Shura's Wrath Chapter 477

Chapter 477

Mystic Moon Peak, One Line Sky

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

From their stats, Xiao Hui was completely skewed towards Defence, and had no Attack Power, while Xi Ling was the opposite: she had incredibly strong Magic Attack Power, but had almost no way to protect herself. LengErs stats leaned towards Magic, but werent as extreme as Xiao Hui and Xi Lings stats, and her stats were overall more average.

However, Snow Cherry could only be described as an all-rounder!

Even though she was an all-rounder, that didnt mean all of her stats were low. Conversely, all of her stats were surprisingly good, and at LV41, all of her stats surpassed Ling Chens. This was because she was a true Mysterious God grade pet! What was also special about her wasnt her stats, but her skills! She had Extreme Defence, Evasion and Attack Skills. As a Mount-type pet, the abilities she had could cause any players jaw to drop to the ground.

If she had a single flaw, it would be That there was no mention of her being able to transform into a human!! Why wasnt it there!!

Could it be that Snow Cherry was just a little fox and couldnt turn back into her appearance as the Cherry Blossom God Representative?

Moreover, what did it mean that she could freely change her shape after she had 7 tails? Could it be that she could change her appearance as she wished? If that was the case, that would simply be too terrifying.

Although they were the same being, just in different forms, but riding a goddess and riding a fox were completely different. Ling Chen originally harboured some evil thoughts, but he suddenly found He had been thinking too much! At least, thats how things seemed.

Although Snow Cherry was a Nine-tailed Snow Fox, Ling Chen picked up her tails and found that she only had 4 furry tails. Moreover, these 4 tails were stuck together perfectly, as if it was just a single large, snow-white tail. Many of Snow Cherrys skills were linked to how many tails she had. Some skills required a certain number of tails to activate, and its strongest ability, [Sky-Toppling Dance], was directly affected by how many tails she had.

LV41 4 tails could it be related to her level?

Little master, have you never considered that taking her as your pet would bring great trouble on you? Qi Yues voice suddenly sounded in his mind.

Of course, Ling Chen knew what Qi Yue was talking about. A Moon God Representative had been made a players mount, and a high level Moon God Representative at that. It was impossible for the Moon God Clan not to react. The most normal course of action would be to completely destroy him, and then to take Snow Chery back to the Moon God Clan. The Moon God Clan was an existence at the apex of the Mystic Moon world. Apart from the extinct Night Demon Clan, no one had dared to go against them. How could they accept such behaviour from a little player?

Does the Moon God Clan have the ability to find any person instantly? Ling Chen asked. Qi Yue lightly laughed, Of course not. The Mystic Moon world is vast, and no one can truly control everything in this world. There are countless secrets in the continents and oceans, and even the Moon God Clan cant uncover all of them. Think about it this way: If they could control everything in this world, then all precious objects would have fallen into their hands, and nothing they didnt want to see would be able to happen.

Then its fine, Ling Chen shrugged, Snow Cherrys Moon God power has completely dissipated, so they wont be able to find her through the Moon God power. With the Forgotten Continent being so big, and with so many players it will be like looking for a needle in the sea. What do I have to worry about? Moreover, Im already a national fugitive in the outside world, and all Japanese people probably want me dead. So what if theres an extra Moon God Clan? Since I have the Lunar Scourge, Im destined to be enemies with the Moon God Clan. No matter if theyre good or evil, if they come to make trouble for me wouldnt I have an excuse to retaliate.

Hehe, Im not sure if I should say little master is too arrogant or too brave, Qi Yue said as she laughed. She didnt believe these were all of his reasons. She felt that Ling Chen seemed to be giving himself some pressure pressure to walk forwards and quickly become stronger.

Snow Cherry was in a deep sleep. Ling Chen shook her gently, but she didnt show any signs of waking up. As such, he put her back into the Pet Space, then took out the communication device which he hadnt used in a long time and opened his voicemail. Every one or two days, he would check it, afraid that he would miss a message from SuEr. However, after going to the East Ocean Continent, he had not received any news from SuEr in 2 months.

When he turned it on, the name SuEr appeared in his eyes and he quickly opened the message.

Big brother Ling Tian, congratulations on achieving your goal in the East Ocean Continent, as well as some extra benefits. Last time, I didnt listen to masters warning and forcibly revealed the Heavens Secrets. Although I succeeded, I suffered backlash and lost consciousness for 3 days. It was a small tribulation, and luckily master was there with me, so Im safe and sound. I only dared to use the Heavens Secrets Sects power yesterday, and the next time Ill be able to use it is in 2 months. After that, Ill have learned enough to leave master and comprehend Heavens Secrets by myself. When that time comes, Ill be able to help big brother Ling Tian and everyone else more.

The information I received this time was a bit strange. I thought about it for a long time, but couldnt understand. However, big brother Ling Tians very smart, so Im sure youll be able to understand it. The hint this time is

Mystic Moon Peak, One Line Sky.

Mystic Moon Peak One Line Sky The hint this time was a simple 6 words. Ling Chen felt quite confused and couldnt make heads nor tail of it.

Theres a lot I want to say to big brother Ling Tian, but I know big brother Ling Tian is very busy. As such, Ill wait until big brother Ling Tian has accomplished his goal before I tell you. Also, Im not sure if big brother Ling Tian remembers my my Anyways, I will continue to work hard and inherit masters power. Ill continue to pray that big brother Ling Tian and everyone else can fulfil what they want and be happy forever.

Missing big brother Ling Tian lots, SuEr.

SuEr had seemed like she wanted to say something, but couldnt say it. Hearing the gap in the middle of the message, Ling Chen felt a bit surprised. Perhaps it was his intuition, or perhaps SuEr was too easy to read, Ling Chen was able to guess what she wanted to say.

Todays date: 10 November, 3100.

They were quickly approaching that date.

Ling Chen shook his head, casting those thoughts out of his mind as he muttered the 6 words SuEr mentioned

Mystic Moon Peak, One Line Sky.

Mystic Moon made him think of this world. Peak A mountain peak?

A mountain peak in the Mystic Moon world??

Qi Yue, wheres the tallest mountain in the Mystic Moon world? What is it called? Ling Chen sighed and asked. Since it was a hint as to where he could find something, it had to be a place. The Mystic Moon Peak made him think of the highest place in the Mystic Moon world, but One Line Sky

Qi Yue thought for a while before replying, If no other mountain peaks have arisen within the 10,000 years Ive been gone, the tallest peak in the Mystic Moon world should be within the Forgotten Continent. Its in the Forgotten Continents north-west area. Its called the Godchild Peak, and is part of the Mystic Moon worlds biggest mountain range- the Fairyland Mountain Range.

Fairyland Mountain Range Godchild Peak. Ling Chen repeated the name and committed it to memory. He then took out his map and looked to the north-west region. A large marker helped him quickly find the Fairyland Mountain Range, as well as the Godchild Peak at the middle of it.

[Godchild Peak]: The tallest of the Forgotten Continents 12 Peaks within the Fairyland Mountain Range. It is 12,000 metres above sea level and is the tallest peak in the Mystic Moon world. Legends say it was where the first true god was born, which was why it was given its name since ancient times. The Godchild Peak is snowy all year round, and the temperature is quite cold. The environment is quite desolate, and is not something normal beings can bear. Ive climbed the Godchild Peak 70 times in 30 years, but the highest I could go was 9,900 metres above sea level. I couldnt help but marvel at it and accept that mortals simply cant reach the top.

Qian Gun Guns description of the Godchild Peak was filled with wonder and awe. He had challenged it for 30 years, but was still unable to get close to the summit. No wonder he declared that it was a place mortals couldnt hope to reach the top of.

If he guessed correctly, this Mystic Moon Peak, One Line Sky should be referring to the summit of Godchild Peak! That was definitely the peak of the Mystic Moon world! Apart from the Godchild Peak where else could it be?

From the map, Ling Chen estimated that he was about 3,000 kilometres away from the Fairyland Mountain Range. If he travelled 250 kilometres every day, it would take him 10 or so days. As for climbing the Godchild Peak, because it was so difficult, it was impossible to estimate how long it would take. After all, like the saying, it was as hard as climbing to the sky.

Is little master going to the Fairyland Mountain Range? Qi Yue asked, although she already knew the answer.

Of course. Im going to leave right now! Ling Chen determinedly replied.

I knew it however, in my memory, the Fairyland Mountain Range has another interesting name.


Land of the Fallen Gods.

Ling Chen frowned, asking, Land of the Fallen Gods? Where did that name come from?

 Im sure no one in the Forgotten Continent knows this name anymore. Even 10,000 years ago, this name was only common within a very small part of the world. I heard that in the ancient times, when there were True Gods, a large number of True Gods died at the Fairyland mountain range. From then onwards, that place became a cursed place. Legends say that it was a tomb for the True Gods, as the True Gods, who were originally few in number, fell one by one there. This included the Mystic Moons last True God, the Progenitor of the Moon God Clan.

 Ling Chen:

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