Shura's Wrath Chapter 480

Chapter 480

Bottom of the Godchild Peak

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

Get a coffin

Ling Chens mouth twitched and his resolve was shattered by Xiao Feng Chens repeated discouragement. It seemed that the Fairyland Mountain Range was indeed a dangerous place of dangerous places. With his current strength, even with the Feng Chen Sects power and the Lunar Scourge, he probably wouldnt be able to last very long. Wanting to travel 30 kilometres was just a pipe dream.

Moreover, these 30 kilometres was assuming he could travel in a straight line! He would have to travel up and down mountains and take roundabout routes to avoid monsters. Realistically, if he wanted to reach the Godchild Peak, he would have to travel twice or three times the original 30 kilometres.

Looking at irritated Xiao Feng Chen, Ling Chens eyes suddenly lit up what did this old man say before? The most terrifying place in the world was the Lunar Sky Hell, and then the Fairyland Mountain Range- meaning that the Fairyland Mountain Range wasnt as dangerous as the Lunar Sky Hell! After all, the Lunar Sky Hell sealed the most terrifying and savage Ancient Beasts, so how could the Fairyland Mountain Range compare to it?

And Xiao Feng Chen was someone who had survived perfectly fine in the Lunar Sky Hell for a thousand years!

This meant that Xiao Feng Chen could pass through this Fairyland Mountain Range as if he was playing a game. Moreover, when they had first met, Xiao Feng Chen had been coming out of the Fairyland Mountain Range, and looked quite high-spirited and relaxed. He didnt look tired or frightened at all.

Hell yeah! He was simply a super bodyguard arranged for him by the heavens!

Ling Chens eyes became brighter and brighter as he rushed over, Oi! Oi! Old man Xiao! Wait for me

What old man Xiao! Its big brother Xiao!

Big brother Xiao! Xiao Feng Chen wasnt walking very quickly, and Ling Chen quickly caught up to him. He ran in front of him and blocked his way as his eyes became passionate, Uh you dont need to prepare a coffin. To be honest, big brother Xiao, youre completely right- with my strength, its simply absurd for me to go in by myself. However, even though I cant survive in there by myself, thats different for big brother Xiao! Back then, you survived in the Lunar Sky Hell for a thousand years. You went where you wanted and were so mighty and awe-inspiring. The thousands of Ancient Beasts were not able to do anything to you. To you, this Fairyland Mountain Range is just a fart!

You want me to take you to the bottom of the Godchild Peak? Xiao Feng Chen scowled.

So big brother Xiao agrees? What are we waiting for then? Lets go now!

When the hell did your elder agree?! Your elder just came back from there, and you want me to take you over? Do you think my brain isnt working? Xiao Feng Chen spoke with his lips curled, splattering Ling Chens face with spittle.

Ling Chen frowned and said with an air of justice, Big brother Xiao! Dont you remember that were part of the same sect? As fellow members of the Feng Chen Sect, we need to love and care for each other, and help each other in times of need. Only by working together can we make the Feng Chen Sect great again. Today, Im facing some difficulties; if you have the power to help but choose not to, how unrighteous would that be! If the Feng Chen Sects ancestors knew of this, how hurt and pained would they feel? How much despair would they have to experience? How

Stop, stop, stop! Xiao Feng Chens scalp felt numb, and he spent a great deal of effort in shutting Ling Chen up. He then gave a long since as he replied, Ai! Forget it, forget it, since things are like this Id be an idiot to help you! Goodbye!

Hearing the first half of his sentence, Ling Chen felt delighted. Who would have thought that this old mans skill in turning face was so shocking; he was actually able to combine these 2 contradictory phrases together. As soon as he finished speaking, his figure blurred and a wild gale erupted forth as he streaked away like a rocket.


Ling Chen activated [Broken Shadow] and chased after him like a gale he couldnt afford to not give chase. The Fairyland Mountain Range was simply too terrifying, and he had no way to ensure that he could reach the Godchild Peak alive. Currently, his only hope was to rely on Xiao Feng Chen. He cursed Xiao Feng Chens ancestors in his heart as he loudly yelled, Fudge! Dont run! I saved you from the Lunar Sky Hell back then! Now that Ive run into problems, all you do is run! Are you even a man?!

Xiao Feng Chen completely ignored him and continued to charge forwards. If Ling Chen could see his face, he would have seen that he was grinning wildly. However, he was also feeling quite surprised this brats speed wasnt too slow. No, it was actually quite fast!

Theres something important I need to do at the Godchild Peak; only you can help me. Dont run!!

Were part of the same sect, and it was even you who dragged me into the Feng Chen Sect. In the end, youre more or less my teacher, and yet you

Whoosh! Xiao Feng Chen suddenly stopped running. Despite travelling at such an extreme speed, he only travelled for another 5 metres after suddenly braking. Ling Chens eyes widened, and did his best to stop as well, and almost slammed into Xiao Feng Chen.

What did you call me? Xiao Feng Chen turned around, his small eyes lighting up.

Ling Chen immediately understood. He raised his head and pushed out his chest as he seriously called out, Teacher!

Fudge! Cant you say it with a pale face, gritting your teeth, looking as if youve just been violated by 7 or 8 muscular men? Its no fun seeing you saying it so proudly. Xiao Feng Chen said in a depressed manner.

Cheh! You want me to say it in an unwilling manner to satisfy your perverted vanity? Keep dreaming Ling Chen seriously replied, No way! You gave me the Feng Chen Sects power, so youre more or less my teacher!

Forget it, forget it. Xiao Feng Chen felt quite helpless. He raised his hand and caught onto Ling Chens arm as he said in exasperation, Youre sure you want to go to the Godchild Peak?


Tell me the real reason why you want to go there. Xiao Feng Chen said as he rolled his eyes.

I just said; Im going to the summit to look for something.

What is it?

Secret. However, its very important to me. Even if I have to spend my whole life searching, Ill definitely find it. Ling Chen said resolutely.

Xiao Feng Chen wanted to scare Ling Chen a bit and persuade him not to go, but seeing him so determined to go to the summit of the Godchild Peak, he swallowed his words. After lapsing into silence for a short while, he said, Since its like that, Ill take you to the bottom of the Godchild Peak. However forget it, Ill wait till we get there. Hold on tight and its best not to talk on the way.

Ling Chen nodded.

Xiao Feng Chen grabbed Ling Chen under his arm, and the dark green-coloured ring on his other hand flashed with a faint green light. Instantly, the two of them flew out like a rocket and travelled more than 100 metres in the blink of an eye.

This holy crap

Ling Chen wanted to ask Xiao Feng Chen what skill this was. Although it was a high level skill that greatly increased his speed, it was vastly different to [Broken Shadow] that Ling Chen was familiar with. However, as soon as he tried to speak, he understood why Xiao Feng Chen had told him not to talk. The instant he opened his mouth, the cold air rushed into his mouth at such a speed that he almost fainted.

Ling Chen immediately closed his mouth. He was looking down at the ground, and the ground was passing by at an incomprehensible speed. This sort of speed was much faster than the fastest he had ever been, and the powerful auras around them grew denser and denser until they completely filled the area. A gigantic figure couldnt react in time, and their feet passed over its head.

Wait. Feet?

Only now did Ling Chen realise that they were in the air! Xiao Feng Chen was travelling through the air!

Indeed, Xiao Feng Chen was an old monster who had lived for more than a thousand years. Adding on the fact that half of the Feng Chen Sects skills were for escaping, it wasnt too surprising that he could travel through the air.

Crowds of large monsters were left far behind them. However, just because they were in the air, that didnt mean that they were safe. On the way, they encountered many flying monsters. They were all gigantic, and some were bigger than even the Golden Feathered Eagle Emperor. Needless to say, LV90 monsters, no matter the grade, would not be any weaker than a LV40 Celestial grade Boss. However, with Xiao Feng Chens incredibly terrifying speed, even the overlords of the sky only noticed a black shadow flash past them and couldnt react at all, let alone attack.

After who knows how long, the wind that had almost chafed his ears into destruction finally died down, and then stopped. Ling Chen felt his body released as Xiao Feng Chen threw him to the ground. Xiao Feng Chen patted his hands as he said, Alright, this is the bottom of the Godchild Peak. If you want to go up, start from here.

They had arrived so quickly!

Ling Chen looked at the time and was flabbergasted. From when they had set out to now, less than 10 minutes had passed!

In the sky, the could naturally travel in a straight line, which greatly reduced the distance they had to travel. They had passed over a few mountains and had avoided a few extremely large and powerful mobs, so they had travelled around 40 kilometres. Accordingly Xiao Feng Chen had travelled at close to 300 kilometres per hour!

And this was under the circumstances of carrying someone with him! In the real world, if someone travelled at this speed and then ran into a steel board A fatty would be turned into a thin meat patty.

Ling Chen stood up and looked up as he turned around. The mountain extended from his feet up into the clouds. At the bottom of this mountain, Ling Chen could feel just how tiny he was. In front of this natural giant, all creatures were like tiny specks of sand.

Why is it so peaceful here? Where are all the monsters? Ling Chen asked in suspicion as he looked around. On the way here, Ling Chen had seen countless gigantic monsters, and no matter if it was on mountains or not, they were gathered quite densely. However, looking around, he couldnt see a single monster, and couldnt even hear any roars from monsters.

Xiao Feng Chen curled his lips, At the bottom of the Godchild Peak, as well as on the mountain, there are no monsters. Dont ask me why, I dont know either. To those monsters, this place is like a forbidden area. No matter how powerful or weak they are, they never even come close, and stay far away.

Oh Ling Chen replied as he began to carefully examine the geography here.

 This place is the best place to start climbing the mountain. If youre determined to go, then go. No human has ever been recorded to reach the summit of the Godchild Peak, as that is a height for gods, a peak for gods. However, I wont stop you. I can tell how determined you are, so itll be pointless for me to try to stop you. Moreover, not ever trying to climb the Godchild Peak would leave much regret in your life, Xiao Feng Chen slowly said as he looked up at the mountain that pierced through the sky, his face full of awe.

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