Shura's Wrath Chapter 487

Chapter 487

One Line Sky!

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa


Why was there a door here?

Could it be that this space was created by people?

Or was it created by the Ice Demon Beast?

No, didnt seem possible. The place had been buried under the incredibly thick ice, which had been without a crack before. This amount of ice could only have layered up after innumerable years. As such, it was unlikely that this space was created by the Ice Demon Beast.

Who had created this space then Actually, who could create such a strange space at the Godchild Peak?

Ling Chen felt an urge to summon Xiao Hui. With Xiao Huis abilities, perhaps he could find out the origins of this space. However, this was still near the summit, and although Xiao Huis lifeforce was quite strong, he would not be able to last very long. After some internal conflict, Ling Chen gave up on this idea- he didnt want to risk putting Xiao Hui in danger.

Ling Chen walked over to the door and stopped about 1 step away. After thinking for a while, he pressed his hand against the door and tried to push it open.

Just as his palm touched the incredibly cold stone door, the door suddenly let out a bright white light. Ling Chen immediately retracted his arm and moved back 3 body-lengths like a bolt of lightning the entire stone door was glowing, dyeing the entire space in a white light. However, there were no dangerous airs coming from it. After being alert for a few moments, Ling Chen released the breath he was holding and frowned as he looked at the strange door.

It had glowed after he touched it what was going on?


Ling Chen looked above the stone door and saw that there were 3 round holes glowing with white light. Each hole was very small, about the size of a ping pong ball, and were evenly spaced above the stone door.

Could it be that these holes were keyholes used to open the door?

Godchild Peak underneath the mystic ice a strange space a mysterious door

What sort of world-shaking secret lay behind this door?

Ling Chens heart thumped. He knew he had accidentally fallen down this fissure, but had discovered something remarkable. If he had discovered some secret space elsewhere, he wouldnt have felt as excited however, this door had been hidden at the summit of the Godchild Peak!

It definitely wasnt ordinary.

With Xiao Huis abilities, or Qi Yues knowledge, he might be able to gain some information about this place and the door. However, right now it was just himself standing in front of this door without anyone here to help him.

All of Ling Chens focus was gathered on this mysterious door, and he completely ignored everything else. He even forgot that the immunity to the coldness that the Ice Demon Beast had gifted to him only lasted for 10 minutes. Once the 10 minutes passed, the temperature would consign him to a hopeless fate again.

Ling Chen looked over the entire door, then looked back at the 3 round holes. His eyebrows suddenly jumped as he realised that underneath the holes, there seemed to be different colours as if there were words engraved there.

Ling Chen walked over and when he was less than half a step away, he could see the small words engraved under each hole.

Celestial Slayer, Heaven Slayer, God Slayer.

These 6 words were small and faint, and one wouldnt notice them if they werent paying attention. These 6 words caused Ling Chen to stare in surprise, and after thinking for a few moments, he looked up and looked at the 3 round holes his eyebrows once again jumped.

Those names and that size

Could it be

Ling Chen opened his bag and took out 2 items that he had nearly forgotten about.

In his palm were 2 insignias that were the same size, but were different colours. One was silver and the other were gold, and they looked roughly the same size as the holes above the stone door. Their names were

Celestial Slayer Insignia and Heaven Slayer Insignia!

Both of these insignias had been obtained by Ling Chen by chance. He had obtained the Celestial Slayer Insignia from killing the Greedy Giant Toad, and the Heaven Slayer Insignia was from killing the Mountain Giant. Despite being incredibly rare and precious insignia equipment, they didnt give any stats, which had made Ling Chen feel quite depressed. However, he didnt forget the words in their descriptions: Does not give any bonus stats. Legends say that it can open an ancient ruin that has been sealed.

Was it a coincidence, or

Ling Chens heart was filled with hope. He raised his hand and tried to put the Celestial Slayer Insignia in the hole labelled Celestial Slayer, which was the one furthest to the left, and pressed it in.


A suction force suddenly erupted from the round hole and sucked the Celestial Slayer Insignia into it, allowing it to perfectly slot in. At the same time, the Celestial Slayer Insignia suddenly shone out with a powerful silver light, and a red Celestial character appeared on its surface.

Ling Chens mouth fell open.

So it really was like that!

So the Celestial Slayer Insignia was one of the keys to opening this mysterious door on the Godchild Peak! So the ancient ruins referred to this door?! Could there be some sort of mysterious and legendary ruins behind this door?

Then the Heaven Slayer Insignia

Ling Chen did the same thing with the Heaven Slayer Insignia, bringing it towards the round hole labelled Heaven Slayer. As expected, the Heaven Slayer Insignia was also sucked in, and released a gold light, after which the red, attention-catching character Heaven appeared on the surface. The final round hole was still empty, and was labelled God Slayer.

God Slayer Insignia!

The Celestial Slayer Insignia had been awarded to the first player who had solo-killed a Celestial grade boss.

The Heaven Slayer Insignia had been awarded to the first player who had solo-killed a Heavens End grade boss.

In that case, the God Slayer Insignia would be awarded to the first player who could solo-kill a Mysterious God grade boss.

Solo-killing a Mysterious God grade boss to most players, this seemed like a task that was more difficult than climbing to the sky.

However, facing this mysterious door which only needed the God Slayer Insignia to open, Ling Chens heart was filled with a strong desire. He desperately wanted to know just what sort of amazing thing was hidden behind this door. Moreover, he already had 2 out of the 3 keys, so there was no reason for him not to obtain the third key!

Evidently, having 2 keys wasnt enough to open this door. Ling Chen walked forwards and took the Celestial Slayer Insignia and Heaven Slayer Insignia off. After a while, the light from the door dimmed, and the door returned to its original state. After settling down, Ling Chen suddenly remembered the situation he was in.

Crap! He had to quickly leave!

The Snow Soul Light cast by the Ice Demon Beast would run out soon, and when the time came, he would be completely frozen here. Thinking about that, Ling Chen quickly took out a teleport scroll and prepared to leave the Ice Demon Beast was still above, so looking for the orb at the summit was going to be impossible. As such, he could only leave and strategise for a while.

Ding you are currently in a forcefully sealed space and cannot use spatial items to leave.

Ling Chen felt shocked, and immediately took out a Spatial Orb, which he tried to crush. However, he received the same system announcement.

A sealed space couldnt use spatial items to leave

Ling Chen looked up towards the place where he had fallen down from. The ice block was still there, as if it had been caught by something invisible. At this moment, Ling Chen suddenly realised that there was probably some formless seal that prevented anything from entering or exiting. As such, neither the layer of ice at the summit, nor the block of ice in the air could fall down here.

But why could he come down here, having only met some slight resistance on the way down

Could it be the Lunar Scourge? Looking at the Lunar Scourge on his wrist, Ling Chens uncertainty disappeared. Ling Chen had experienced the Lunar Scourges ability to open sealed spaces quite a few times. Back when he had first met Xi ling, it was the Lunar Scourge that had removed the seal and freed her. In the East Ocean Continent, it had opened the seal guarding the Sunrise Citys City Lifeline. It seemed that this time was also because of the Lunar Scourge.

However, this realisation also caused Ling Chens joy to freeze over.

He couldnt use a teleport scroll, nor could he use a Spatial Orb. There was only a mysterious door, as well as the fissure where he had fallen from. However, the fissure was nearly 50 metres high in the air.

He simply couldnt make it up there.

With the [Spread Wings] skill, he could float up to 20 metres high, after which he could use [Moment of Elegance] to cover another 15 metres. However, that was only 35 metres in total, which wouldnt be enough to make it back up to the fissure.

As for climbing, that was even less of an option. There was nothing to climb with, and nothing to use as a foothold.

Moreover, there were only 2 or 3 minutes left on the [Snow Soul Light] cast by the Ice Demon Beast. Once the effects ended, he would be quickly frozen, without any way to recover. When that happened, he wouldnt be able to use [Spread Wings], much less climb out.

As such, the only way he could leave here was


When the Azure Dragon Scales effects ran out, he would die from the coldness and would respawn in the Azure Dragon City.

However, Ling Chen simply couldnt accept the consequences of dying.

Ling Chen tightly frowned, and the massive impending danger made him feel suffocated Did he really have to die here?!

He walked to the position right beneath the fissure, and stood where he had originally fallen. Ling Chen looked up towards the fissure in the layer of ice, bitterly thinking of ways to escape.

The fissure was quite narrow, but was very long. Ling Chen couldnt see where it extended to, but it was very straight, as if a sharp sword had cut it from the heavens. Ling Chen stood at the bottom as he looked up at a beautiful and thin white line that was the sky that could be seen outside the fissure.

Ling Chen suddenly felt stunned.

The ice the sky a line

 One Line Sky!!

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