Shura's Wrath Chapter 505

Chapter 505

Leaving the Su Familys Residence

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

The Long family hadnt publicised the fact that Ling Chen was Ling Tian- In fact, they didnt dare to publicise it, and had tried to keep the information from being spread.

Ling Tian was like a god to Chinese players, and held the same status as the respected Eve. Because of Ling Tians existence, China had been elevated to a new position on the international stage, and players all over the world were familiar with his name. Even players in the west began to discuss who was superior between him and Eve. Never had such a person appeared in Chinas history before.

As such, Ling Tian was now the glory of China, and held an incredible position within the hearts of the Chinese players. If Ling Tian issued a call for action within the game, the effects would be unimaginable. This was especially so after his trip to the East Ocean Continent- Ling Tian had almost become a hero to every Chinese player. The conflict between China and Japan was had to reconcile, and the enmity between them had grown deeper and deeper. No one had ever caused Japan to suffer like this before.

If the Chinese players found out that Ling Tian was actually the Ling Chen who the Long family had made a national fugitive, the consequences would be unimaginable. However, what was certain was that no matter how powerful the Long family was, if the news that Ling Tian was Ling Chen was spread, everything would be out of their control. Moreover, the reason for the Long familys disaster was that they had sent people to attack Ling Tian after discovering his real life identity Causing them to draw Ling Chens hatred, resulting in a bloody catastrophe.

Currently, the families close to the Long family, such as the Xuanyuan and Su families, believed that the Long family had attacked Ling Chen because they discovered that he was the one who attacked them 6 years ago. If people found out that the Long familys disaster was a result of Long Tian Yuns selfish revenge on Ling Chen for events that happened in the game, the Long family would suffer incredible shame.

Ling Tian and SuEr had both belonged to Hearts Dream, which had once been the number 1 guild on the Guild Rankings- this was something the Su family had been delighted about. If the Su family had known Ling Tian was Ling Chen, they wouldnt have been worried at all. In fact, they probably would have laughed out loud.

However, because they didnt know, Su Hong Cheng and Su Yi Cheng had been sweating bullets the entire time they only knew that this young man was a madman and a demon! He was capable of doing anything, and he could kill someone as casually as chopping cabbage. Seeing that SuEr had fallen into the hands of this demon, these 2 men who held incredible statuses and had been through many storms felt their bodies erupt in sweat, and they trembled as their hearts almost jumped out of their throats.

Hostage? If you need a hostage, you can take me Im a much better hostage than my daughter, so please release her! Su Hong Cheng threw away the gun that he had kept hidden, and raised his hands into the air as he walked towards Ling Chen.

Theres also me Su Yi Cheng also threw his gun away, If you need a hostage, were much better than a little girl. Plus, we dont know any martial arts, so with your skills, we wont be able to even resist. With the two of us, you should be satisfied, right Hurry up and let her go, and well go with you.

Dad UncleSuErs eyes became red, and the tears that she had tried to keep in started to fall, Dont worry about me Ill be fine

She was more sure than anyone that the person behind her wouldnt hurt her.

Stop. Seeing that Su Hong Cheng and Su Yi Cheng were walking closer, Ling Chen coldly spoke. He then slowly and expressionlessly said, Chief Su, Mayor Su, I dont have much patience. From this moment onwards, follow my instructions carefully. I dont want to hear any nonsense, nor do I want to see you do anything stupid. Otherwise, Ill immediately do something you dont want to see. I always keep my word.

Su Hong Cheng and Su Yi Cheng immediately reacted as if they had been frozen, and didnt dare to move an inch. Their mouths opened and closed, but they couldnt say anything, afraid that Ling Chen really would do the unthinkable. They could only plead Ling Chen with their eyes There was not a hint of threatening or warning in their eyes. He had killed more than 2000 people at the Long familys residence, and had publicly castrated the Xuanyuan familys eldest son- what wouldnt he dare to do to their princess SuEr? Was there anything that he didnt dare to do?

 Provide a spacious car for me within 30 seconds; itd be best if it was a SUV. Park it at the entrance to the hall remember, you only have 30 seconds.

As soon as Ling Chen spoke, Su Hong Cheng didnt dare to dally at all. He immediately grabbed the micro-transmitter on his collar as he yelled, Got it? Hurry up and drive my car to the banquets entrance! Hurry!!

Ling Chen calmly laughed, and started to walk with SuEr down from the hall. His hands didnt leave her neck, but he walked slowly. Evidently, he didnt want to make SuEr too uncomfortable. SuErs eyes were watery, and she looked at her father and uncle the entire time, but was unable to tell them the truth. She hoped they wouldnt be too worried about her.

Under Ling Chens warning, Su Hong Cheng and Su Yi Cheng didnt dare to say anything or come closer. They hesitantly followed behind Ling Chen at the same distance, and their backs were completely soaked. Seeing SuEr fall into danger, their hearts seemed to hang in the air. They were so worried that they didnt even think of the obvious- Ling Chen had been able to take down thousands of soldiers by himself, so how could a mere 300 people threaten him at all?! Why would he need a hostage? The guests all frantically retreated as Ling Chen walked past them, afraid that they would be caught up as well.

When he reached the door, he saw that a black Land Rover was parked there- it was Su Hong Chengs own car. Ling Chen coldly yelled out, Open the door!

Quickly! Open the door! Su Hong Cheng was terrified, and hurriedly gave the order as well.

A man wearing a dark-coloured army uniform walked up and opened the front door and back door of the car, then retreated.

A few hidden snipers raised their sniper rifles. When the red dots appeared on Ling Chens head, Su Hong Cheng exploded in fury, Bastards! Who told you to raise your guns! Put them down! Throw all of your weapons onto the ground! Without my command, no ones allowed to pick up their weapons!!!

The soldiers stared in shock for a few moments Weapons were half of a soldiers life, and their profession required them to keep their weapons on them no matter if they were eating or sleeping. It was the first time they had been ordered to throw down their weapons.

However, how could they dare to disobey Su Hong Cheng? The sound of guns being thrown to the ground filled the air loading, aiming, firing were all actions they were incredibly familiar with. However, they had never been trained to throw down their guns before, creating a chaotic scene. Only when the sounds of sniper rifles being dropped in the distance could be heard, Su Hong Cheng wiped the sweat off his forehead. However, his legs continued to tremble If Ling Chen had thought that he was trying to launch a sneak attack, and then taken his anger out on SuEr, the Su family would have to flood the world with tears.

If they lost SuEr, their Su familys lineage would be completely finished. There would be no one to inherit all of their property and reputation.

Within the deathly silence, Ling Chen didnt speak as he brought SuEr to the car. He gently pushed in into the seat behind the drivers seat, then heavily closed the door. During this entire process, Su Hong Cheng and Su Yi Cheng didnt dare to say a single word. After closing the door, Ling Chen looked at the 2 men as he slowly said, Before, I said in front of all of you that SuErs a very good girl. I cant bring myself to hurt such a wonderful girl, so after Ive reached a safe place, Ill arrange for her to be brought back safely. As such, you dont need to worry. Haha, theres no need for me to waste time and lie to you, right?

Ling Chens words caused Su Hong Cheng and Su Yi Cheng to relax a little.

Princess SuEr has a weak personality; half of it is because of her nature, and the other half is because of the environment she grew up in the main reason is because shes lacked a sense of security. Im sure, as her relatives, you know why this is. Im saying all of this because what SuEr needs is someone who can give her a sense of security and protect her for the rest of her life Not a filthy piece of trash like Xuanyuan Xue Yi, who only looks excellent on the outside!

Just then, I could see that you truly care for princess SuEr from the bottom of your hearts. However, its a pity that youre unable to understand SuErs true thoughts. Many of your decisions are selfish ones, and dont allow for any resistance. I hope you can properly reflect after todays events and try to understand what she wants and whats truly best for her. I hope you dont find her a second Xuanyuan Xue Yi!

Just like that, Ling Chen showered Chinas third highest Senior Official and the Mayor of Beijing with words of rebuke. He was furious that they had wanted to marry SuEr to Xuanyuan Xue Yi, and had been so pleased at themselves If SuEr hadnt encountered him, this engagement party would have gone through, and such a pure and flawless girl would have been ruined.

Hearing Ling Chen rebuke them like this, they didnt become furious, but instead inwardly heaved a sigh of relief From Ling Chens words, they could tell that he truly cared about SuEr, and understood her more than even them. This further proved that he wouldnt harm SuEr.

Well remember your words. About todays matters after SuEr safely returns, well apologise to her. Su Hong Cheng said as he sighed. Miraculously, he wasnt thinking about SuErs safety anymore, but about the events that had transpired today.

I trust that youre a man of your word. Su Yi Cheng only said one sentence. Just then, although Ling Chens words were quite sharp and harsh, they released much of the tension in the atmosphere.

 Ling Chen gave a slight nod, then entered the car and closed the door. The engine roared to life, and the car started to drive off at an unhurried pace, then accelerated and sped away, leaving everyones vision.

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