Shura's Wrath Chapter 501

Chapter 501

Have A Look For Yourself!

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

At that moment, time seemed to stop and everyone fell silent.

An incredibly pitiful cry suddenly destroyed this silence.


The ground beneath Ling Chens feet cracked, and his feet sunk into the ground. However, the lower half of his body didnt move, not even by a single step. Only the top half of his body leaned back. As for Murong Xiong Tian as he cried out, his muscular body was blown away like a gigantic sandbag, and crashed into one of the firm walls with a boom.

The entire hall trembled, and the large chandelier in the middle of the hall violently shook, and almost fell. The wall that Murong Xiong Tian smashed into was filled with cracks. If it wasnt nearly 1 metre thick, Murong Xiong Tian would have blown through it.

Chief Murong

This This

Everyone had thought that Ling Chen would be pulverised into minced meat, and at the very least, he would be sent flying. However, no one expected that the one who would be blown away would be Murong Xiong Tian, not Ling Chen! Murong Xiong Tian had used his full strength, but the result was completely incomprehensible.

A group of people quickly rushed over, trying to pull Murong Xiong Tian out. However, his body was stuck in the wall, and they simply couldnt move him.

The people nearest to Ling Chen stumbled back in fear. Su Hong Cheng and Su Yi Chengs jaws dropped, unable to believe their eyes.

This was the person who had caused a disaster at the Long familys residence by himself The person who had almost destroyed 4 of the 7 main forces by himself The person who had killed the leader of the Blood Wolves, and defeated Murong Xiong Tian, Xuanyuan Sheng and Xuanyuan Dao The person who the Long family had made a national fugitive

Although many people had heard what had happened that night at the Long familys residence, and no matter how exaggerated the stories they heard were, everyone who saw Ling Chen blowing Murong Xiong Tian was so shocked that their hearts almost stopped beating. This was especially so for Su Hong Cheng and Su Yi Cheng, who knew just how terrifyingly strong Murong Xiong Tian was. At that moment they felt their scalps go numb, and their throats dried up as they shivered.

This person Was he a person or a monster?! The sleeves on Murong Xiong Tians right arm had become countless strips of cloth, and his entire right arm hung limp. Lines of blood also started to run down his arm, and soon, his entire right arm was stained with blood. His fingers were also bent unnaturally each of his fingers were completely broken. The web between his thumb and forefinger continuously dripped with blood.

He ignored the people trying to get him out, and he couldnt even feel his body. He weakly looked at Ling Chen, his eyes completely dim as he hoarsely muttered, Impossible Impossible

That night, his strength had far exceeded Ling Chens and had only lost to Ling Chen because of his carelessness. He had felt incredibly humiliated, and frequently dreamt about taking revenge on Ling Chen. Today, he had finally found Ling Chen again, and challenged him to wash away his humiliation. However, he never thought that he would lose so badly in a competition of strength.

Impossible? Why is it impossible? Ling Chen walked forwards as he coldly smiled, Murong Xiong Tian, you thought that my strength and body are far inferior to yours, and you only lost to me that night because you were careless, right? Haha What a joke. You only focused on your carelessness, and didnt consider when I fought you, how many battles I had already fought. How many people I had already killed, how many injuries I had suffered and how much blood I had lost

 Ill tell you now- before I fought with you, I had already killed 2,000 people, many of whom were elite soldiers from the seven main forces. I had taken more than 300 bullets, and had 20 near-fatal injuries from the Blood Wolves. I had lost nearly half of my body, and I was so tired that I almost couldnt see. I was completely exhausted by that point, and was not even 10% as powerful as I would have been in my peak condition. It was then you appeared That was my condition when I fought with you.

Murong Xiong Tians eyes widened, and his face paled.

Ha, even though I was close to death, I still beat you down. Thats right, I was able to defeat you even when I was in such a weak state, so defeating you in my normal condition is extremely easy. And yet, you thought that you had lost because you were careless, and that you could easily defeat me otherwise I simply cant understand where you got such self-confidence from. Competing with me in strength? The me from back could barely move anymore; of course I would seem weaker than you. However now your strength is barely qualified to face off against me.

Ling Chens words were incredibly arrogant, and didnt give Murong Xiong Tian any face. He didnt put the leader of the seven main forces in his eyes at all. Murong Xiong Tians eyes dimmed, and he didnt say anything. Apart from the shame he felt, he was so furious that he couldnt even speak. With such strength, Ling Chen was entirely qualified to look down on him.

Everyone knew how powerful Murong Xiong Tian was. He was publicly acknowledged to be the strongest esper in China, and was a genius among espers. Before meeting Ling Chen, he had never lost to anyone except Xuanyuan Dao. To reach where he was today, he was not only talented, but incredibly hardworking.

However, how could his talent and effort compare to what Ling Chen had been through? Although Murong Xiong Tian was strong, he was still within the limits of a human.

As for Ling Chen

Although he had only spent 3 years in Heaven, he had wandered along the boundary between life and death for almost every second of those 3 years. He had to break through his limits time and time again by relying on his willpower and mental energy. He had endured pain that a normal person wouldnt suffer in a thousand lifetimes, and had continuously exceeded his limits in that sort of situation. Ling Chen had long since broken through the limit for humans.

At the same time, his body had been bathed in the medicinal baths made by the Mad Scientist, making it incredibly monstrous. The Mad Scientist was a terrifying person, and even now, Ling Chen feared him from the bottom of his heart. This fear was because of the Mad Scientists peerless intellect and abilities. Any item from Heaven, if brought out, would be enough to send the medical world into an uproar.

While in Hell, Ling Chen continuously danced with the god of death, and crazily absorbed new skills and techniques

How could a genius human compare with a monster whose body had been modified, and had faced death time and time again?

Murong Xiong Tian fell completely silent. It would take him a long time to recover from the psychological blow he had taken. Him saying there are people beyond, and heavens beyond heavens to Ling Chen had been returned straight to him.

The hall fell deathly silent. Su Hong Cheng and Su Yi Chengs foreheads were beaded with sweat. Although they knew that this was a national fugitive who the Long family was desperate to kill, they didnt dare to give the order to shoot him. This man had taken down Murong Xiong Tian with a single punch, and had thrown the entire Long family into chaos singlehandedly. The Su family couldnt deal with such a family. If they angered him, the consequences would be unimaginable. Right now, they could only pray that this person hadnt come to make trouble for them, so they could eventually calm him down and get him to leave As soon as he left, they would inform the Long family, and it would be the Long familys matter.

Su Hong Cheng indicated with his eyes for the unconscious Murong Xiong Tian to be taken away. He deeply breathed in as he said, To be able to defeat Murong Xiong Tian with a single punch at such a young age is simply incredible  incredible I must say, although Im a generation older than you, I wholeheartedly respect you. However, I must ask- why have you come to the Su family today? From memory, our Su family doesnt have any grievances with you if you need our Su family to help with anything, especially for a young man like you, well be happy to help.

No one felt that it was strange for Su Hong Cheng to say such a thing they could only try to get along with this monstrous young man amiably. They could not, under any circumstances, attack him. Otherwise, they would face disaster.

Ling Chen lightly smiled. Because he was SuErs father, he was more courteous with him, Mayor Su is too courteous. Indeed, I dont have any grievances with the Su family, and Im not here to make trouble for the Su family, nor do I need your help with anything

Hearing Ling Chen say this, Su Hong Cheng and Su Yi Cheng let out a breath of relief thank goodness he wasnt here to make trouble for the Su family. Ling Chen continued to speak, I came here because there was something I couldnt tolerate.

Something you cant tolerate? Su Hong Cheng frowned.

Thats right. Ling Chens smile disappeared as his voice became cold, Ive admired princess SuEr for a long time, and felt shes an incredibly rare type of girl. Such a gentle and kind girl should receive all the happiness in the world, but I heard that Mayor Su wanted to marry her to trash like Xuanyuan Xue Yi I simply couldnt accept this, so I had to come and put an end to it. Otherwise, princess SuErs entire life will be ruined.

Who Who are you scolding! Xuanyuan Sheng and Xuanyuan Xue Yi flew into a fit of rage, especially Xuanyuan Xue Yi. His face instantly darkened, and became incredibly sinister. As the successor to the Xuanyuan family, he had always been praised and respected, and had never been spoken to like this before.

Su Hong Cheng frowned, and he felt quite displeased as he coldly said, Young man, your words are too excessive. No matter how you look at it, Xuanyuan Xue Yi is a one in a million young man, and has almost no flaws. In his generation, there are very few people who can compare to him. This is something everyone in Beijing knows. Even if one wanted to find fault in him, it would be incredibly difficult; What right do you have to talk about him in such a way? Moreover, Xuanyuan Xue Yi wholeheartedly loves SuEr, so why wouldnt I give my daughter to such a man?

One in a million? Almost no flaws? Hahahaha Ling Chen reacted as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world. He wildly laughed for a while, and laughed so hard that he bent backwards. Su Hong Cheng became even angrier as he coldly yelled, What are you laughing about?!

Im laughing at how some people can be so stupid. Ling Chen stopped laughing as his face instantly became grim, Someone of your status shouldnt be an idiot. However, it seems that I was wrong. Ah, I cant be bothered wasting time with you. Have a look for yourself!

 As he spoke, Ling Chen expressionlessly raised his hand and loudly clicked. The 10 or so large screens around the hall instantly lit up.

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