Shura's Wrath Chapter 522

Chapter 522

The Fallen White Tiger (2)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

The cold wind behind him drew nearer but Ling Chen did not turn around. He swung the Great Ravager behind him, smashing onto the Ice Demon Beasts icicle and blocking it. The instant he parried the Ice Demon Beasts attack, causing it to pause in surprise for a moment, Ling Chen suddenly turned around as a strange light flashed in his eyes, activating the [Utter Despair Curse].

Out of the Feng Chen Murdering Heart Curses Qin Feng possessed, the [Utter Despair Curse] had the highest success rate. The first time Ling Chen had met the Ice Demon Beast, she had fallen for it This time, she would not escape it either.

The icicle in the Ice Demon Beasts hand fell to the ground as her eyes became extremely bleak. She looked at Ling Chen with an empty gaze, as if she didnt recognise him.

Ling Chen stopped attacking the White Tiger as he said in a low voice to the Ice Demon Beast, Ice Demon Beast, you feel quite lost, quite useless, dont you? You cant hurt me, and you cant even help your ally. Your Demon Emperor has already been dead for 10,000 years, but you still havent been able to revive him. Instead, during these 10,000 years, youve all hidden like turtles in places where humans could not go, and lived incredibly humiliating lives Arent you just trash? Apart from wasting air, what other use do you have? Whats the point in you continuing to live?

Ling Chens words fell in the Ice Demon Beasts ears, whose emotions had plummeted to rock-bottom. Her unfocused eyes became even more lifeless as she muttered, I cant do anything I couldnt revive Lord Demon Emperor I could only live in humiliation Whats the point of living The point

Ling Chen smiled as he continued to speak, If you think theres no point in living, how about dying? Mm, after all, if you continue living, youll only continue suffer this humiliation. What about death then? If you die, you can be reborn as a new demon, and start over again. Moreover, maybe after youve died, you might be able to meet that Demon Emperor of yours who has already died for 10,000 years! How wonderful.

The Ice Demon Beast continued to lifelessly mutter, Death reborn Lord Demon Emperor Lord Demon Emperor I no longer have any reason to live let me die


A gust of cold wind blew as a blue light and black light arose from the Ice Demon Beasts body. This light then became a thick smoke, and when the blue smoke and black smoke intertwined, the Ice Demon Beasts body started to fragment, then disappear

Old Ice!! Old Ice, are you crazy?! What the hell are you doing?!?!?

This scene shocked the Tyrant Demon Beast so much that he felt as if his soul was going to scatter. However, no matter how loudly he yelled, he was unable to get through to the Ice Demon Beast, who was affected by the [Utter Despair Curse]. The Ice Demon Beast continued the process, and had already half-disappeared within the smoke.

Ling Chen, who had instigated all of this, watched with his mouth wide open. It was as if he was watching Long Tian Yun happily eat a pile of steaming dung.

Holy crap! The Ice Demon Beast committed suicide it really committed suicide!

The heavens can bear witness! I only casually tried it out, but never expected it would actually happen!

However, this Mysterious God grade ancient Demon Beast had truly disintegrated herself

A gust of wind blew past, and there was not even a speck of the Ice Demon Beast that remained. The smoke was also thinned out by the wind, and then completely disappeared. By now, the Ice Demon Beast was well and truly gone.

The Tyrant Demon Beast madly screamed, while Ling Chen stood there, unmoving, with a fantastic expression on his face... Thats right, he, a player, had used a Feng Chen Curse to kill a Mysterious God grade beast!

Ling Chen stretched out his hand and grabbed at his scalp as he inwardly marvelled, God, make someone hit me with a stick so I know this isnt a dream!

As the Feng Chen Sects successor, Ling Chen naturally did not doubt the might of the Feng Chen Curses. However, he felt that a Feng Chen Curse easily destroying a Mysterious God grade beast was a bit too cruel. If there was a hell, and the Ice Demon Beast realised what had happened, she would probably destroy everything out of anger.

Whats going on? Why would Old Ice suddenly self-disintegrate? Despicable human what sort of witchcraft did you use?

The Tyrant Demon Beast cried out, unable to accept what had just happened. It simply didnt believe that the Ice Demon Beast, who had seemed perfectly fine just moments earlier, would commit suicide. The only reason was because of this human.

Ling Chen turned around as his gaze became icy, and he coldly laughed, You want to know the reason? Go ask her in hell!

Young human, well done. With that, I can rest at ease. The White Tiger calmly spoke. It used the remnants of its soul to fix its body in place, not allowing its body to escape.

After unexpectedly getting rid of the Ice Demon Beast, there were no more obstructions to Ling Chen killing the White Tiger. He nodded and replied to the White Tiger, As long as you can hold on, I wont disappoint you.

After saying this, Ling Chen once again rushed up and started attacking. [Soul Sacrifice] had a 3 minute cooldown time, but even without the [Soul Sacrifice]s buff, the damage he dealt was still quite impressive. Furthermore, the pain that the Scorpio Orb added caused the Tyrant Demon Beast to continuously scream, severely affecting its ability to devour the White Tigers soul.

The White Tigers HP steadily fell, and although the speed was quite slow, the damage added up. By now, the Tyrant Demon Beast only wanted to escape, but because of the White Tigers influence, escaping was simply wishful thinking.

Young human, I will hold on. Dont hesitate, and even more so, dont feel any pity or reluctance. Right now, death is my greatest desire, because of the release it will give. Moreover, the Holy Qilins bloodline still exists in the Forgotten Continent, so as long as it doesnt  die out, although I will die, the White Tigers bloodline will one day be reborn.

Ling Chen did not speak anymore and began to attack with all he had. After all, he didnt have any reason to hesitate He had come here to kill the White Tiger!

Ling Chens attacks continuously fell like a cyclone on the White Tigers body. As soon as [Soul Sacrifice]s cooldown time was reset, he would immediately reactivate it. As soon as his 2 strongest skills cooldown times were reset, he would combine them with [Soul Sacrifice] to deal massive damage. He was attacking a guardian beast, an existence that even a city would not be able to take down. And yet, against a LV41 player, it did not retaliate or even run, and instead took each blow. Just like that, the White Tigers HP continued to fall.

1 hour later, the White Tigers HP fell to less than 600,000,000. Another hour later, the White Tigers HP fell to 300,000,000.

Yet another hour

The Tyrant Demon Beasts screams had become hoarse. During this period of time, it had tried countless times to escape, but hadnt been able to succeed, because the White Tiger used everything it had to prevent its body from escaping. In the end, the Tyrant Demon Beast began to despair and beg for mercy These Demon Beasts all feared death, and this wasnt the first time Ling Chen had seen this. Back then, the War Demon Beast had even knelt down to Xi Ling to beg for mercy, and the Shadow Demon Beast had pitifully begged the Shura to spare it. This Tyrant Demon Beast also started to wail and cry out for mercy as the White Tigers HP came close to being emptied out.

Spare me I dont want to die yet! There are still many things I want to do, and I want to see the day the Demon Beast Clan is returned to its glory Please spare me!!

Have mercy!! White Tiger, let me run away! Ill immediately leave your body Ill even be your slave!

Ling Chen gave a cold laugh as he raised the Twilight Spear, Shut up! Before dying, you Demon Beasts are all like this! Go and die peacefully- the War Demon Beast, Shadow Demon Beast and Ice Demon Beast are all waiting for you!

As Ling Chen spoke, the Twilight Spear stabbed towards the White Tiger the earth-yellow spearhead suddenly shot out a strange, colourless light.

 What?! You said that Old War and Old Shadow have already Arghhh!!!

The Tyrant Demon Beast gave a final scream as the Twilight Spear soundlessly pierced into the White Tigers right paw. The strange light instantly spread throughout the White Tigers body, destroying even the Tyrant Demon Beast and White Tigers souls.


This wasnt the first time Ling Chen had used [Soul Demise]. However, the effects of the [Soul Demise] he had used in the past could not even compare to 1/10,000 of the current one. Soul Demise took away 4% of the targets HP and had a 0.4% chance of instantly killing them. Against weak enemies, it was completely useless. However, against powerful enemies, it was his ace.

The White Tigers HP was finally cleared out by this [Soul Demise].

Ding you have successfully killed the LV100 Mysterious God grade Boss White Tiger. Because you killed the White Tiger was already in critical HP, you will only receive 20% of the rewards. Fame+200,000, SP+200,000.

Ding congratulations you have levelled up to LV42, HP+20, MP+20, Strength+5, Agility+1, Spirit+1.

Ding congratulations you have levelled up to LV43


Ding congratulations you have levelled up to LV48

Ding congratulations you have levelled up to LV49

Ding your pet Holy Spirit Beast Xiao Hui has levelled up to LV49, HP+200, MP+5, Defence+20.

Ding your pet Xiao Huis skill [Holy Spirits Aura] has levelled up to LV10.

Ding your pet LengEr has levelled up to LV49, MP+100, Magic Attack Power+20, Defence+10.

Ding your pet LengErs skill [Sin Lock] has levelled up to LV3.

Ding your pet Nine-tailed Snow Fox has levelled up to LV49, HP+1000, MP+200, Physical Attack Damage+100, Magic Attack Power+40, Defence+50.

When Ling Chen had started to attack the White Tiger, the White Tiger only had around 20% of its HP left. As such, he only received 20% of the reward. However, although it was only 20%... it was a reward for killing a LV100 Mysterious God grade beast! When he received the 200,000 Fame and 200,000 SP, Ling Chen almost fainted with joy.

What followed was rapid levelling up a LV41 player killing a LV100 Mysterious God grade Boss was a completely heaven-defying act, and it was probably the first time something like this had happened in the history of the Forgotten Continent. Although Ling Chen only received 20% of the EXP reward and had the Heavens Jealousy debuff, he was able to directly shoot from LV41 to LV49, and stopped at 98% of the LV49 EXP bar. It was only millimetres away from LV50.

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