Shura's Wrath Chapter 467

Chapter 467

The Black Dragons Rampage!

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

Only when the 4th [Moon Shadow] was about to expire did Ling Chen stop attacking. He retreated more than 10 metres in a flash and made a derogatory gesture towards the Evil Black Dragon, Heheh, Ive hit you for so long but you havent retaliated at all; what a coward! Forget it, youre just our Sunrise Citys watchdog so its only natural you wouldnt have the guts to fight back against your masters. I cant be bothered wasting any more time on you, so Ill be leaving now. In future, if your elder is unhappy, Ill come back to vent on you.

After saying that, Ling Chen started to saunter away.

The Evil Black Dragon didnt dare to retaliate? In the very first second, it wanted to rip Ling Chen to shreds. However, its body seemed to be completely locked down by something. No matter how much it struggled, it couldnt move at all. The ferocious light from its eyes almost caused its eyes to explode.

As Ling Chen spoke, it suddenly discovered that it had regained its freedom. Immediately, a roar was that furious to the extreme sounded out in this underground space. The wave of air that the roar carried with it caused Ling Chen to stumble and almost fall to the ground. The Evil Black Dragon rose up like a large mountain, and a wave of hatred and savageness fell on Ling Chen like a cyclone. Its gigantic body, filled with anger and fury leapt up, and its claw that was many times larger than Ling Chen glinted with a cold light. It heavily slashed down towards Ling Chen this was an incredibly powerful attack from an Ancient Beast, which contained all of its rage. It was enough to split the earth, destroy mountains and alter the weather! Ling Chen didnt move, and while locked on to by the Ancient Beasts aura, his body felt much heavier. He wouldnt have been able to dodge even if he wanted to


The gigantic claw savagely landed on Ling Chens body and an explosion sounded out. The ground under them was covered with tens of large and small cracks, and the ground shook. Large amounts of dirt fell from above, and Ling Chens ears were temporarily deafened by the gigantic explosion. The Evil Gods Masks eyes flashed with a red light and released a roar as the attack that should have landed on Ling Chens body was reflected


The Evil Black Dragon had used all of its strength in that attack, and it had been reflected back to itself. Even the Evil Black Dragon couldnt withstand its own attack. Under the power that could open mountains and split the earth, its massive body was blown backwards and slammed into the stone wall at the end of the passageway, which caused the entire space to shake again. The sand and dirt that fell from above once again covered the ground.

Ling Chen covered his buzzing ears, and the discomfort he felt almost forced tears out. However, he acted even more arrogantly, Hahahaha! An Ancient Beast can only do this much? Youre trash even among watchdogs! I feel like my teeth are going to fall out from laughing, hahaha! ROARRRRR!!!!!!!!

The roar filled with countless negative emotions caused Ling Chens internal organs to tremble. The Evil Black Dragon flipped itself up and a blood-red light shot out from its eyes Its fury had reached the limit! It had never been this angry before!

As an Ancient Beast, the number of beings that could defeat it could be counted on 1 hand, and it had suffered very few losses in its life. Even when it lost to the Moon God Clan back then, it hadnt been this furious. This was because the Moon Goddesses power far surpassed its own, so it was impossible for it to defeat them. As such, it had wholeheartedly acknowledged this loss. Moreover, the Moon Goddesses would never humiliate it like this!!

How could an Ancient Beasts pride be trampled on like this?

Facing the berserk Evil Black Dragon, Ling Chen flicked his wrist and cast a [Moon Grief], then used [Broken Shadow] to rush forwards as he mocked, Heheh, trash, try attacking me again. Never mind, youll need to catch up to me first. Let me see how fast an Ancient Beast can run heheh, if you can touch even a hair on me, Ill be forced to give you a bit of respect. If you cant even catch up to me heh, your elder wont even be interested in playing with you anymore, hahahaha!!

ROARRR!!!!! As it let out a roar that could shake the heavens and move the earth, the Evil Black Dragon tried to release yet another destructive strike. However, its body suddenly paused- under [Moon Grief], it wasnt about to use any skills, and could only angrily roar while its eyes shone with a bloody light as it rushed towards Ling Chen.

With its skills sealed, the Evil Black Dragon couldnt even disrupt the space and couldnt make ranged attacks. It could only chase after Ling Chen itself. Although it was an Ancient Beast, it was impossible for it to catch up to Ling Chen with [Broken Shadow] activated. Ling Chen maintained a set distance between the Evil Black Dragon and himself as he continuously ridiculed and mocked it.

Heheh, thats your fastest speed? Your elders much faster than you? As he spoke, he increased speed. With [Broken Shadow], his Movement Speed could reach 2380, which was many times faster than the Evil Black Dragon. To him, the Evil Black Dragon was crawling along like a turtle. No matter if he was running forwards, backwards or sideways, he would be able to easily outrun it.

Can you be any slower? An Ancient Beast is only this fast? Even calling you trash would be a compliment to you!

Look at how ugly you are. After looking at you for a bit today, I wont be able to eat for at least 3 days! No wonder they threw you in this remote place for hundreds of years to be our watchdog. With your appearance, if you went out, how many girls and children would you scare to death? In the future, be good and stay here; dont go out no matter what! Otherwise, Ill hit you whenever I see you! You hear me? As our watchdog, you need to be obedient. Got it?! The Evil Black Dragon was a mighty Ancient Beast- when had it ever been disgraced like this before? It was so furious that it almost vomited blood. It had forgotten all of its skills and could only roar in utter fury as it madly chased after Ling Chen, and vowed to destroy this human in the cruellest way possible!

[Moon Grief]s effects were about to expire. When the Evil Black Dragon regained its skills, if Ling Chen continued to play around like this, what would be waiting for him was death. Ling Chen unleashed the true speed of [Broken Shadow], and streaked forwards like a lightning bolt and left the Evil Black Dragon in the dust. He disappeared from its vision as he wildly laughed, Trash, your elder isnt interested in playing around with you anymore, so Im going to return to the Sunrise City. You go back and continue to be a good watchdog, hahahaha!

As Ling Chens voice disappeared, the Evil Black Dragon found that the target it had locked on to with its also had also completely disappeared.

With how powerful it was, if it calmed down and focused all of its attention into detecting Ling Chen, it was likely it would have found him. However, it was so angry that it felt like exploding, and it was impossible for it to calm down. Moreover, after Ling Chen disappeared, based on what Ling Chen had said before disappearing, it naturally believed that he had returned to the Sunrise City.

At this moment, it also felt its power returning. ROARRRR!!!!!!

Its roar was like deafening thunder, and caused this underground space to almost cave in. It raised its gigantic head as its blood-red eyes looked towards the surface. Its gaze was incredibly vicious, as if it wanted to pierce through it. Suddenly, a black light rose from its body it was even darker than that of Darkness energy, and was incredibly dense, like soy sauce. The dark light stayed around the Evil Black Dragons body for 4-5 seconds before it roared and the light condensed, shooting upwards.


Sunrise Citys Administrative District Plaza

The Administrative Districts Plaza was much smaller than the Central Square, but the number of people travelling through it was not any less. Not only were there usually many players, but also many NPCs walking around.

After the skeleton monsters had been exterminated, the situation began to calm down, and the Administrative District Plaza became lively again. There were countless players here: some were taking a walk, some were recruiting people for guilds, some were selling things, some were buying things, some came to play, and some came to see if they had the luck to stumble upon a hidden quest.

At this moment, without any warning, the ground under their feet began to tremble. The Plaza lapsed into silence as everyone thought of something terrifying earthquake!

However, before they could react, the ground at the middle of the Plaza burst open and a pillar of dark light that was 20 metres wide shot to the sky and pierced through the crowds insta-killing all of the players and NPCs nearby.

The ground continued to shake and countless screams sounded out in the Plaza as players and NPCs ran for their lives. The pillar of dark light disappeared, and a gigantic, dark figure burst out from the ground and heavily landed onto the ground, and released a fearsome roar.

Its entire body was black and its gigantic body let out a metallic glint under the light. Its lizard-like mouth had 2 sharp fangs poking out of it, and there was a jet-black, 2 metre long horn on the top of its head. On its back were 2 black, bat-like wings. It had 2 armoured and incredibly sharp claws, and its conical tail behind it was at least 10 metres long

Thats right, it was the Evil Black Dragon!

 It had been right under the Administrative District Plaza. In its fury and rage, it disregarded its duty, and only wanted to completely crush the human that had humiliated it. It used its incomparably terrifying power to pass through more than 100 metres and appeared in the Sunrise City. A baleful aura encompassed the entire Sunrise City, and even the sky darkened.

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