Shura's Wrath Chapter 485

Chapter 485

Mysterious Door (1)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

This woman what did she want?!

Even an idiot would be able to tell that this ice woman was not a good person. However, Ling Chens body was completely frozen, and couldnt move at all. In this sort of situation, he could only wait to be slaughtered without being able to retaliate at all. However, that was under the normal logic. Although he was unable to move, that didnt mean Ling Chen couldnt attack. Attacks werent limited to only physical attacks- Mental attacks were often far more terrifying than physical attacks.

Ling Chens eyes slightly moved as an expression of terror appeared on his face. However, his eyes were cold as a strange light flickered within them

Utter Despair Curse!

The smile on the ice womans face suddenly faded, then completely disappeared. Her eyes, which shone with an icy blue light, also dimmed. The excitement, humour, and seductiveness all disappeared into nothingness. She suddenly lost all interest in this intruding humour. In fact, she had lost interest in everything. Everything under the heavens seemed so lacklustre, and she didnt want to even bother looking at anything.

The world was always white and uninteresting. Her body was hold, her heart was cold, and even her soul was cold. She didnt have any family, friends, or even anyone to talk to. She lived like a walking corpse in this cold, white world, day after day, year after year what was the point of living like this? Why did she want to continue to live? All of her beliefs were paler than snow; why did she continue to exist like this

The ice womans blue eyes lost their spirit and became a deathly grey colour. She couldnt find anything that even remotely interested her, and the reasons why she had stayed here for countless years all seemed incredibly insignificant and absurd. She started to desire death, because she simply couldnt find any reason to continue living. She felt that she would only find peace and relief in death.

Currently, the ice woman had completely fallen under Ling Chens Utter Despair Curse!

If he had tried to cast this while they were fighting, with the ice womans strength, there would have only been around a 50% chance for the curse to take effect. However, Ling Chen had been completely frozen, and looked completely defenceless to the ice woman. Moreover, he was incredibly weak compared to her, so she did not put up any guard against him, and as such fell for the curse completely.

The pressure locking down Ling Chens body completely disappeared, and the ice woman looked as if she had been violated by 70 or 80 rough men. Her eyes continued to look at Ling Chen, but her eyes were incredibly murky, and looked as if she was looking at a dead object. Whats the point of me staying here Why am I still living The ice woman muttered to herself.

Ling Chen moved his frozen lips with great effort, and tried to say things that would prompt the ice woman, under the effect of the Utter Despair Curse, to commit suicide. This wasnt impossible- to those in utter despair, death seemed quite tempting. However, after being frozen for so long, Ling Chen couldnt even open his mouth, and couldnt utter a single word.

The ice woman stretched out her hand, with some unknown object in the centre of it. She hazily gazed at the object as she continued to mumble, For this thing Ive lived like this how boring I should throw it away throw it away

As she spoke, the ice woman threw away the thing in her hand without any hesitation at all. The thing that was thrown out arced in the air and fell next to Ling Chens right foot. It sunk into the snow, leaving a small crater in the snow. She blandly looked at Ling Chen as she casually waved her hand, and a blue light covered Ling Chens body. She turned around and slowly and powerlessly walked forwards, as she tiredly spoke, Leave go wherever you want just leave

Ding Snow Soul Light has been cast on you. All effects from the cold environment will be nullified for the next 10 minutes.

The instant the blue light touched Ling Chens body, he could once again feel his frozen body, and the freezing air no longer assaulted his body. The chill within his body then quickly disappeared he heard the system announcement clearly- the ice woman had cast this blue light on him, making him immune to all effects from the cold for 10 minutes! The current feeling in his body was evidence of this.

Despite this, after being frozen for so long, his body was unable to immediately recover. As the feeling of cold retreated, he gradually regained control over his body. Ling Chen bit his teeth and mustered all of his willpower to move his body the Utter Despair Curse only lasted for 22 seconds, and after the ice woman recovered, things would become ugly.

About 10 seconds later, Ling Chen could finally control his arms and waist. His gaze fell on the thing the ice woman had thrown out, and quickly picked it up.

An icy and smooth feeling entered his hand. It was a jet black piece of jade with a smooth surface, and was in a C shape. It was just big enough to fit in his hand, and an Ice character was engraved in the back.

Ling Chen frowned. This size, shape and the character on the back could this be

[Demon Jade Hook Ice]: Jade that the Ice Demon Beast carries. It is said that it was given to her by the then Demon Emperor. Unable to determine what material it is made of and its use.

Apart from the Ice character, this piece of jade was exactly the same as the ones he had obtained in the past. Evidently, it was one of the 10 demon jade hooks. Ling Chen finally understood just who this ice woman was

She was one of the 10 ancient demon beasts the Ice Demon Beast!

Indeed, she was not a human, but a demon beast in the form of a human!

The demon jade hook contained part of the Demon Emperors Soul, which was one of the necessary items to save Shui Ruo. Ling Chen obtaining this demon jade hook was an unexpected surprise! At this moment, the crushing pressure once again enveloped Ling Chens body, as the ice woman furiously shrieked, Feng Chen Murdering Heart Curse!!

Ling Chen raised his head as his eyes narrowed into slits the duration for the Utter Despair Curse had expired, and the ice woman had returned to normal. For her to be able to call out the Feng Chen Murdering Heart Curses name, she evidently knew about the Feng Chen Sect. It seemed that the Feng Chen Sect was indeed quite famous back in the past At the same time, the ice woman was now mentally prepared, making it almost impossible for Feng Chen Curses to work on her anymore.

The ice womans gaze fell on the jade in Ling Chens hand, and a blue light flashed in her eyes as her expression became savage, Return that jade hook to me!

Every jade hook contained a tenth of the Demon Emperors Soul, and were the Demon Beast Clans only hope in resurrecting the Demon Emperor. Even if they lost their lives and destroyed themselves, they wouldnt wish to see the Demon Jade Hooks be lost.

Seeing the human hold that piece of jade, then thinking back to her actions from just before, she felt uncontrollably furious and completely hated Ling Chen she had fallen for a tiny humans ploy! And had thrown away the most precious things on her because of that!

I found it on the ground; why do I need to give it to you? Ling Chen innocently replied.

Then go die!!

In her fury, the ice womans voice became even more piercing, she raised her arms as five 3 metre long, 15 centimetre wide icicles appeared behind her. Just as they were about to fly towards Ling Chen, he chuckled as he activated the Lunar scourge however, the instant the Lunar Scourge started to shine with a brilliant light, Ling Chens heart suddenly thumped as he remembered what Qi Yue had said to him back when he had encountered the War Demon Beast. Qi Yue had warned him to never use the Lunar Scourges power in front of the ancient demon beasts. These ancient demon beasts that had lived for over 10,000 years had all seen the Lunar Scourge before, and they would recognise it the consequences would be incredibly dire!

Ding the Libra Orbs effects have been activated, [Moon Flare]s cooldown time has been reset.

However, Ling Chen had already activated it, and could not stop it anymore. The piercing silver light caused the ice woman to scream even louder as she stopped her attack and desperately covered her eyes.

My eyes My eyes I cant see anything!! The ice woman roared in terror and rage. She had hidden here for countless years, and faced this white world every day. Her eyes were much more sensitive to light than normal creatures, and it was the first time in more than 10,000 years since she had experienced such a thing.

Humans are indeed... the most despicable creatures! I should have killed you the instant I saw you! Ill make you suffer the cruellest punishment for stealing my jade hook!!

After the light from Moon Flare disappeared, the roaring ice woman finally had relief. However, just as she opened her eyes, Ling Chen cast a second Moon Flare.


This shriek of pain and anger was sharper than the previous one by more than 10 times. The ice womans fury now reached its limit As one of the 10 ancient demon beasts, it was an apex Mysterious God existence, but had fallen into a humans trap. She allowed him to steal the most precious thing to her, and was blinded twice. She had never suffered such humiliation before in her life. The current ice woman was like a barrel of explosives with its fuse lit.

Go die!!

The ice woman tightly squeezed her eyes shut against the bright silver light as she raised her hands high in the air. Large amounts of water elemental essence gathered wildly in her hands, which she sent flying in front of her.

 Ling Chen had been paying attention to her movements the entire time. In her extreme rage, the ice woman unleashed one of her most deadly ultimate skills, causing Ling Chens eyes to light up Hm? An ultimate skill I was worried you wouldnt use one!

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