Shura's Wrath Chapter 521

Chapter 521

The Fallen White Tiger (1)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

[White Tiger]: Type: Guardian Beast, Grade: Mysterious God, Level: LV100, HP: 823,000,000/5,260,000,000.

The White Tiger is one of the 4 main citys guardian beasts, and is the most powerful of them all. It has stood guard near the White Tiger City in the west of the Forgotten City all of its life, and is gentle and hates evil. It is righteous, holy and protects the White Tiger City from disaster, and is even worshipped by the residents of the White Tiger City. Its attribute is Lightning, and has incredibly powerful Physical Attack Damage and Defence. Its lightning can annihilate the heavens and the earth, as well as devastate mountains. It is essentially an invincible god among beasts.

Passive Abilities: Absorbs all Lightning element damage, and has powerful Physical Attack Damage, as well as incredibly strong Physical and Magic Defence. Has full immunity to all abnormal statuses and debuffs.

Attack Skills: [Extreme Tigers Might], [Extreme Tigers Soul], [Extreme Tigers Roar], [Heaven-Splitting Tiger Strike], [Cliff-Annihilating Claws], [White Tiger Earthquake], [Tiger God Might], [Flash of Lightning], [Sky-Tearing Lightning], [White Tiger Judgment], [Purple Hell], [World-Shaking Thunder], [Evil-Destroying Holy Thunder], [Flash Lightning], [Lightning Abyss], [Death Thunder], [Purple Castle], [Purple Thorns], [Lightning Wheel], [Pulsating Lightning Armour], [Rebellious God Light]

Ultimate Skills: [Thunder Gods Awakening], [Lightning Rebirth Formation], [Blessing Thunder Gods Bulwark]

Weaknesses: Does not have flying abilities; can not regenerate HP while fighting.

Xiao Huis Eye of the Holy Spirit couldnt give Ling Chen detailed information on targets that were LV100, but because it was the White Tiger, whose power had been given to it by the Holy Qilin, Ling Chen could see all of its information. This was the first time Ling Chen had seen a Mysterious God grade beings stats, and its stats and power caused his heartrate to increase. However, at this moment, he didnt allow himself to waste any time although the Tyrant Demon Beast and Ice Demon Beast were currently unable to harm him, this would not necessarily remain the case. If this dragged on for too long and the White Tiger couldnt hold on, and the Tyrant Demon Beast took over the White Tigers body, the consequences would be unimaginable.

The White Tiger currently had less than 1/5 of its maximum HP, but still had more than 800,000,000 HP. Even if Ling Chen stood and attacked it for half a day, he might not be able to kill it. As such, Ling Chen decisively rushed up and shouted out as he activated [Soul Sacrifice], instantly boosting his Physical Attack Damage.

Ding the Libra Orbs effects have been activated, [Soul Sacrifice]s effects have been reset.

Ling Chen unhesitatingly charged up to the White Tiger and sent out 2 [Ling Tian Slashes] towards its front paws.

Bang! Bang!!

-58,800, -117,790!

The damage these 2 attacks caused far surpassed anything the Tyrant Demon Beast or Ice Demon Beast expected. Based on the aura that Ling Chen gave off, the Tyrant Demon Beast thought that he would not be able to even break through the White Tigers Defence. Even if he could break through the Defence, the damage would be extremely pitiful, and it would be impossible for this human to kill the White Tiger before it finished possessing it. However, when 2 explosions sounded out and waves of unimaginable pain rolled through it, the Tyrant Demon Beast madly roared, No!! This is impossible!! The White Tigers Defence is lower only to that of the Black Turtle; how could this weak human break through the White Tigers Defence and whats with this terrifying pain?!

Its the Cancer Orb that allows him to ignore all Defence, as well as the Scorpio Orb that increases pain! This human has already collected those orbs as well! The Ice Demon Beast yelled in shock.


The Tyrant Demon Beast roared hoarsely. It controlled the White Tigers body and leapt towards Ling Chen. Who could defend against the White Tigers might? With a slight thought, the White Tiger could unleash world-destroying attacks that could crush players like ants. As the White Tigers body attacked, all of the air surrounding that region was forced out, creating a vacuum, and the pressure from its body caused depressions to form in the ground.

However, before it could reach Ling Chen, it was as if it had crashed into a soft, yet firm barrier. No matter if it was the White Tigers body or power, neither of them could pierce through the barrier. This caused Ling Chen, who had been preparing to dodge, to feel completely at ease, and he once again rushed up to mercilessly attack.

 Impossible! This is impossible!!

The Tyrant Demon Beast went crazy, and used the White Tigers body, claws, fangs, tail and breath to furiously attack Ling Chen. He was evidently an incredibly weak human who could be easily killed, and yet no matter how much it tried, the White Tigers attacks simply couldnt reach him. Every time the attacks were about to hit him, they would be completely blocked. However, Ling Chens attacks repeatedly fell on the White Tigers body, causing the Tyrant Demon Beast to scream out each time.

Seeing that physical attacks couldnt reach him, the Tyrant Demon Beast sent out incredibly destructive lightning. The lightning seemed to fill the sky, and was more than 10 times more terrifying than the lightning from the Thunder God Barrier. The lightning was incredibly dense and chaotic In just an instant, the 1,000 metres around Ling Chen had become a purple lightning purgatory, and seemed to extend forever as it tore at the ground and space itself. However, only around Ling Chen was there no lightning at all.

Countless bolts of lightning streaked towards him. Yet, as they neared him they would rapidly turn and shoot in other directions, as if they were scared. The Tyrant Demon Beast repeatedly attacked with the lightning, but Ling Chen was not affected at all. Even his movements were not restricted in the slightest. Wherever Ling Chen walked, the lightning would avoid that place. A small pocket of calm seemed to move around within the sea of lightning.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang

Every time Ling Chen attacked, the attack would be followed by an explosion. With [Soul Sacrifice] activated, each set of attacks dealt at least 100,000 damage to the White Tiger. If both attacks were Critical Hits, he would be able to deal over 200,000 damage in one set of attacks. He would also occasionally release [Four Corner Star Formations] and [Thousand Kilogram Rends], both of which dealt a shocking amount of damage. The terrifying lightning forced the Ice Demon Beast to retreat afar away, and seeing Ling Chen completely unscathed within the lightning, as well as dealing impossibly high damage figures, her eyes almost fell out.

With these sorts of attacks, if he could attack enough, even the incredibly powerful White Tiger would not be able to last 3 hours. The possibility of the Tyrant Demon Beast taking over the White Tiger within 3 hours was incredibly low, and adding on the incomparable pain distracting it iI was almost impossible!

Bastard!! Old Ice, hurry up and help me kill him!!

If the Tyrant Demon Beast could use the Demon Beast Clans darkness power, it would be incredibly easy for it to destroy Ling Chen. However, now that it was stuck within the White Tigers body, and was unable to escape, it could only use the White Tigers power. However, although the White Tigers power was about to kill this human thousands of times, it simply could not even harm a hair on his head. The Tyrant Demon Beast started to panic- it knew that although the White Tiger did not have much strength left, it was enough to prevent its body from running away. If this human continued to attack the White Tiger, it would be killed by him soon it was simply a matter of time!!

Would I need you to tell me that if I could hurt him?? He already has the goddamn Aquarius Orb!! The Ice Demon Beast, which was also incredibly anxious at this point, roared back.

 Your ice cant hurt him but you can still use your hands and feet! Arghh!!! Just as the Tyrant Demon Beast finished yelling, it once again screamed in pain. As the second [Soul Sacrifice]s effects were about to end, Ling Chen activated [Battle Soul Possession] and unleashed his 2 strongest attacks, [Four Corners Star Formation] and [Thousand Kilogram Rend].


The greater the damage, the greater pain the Tyrant Demon Beast felt. The White Tigers soul and Tyrant Demon Beast were both within the White Tigers body, but since the Tyrant Demon Beast held the majority of the control, the Tyrant Demon Beast bore the majority of the pain from the Scorpio Orbs effects. It was unable to hurt this human, and facing the immeasurable pain and impending doom, the Tyrant Demon Beast started to think of feeling. However, just as it prepared to run, a cold laugh sounded out

You want to escape? As long as even a shred of my soul remains, you wont be leaving!

The White Tigers body started to tremble and its limbs started to furiously claw at the ground. The White Tigers head was raised to the sky as it roared out, but was unable to advance or retreat It was trying to run away, but countless invisible ropes had tied it up.

White Tiger Do you really think you can last until this human can kill you? Soon, your soul will disappear forever! The Tyrant Demon Beast shrieked.

However, the White Tiger laughed in response. It had also suffered some of the pain from the Scorpio Orb, but it did not scream like the Tyrant Demon Beast. In fact, its voice was still incredibly calm and gentle, as if it was enjoying Ling Chens attacks, Really now? Well see about that.

You bastard!!!! the Tyrant Demon Beast was bordering on insanity. However, no matter how much it raged, it was unable to change the situation, and running away was a mere pipe dream. As such, it gathered all of its soul power and desperately tried to devour the White Tigers soul.

After hearing the reminder from the Tyrant Demon Beast, as well as seeing that the sea of lightning had receded, the Ice Demon Beast gritted her teeth and quickly rushed towards Ling Chen. Her hand flashed as a 2 metre long icicle appeared in her hands, and stabbed towards Ling Chens back.

Although her ice attacks were useless against Ling Chen, this was a physical attack using her bodys physical strength. Although her powers were focused on her ice attacks, she was still a Mysterious God grade being, and no matter how weak her Physical Attack Damage was, it was still enough to deal serious damage to Ling Chen, or even insta-kill him.

Of course, the prerequisite was that her attacks had to hit Ling Chen.

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