Shura's Wrath Chapter 498

Chapter 498

A Brave Rejection

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

As everyone guessed at his identity, SuErs body trembled as if she had been hit by a lightning bolt. She suddenly lifted her head and looked towards the white figure standing near the back of the hall. In that instant, her dimmed eyes became misty as tears began to well up.

His voice, and his figure they were things she would never mistake. In that instant, she felt as if she was in a dream which was too wonderful for reality

He came he really came he had come here, just like in her dreams

Everyones attention was focused on the man in white, so no one noticed SuEr strange reaction. No matter who this man in white was, he had ruined the atmosphere here. Su Hong Chengs face darkened, but he maintained his bearing. After all, it was him who asked if there was anyone who had objections. Now that there really was someone who objected, he couldnt just explode at him. Su Hong Cheng slowly spoke, Oh? Haha, if this little friend has any objections to my daughter and Xue Yi being together, please let us know also, Im getting old and my memorys getting worse; I simply cant remember this little friends name. Which familys prince are you?

Su Hong Cheng spoke extremely courteously- in fact, he was a bit too courteous. However, anyone who wasnt an idiot could hear the fury that was suppressed by the courteousy.

Hearing his words, Ling Chen smirked as he calmly looked ahead. Half of his face was still hidden by the peaked cap wearing a set of white clothing combined with a peaked cap looked quite strange, and Chao Ying and Chao Xi almost laughed out loud a few times. Ling Chen leisurely replied, My personal status isnt very important, so I wont bother saying it. If Mayor Su really is interested, youll find out later on. As for the arranged marriage between SuEr and Xuanyuan Xue Yi, I have something to say about that

Hearing him speak to there, the people in the hall were flabbergasted. More of half of them were thinking was this young man crazy?! What sort of existence was the Xuanyuan family? What sort of existence was the Su family? SuEr and Xuanyuan Xue Yi were a perfect match, and both families were completely willing. Even if one of them was a celestial beauty and the other was as ugly as a pig, with how powerful their families were, who would dare to raise objections? Even the Long family wouldnt dare to say anything to ruin the mood.

This mysterious young man did he know what he was doing?!

Even if what this young man said was completely correct, justifiable, reasonable, logical and sensible, he would have offended two big families, the Su family and Xuanyuan family. The consequences would be incredibly dire.

The man in white disregarded all of that as he continued to talk, Princess SuEr is quiet and shy, and looks like a goddess from the heavens. Shes obedient and well-tempered, making anyone want to take care of her. Shes incredibly kind, and although she was born into a rich and powerful family, she does not have even a shred of arrogance, nor does she have any evil thoughts. She would rather sacrifice herself than let anyone else be hurt. This sort of girl is simply an angel who reincarnated into a human, and Im sure theres no girl who is as perfect as princess SuEr in all of China. Which man wouldnt like a girl like her? Xuanyuan Xue Yi falling for SuEr is completely normal.

These words of praise caused SuEr to lower her head again. Her face was flushed red from nervousness and excitement, and the words which man wouldnt like a girl like her? caused her heart to rapidly beat, as if a rabbit had jumped in.

The furious Su Hong Cheng couldnt help but feel a bit pleased. Hearing someone praise his daughter like that, any father would feel happy. Su Yi Chengs impression of this young man suddenly became much better Thats right! My niece really is that great! This brats completely right!

Ling Chen continued to speak, A girl like her is a blessing to the world. Im sure her family treats her like a precious pearl. For a girl like princess SuEr, there should be a perfect home for her; Im sure this is Mayor Sus greatest wish, right?

Of course! Which father doesnt want his daughter to be happy forever? Su Hong Cheng nodded. Most of the suppressed-fury was now gone from his voice.

Ling Chen pulled down the brim of the cap as his voice became softer, In that case, shouldnt you take such a big matter like marriage more seriously?

Su Hong Cheng frowned as he replied, Of course were taking this marriage seriously! Many years ago, brother Xuanyuan and I already agreed on this. Even if we disregard the Xuanyuan family, Xuanyuan Xue Yi is an extremely remarkable young man, and both parties are willing and agreed to this marriage. Which of us need to take this more seriously?

All of the guests silently nodded. Xuanyuan Xue Yi was excellent in all areas, and apart from Long Tian Yun, there was no one who could compare to him in the younger generation. Adding on how much he liked SuEr, going so far as to make a vow in front of everyone, how could they not be an ideal couple? How much more seriously did they have to take this? Did they have to take it seriously and wait a few years until Xuanyuan Xue Yi found another woman? Even if they cried and regretted, it would be much too late by then.

Haha Ling Chen chuckled, then continued, Both parties are willing? How come I cant tell? Both of them agreed to this marriage? I can tell Xuanyuan Xue Yi is quite willing, but as for princess SuEr has anyone heard her agree to this marriage? Just then, I only heard Mayor Su say that he was agreeing on behalf of princess SuEr, but she did not say anything herself. Mayor Su, are you sure your daughter truly wants to marry Xuanyuan Xue Yi?

What nonsense! Su Hong Chengs anger flared up, Are you saying you understand my daughter more than me? If my daughter wasnt willing, how could I force her to marry someone she didnt like?

Really? Ling Chen smiled, as his voice became gentle. He looked to SuEr as he softly said, Princess SuEr, your father said that both you and Xuanyuan Xue Yi agree to this marriage are you truly willing? I want to hear your true thoughts, not your father speaking on your behalf. I hope you can truthfully answer whether youre willing or unwilling I know that your personality is gentle and meek, and arent very good at refusing, especially to those close to you. You would rather be hurt than to oppose them. Perhaps you think that by suffering like this, you will make them happy. However, youre completely wrong. Have you considered that if you marry someone you dont love, will you be happy? If youre unhappy, will your family be happy? Also, your friends and good sisters- will they be happy?

Your family, as well as true friends, just want you to live a happy and worry-free life. Theyll be happy if you are happy. If you betray your own heart and simply obey, not only is this not good for you, but it will hurt all of them as well. Something as important as this, which will affect the rest of your life, will cause unimaginable pain. As such, you need to bravely say what you really think for yourself, your family and friends as well as the person you truly like and the person who likes SuEr

SuErs eyes trembled. Ling Chens words caused her to fully wake up, and that last sentence caused her heart to beat incredibly quickly.

Him appearing, and his existence, filled her with immense courage.

She looked up and stared at Ling Chen for a while before turning to her father. She spoke using a solemn voice that she rarely used as she said, Dad I Ive only met Xuanyuan Xue Yi a few times, and weve barely talked. I dont like him or want to marry him dad... uncle Im sorry

After saying these words, SuEr felt her entire body lighten. The heavy rock that had been weighing down on her heart had been cast off by her courage. Even the nervousness and worry disappeared as well. At that moment, she had never felt so free and relaxed before.

SuEr spoke softly and slowly, but it was as if the hall had been struck by a bolt of lightning. The entire hall fell silent, and everyones expression was simply comical.

The words SuEr had spoken clearly rejected the marriage!

If this had happened a day ago, everything would be fine. Even if Su Hong Cheng didnt follow SuErs wishes, he would at least prepare her for the engagement party. Perhaps he would respect her wishes, and talk to the Xuanyuan family privately, and settle the matter quietly. However, what was the situation right now? This was the Su family and the Xuanyuan familys big engagement banquet, and they had invited many rich and powerful families to bear witness not only were the pair not engaged, but the Su familys princess had suddenly rejected this marriage.

How was the Xuanyuan family supposed to prepare their dignity after being rejected like this in front of so many members of the upper-class society? The heir of the Xuanyuan family had been rejected in public- how would he maintain his dignity if this news was spread? The entire Xuanyuan family would become a laughingstock.

This was more humiliating than publicly slapping the Xuanyuan family hundreds, if not thousands, of times.

Of course, the Su family that had caused all of this had inadvertently offended the Xuanyuan family. Even if the Xuanyuan family didnt immediately fall out with them, and remained calm, they would definitely seek revenge.

 Xuanyuan Sheng and Xuanyuan Xue Yis faces twisted, while Su Hong Cheng and Su Yi Cheng were completely dumbfounded. Their faces completely stiffened, and they were unable to utter a single word.

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