Shura's Wrath Chapter 470

Chapter 470

Mysterious God Grade Battle

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

Hearing the Sunrise Citys Lords cries for help, the Cherry Blossom God Representative rushed over as fast as she could. However, she never expected the terrible scene that greeted her. More than half of the Sunrise City had been devoured by the Elemental Storm, and soon, it would be completely in ruins.

As the Cherry Blossom God Representative, she was naturally able to tell that for such a thing to happen, the only explanation was that the Sunrise Citys City Lifeline had been destroyed! This was the first time she had seen a City Lifeline destroyed ever since she entered the East Ocean Continent and become the guardian of the East Ocean Continents order And it was one of the main cities of the East Ocean Continent!

Cherry Blossom Goddess its the Cherry Blossom Goddess!!

Seeing the celestial figure from afar, the Sunrise Citys Lords dimming eyes widened, as if he saw some light within his despair. He excitedly began to shout out, and fell to his knees as he wailed, Glorious Cherry Blossom Goddess! Youve finally come! Please save us; please save the Sunrise City!! Please hurry and save the Sunrise City!!

News that the Cherry Blossom Goddess had arrived travelled like a wild gale. Countless residents and players who had been running for their lives or feeling hopeless prostrated themselves on the ground when they heard the news, sincerely looking at the Cherry Blossom God Representative as they cried out and worshipped her. The sound of wailing filled the land, and everyone around heavily fell to their knees. Some players knelt on the ground and vigorously kowtowed to her, begging her to save the Sunrise City. If the Sunrise City was completely destroyed, the Japanese players would be finished. Even if they could advance to other main cities, they would be left far behind by players from other countries. Once they fell behind, they would forever remain behind. It was possible that Japans international status would greatly suffer as a result.

Looking at this incredibly moving scene, Ling Chen smirked This girly who he had groped all over seemed to be quite awe-inspiring. As soon as she had appeared, everyone had kneeled down.

If the Japanese players knew what he was currently thinking and the things he had done to her in the past, they would definitely become so furious that they would want to bite off his flesh. The Cherry Blossom God Representative was the god of order of the East Ocean Continent, and was their guardian god. She was a true, sovereign god in the hearts of the East Ocean Continents residents! She was like Christ to Christians, Allah to Muslims, and they definitely wouldnt allow him to blaspheme someone they worshipped so greatly. In the East Ocean Continent, if someone said something even slightly offensive to the Cherry Blossom God Representative, they would be heavily condemned and criticized, and could even be thrown in jail for committing a crime.

The Cherry Blossom God Representative held such a high position within the East Ocean Continents humans hearts, and was called goddess not because she was powerful, but because of the countless gifts she had bestowed upon the East Ocean Continent. If it wasnt for the Cherry Blossom God Representative, the East Ocean Continents human world would not have become united so early. As a result, it would not have held such a high position compared to the other continents, and would not have been as safe and peaceful. Out of all the Moon God Representatives, there was no one comparable to the Cherry Blossom God Representative. As such, it was perfectly understandable why she would be worshipped like this.

Hearing the sounds of worship and wailing from all around her, the Cherry Blossom God Representative deeply frowned. She couldnt help but feel deeply dismayed from what she saw. She never would have thought that a main citys City Lifeline could be destroyed, and she had never detected any signs of it being damaged before. Under the protection of the Moon God Clans power, it should have been virtually impossible for it to break by itself. In that case, the only possibility was that it had been destroyed by an external force. The only existences capable of destroying a main citys City Lifeline were those of the Mysterious God grade, and the number of Mysterious God grade beings in the East Ocean Continent could be counted on one hand.

The Cherry Blossom God Representative thought to the Evil Black Dragon that had been guarding the City Lifeline, and its savage nature. She then recalled the message the Lord of the City had sent her, telling her that the Evil Black Dragon had gone mad and was attacking the Sunrise City the answer was already within her heart.


As the furious roar sounded out, a gigantic black shadow burst out from within the lightning covering the Sunrise City. A black light flashed as it moved kilometres away, right under the Cherry Blossom God Representative- it was the Evil Black Dragon. However, the current Evil Black Dragon was in a sorry state- its appearance was quite messy and its body was covered with large and small injuries. Although it was a Mysterious God grade beast, it was unable to completely withstand the Elemental Storms power, and had received quite a few injuries while escaping out from it.

The Evil Black Dragon inhaled and exhaled, and suddenly sensed something. It jerked its head up and saw the Cherry Blossom God Representative coldly staring at it. Immediately, a layer of jet black light covered its body and its tyrannical aura spread quite far away.

Evil Black Dragon! The Cherry Blossom God Representative coldly and angrily spoke, We thought that you had sincerely surrendered and changed your ways, so not only did we pardon your offenses and spare your life, but even allowed you to take on the sacred role of being the Sunrise Citys Guardian Beast and be worshipped by its residents. Who would have thought that your savage nature has not changed, and you even destroyed the City Lifeline in a frenzy and attacked residents. You turned the Sunrise City that has existed for more than a thousand years into a place of ruins! Your sins are unforgiveable!!

The Evil Black Dragons savage nature was reignited by Ling Chen, and it had greatly increased as it destroyed the city. In actuality, it was just a victim that had been used by Ling Chen. It was a mighty Ancient Beast, and yet it had been beaten up and humiliated by a mere human- how could it not become enraged? And now, the Cherry Blossom God Representative had accused it of destroying the City Lifeline, causing the flames of fury that it had suppressed for countless years to burn even brighter. It opened its blood-red eyes wide as it roared in a hoarse voice, I was the emperor of the Black Dragon Clan, and had unparalleled status and power. These years, Ive submitted and become a guardian beast for mere humans; Ive become a prisoner in a place without any sunlight for countless years, without any dignity! That human spoke correctly- Im just a watchdog for humans! After all these years, Ive had enough! I wont endure this anymore! Today, even if the 3 Moon Goddesses come down, Im going to rip them to shreds!!

The Cherry Blossom God Representative also became furious, Youve already committed enough crimes to blot out the sky, and yet you dare to speak so disrespectfully of the Moon Goddesses! Unforgiveable!!

In just a few short exchanges, the party that had once surrendered and the party it had surrendered to were completely at odds with each other. The Evil Black Dragon completely released the vicious and fierce nature it had suppressed all these years, and attacked the Cherry Blossom God Representative who it had once feared. Its tail drew a large, black arc in the sky as it heavily pounded towards the Cherry Blossom God Representative. Compared to its gigantic body, the Cherry Blossom God Representative seemed small and nimble.

Seeing that the Evil Black Dragons tail was about to hit the Cherry Blossom God Representative, countless residents of the Sunrise City cried out in shock and horror, and some of the City Guards faces paled. They clearly remembered that such a simple strike had induced an explosion that had decimated half of the Lords residence in an instant.

Facing the attack from the tail that was tens of times bigger than her body, the Cherry Blossom God Representative didnt even dodge. Instead, she calmly stretched out her pristine, white right palm towards the tail

An explosion sounded out and underneath them, a crevice that was nearly 100 metres long opened up on the ground under them. The people who were relatively close were all knocked rolling. High in the sky, the Cherry Blossom God Representative had barely moved at all, while the Evil Black Dragons massive body had been sent flying like a rubber ball by the gigantic explosion. It was now more than 100 metres away.

After staring in shock for a few moments, the spectators let out thunderous cheers, and the gazes that looked at the Cherry Blossom God Representative became tens of times more fervent. In just a single bout, who had the upper hand and lower hand had been determined. The Evil Black Dragon had never been a match for the Cherry Blossom God Representative. If that wasnt the case, it wouldnt have lived so obediently all those years. After being bathed in the Elemental Storm, its body and power had all suffered a severe toll, making it much more difficult for it to contend against her.


The Evil Black Dragon crawled up on the ground. The black flames that belonged to the Black Dragon Clan fiercely burned around its body. They were no longer burning its power, but its lifeforce and spirit. It knew what the consequences of facing off against the Cherry Blossom God Representative were, but after all of those emotions it had repressed for countless millennia were unleashed, it didnt feel any regret or fear. At this moment, it had regained its dignity.

Since it knew it was going to die and had accepted death, it released the greatest power available to it. Covered in black flames, it charged towards the Cherry Blossom God Representative. The wild wind and its berserk aura caused the airflow within 10,000 metres to become chaotic as it heavily struck towards the Cherry Blossom God Representative

All beings within 10,000 metres felt as if there was a massive iron board weighing down on their chests. No matter how hard they struggled, they found it difficult to even breathe. Facing the completely berserk Evil Black Dragon, the Cherry Blossom God Representative deeply frowned. She looked at the humans nearby and stretched out a hand towards the Evil Black Dragon while she waved with her other hand


A gust of warm wind quickly swept out. Instantly, all humans within 10,000 metres including Ling Chen, were lifted up by the irresistible stream of air and quickly taken far away. At the same time, a brilliant white light shone from the Cherry Blossom God Representatives right hand. That brilliant white light was the light that belonged to the Moon God Clan. Just like that, she met the full-force attack from the Evil Black Dragon with a single hand. This action caused Ling Chens eyes to tremble the Evil Black Dragon was evidently using all of its strength, and this attack was bought with its life. Even a Moon God Representative wouldnt be able to handle it easily. And yet, the Cherry Blossom God Representative was using a single hand which meant that she was using half of her strength to defend, while using the other half to transport all of the humans nearby to safety to save their lives the explosion from their attacks colliding would cause a massive area of devastation.

One simply had to admit that the Cherry Blossom God Representative had incredible power, as well as a kind heart.

 BOOM An earth shaking, mountain quaking explosion sounded out.

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