Shura's Wrath Chapter 475

Chapter 475

A Potential Threat

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

Azure Dragon City, Azure Spirit Plains, Yun Feng and Xiao Qiu Feng

Theres a piece of news regarding Ling Tian that Im sure youll be very interested to hear. Xiao Qiu Feng came behind Yun Feng as he coldly said.

Hm? Ling Tian? Did he do something big in the East Ocean Continent again? Hearing the name Ling Tian, Yun Feng became excited and put away his weapons. He wiped the sweat off his forehead as he hurriedly asked.

This time, something big isnt enough to describe it. Its something gigantic; something that can destroy the heavens in the virtual world.

Xiao Qiu Feng saying such a thing with such a dead face gave Yun Feng a big fright. He anxiously asked, What did he do that could be so serious? Could it be that after staying in the East Ocean Continent for so long, he took fancy to a girl and violated her? Cmon, Ling Tians a man. This is normal.

Xiao Qiu Feng deeply frowned and he coldly replied, One of the East Ocean Continents main cities, the Sunrise City is completely finished. Completely and utterly finished. There arent even ruins left.

Holy fudge!! Yun Feng was so surprised that he jumped up like a spring, The Sunrise City is finished? Ling Tian did it? H-H-He destroyed

No, the Sunrise Citys destruction was because its guardian beast went mad. For some unknown reason, the guardian beast that had been protecting the City Lifeline suddenly went crazy and destroyed the City Lifeline that it had been protecting for many years, and then engaged in large scale destruction in the city. After its City Lifeline was destroyed, the Sunrise City experienced a large Elemental Storm, which completely destroyed it. Xiao Qiu Feng replied.

Whew... so thats what happened. You almost scared me to death. Yun Feng let out a breath with his hand on his chest, I knew Ling Tian couldnt be so overpowered to destroy a main city by himself.

The destruction of the main city isnt the main news. What Ling Tian did was much more shocking! Thinking to the confirmed news that had shaken the entire world, Xiao Qiu Feng couldnt control his emotions. Goddamn! Even a dead person would jump out of their coffin after hearing this news. He calmed himself down as he spoke word by word, Ling Tian turned the East Ocean Continents Cherry Blossom Goddess the Cherry Blossom God Representative the controller of the East Ocean Continents order into his mount!

Yun Feng:

Xiao Qiu Feng:

Yun Feng:

Xiao Qiu Feng: After Xiao Qiu Feng spoke, both men fell into silence and looked at each other. Finally, after a while, Yun Feng seriously replied, Hoh! Who would have thought that the Cold Magistrate has learned to tell jokes! Haha hahaha so funny, what a funny joke, hahaha

Yun Feng laughed incredibly dryly and sounded incredibly fake. Xiao Qiu Feng felt as if his muscles were going to cramp and he and continued to coldly say, In all the years weve known each other, have I ever lied to you?

Cheh! Yun Feng waved his hand, smirking, Who knows what youre thinking. However, your joke is way too low-grade. Ling Chen was my super idol since 3 years ago, and no one in the world doubts his strength. If you said he singlehandedly killed a Celestial ah, no, Mysterious God grade beast, Id even believe that. But saying that Ling Tian turned a Moon God Representative into his pet... Id only believe you if my head was kicked in by a donkey.

Xiao Qiu Feng gave him an annoyed look and stretched out his wrist, projecting the screen, Have a look for yourself. More than half the players in the world already know about this, and after today, almost every single player will know about this. It isnt an exaggeration to say that this news broke through the heavens.

Yun Fengs gaze fell on the screen, and soon, the system announcement sounded out, followed by Ling Tians voice.

Yun Fengs eyes expanded and contracted and his mouth hung wide open. By the time Ling Tians voice sounded out, his jaw nearly hit the ground. It would probably be possible to stuff an entire pig into his mouth.

This is the Pet Rankings. Theres a new Mysterious God grade pet on there, and its owner is Ling Tian! Its name is the Nine-tailed Snow Fox! Within the East Ocean Continents records, it is said that the Cherry Blossom God Representatives true form is a Nine-tailed Snow Fox! A Mysterious God grade pet Xiao Qiu Feng opened up the Pet Rankings for Yun Feng as he spoke. Honestly, he was very pleased in seeing Yun Fengs reaction.

Yun Fengs stiffened gaze looked over to the Pet Rankings. After staring for more than 10 seconds, he cried out, Oh my god! Ling Tian made the East Ocean Continents Cherry Blossom Goddess his pet! And a mount at that!!

That means from today onwards, he will ride on Japans goddess every day underneath him! Holy fudge, fudge, fudge how did he do it?! Thats a Moon God Representative! My goodness! Calm down calm down I need to calm down! Yun Feng gripped his head, feeling dizzy from this news that could scare someone to death. He was simply bewildered.

Xiao Qiu Feng didnt say anything, giving Yun Feng time to accept this news. After he rambled for a while, he suddenly lifted his head up, looking straight at Xiao Qiu Feng. His eyes were so full of emotion that Xiao Qiu Fengs body stiffened and couldnt help but take 2 steps backwards. Yun Feng loudly exclaimed, See? See? Now you know what it means to be truly powerful! To be able to make a Moon God Representative into his pet, who else in the world can do that? Who else?!

Xiao Qiu Feng was speechless. Seeing how excited Yun Feng was, it was as if he himself had obtained a goddess as a mount.

Could Eve do it? No way! Just this alone means that Ling Tians far superior to Eve no! Hes much, much, much superior! An expert who has far surpassed Eve has been born in my China. And his birth was all because of me! Yun Feng looked up as he cried out emotionally.

Xiao Qiu Feng:

3 years ago in Heaven Slaughter, I saw his appearance and eyes. Afterwards, he disappeared and did not appear in the virtual world. 3 years later, I found those eyes again and immediately recognised him. After that, carrying the passion and shock that hadnt disappeared over the 3 years, I went to seek him out as such, the name Ling Tian resounded throughout the virtual world! A true legend has been born! My decision to grit my teeth and climb up the Dark Cloud Mountain was the wisest decision Ive made in my life!! Ahahaha!

Yun Feng spoke louder and louder and became more and more emotional and intoxicated. He suddenly realised how wise and great he was! This Ling Tian had appeared in the virtual world because of him.

Looking at the half-crazy Yun Feng, Xiao Qiu Fengs face twitched, and he coldly said, Yun Feng, do you really think Ling Chen taming the Cherry Blossom Goddess was a good thing?

This question was able to divert Yun Fengs attention from himself. He smirked, asking, This isnt good? Dominating anything and everything wherever you go with a goddess under you isnt good? Hell become the idol of every man and woman.

Anyone can think of these things, Xiao Qiu Feng replied, But like I said, this event can really can destroy the heavens in the virtual world. Yun Feng, after the International Armistice Convention was signed, was the virtual gaming world just a virtual gaming world anymore?

Yun Fengs smile gradually died, and he began to heavily frown.

The Isrock Diseases pandemic was called natures punishment to humans for causing so much war and fighting, causing humans not to dare to easily cause battles. As such, the platform for battles was transferred from the real world to the virtual world. Every 4 years, are the International Mock Battles held just to decide the ranking of countries in the virtual world? No! Those rankings determine the rankings of all countries on an international scale in the real world! When there is irreconcilable conflict between 2 countries in the real world, the solution is to have a battle in the virtual world! As such, the strength of a country in the virtual world has become incredibly important to every countrys government. This is why, after the International Armistice Convention was signed, all countries repealed their laws limiting virtual games to players above 14 years of age.

Yun Feng remained silent. Xiao Qiu Fengs words were like a bucket of cold water that woke up him from his delirious excitement.

Xiao Qiu Feng continued to speak, Ever since Ling Tian appeared in the Mystic Moon world, he has been keeping a high-profile and has displayed his overwhelming power time and time again He was the first person in the world to leave the Novice Village, the first person to obtain Celestial grade equipment, and even obtained Celestial and Heavens End grade pets in the early stages of the game. His power has shocked the entire worlds players again and again.

This sort of Ling Tian was bound to attract the attention of other countries, especially powerful countries in the west. However, this was limited to only giving him attention, because although he was powerful, he didnt exceed the limits of players. Furthermore, the west had Eve, whose legend had long since sunk into everyones hearts. No one would believe that Ling Tian could surpass Eve.

However, since Ling Tian went to the East Ocean Continent, until today when he left, he had humiliated and trampled upon all of Japan! It wasnt just a single player or many players! In other words, just by himself, Ling Tian completely devastated Japan while suffering no losses at all! Just this alone is enough to shake the entire world, causing countless players to put him on the same platform as Eve. And now, he has made the East Ocean Continents Moon God Representative into his own mount

Even I was so shocked that I forgot about this. After all those countries, who have been watching warily, find out, theyll definitely feel incredibly uneasy! Yun Feng looked up as he tightly frowned.

 Thats right! Xiao Qiu Feng nodded, This is especially so for the country that has always ranked as number 1 in the virtual world. Having become used to being number one, how could they allow such a large threat to continue to exist? Whats very possible is that many countries could ally together to suppress China! And right now, they have a very good reason.

Xiao Qiu Feng paused momentarily before continuing, Ling Tian stayed in the East Ocean Continent for 2 months, but was able to throw it into great chaos. Finally, the Sunrise City was destroyed, causing Japans economy to recede by 3 years and this was just a conservative estimate. The Japanese government blamed all of this, including the destruction of the city, on Ling Tian, sparking international outrage. What do you think will happen next?

 Many countries will start to use this justifiable reason to threaten China, demanding to have Ling Tian handed out or completely banned! If we dont comply, theyll ally together to completely suppress China in the virtual world!

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