressed them clearly, but these sorts of feelings when they progressed to a certain level, were quite terrifying. She would determine that person to be the other half of her life, or even that their life was more important than hers. When that happened, anyone hurting them would cause her to become furious.

At the moment, the pain in her heart was quite faint, and was quite strange. Because of this pain, she felt a bit of hatred she hated those 8 Light Mages who forced Ling Chen to such a state. The hatred made her want to kill them and turn them into skeletons.

Hah, it looks like youre not going to surrender. Thats fine, well just finish you off then. After you die, you will probably return to the distant Forgotten Continent. In the future, if you come to any city or town in the East Ocean Continent, well hunt you down again!

Seeing that Ling Chen did not respond, but still looked incredibly tense, the 8 Light Mages finally lost their patience, and their bodies shone with an even brighter white light. The pressure locked onto Ling Chens body became many times heavier, and caused Ling Chen to look even more tense. His eyes flashed and prepared to throw the pineapple in his hand onto the ground it was time to conclude this!

Just as he was about to throw the pineapple, the girl in his embrace squirmed and broke free from his embrace. She turned around and faced the Light Mages who she had been so afraid of.

Dont bully master!!

Ling Chen had never heard LengEr speak with such a sharp and emotion-filled voice. She had been curled up in his embrace, but seemed to have been stimulated by something and released all of her pent-up emotions. She yelled at them in a furious voice, then raised the doll in her arms that was incredibly precious to her, and threw it towards the Light Mages.

LengErs sudden change caused Ling Chen to be incomparably shocked, and he couldnt react at all.  He suddenly saw her throw out her doll, and he stared in surprise since he had met LengEr, he had found that she was utterly attached, addicted, even, to her dolls. No matter how many he gave her, she would always treat them lovingly and with great care. Normally, she would never let them leave her embrace, and wouldnt even let him touch them. If they became even a bit dirty, she would become upset for a long time. It baffled him why she would throw out her doll.

When the doll was about to hit the ground, Ling Chen suddenly realised something. His heart started to beat like crazy, and he almost jumped up.

To the 8 Light Mages, what LengEr had done was just a little girl angrily throwing out her toy. They felt what she did was strange, but that was it. As the doll fell to the ground, they looked at each other, wondering what they should do with this girl none of them knew how close they were to death.

The doll landed on the ground, but didnt bounce as they had expected. Instead, it exploded as an incredibly thick, grey stream of energy chaotically whirled, and instantly enveloped the 8 Light Mages.

What What is this?!


The dark energy completely devoured the light formation, and reduced everyones vision by half. In the darkness, Ling Chen could hear the fearful screams of the old men he then saw skeletons rise up from where they were, and terrifying, jet black damage figures exploded forth. -4,830,000-4,600,000-4,912,500-4,720,000-4,990,000-4,763,250-4,589,000

 Ding you have successfully killed LV90 Golden Light Magister Hiroshi, SP+900.

Ding you have successfully killed LV88 Golden Light Magister Fukawa, SP+880.

Ding you have successfully killed LV88 Golden Light Magister Miyoko, SP+880.


Ding congratulations you have levelled up to LV41, HP+20, MP+20, Strength+5, Agility+1, Spirit+1.

Ding your pet Xiao Hui has levelled up to LV41

 Ding your pet LengEr has levelled up to LV41

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