Shura's Wrath Chapter 488

Chapter 488

Snow Cherry Awakens

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

The place where Ling Chen was standing was the true summit of the Godchild Peak. The place where he was before was only higher because of all of the ice and snow. Although it was taller than this place, it wasnt part of the true Godchild Peak. As such, where Ling Chen was standing was the real Mystic Moon Peak.

Looking up at the sky through the fissure, it was indeed a One Line Sky.

It perfectly coincided with SuErs information!

Ling Chen quickly calmed down as his eyes continued to be fixed to the sky. He was now completely certain that SuErs information would never be wrong. In that case, if he wasnt wrong, there should be an orb somewhere around here!

Ling Chen felt as if he was in a dream.

This was because originally, this fissure didnt exist. It wasnt there yesterday, and it definitely wasnt there when SuEr had given him this information. It had only been ripped open just then by the Ice Demon Beast in her fury. Otherwise, standing at the summit of the Godchild Peak, one could essentially touch the sky with their hands. How could they see a One Line Sky?

Right now, the One Line Sky was right above his head, and it had only appeared because he had come here. This was simply astounding. The Moon God Peak and One Line Sky caused his faith in SuEr to skyrocket, and he was absolutely sure that the orb was here somewhere.

However, the question was still how was he going to get back up

As Ling Chen thought, an unfamiliar but warm sensation came from within his heart. Ling Chen found that this sensation came from the Pet Dimension, and checked inside it. What he saw made him delirious with joy.

The heavens were aiding him!

She had woken up at just the right time!!

Snow Cherry, come out!

As Ling Chen excitedly cried out, a ball of gentle white light appeared at his feet, and a small and cute snow-white fox appeared.

After sleeping for nearly 2 months, the Nine-tailed Snow Fox Snow Cherry had finally woken up. Her awakening brought Ling Chen immense joy.

It was the first time she had appeared in mount form in this world, and the little foxs eyes were still a bit hazy her Moon God power was completely gone, and she could not shapeshift. Ling Chens mark was now permanently on her soul, but her memories were unaffected, so she still had her memories from when she was the Cherry Blossom God Representative. The only change was in her memories regarding Ling Chen

All of the disgust and hatred she held towards Ling Chen was gone. All of the memories about him in her mind were all beautiful and wonderful memories. For a noble and mighty Moon God Representative to become a players pet would be an unfathomable humiliation, but to her, she felt incredibly thankful and lucky she was so grateful that she was willing to stay by his side forever.

That was how terrifying the [Soulstealing Curse] was.

However, Snow Cherry wasnt able to immediately adjust to turning into a small fox after all those years spent as a Moon God Representative. She hazily sniffed at Ling Chen, wanting to get closer to him. However, she immediately felt the terrifying coldness, and her body was almost frozen as a Moon God Representative, she didnt fear the cold at all. However, she currently didnt have even a bit of Moon God power protecting her. She only had her own power, which was reduced to the level of a pets, and was not true Mysterious God grade power. As such, it was difficult for her to endure such a temperature.

-12,000, -12,000

The massive damage figures rising up from Snow Cherrys body shocked Ling Chen. He rejoiced in his decision not to let Xiao Hui out, otherwise he would have been insta-killed by the temperature as soon as he came out. Although Xiao Hui couldnt resist it, Snow Cherry could. This was because she was a Mysterious God grade pet, and was LV41, as well as had over 50,000 HP!

Ling Chen used a Dew of Dawn to stem Snow Cherrys loss of HP as he hurriedly said, Snow Cherry, enlarge your body and go into your mount form!

The [Soulstealing Curse] left Ling Chens souls mark on Snow Cherrys soul. Without even speaking, a single thought from Ling Chen was enough to spur Snow Cherry into action. Her body enlarged in a ball of white light as she gave a low wuu sound, growing from around 15 centimetres to more than 3 metres long and 2 metres tall.

It was as if she had grown from a young fox into a gigantic fox. Even the aura she gave off increased by more than 10 times. The small Snow Cherry was cute and lovely, while the mount-form Snow Cherry was mighty and awe-inspiring. Her entire body was completely snow-white, without a spot of blemish. Her velvety tail was shaped like a flame, and was almost as long as her body, and swished around behind her.

Ling Chens gaze was one full of marvel. He didnt dally, and lightly jumped onto Snow Cherrys back. As a mounting successful system announcement sounded out, Snow Cherrys body, which had been extremely uncomfortable from the freezing temperature, relaxed. The HP loss also stopped, caused her to raise her head and cry out in relief.

Mount-type pets would not take any damage when mounted, and would share the same non-stat buffs and debuffs from their rider. The Ice Demon Beast had cast Snow Soul Light on Ling Chen, giving him immunity to the coldness, which was now shared with Snow Cherry as well. Similarly, if Ling Chen had any debuffs, such as Sleep, Stun or Confusion, his mount-type pets would also be affected unless they had immunity to that debuff. However, stat buffs like Ling Chens [Soul Sacrifice] wouldnt be shared with his mount-type pets, though Movement Speed buffs were an exception.

He was riding on the East Ocean Continents Moon God Representative the cold beauty who he had toyed with hundreds of times

This thought flashed in Ling Chens mind, causing him to grin as he muttered, Snow Cherry, lets go up!

With the mark on her soul, Ling Chens order was instantly transmitted to Snow Cherry. In other words, controlling Snow Cherry was almost as easy and efficient as controlling his own body.

Before, Ling Chen would only use mounts for travelling, and never for battle. This was because controlling his own body allowed for much more agility than when riding on a mount. This was true for any player and any mount. However, Snow Cherry was an exception- she was a perfect mount.

Snow Cherrys snow-white back flashed with a white light as a pair of large and semi-transparent wings extended from her sides. The wings were also snow-white, and seemed almost ethereal when they flapped. However, they were surprisingly adept at flying. As the wind howled, Snow Cherry shot upwards with Ling Chen on her back, and traversed 40 metres in an instant, approaching the layer of mystic ice. Snow Cherrys flying limit was 50 metres, which was enough to enough to take Ling Chen out of this desperate situation.


Ling Chen felt his head bump into something soft, yet tough. He saw the Lunar Scourge flash with a black light, and the resistance disappeared. Snow Cherry continued to rise up, taking Ling Chen out of the strange space and back into the fissure in the mystic ice.

So it was like that. There was a transparent barrier there, and he had only been able to enter because of the Lunar Scourge.

Snow Cherry stopped at the lowest point of the fissure, and Ling Chen looked ahead and behind him this fissure was around 100 metres long, which wasnt too long nor very short either. There was only 1 minute left on the Snow Soul Light Ling Chen didnt hesitate as he spurred Snow Cherry quickly forwards. Finding the orb in a short minute wouldnt be too easy, and he had to rely on the Lunar Scourges detection abilities. If the orb was at the bottom of the fissure like he expected, he should be able to detect it if he continued to fly on like this.

Riding on Snow Cherry, without any buffs, Ling Chens Movement Speed was 344. However, in order not to miss the orb, he didnt dare to travel too fast. He continuously looked at the Lunar Scourge as he rode on as for the Ice Demon Beast, he had already decided to forget about her.

Half a minute later, Ling Chen had already advanced by quite some distance. At this moment, the Lunar Scourge suddenly lit up with a faint light. That light made Ling Chen completely attentive again, and he quickly stopped Snow Cherry and move back by a bit. When he stopped, the 7 orbs in the Lunar Scourge all shone with a faint silver light.

It was here! It really was here!

The connection between the orbs went both ways. Just as the orbs on the Lunar Scourge were glowing, the orb nearby was definitely glowing as well. Ling Chens eyes flickered around, and soon, he saw a faintly flashing silver light in the ice to his left.

Ling Chens frown disappeared and he smiled he had finally found the orb.

The appearance of this orb was far more bizarre than any of the other orbs.

It had been sealed under hundreds of metres of mystic ice, and he didnt have Xiao Hui to help him find it. It should have been impossible for him to find it. Even if he knew where it was it would take him an unimaginable amount of time to dig down to it. Moreover, it was even more impossible given the climate, as well as the Ice Demon Beast that he had to defend against.

However, the Ice Demon Beasts enraged attack created a fissure in the ice, and Ling Chen had unluckily fallen in- putting him in the position to obtain this orb.

The orb was sealed within the mystic ice, but wasnt too far from the edge of the ice. There was only 20 centimetres separating Ling Chen from it. Ling Chen did not hesitate as he equipped his weapons and activated [Soul Sacrifice] and [Battle Soul Possession]. His left hand sent out a [Four Corners Star Formation] as his right hand smashed down with a [Thousand Kilogram Rend]. He directly attacked with 2 of his strongest skills in his most powerful state.

Even the extremely tough mystic ice couldnt withstand the incredibly domineering attacks coupled with the Scorpio Orbs Destruction effect. A huge explosion sounded out as ice shards of all sizes flew out, looking like a sea of stars. However, there was a single star that shone with a silver light.

It was then that Snow Soul Lights effects ran out. The hellish coldness once again assaulted Ling Chens body, cause his body to rapidly stiffen. Ling Chen mustered all of his strength and grabbed the orb that shot out amidst the ice shards.

 The instant the orb entered his hand, the extreme coldness disappeared just as quickly as it had arrived. Instead, an incredibly pleasant feeling spread throughout his body.

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