Shura's Wrath Chapter 511

Chapter 511

Hazy Memories

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

Her vitals are all normal. Her heartbeat and breathing are a bit erratic, but are returning to normal. Shell be completely fine soon.

Qian Mo took the small medical instrument off Tian Tians chest as she continued, Dont worry, master, Tian Tians body is perfectly fine. It seems that the cause for her suddenly losing consciousness, is her brain.

Her brain? Ling Chen was mostly at ease now. When he had heard that Tian Tian had fallen unconscious, he thought that she had been attacked, and nearly lost his mind. He now felt reassured. If something happened to Tian Tian, he would probably never be able to smile again.

Her physiological functions are all fine, so its possible that she lost consciousness because her brain received some sort of shock. Yao Ying said.

But before Tian Tian fell unconscious, she didnt receive any shock. Chao Ying said in confusion.

Well do a full inspection first Big sis, did you bring that medical instrument? When Yao Ying mentioned that medical instrument, she seemed a bit hesitant, as if she didnt want to use it. Ling Chen and the others expressions slightly changed, but didnt say anything.

 Mm. Qian Mo replied and took out a 10-centimetre-wide silver box. She placed it next to Tian Tians head, then carefully opened it up, and pulled out a long, metallic thread.

Yao Ying stretched out her hands and gently lifted Tian Tians head, and wrapped the metallic thread around her head. After doing this, Yao Ying and Qian Mos gazes became serious, and stopped talking. Ling Chen and the others held their breaths in anticipation, and didnt dare to say anything for fear of interrupting the two of them This instrument was used to quickly investigate a persons mind It was something that was impossible to create with earths technology, because it came from the Mad Scientist!

It was the only thing they had brought out of Hell that had belonged to the Mad Scientist.

It was so powerful that Yao Ying and Qian Mo simply had to bring it out with them. Every time they saw it, they would think of the Mad Scientist, making them feel incredibly uncomfortable. As such, they would rarely use it. However, because Tian Tian, who was so important to Ling Chen, needed it, they unhesitatingly used it to find what was wrong with her.

Buzz Buzz

The sound of electricity flowing sounded out, and the screen inside the box lit up. However, from where Ling Chen was standing, he couldnt see clearly what it displayed. Yao Ying and Qian Mo observed the screen, and a look of shock appeared on their faces.

Did you discover anything? Ling Chen was unable to bear it anymore, and couldnt help but ask. Its very strange Yao Ying frowned, trying to figure out how to explain it, Master, did Tian Tians head suffer some sort of heavy impact in the past?

Heavy impact? Why do you say that? Ling Chen also frowned. After Tian Tian had come to their home, Shui Ruo had taken care of her extremely well- how could she have allowed Tian Tian to hurt herself? He couldnt even remember Tian Tian ever hitting her head, let alone suffer a heavy impact. If she did, he definitely would have known.

How do I say this a large part of Tian Tians memories are very hazy, and only a small portion of them are clear. Qian Mo said after a while.

Hazy memories? What do you mean? Ling Chen was a bit surprised.

It means for some reason, perhaps heavy impact or stimulation, a large part of her memories have become incredibly hazy. They havent been lost- its just that when she tries to access those memories, they seem to be blocked by a layer of fog, and she can only hazily make them out. This means that she cant properly access all of her memories. As for the clear part, those are probably the memories after the event that caused her memories to become hazy happened. Thats why theyre unaffected. My guess is that Tian Tians head suffered some sort of heavy impact or stimulation. Qian Mo explained.

Is this related to why she lost consciousness? Ling Chen asked. Yes! Qian Mo heavily nodded, Tian Tian lost consciousness because she encountered something that triggered some of her hazy memories, causing her brain to go into overdrive.

Qian Mos answer was quite strange, making the Reapers feel confused. Ling Chen frowned as he asked, Ying, Xi, what was Tian Tian doing before she lost consciousness? Did she say anything or see anything?

Chao Ying and Chao Xi thought for a moment before Chao Xi replied, Tian Tian was eating pea crisps, and was standing next to the window. Ying and I were next to her. She asked us when you were coming back, then yelled out about a shooting star. We looked over and saw it as it was disappearing. If it was something she saw, it would be that shooting star. After seeing that shooting star, she fell over backwards, but would a shooting star really be the reason?

Ling Chen fell silent.

Heavy impact hazy memories shooting star


Could it be

Ling Chens eyes widened. Ever since Tian Tian had started living with them, she hadnt hit her head anywhere. However, the first time they met Tian Tian, she had appeared along with a meteor. They had seen a girl lying on the ground, but her clothes were completely intact, though her hair was in a mess the meteor was in pieces around her.

If Tian Tian really came with that meteor- no, that spaceship- from another world, then the impact upon hitting the ground would definitely be an incredibly heavy impact. The spaceship would have given her some protection, but the impact from the fall would be inevitable.

When they had first met, she had claimed that she was a Demon Queen, and wanted to conquer earth. She also mentioned the Xiya Star and her mother, and then

There was essentially nothing after that.

The great Demon Queen had not conquered the earth- she hadnt even taken the first step. She had never mentioned the mother she needed to save. Instead, she enjoyed her daily life with Ling Chen and Shui Ruo, and didnt seem worried about her mother or the Xiya Star, much less try to conquer the earth. By now, she had all but forgotten about her being a Demon Queen.

Ling Chen had always felt confused by that.

Could that have been, like Qian Mo said, because her memories were hazy?

She remembered the name Demon Queen, but forgot what it entailed, and even forgot her powers. She remembered about conquering the earth, but forgot how. She remembered her mother, but couldnt remember all of the emotions associated. She could remember that her mother was someone close to her, but her emotions towards Shui Ruo and Ling Chen seemed to run deeper.

If that was the case, that would explain many of Ling Chens questions.

The clear memories would have been the memories from after that day.

Shooting star could all of this have been triggered by Tian Tian seeing that shooting star?

Yao Ying, Qian Mo, if its like that, can Tian Tians hazy memories be recovered? Ling Chen asked.

Yao Ying nodded, Its definitely possible. Her memories are only hazy; she hasnt lost them. Over time, shell start to remember them. If theres stimulation from other sources, perhaps theyll come back even faster however, its possible that her brain could be damaged, so try to avoid that.

Ling Chen mostly agreed with the conclusion Yao Ying and Qian Mo had come to. After thinking about it, Tian Tians behaviour indeed indicated that her memories were hazy. In that case, if Tian Tians memories came back, and she remembered the things from the past, and remembered the reason for coming to this world And remembered her relatives

Would there be big changes to her heart? Would she still stay by his side?

All in all, Tian Tians completely fine. Master doesnt need to worry about her.

After coming to this conclusion, the anxious Yao Ying and Qian Mo let out a small sigh of relief. Yao Ying looked at the medical instruments screen as she smiled and said, Tian Tians not only very healthy, but her mind is also also ahh!!


Yao Ying and Qian Mo both cried out as their eyes widened, staring at the palm-sized screen. It was as if they had seen the most incomprehensible thing in the world.

What happened? The two womens strange reaction caused everyone to become nervous. Ling Chen stood up with a whoosh, his heart once again anxious after just settling down.

Buzz Buzz


This sound caused everyones hearts to jump.

The medical instrument from the Mad Scientist had exploded.

Only the screen had exploded, and luckily, the explosion had not been very intense. As such, the shards of glass had only flown tens of centimetres, most of which hit Yao Ying and Qian Mos clothes, and did not land on Tian Tian. Black smoke started to rise up from the destroyed medical instrument, filling the room with a burned smell.

What Whats going on? The instrument broke? Gui Ya asked in shock. Something that the Mad Scientist had made could break?

Only Yao Ying and Qian Mo had seen the screen. They didnt brush away the glass shards, but instead continued to stare in deep shock. They looked at each other, trying to confirm what they had seen wasnt a hallucination.

 Whats going on? What did you see? Ling Chen asked worriedly. Yao Ying and Qian Mos reactions were simply too strange.

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