Shura's Wrath Chapter 489

Chapter 489

Waters Beloved

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

Upon closer inspection, Ling Chen found that there was also a faint blue light amidst the silver colour of the orb. The symbol engraved on it looked like 2 parallel waves. As Ling Chen held it in his hands, he found that his almost-frozen hands didnt feel even a bit of cold, and instead felt abnormally pleasant. This feeling spread from his hands to the rest of his body.

[Aquarius Orb]: Type: Energy Orb, Grade: Mysterious God, Attribute: Water, Equipment Requirement: Can only be socketed in the Lunar Scourge. Effect: Gives affinity to Water (Affinity with Water includes: Water element Damage dealt is multiplied and has increased range, will not take any Water element Damage, immunity to all Water element debuffs, quickly recovers HP in environments with Water, can freely travel through environments with Water, etc. Water includes: Water, Rain, Snow, Ice, Fog, etc).

The orb in Ling Chens hand was the Aquarius Orb. Ling Chen looked at this God Orb as he inwardly exclaimed, What a powerful Aquarius Orb! This orb was the Waters Beloved, as well as the nemesis of all Water-users!

Ling Chen unsocketed the Wild Sand Orb and replaced it with the Aquarius Orb. Subsequently, a system announcement sounded out, telling him that 8 of the 12 God Orbs had been socketed!

Gemini, Sagittarius, Cancer, Pisces, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius looking at the 8 glowing orbs, Ling Chens vision became slightly hazy. Since he had obtained the Lunar Scourge, about half a year had passed. He knew that being able to find 8 orbs within half a year was an astonishing speed. Thinking back to how he had obtained each orb, the word luck played a great role.

Moreover, it was heaven-defying luck.

For example, the Sagittarius Orb had been coincidentally found at the War Gods Trial Grounds and the Cancer Orb had been given to him by the Shuras remnant soul. Ling Chen had obtained the Pisces Orb when he mistakenly entered the Lunar Sky Hell, and the Libra Orb from when he had decided to venture into a hidden space in the East Ocean Continent and the way he obtained the Libra Orb was even luckier than those times. It was as if the god of luck had been leading him this entire time.

Was it really Xiao Hui Ling Chen muttered to himself.

+12,000, +12,000, +12,000

The coldness disappeared, and was instead replaced with an incredibly comfortable feeling. Above Ling Chens head, a green recovery number would appear every second. With the Aquarius Orb, not only did Ling Chen gain immunity to the HP loss due to the cold, but he would instead quickly recover HP. Ling Chen stretched out his hand towards the layer of mystic ice in front of him. It was no longer bone-chilling cold, but refreshingly cool. He suddenly thought of something as he reached even further, and watched as his hand passed into the layer of ice. He then withdrew his hand, and found that there was not even a scratch on the ice.

Ling Chen happily laughed. He patted Snow Cherry underneath him, and rushed into the mystic ice in front of him. There was no resistance as they entered, as if they were entering into water.

Despite being surrounded by the mystic ice, Ling Chen didnt feel any pressure or suffocation. He felt as if he was bathing in cool air. After entering the ice, Ling Chens direction changed to moving straight up, as if they were a dolphin about to break out of the water.

There was a limit to how high Snow Cherry could fly, but because of the Aquarius Orb, she was no longer flying within the mystic ice. As such, she could continue to carry Ling Chen to the top.

They travelled 100 metres in the blink of an eye, and they burst out of the water like a swordfish. Upon landing on the ice, the first thing Ling Chen saw was the Ice Demon Beast with disbelief written across her face.

The Ice Demon Beast was one of the Demon Beast Clans ten ancient beasts, and had terrifying Mysterious God grade power. She was an existence that no player could ever hope to defeat. While they were still underground, Ling Chen had been considering how to escape from the Ice Demon Beast. But, facing her now there was a relaxed smile on his face, with not a hint of fear or worry.

 You didnt die! the Ice Demon Beasts expression darkened, and was still furious from before.

Ling Chen chuckled as he replied, How could I die before you, you old granny?

Ling Chen was incredibly grateful to the Ice Demon Beast. If it wasnt for her ripping open a fissure in anger, he wouldnt have been able to find the Aquarius Orb.

As such, in order to show his gratitude, Ling Chen decided to kill her. After all, the 10 ancient beasts were obstacles standing in his way of reviving Shui Ruo.

The Ice Demon Beast coldly laughed, This is better as well- it saves me the effort going down myself. If you have any tact, give me back the demon jade hook and Ill give you a quick and easy death. Otherwise, Ill seal you in ice forever, without letting you die. Even if youre from another world, youll become an ice sculpture here!

This sort of threat would be able to scare any player into submission, including the Ling Chen from before. After all, players didnt fear death in this world- no matter how many times they died, they would always revive. However, being sealed here forever meant that they wouldnt be able to leave, or even die. Anyone would faint from fear upon hearing such a thing.

Ling Chen tilted his head as he condescending said, Do it then. Come, come, come, Ill just stand here, and wont even move. If you can freeze me, let alone giving you the demon jade hook, Ill even call you my grandmother.

Ling Chens behaviour greatly surprised the Ice Demon Beast. It was almost as if this human in front of her hand become a different person. However, she immediately gave a cold harrumph, as Ling Chen was like a tiny ant to her. An arrogant ant was still an ant. Her gaze became cold as she stretched out her hand and made a grasping motion, Youre looking to die!

Ping ping ping!

3 icicles that were 1 metre long appeared above Ling Chen and fell towards him, about to pierce through him Even a normal attack from the Ice Demon Beast was terrifyingly powerful. As the icicles fell, the Ice Demon Beast could already see Ling Chen being insta-killed. As for the demon jade hook, she would take it from his corpse. However, what she saw completely stupefied her.

The instant the 3 icicles touched him, they did not pierce through him or explode, but rather disappeared as if they had never existed. To a bystander, it would seem as if those 3 icicles were simply illusions. However, 3 green recovery numbers appeared above Ling Chens head.

+79,500, +72,141, +70,899.

Ling Chen didnt move, but he casually looked at the numbers above him. Even he couldnt help but secretly feel shocked. A casual attack from the Ice Demon Beast would have dealt over 200,000 damage to him. A Mysterious God grade beast was indeed terrifyingly powerful.

Ahh, comfortable, so comfortable. No less than expected from the renowned Ice Demon Beast. That attack was so powerful it was like a refreshing spring breeze. Come, please continue. Im still waiting for you to seal me here. Ling Chen teased. The Ice Demon Beasts abilities all came from ice, and with the Aquarius Orb, no Water-related being could threaten Ling Chen in the slightest anymore. Even if the Ice Demon Beast in front of him was not a Mysterious God grade beast, but a Saint Destroyer grade beast, she would still be nothing in front of him. Not only could she not hurt him, but would instead heal him

Hm? Physical Attacks? You want a monster specialised in Water and Ice element attacks to physically fight with you, a Physical Attack profession?!

The Ice Demon Beast was completely flabbergasted. The green numbers above her opponents clearly meant that he was restoring HP!

She had lived for tens of thousands of years, and had seen many different types of beings. Within the Forgotten Continent, there were very few creatures with powerful Water and Ice resistances, and those that were completely immune were as rare as phoenix feathers or qilin horns. There were less than 10 beings that were completely immune to Water and Ice attacks in the Forgotten Continent, and there was only one that could restore HP from others Water and Ice attacks

That was the Sovereign of Water, the Azure Dragon! Only the Azure Dragon had such an ability. Even the Overlord of the Water Domain, the Saint Destroyer beast Blue Ocean Rageshark didnt have such an ability.

So how could this human possess this ability?!

The Ice Demon Beast furiously roared as her body exploded with a blue light. Various powerful Ice attacks shot towards Ling Chens body the only explanation the Ice Demon Beast could come up with was that this human had some sort of special item that allowed him to temporarily absorb Water and Ice damage. How could the Ice Demon Beasts attacks be so easy to absorb?

An Armageddon of ice descended upon Ling Chen. Countless ice spikes, icicles, ice arrows and other forms of attacks covered the area where Ling Chen stood. Every single one of the attacks accurately pierced into him, turning him into an icy hedgehog. Following that was an icy snowstorm that had the aura of utter chaos and destruction, which swept into Ling Chen After that was the ice explosions, causing all of the blocks of ice around Ling Chen to burst with massive explosions.





+658,631 Ling Chen remained standing where he had been originally, and didnt move an inch. The sensation of the attacks hitting him was like a spring breeze washing over his body, and even the force behind them couldnt move him. The only thing that brought him discomfort was that the noise from the attacks was too loud. Monstrously large green recovery numbers floated up above his head, making Ling Chen almost want to keep this Ice Demon Beast by his side as a Priest this sort of healing could put even the best Priests in the entire continent to shame.


A mountain of ice that was more than 300 metres high savagely smashed towards Ling Chens body, causing the entire summit to shake.

Only then did the Ice Demon Beast stop attacking, and the surroundings gradually settled down. Only the Ice Demon Beast was left standing where she was, and Ling Chen was now under the massive mountain of ice.

However, this silence only lasted for 3 seconds. The silhouette of a person sitting on a mount slowly walked out from within the mountain of ice as if he was taking a stroll. As he walked out, there was no sound from the mountain of ice, nor was there any damage to it. It was still completely undamaged.

 Thats all? Ling Chen grinned as he chuckled.

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