Shura's Wrath Chapter 478

Chapter 478

Arriving At The Fairyland Mountain Range

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

North of the Fairy Forest.

Ever since that day when Winter of That Year had hot bloodedly offered to help Yun Meng Xin guard the route to this place to prevent the secret being leaked, Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ice, who had been dragged in, stopped wandering around the Forgotten Continent. They had stayed there the entire time, and had not left even once. They trained next to this small town and they also bought their supplies from that town. They even began to forget the feeling of fighting powerful bosses.

After finishing their training, Winter of That Year sat on the ground on the hill. This place was quite high up, and they could see quite far to the north. If there were any players who came near, they would be able to see them immediately. Hundred Miles of Ice also came over and silently sat next to him, staring towards the north.

In just the blink of an eye, more than a month has passed, Winter of That Year rubbed his nose, thoughtlessly saying as he adopted as melancholic tone, And yet, Im still not allowing myself to leave. Oh, boss, you must want to trample me flat, right?

Madman. Hundred Miles of Ice coldly replied.

 Madman? Mhmm, that sounds about right. Shes so beautiful like a celestial goddess. Any man who looks at her would go mad. Winter of That Year raised his head and looked at the blue sky as he spaced out.

Hundred Miles of Ice was speechless.

I know that its just that to me, shell always just be a celestial beauty, and will only exist in my fantasies. Shes an existence I can never get close to or belong to me. Winter of That Years voice died down, One woman, and such a big city. I also saw the Fairies and Dwarves that have already disappeared from our records. If any of this was spread outside, it would shock all players. She has such a powerful background that even the Loulan Queen, Li Xiao Xue, addresses her as a sister. Hoho were both people abandoned by fate, and arent even good enough for a normal girl. How could we obtain a celestial beauty like her? However, just being able to see her every day and give her some peace of mind by standing guard here is enough for me to be satisfied to the point of addiction. Like you said, I must have gone mad. Mm I know you must look down on me for saying such things.

Hundred Miles of Ice fell silent for a few moments before coldly replying, I wont.

Cheh, your expression is always darker than charcoal; how could I believe you? Winter of That Year scowled before closing his eyes and lazily saying, Theres nothing I can do. Shes simply too bewitching and I cant resist it. If she could really fall for me, I would give ten thousand yeses even if it cost me my remaining 5 years of lifespan but thats evidently impossible.

Winter of That Year put his hands behind his head and lay down as he looked up towards the sky, saying, We only have 5 years left to live; we can do a lot in 5 years. After she finishes building her city, we wont have anything to worry about, so we can leave. Otherwise, I simply cant bear to leave. As for where we go, that will be up to you. Even if we return to that place that we escaped from to commit suicide, to find that mad old man to take revenge, I wouldt even frown.

Mentioning the mad old man, no matter if it was Winter of That Year or Hundred Miles of Ice, both couldnt help but feel their bodies stiffen.

Doesnt matter, Hundred Miles of Ice Replied.

I knew it. Winter of That Year smirked. There was no one who understood this person next to him more than himself.

The two of them lapsed into silence. After lying there for a while, despite looking like he fell asleep, Winter of That Years ear twitched and he stood up with a woosh. He unhappily grumbled, Weve got work to do. Lets go welcome them.

In the distance, 2 black dots that almost werent visible had appeared. They were at least 2 kilometres away.

 These goddamn abilities that that goddamn madman exchanged for tens of years of our lifespan wont even let us sleep soundly. A jade-green longbow appeared in Winter of That Years hands. He complained as he stood up, then suddenly thought of something as he said, I say, boss, I was always curious as to why youre only ninth of the Heaven Rankings. If you used your ability, Im sure youd be able to get into the top 3 easily.

Lets go. Hundred Miles of Ice couldnt be bothered explaining himself. His gaze had already locked onto those 2 people.

During the time they had stood guard here, they had killed 4 waves of people.

In order to reach this place, one had to pass through many high-levelled monsters territories, as well as dangerous regions. Some monster levels were as high as LV70, so anyone who could make it to her was an expert of experts. Moreover, they were all the type that werent very focused on levelling, but had a passion for adventuring and expanding the region they were limited to. As such, there werent many of them. Out of the 4 waves, the biggest wave had 4 people and the smallest was just a single player.

None of them had passed by Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ice.

In other words, if it wasnt for Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ice standing guard here, the new city would have been exposed a month ago. China had more than 1 billion players, and with such a large playerbase, it wasnt surprising that some players would find their way here.

By now, the new city was now half-completed. The new citys roads and public infrastructure were all in their preliminary phases. Two months had passed, but the Dwarves who had been diligently working every day hadnt felt tired or annoyed. Conversely, they had been extremely passionate and excited. Seeing their new home being built bit by bit, it was as if they were watching their child grow up. They felt incredibly blissful and joyful. Within such an atmosphere, the construction of the new city progressed at a shocking rate. Let alone cutting corners, if anyone even suggested to the Dwarves about taking a break, they would fly into a fit of rage.

The Fairies had been continuously using their purifying Nature magic, dispelling the Dwarves fatigue so they could continue to work in their peak condition.

Moreover, the 3 delicious meals every day made the Dwarves never want to return to their isolation from the rest of the world.

Yun Meng Xin and Li Xiao Xue stood together as they walked through the new citys main road. Both of them felt incredibly excited.

Have you thought of a name for the new city? Meng Xin City or Hearts Dream City? Both arent too bad, Li Xiao Xue said as she smiled.

However, Yun Meng Xin gently nodded her said, slowly saying 3 words, Ling, Tian, City.

Li Xiao Xues body slightly stiffened When Yun Meng Xin said the name Ling Tian City, she didnt think or hesitate. She had never discussed this with her before, but hearing her say it like this, it didnt seem too likely she could persuade her otherwise. Evidently, she had decided on this name since a long time ago. If she used Meng Xin City or Hearts Dream City, Li Xiao Xue was certain that the instant the city was completed, Yun Meng Xins name would resound throughout the whole world. Within 3 days, her fame and reputation would exceed the Yun family financial groups, and within half a year, her influence would surpass the Yun family financial groups. In less than a year, she could even rival the Yun family financial group financially.

If it was any other city, even if it was constructed by the Yan Huang Alliance, Li Xiao Xue didnt believe such a thing was possible. However, looking at the Dwarves and Fairies working tirelessly, Li Xiao Xue was extremely clear on just how terrifying influential this city would become when it was completed.

And all decision-making power for this city fell on Yun Meng Xin. Despite this, she had decided to call it Ling Tian City.

After falling silent for a while, Li Xiao Xue laughed, with a deep meaning behind the laugh, This name is even better.

For half a month, Ling Chen took the safest route on the map and travelled day and night. He had finally arrived at the Fairyland Mountain Range. If he didnt have Qian Gun Guns map, it would have taken him at least twice as much time.

2 days ago, the Fairyland Mountain Range had appeared in Ling Chens sight. It stretched up into the clouds, and its peak couldnt be seen. It was as if it pierced through the heavens and extended even further.

During this period of time, he had spent all of his time on travelling, and didnt spend any time on training. His level was still LV41, and he hadnt changed the equipment he had. After he thought about it, he realised that the activity he spent the most time on in the Mystic Moon world was probably travelling. It probably took up more than half the time he spent in the virtual world.

Looking for the orbs seemed to have become his entire life. Nothing was as important as that.

During the period of time he spent travelling, some people felt incredibly uncomfortable such as the Japanese players. After Ling Chen had left, the Sunrise City had been rebuilt. With the Heavenly Emperor City and the Sunset Citys help, the Sunrise Citys rebuilding went quite smoothly and quickly. Just as everything seemed fine and everyone was beginning to settle down, the previous day, the skies suddenly darkened. A super Ancient Beast that was a hundred times more terrifying than the Evil Black Dragon had appeared, called the Yamata no Orochi.

As such, not only the Sunrise City, but the entire East Ocean Continent was once again embroiled in battle. In order to subdue the Yamata no Orochi, it would probably require the 3 Moon Goddesses to personally take it down. However, it was uncertain if the East Ocean Continents players and residents could last that long.

There was also the Long family. Although they had long since made mental preparations, but the pressure from various countries caused Long Zheng Yangs head to swell. This entire time, he had been stuck in a state of annoyance. This was because he could neither advance nor retreat. Even if he wanted to retreat, he couldnt even find Ling Tian, and even if he could, punishing Ling Tian would result in the fury of countless Chinese players. The consequences would be unimaginable.

If he wanted to advance In the virtual world, overall, China was ranked number 1 in the world. This was because China had the most players! China had as many players as multiple countries combined. According to the rankings decided by the International Mock Battles, China was ranked number 5. As such, it was undisputable that China was incredibly powerful in the virtual world. However, no matter how powerful they were, they simply couldnt face off against 20 countries. Whats more, within those 20 countries, 8 of them were ranked in the top 10! As such, if they initiated a war, China simply wouldnt be able to contend against its enemies. If they lost, it would be a completely crushing defeat. The only chance they had in winning was if they had the Sword Emperor and Ling Tian.

However, these two people disregarding the Sword Emperor, could the Long Family really beg Ling Tian, who they hated to their bones, to help them?!

Not only that, but currently, Ling Tian didnt care at all about what was happening, even though it was all instigated by him.

Looking at the mountain range that extended to the sky in front of him, Ling Chen could feel a headache coming.

From the boundary of the Fairyland Mountain Range to the bottom of the Godchild Peak, the distance was about 30 kilometres. This was not too far, but the problem was that as the place referred to by Qi Yue as the Land of the Fallen Gods, how could the monsters here be ordinary? The entire 30 kilometres was covered by monsters that were LV90 and above!

With the remnant aura from the True Gods from the ancient times, the monsters here all developed incredibly quickly. Their levels were incredibly high, and even Lord bosses and Celestial grade Bosses werent too rare.

This meant that if Ling Chen ventured in, within these 30 kilometres, he could be killed by even a fart from any of the monsters inside.

 Hiding from 1 or 2 of these monsters wouldnt be too difficult, and even 8 to 10 wouldnt be too bag However, he had to cross 30 kilometres worth of these monsters!

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