Shura's Wrath Chapter 469

Chapter 469

Destruction Of The City

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

Facing this unprecedented disaster, the Evil Black Dragons rampage, the Sunrise Citys residents and players all felt hopeless. However, none of them knew that an even greater disaster was still in store for them.



The tremors from above and the falling sand and dirt told Ling Chen how intense it was above the ground. Of course, to him, the more intense it was, the better. He had not stopped attacking the City Lifeline, and continuously struck it with different patterns. As soon as [Soul Sacrifice]s cooldown time reset, he would immediately cast it again, and heavily damaged the City Lifeline.

10 minutes later, the City Lifeline was covered with dense cracks, and there was not a single place on it that was unscathed. Under Ling Chens tireless attacks, cracking sounds could be heard, and it seemed as if it could blow apart at any moment.

The Sunrise Citys Lords residence had been annihilated by a single big attack from the Evil Black Dragon. Under the protection of 2 Heavens End grade experts, the Lord was able to flee and survive. He held a white, crescent-moon shaped object as he continuously spoke and looked at the black figure ferociously rampaging with trembling eyes.

Ding Warning! Warning! One of the East Ocean Continents main cities, the Sunrise City, is currently being attacked by the Evil Black Dragon. Please immediately stop it or the Sunrise City will be in danger of destruction!

Ding Warning! Warning

The extremely urgent system announcement savagely knocked on every East Ocean Continent resident and players heart. One of the Heavens End grade experts protecting the City Lord said in a low voice, Lord! We cant stop Lord Black Dragon at all. We should quickly leave. If we stay here, well be doomed to die!

Absolutely not!! The Sunrise Citys Lord shook his head, As the City Lord, I will live and die together with the Sunrise City! This is the jade pendant given to me by the Cherry Blossom Goddess. The Cherry Blossom Goddess will definitely hear me through the pendant and come to rescue us!!


At this moment, a gigantic explosion came out from under his feet. The tremors that it brought were different than the ones caused by the Evil Black Dragon. Every person in the city could feel the entire city had been pushed by something from below.

A second earlier, underground, Ling Chen with [Soul Sacrifice] activated, had cast a [Thousand Kilogram Rend] and blew apart the City Lifeline that was riddled with cracks. The City Lifeline of the Sunrise City that had existed for thousands of years had been completely destroyed by Ling Chen in a matter of 20 minutes.

Seeing the City Lifeline destroyed, Ling Chen laughed in satisfaction. The wonderful satisfaction of destroying a main citys City Lifeline was simply indescribable. He couldnt help but laugh heartily, and quickly took out a Spatial Orb After the Evil Black Dragon shot up to the surface, the underground space was no longer a sealed region, so he could finally teleport outside.

A white light flashed and Ling Chen appeared about 5 kilometres to the east of the Sunrise City. He spread his Icy Gold Wings and hovered in the air. A light smile crossed his face as he watched the scene to his west.

Dark clouds suddenly covered the sky above the Sunrise City. In just a few seconds, the sunny day had become completely overcast, and the lighting became extremely dim. The people inside the city felt as if the darkened sky was just above their heads, making it difficult for them to breathe.

The comfortable air began to become berserk as irregular winds began to blow. They grew wilder and wilder, becoming small tornadoes that grew larger and larger. Under the dark clouds, the temperature fell, while the berserk air created a dry and torrid feeling on ones skin.

 What Whats going on? The incredibly strange changes caused the Lords face to fall. Dark clouds, wind, heat, earthquakes with the City Lifeline, these unnatural elements shouldnt appear within the main citys boundaries! In his intense discomfort, he found that the Evil Black Dragon had stopped roaring and destroying things, as if it had also noticed the changes.

Ding Warning! Warning! The Sunrise Citys City Lifeline has been destroyed for unknown reasons. An elemental disaster that has been suppressed for thousands of years is about to explode out and the Sunrise City will become an extremely dangerous place! All people are to immediately leave the Sunrise City! All people are to immediately leave the Sunrise City!

Ding Warning! Warning

Ding Warning! Warning

The Lord of the Citys vision darkened, and he fell forwards. The 2 Heaven Ends grade experts hurriedly caught him, their own faces pale as well. They simply couldnt believe their ears.

The City Lifeline had been destroyed?!

As a resident of the Mystic Moon world, they knew exactly what those words meant! It meant that an unprecedented elemental disaster would soon come to the Sunrise City the Elemental Essence that had been suppressed for thousands of years would burst out, and would be 10 times even more terrifying than the Evil Black Dragon! This meant that the Sunrise City was completely and utterly finished. Human power simply couldnt contain the Elemental Essence, and anyone who tried would be blown to smithereens. However, how could the City Lifeline be destroyed?! It was protected by the Moon God Clans power, so it shouldnt be able to be destroyed!!

Could it be Could it be the Evil Black Dragon? Perhaps it had destroyed the City Lifeline then attacked the city!

No one had the time to wonder what had happened. The news that the City Lifeline had been destroyed struck them like a bolt of lightning, and they all felt as if they were on the verge of collapse. The City Guards who had been defending against the Evil Black Dragon all took anything they could move and madly rushed out of the city. The 2 Heavens End grade Guards grabbed the Lord of the City and quickly rushed out as for the Evil Black Dragon, it was ignored by everyone.

The trembling in the ground grew more and more intense, and the air became hotter and hotter and more and more berserk. The sky became darker and darker, and the dark clouds grew lower and lower. When 2 dark clouds touched, a purple ray of light exploded downwards.


The lightning bolt was half a metre thick and struck one of the tallest buildings in the Sunrise City. After the lightning bolt disappeared, all that was left was flattened, charred ground. This first lightning bolt was like the fire that lit up a fuse. In the next instant, countless thick, purple lightning bolts mercilessly shot downwards towards every part of the Sunrise City From afar, it looked like a massive lightning formation, incredibly beautiful and awe-inspiring. As the lightning raged, a torrential downpour of rain also began to be precise, it didnt seem like rain, but countless waterfalls descending from the skies. In just 10 or so seconds, the ground was already covered with water. In just a short period of time, the entire city would be completely flooded. The air became berserk to an unfathomable extent, and the wind became as sharp as blades. The furious tornadoes swept around, and left nothing in their wake. The ground also shook to a frightening extent, making the Sunrise City look like a small boat within a massive storm at sea. At the same time, it also felt like a furnace within the city. No matter if it was the wind or the rainwater, all of them could cause burns if anyone came into contact with them.

Water, fire, wind, lightning, earth 5 different types of elements simultaneously went berserk. In just a short period of time, the Sunrise City had fallen into a massive catastrophe.

Ding the Sunrise Citys Storehouse Manager has died. The items players have stored at the Sunrise Citys Storehouse have been forever lost and cannot be retrieved.


Ding the Sunrise Citys 7 Class Trainers have all died. Before new Class Trainers are appointed, Japanese players will be unable to carry out their first profession upgrade.

Ding the Sunrise Citys Item Shop, Potion Shop, Equipment Shop, Tailor Shop, Amusement Park, Food Plaza, Arena have been destroyed by the Elemental Storm.


Ding the Sunrise Citys Residential District has been destroyed.

Ding the Sunrise Citys Revival Point has been destroyed. All players who have set the Sunrise Citys Revival Point as their default Revival Point will revive at the nearest Revival Point instead.

Ding Warning! Warning! Immediately leave the Sunrise City! Immediately leave the Sunrise City!

One system announcement after another cut into the Japanese players hearts like knives. Some players were fortunate to have escaped early on, while the players and NPCs who had not been able to escape all died without exception. Natural disasters were something people simply could not fight back against, and this one had been suppressed for thousands of years. No matter if it was the players who had escaped or had revived elsewhere, most of them were dumbly staring towards the Sunrise City, unable to come back to their senses. They felt they were in some sort of ridiculous dream. Countless players who had suffered heavy losses collapsed onto the ground and wailed. None of them could understand what sort of unforgiveable sin they had committed to bring this terrifying disaster First it was Ling Tian, then the Evil Black Dragon No one had expected a terrifying Elemental Storm that would destroy the entire Sunrise City.

Thats right, currently Sunrise City the most important main city to players of this stage had all of a sudden been completely destroyed. Even until now, no one had any idea why such a catastrophe had fallen upon the city.

In the distance, Ling Chen, who had caused all of this, looked at the Sunrise City with his mouth agape. This was the first time he had seen a city being destroyed. The only phrase that could describe how he was feeling was Oh my god!

Im completely gobsmacked!!

This was simply too terrifying!!

Ling Chen knew that once the City Lifeline was destroyed, an Elemental Storm would descend upon the Sunrise City. However, he never knew that it would be so crazy and shocking. In just a few moments, an entire main city had almost been devoured. The power of nature wasnt something mere humans were able to understand.

At this moment, Ling Chens gaze suddenly shifted to his right in the air, he saw a white dot. The white dot had just appeared, and after he focused, he confirmed her identity and he smirked.

Cherry Blossom God Representative youve finally come!

However, its a pity that youre too late!

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