Shura's Wrath Chapter 515

Chapter 515

Li Familys Xiao Xue

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

Master, Tian Tian, weve arrived.

As Chao Ying and Chao Xi sweetly spoke, the jet slowed down then stopped moving. Ling Chen opened his eyes they were now on the Li familys territory.

Chao Ying and Chao Xi opened the cabin door, and Tian Tian, who had slept for half the trip, woke up. She was so excited that she almost jumped out. Ling Chen got up, and walked out, and after seeing his surroundings, he was completely dismayed.

No one would believe that this was a private airport.

Their jet had landed at the edge of the private airport, which was right next to the private parking lot. After exiting the jet, they saw 7 people walk past. No matter who it was, anyone would cast their gaze on the woman in the middle first. She was like a moon among stars, and walked half a step in front of the other 6 people. It was difficult to tell her age, but the airs she gave off made her seem like she was in her middle-ages, and yet there were no traces of age on her face. Her footsteps were unhurried, and every step she took seemed to contain power, and could make people want to follow her.

Graceful and dignified were the best ways to describe her. Her clothing was quite plain, but because she was wearing them, they seemed elegant and noble. Her eyes were fixed in front of her, as if she did not see Ling Chen and the others. Perhaps she had noticed them, but wasnt interested to even look at them.

The woman came to a black car, and two of the people behind came up and opened the door for her. She ducked into the car, and soon, 3 cars left the Li familys northern courtyard.

Ling Chen watched as the car left, feeling stunned.

Interested in that woman from just then? Chao Ying said in a small voice after looking at Ling Chens reaction.

Who is she? Ling Chen asked.

Gu Qing Han, Chao Xi replied.

Its her! Ling Chen was slightly surprised, but then felt a bit relieved. Of course, he had heard about Gu Qing Han before- after all, this name, especially in the south, was extremely stunning. She didnt hold any political power, but she had raised up the strongest family, strongest alliance, and strongest underworld power in the south. If she wanted to, she could control half of China. However, she was also extremely low-profile, and almost never appeared in public places, nor did she interact with the media. Countless people had heard about her before, but very few had actually seen her. It was the first time Ling Chen had seen this legendary woman.

Thats right it was the first time he had seen her

And yet, why did he feel like he had met her before

Ling Chen spaced out as he gazed in the direction she had left in. He was completely confident in his instincts. The feeling that he had met this woman before didnt disappear, but instead became stronger and stronger.

Chao Ying and Chao Xi noticed Ling Chens strange reaction, but they were not surprised. For an amazing woman like Gu Qing Han, even if one had never spoken to her before, she would be able to leave a deep impression on them. Chao Xi spoke, Aunty Gu very rarely goes out. She probably came here to discuss something important with Xiao Xue. If master is curious about her, you can ask Li Xiao Xue about her. Xiao Xues one of the people who understands her the most.

Mmm Ling Chen replied as he felt even stranger inwardly.

He did his best to forget that feeling, and looked around him. He instantly noticed how tight the security was here. And yet, apart from the people right next to him, there was not a single person in sight. However, his senses told him that there were at least 30 eyes fixed on this place, and there were ten or so guns pointed towards them. For an incredibly rich family like the Li family to have their personal army was no strange matter./

Youre back, Miss Chao Ying and Miss Chao Xi!

A bright-eyed young woman in semi-formal attire lightly ran over and greeted them from afar. The joy in her voice was not fake- evidently, she had a good relationship with Chao Ying and Chao Xi. Seeing her, Chao Ying and Chao Xi smiled, and asked, Wan Yu, is Xiao Xue at home?

Yes, the woman nodded, Miss has been waiting for you to come back.

Lets go see her now, then. Im sure shes already impatient from waiting, Chao Xi said in a mischievous tone. Li Xiao Xue had been curious about Ling Chen for a long time.

Ah about that, Miss asked Miss Chao Ying and Miss Chao Xi to take this cute little sister to play at the entertainment centre, and for me to bring this gentleman to her is that alright? the young woman felt a bit awkward. This was because whenever Chao Ying and Chao Xi came back, Li Xiao Xue would always arrange to meet with her. It was the first time she had done something like this.

Chao Ying and Chao Xi looked at each other, and laughed at the same time. They said to Ling Chen in a soft voice, Looks like Xiao Xue wants to get to know you alone well take Tian Tian to play then. Remember to come find us after youre done.

Chao Ying and Chao Xi didnt want to go against Li Xiao Xues wishes, so they took Tian Tian to the entertainment centre. Although it was a private entertainment centre, it was on par with a mid-sized public entertainment centre, and would be able to keep Tian Tian occupied for quite a while. As such, Ling Chen followed this young woman, who seemed to be Li Xiao Xues secretary, to where she was.

Since Ling Chen had first seen Li Xiao Xue in the virtual world, he had been quite interested in her. This sort of interest a man had in a beautiful woman was one of appreciation, as well as desire. This was even more so because of the richest family behind her, the Li family.

Money couldnt allow one to do anything, but without money, one wouldnt be able to do anything. Ling Chen had a group of Reapers who helped him with intel, espionage, etc, which all required money. As such, he was thinking of how to receive some financial benefits from the big miss of the Li family with how rich the Li family was, even giving him scraps would be an astronomical figure. As such, he had investigated this Li Xiao Xue, but many of the things that had happened afterwards had caused him to become even more interested in her.

What was unexpected was that when he had left Beijing and come to this heaven-like Su Hang, he had become involved with her. He and Tian Tian were living in Li Xiao Xues Bamboo Sea Wonderland, and she had gifted them a racecar. Moreover, she had also helped them get to Beijing to attend SuErs birthday banquet the big miss of the Li family never took a bad deal, and before Ling Chen had started to approach her, she had already started to approach him. With how much he owed her now, he had to go and meet her even if he didnt want to.

Li Wan Yu gently knocked on the door, then said, Miss, the guest youve been waiting for is here.

What about Chao Xi and the others? A lazy voice sounded out. They took that little girl to the entertainment centre. Although Li Xiao Xue couldnt see her through the door, Li Wan Yu still spoke and acted extremely respectfully.

Ask him to come in, and notify everyone that before I give the order, no ones to come within 100 metres of the room! No one! Including my father!

Eh? Li Wan Yu was evidently surprised, But Miss, your safety

With this esteemed guest, I can say that this is the safest Ive been in my entire life. Do as I say.

Li Wan Yu looked at Ling Chen strangely, then opened the door for him. She then took a step back and bowed respectfully, saying, Sir, please enter.

Ling Chen walked in while wondering why Li Xiao Xue would want to meet him individually. After he entered, Li Wan Yu closed the door, then quickly left. Very soon, everyone standing guard around this area quickly departed.

Ling Tians name is like a peal of thunder in everyone players ears. This little sister has been a friend in spirit, and seeing you in person, Ive finally achieved my wish. The little sister is Li Xiao Xue; is big brother Ling Tian willing to tell me his name?

Her voice was extremely pleasant, and Ling Chen looked towards where her voice had come from. His eyes immediately lit up upon seeing the slim and beautiful woman sitting on the mahogany chair. She had a dignified and elegant smile on her face, and she got up and slowly walked towards him. She was wearing a black muslin dress that fell to her thighs, and when she walked, the dress fluttered, accentuating her slim waist and revealing her incredibly pristine skin and her full cleavage. Her exposed calves looked extremely tender and supple, which would make it difficult for anyone to look away.

Of course, this wasnt what she had worn when she was receiving the Gu familys siblings. Evidently, she had quickly changed before receiving Ling Chen She had changed into this elegant, yet sexy and seductive dress.

Ling Chens eyes were immediately fixed on her body, and was not even in the capacity to consider if it was appropriate. He laughed as he replied, How could I not have heard about the big miss of the Li family, the Loulan Queen? However, what Im surprised is that this Loulan Queen is much more beautiful than the rumours say.

 Light eyebrows, upturned eyes, smooth and supple skin- no matter how one looked at her, they would feel blinded by her beauty. She looked completely different to the cold and arrogant Li Xiao Xue that Ling Chen had seen at the auction. Back then, Li Xiao Xue had seemed like a proud and serious upper-class elite, while the current Li Xiao Xue in front of him seemed like an elegant and beautiful young woman. This was especially so because of her beautiful eyes, which Ling Chen couldnt look away from.

 Li Xiao Xue stopped walking when she arrived in front of Ling Chen, and smiled, Big brother Ling Tians even more handsome and charming than the rumours say. Im sure that with so many haloes around big brother Ling Tian, countless women would fall for you. No wonder why my good sisters and Ying and Xi, who view the excellent young men in Su Hang as dirt, would be so devoted to you.

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