Shura's Wrath Chapter 502

Chapter 502

The Famous Xuanyuan Xue Yi

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

As the screens lit up, everyone saw a man and 2 women wrapped together. They were tumbling around on the bed, making unsightly noises.

As if the creator of this video was afraid peoples eyes would be tainted, the video had been mosaiced, but the scene was still unbearable to look at. Everyone was completely stunned, and some women cried out. SuEr gasped and tightly covered her eyes with her hands.

Su Hong Cheng and Su Yi Cheng were dumbfounded. They were about to ask Ling Chen what was going on when suddenly one of the women spoke.

Young master Xuanyuan I heard youre going to be engaged to Mayor Sus daughter tomorrow

The womans voice was soft and weak, and incredibly seductive. The name she spoke caused everyones head to buzz, and the voice that spoke next caused everyones faces to fall.

Heheheh thats right once tomorrow nights engagement party is over, the Su familys little beauty wont be able to escape. Ive waited for this day for a long time.

Everyone could tell that this voice was Xuanyuan Xue Yis! When the screen had lit up, Xuanyuan Xue Yi had felt a bit confused, and felt that the scene looked quite familiar. When the woman had spoken, a look of horror appeared on his face.

Suddenly, every pair of eyes was fixed on him. Su Hong Cheng and Su Yi Cheng, who were about to ask what was happening, stood stunned. More and more unsightly scenes filled the screen as the dialogue continued.

Then after you have the Su familys beautiful daughter will you throw us away

Of course not, youre my little darlings. How could I give you up?

But shes the Su familys daughter; their only daughter. If her father or uncle found out, we

Hahaha! You dont need to worry about that at all! The beautiful SuEr is reputed to be incredibly gentle and obedient; such a girl is easier to train than a kitten. When she falls into my hands, Ill train her well, and make her do as I wish. When that time comes, shell be willing to join us in a foursome Hahahaha not only will she not tell her family, shell help me keep this secret. Plus, so what if the Su family finds out? The Su family only has a single heir, and after tomorrow, everyone will know that shes mine. Even if I plan to keep her as a pet, what can they do to me? After a while, wont the Su family belong to my Xuanyuan family? Hahaha Apart from the lewd sounds and dialogue from the video, the hall was completely silent. Everyone felt that this birthday banquet was becoming more and more amusing. The mans face in the video had long since been revealed, and it was Xuanyuan Xue Yi without a doubt. Everyones hearts started to wildly thump- They had come with the intent to have fun at this banquet, but never in their wildest dreams did they think something like this would happen.

Something big had happened!

Ling Chen was expressionless, and he coldly gazed at Su Hong Cheng, waiting for his reaction. Su Hong Cheng and Su Yi Chengs faces gradually darkened, and as they watched on, their bodies began to tremble.

However, the one who was trembling the most was, without a doubt, Xuanyuan Xue Yi. And it was out of fear, not anger.


Su Hong Chengs roar sounded like a peal of thunder, causing every persons body to shake. Right now, Su Hong Cheng was so angry that he felt as if his hair was going to stand He had always greatly appreciated Xuanyuan Xue Yi, and had always praised him to one of the most outstanding young men in his generation. These years, he had been incredibly happy and relieved that he had found a good family for his daughter.

However, what he had just seen on that screen He was too focused on the video to wonder why all of the screens had suddenly started to play this video. Instead, he watched as the Xuanyuan Xue Yi that he had appreciated so much make love with 2 other women on the night before his engagement party Perhaps just his actions wouldnt have made Su Hong Cheng so angry. After all, these young masters of such powerful families always had some bad habits. However, the words he said, especially regarding SuEr, completely humiliated the Su family.

Su Hong Chengs chest heaved, and he felt that his chest was about to explode, What a good Xuanyuan Xue Yi He had called Xuanyuan Xue Yi by his full name both times, and it wasnt just the affectionate Xue Yi anymore. He glared at Xuanyuan Xue Yis pale face as he furiously roared, Give my daughter and my Su family and explanation for your words!!

Xuanyuan Sheng was also dumbfounded. He simply wasnt prepared for such a turn of events. If his right arm was better, he would have slapped Xuanyuan Xue Yi. For SuEr to publicly reject them, and with so many rich and powerful families present, the Su family had to give them an explanation or compensation. However, now it was their Xuanyuan family who had to give an explanation. The man in the video was indeed Xuanyuan Xue Yi; how could his father not recognise him? The things he did were enough to make the Su family furious, but the words he said were enough for the Su family to execute him on the spot They had completely and utterly humiliated and offended the Su family.

Su Yi Chengs face was as black as the bottom of a pan. He didnt say anything as he coldly stared at Xuanyuan Sheng and Xuanyuan Xue Yi. His piercing stare made it difficult for Xuanyuan Shen to even muster up the courage to meet his gaze. As for Xuanyuan Xue Yi, being stared at by so many people made it difficult for him to even breathe. Despite attaining quite some mastery over his body through martial arts, he couldnt stop his body from shaking If this video was fake, with Xuanyuan Xue Yis personality and mindset, he would have remained completely calm.

However, he knew better than anyone else that this video was real. If it was anyone else, seeing that a video of such a scene had been taken, and was now publicly displayed, they would also be scared stiff. Moreover, who was Xuanyuan Xue Yi? He was the successor to the Xuanyuan family, and had incredible abilities and yet, he hadnt detected anyone recording him. This was what Xuanyuan Xue Yi was most shocked about.

U-Uncle Su this video is fake its fake! Someone used CGI to make this video how how could I do such a thing and say such words!!

Xuanyuan Xue Yi loudly tried to defend himself, but his words sounded extremely meek. This was because his current emotional state attested to his guilt. As the successor to the Xuanyuan family, if this video was fake, he would be incredibly furious. However, he looked as if he had taken a massive blow.

Fake? Do you think Im blind and deaf? Su Hong Chengs voice trembled, showing just how enraged he was.

Xuanyuan Sheng let out a long breath. With the current situation at hand, as well as the fact that they were on the Su familys territory, he could only lower his head, Lil brother Su, its actually not as serious as you think. Xue Yis normally incredibly respectful to the Su family those words In that state, he was simply rambling, and had no idea what he was saying.

The Su familys numbers had started to dwindle since 3 generations ago, but they were still a powerful family. This was especially true for Su Yi Cheng- the military power he had was something even the Long family had to respect, so if Xuanyuan Sheng decided to take the hard approach, and enter into conflict with the Su family, it wouldnt be beneficial for either family.

Just as Su Hong Cheng was about to speak, a person hurriedly ran in. He was wearing the Su familys exclusive clothing, and no one stopped him. As soon as he entered, he yelled, Sir, things are bad hackers have taken over the familys media control centre, and weve completely lost control. All of the display devices have connected to Chinas news channel. The hackers are too skilled, and were unable to take back control. We need sir to contact the Honker Alliance to help Im afraid some of our Su familys private information will be leaked.

Su Hong Cheng was already quite angry, and he knew that the media control centre being taken over was because of Ling Chen. He impatiently waved his hand, Alright, I got it; dont worry about this for now. Without my orders, no ones allowed to come in wait!! What did you say? Chinas news channel?!


The entire hall was sent into a frenzy. Xuanyuan Xue Yi looked stunned for a few seconds before his eyes widened and he paled even more.

Hahahaha the only one who dared to laugh in this sort of situation was Ling Chen. He looked at the trembling Xuanyuan Xue Yi as he said in delight, Thats right, Chinas news channel, which is the most viewed channel in all of China. Right now, its the prime time for people to watch the news, and countless people just saw that video. Before, only a small circle of people knew young master Xuanyuans name. However, from tomorrow onwards, all of China will know young master Xuanyuans name, hahahaha

The screens suddenly turned grey with static, and after a while, they gradually lit up again. A panicked-looking news reporter appeared, and yelled, Dear audience! Dear audience we just suffered a severe attack from hackers, and our signal was hijacked, leading to a serious incident. We profusely apologise, and we will strengthen our channels security in future. We promise such a thing will not happen again. We are willing to bear all consequences, and those evil hackers

When everyone saw that familiar-looking news reporter, they completely understood what had happened They realised that the unsightly video of Xuanyuan Xue Yi and the 2 women hadnt just been played here as a video, but had been broadcast on Chinas most viewed TV channel, and had been viewed by people all over China

 The way the people looked at Xuanyuan Xue Yi had completely changed- they were now all looks of pity.

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