Shura's Wrath Chapter 523

Chapter 523

The White Tigers Gift: Thunder Gods Bulwark (1)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

When the White Tiger died, its body fell like a small mountain, causing the surrounding ground to tremble and creating a ear-splitting sound. The system announcements that Ling Chen heard confirmed that the White Tiger was well and truly dead. Ling Chen had never thought that a legendary god-grade beast would die at his hands.

Although this had taken him a few hours, he was definitely the first person to kill a White Tiger in the Forgotten Continent.

The glorious Demon Beast Clan will never perish arghh!!

The instant the White Tigers body fell, the Tyrant Demon Beast also gave a final cry, and disappeared. Just as the White Tiger had said, when it died, the Tyrant Demon Beast would also die. Ling Chen had essentially killed 2 Mysterious God grade beings by killing the White Tiger.


The ground trembled from the White Tiger falling, and Ling Chen took 2 steps backwards as he let out a long breath. His body had been incredibly tense this entire time in the end, although he had the ability to insta-kill low-level Celestial grade Bosses, it took him around 3 hours to kill the White Tiger, which only had 20% of its HP remaining. If the White Tiger had been at full health, it would have taken him more than 15 hours It definitely wouldnt have been able to last that long.

Although the White Tiger had died, there were not any spoils of war near its body. Although Ling Chen felt a bit disappointed, he didnt find this surprising. After all, the White Tiger was a holy guardian beast, not some final Boss for players to kill. Not punishing him for killing such a being was already good enough, let alone giving him rewards. However, that 200,000 SP was better than any spoils of war.

The White Tiger had died just like that.

Back when he had seen the words White Tigers Heart from SuEr, he felt as if he had been struck by lightning. This was because he needed to retrieve the White Tigers Heart, which meant that he needed to kill the White Tiger However, to anyone, thinking of killing the White Tiger would simply be a joke. Even if he was a hundred times more powerful, he wouldnt be able to fight with the White Tiger at all, and yet less than a week after seeing that message, the White Tiger had died right in front of him. In fact, he didnt have to put in much effort or even take many risk, and it had even asked him to kill it.

If this was luck, then his luck would simply be too heaven-defying.

Well done, young human.

Just as Ling Chen felt that he could relax, a voice sounded in his ears. Ling Chen hesitantly asked, White Tiger?

Haha The White Tigers voice was quite weak, but was still quite calm, Dont be afraid, Im already dead. You have successfully helped me defeat 2 powerful Demon Beasts, and have given me release. What you are hearing is the last wisp of my soul talking to you In just a while, this final bit of consciousness will also disappear.

Is there something important you want me to do? As long as I can do it, I will do my best to achieve it, Ling Chen said. Although it was the White Tigers request, but he had indeed been the one to kill the White Tiger. Moreover, the main reason he had killed the White Tiger was for himself, so his words were filled with both respect, as well as guilt. As such, if the White Tiger had any final requests, he would do his best to fulfil them.

No, the White Tiger replied in the negative, I held on because I wanted to personally see the new Holy Qilin. We, the 4 guardian beasts, thought that the Holy Qilins bloodline had perished a long time ago. We searched for any descendants, but even after thousands of years, we werent able to find anything, causing us to despair. However, feeling the Holy Qilins aura was the most joyous thing I have experienced in 10,000 years. As such, even if Im about to perish, Im still delirious with joy.

Young human, for you to possess the Holy Qilins protection, theres only explanation: that you have made a soul contract with the Holy Qilin, and have become the Holy Qilins master. The Holy Qilin was the most powerful of the Forgotten Continents 5 Saint Destroyer Beasts, and no one has the right to be its master. However, this is what has happened in reality. I wonder if the Holy Qilins master could allow me to see the new Holy Qilin in my final moments.

Holy Qilin Holy Qilin Ling Chen was quite familiar with this name- who wouldnt know the most powerful of the Forgotten Continents 5 Saint Destroyer Beasts? However, he never thought this name would have anything to do with him. The White Tiger was evidently referring to Xiao Hui however, Xiao Hui, who he had watched hatch from an egg and looked like a small dog could he really be the Holy Qilin?

Ling Chen didnt say anything and summoned Xiao Hui. As soon as Xiao Hui appeared, he happily jumped and ran around Ling Chen. After noticing the White Tigers gigantic corpse, it came over and vigorously sniffed it.

White Tiger, are you referring to him? Ling Chen asked.

The White Tiger did not reply, but Ling Chen could feel profound wisps of the White Tigers soul entering his mind. After a while, he once again heard the White Tigers voice, which was now incredibly excited, Thats right thats right! Although its only half, but its indeed the Holy Qilins bloodline thats right! This is great! We should have known that the mighty holy Qilins bloodline would never perish.

Ling Chen was speechless, and looked at Xiao Hui, who was wagging his short tail as he sniffed the White Tigers body. Waves of shock rolled through his heart Xiao Hui was actually the Holy Qilins descendant the Holy Qilins descendant

Holy crap! So Xiao Hui, who had been following him all this time, was the only descendant of the Holy Qilin! However, if Xiao Hui really was the Holy Qilin, the system should have called him the Holy Qilin, as opposed to the Holy Spirit Beast!

Half? Hearing the White Tigers words, Ling Chen asked in confusion.

Thats right, only half, the White Tiger replied, Young human, although I dont know how you became the Holy Qilins master, but the Holy Qilin is naturally able to distinguish between good and evil. For it to be willing to follow you, that means youre not an evil person. Everything is arranged by fate, and I dont have the right or power to interfere with anything. Do you know what this new Holy Qilins main strength is? The White Tiger asked.

Support, Ling Chen replied without even thinking about it. Xiao Hui had been following him since he had been born, and he was confident that he understood it fully.

Not at all! Its auspiciousness. The White Tiger explained.

Auspiciousness? Ling Chen was stunned.

Thats right. Before, I said that it only inherited half of the Holy Qilins bloodline because all of the Holy Qilins attack power is completely gone. However, its holy aura remains Moreover, its auspiciousness and luck has increased by more than fivefold, possibly even more. Indeed, the Holy Qilin loved peace and hated strife and conflict. In order to stop its descendants from being dragged into battles, when it passed on its bloodline, it must have removed all attack properties. However, it retained all of its holiness and auspiciousness, so that its descendants would be able to bring others luck.

However, its quite unbelievable. Although its so young, its auspiciousness has already surpassed that of the mature Holy Qilins. This is simply incomprehensible. Could it be that its mothers auspiciousness was even greater than the Holy Qilins? The White Tiger said in shock.

Young human, its undeniable that the Holy Qilin possesses powerful support abilities. You gave that answer before because this was something you witnessed. However, its greatest power is something that cannot be seen: its power of auspiciousness. Think about it: after it started following you, did your luck tremendously increase?

Ling Chen:

Ling Chen didnt need to think about this. Ever since a long time ago, he had begun suspecting his ridiculous luck in the virtual world.

The War Gods Trial Grounds Lonely Spirit Ridge Forest of Bones Moon God Ruins Fairy Realm Lunar Sky Hell meeting Xiao Feng Chen Lava Purgatory the Dwarf Realm the East Ocean Continent Godchild Peak meeting the White Tiger in all of those places or situations, inexplicable things had happened, as a result of incredible luck. One time was luck, but if it happened again and again was it still purely luck?

He had met the Lucky Cat again and again, as well as Qian Gun Gun again and again he had found 8 of the Lunar Scourges God Orbs within 8 months Ling Chen wondered if he was someone who was loved by fate. He had wondered if the now-extinct Beast of Luck mentioned by Qi Yue was related to Xiao Hui, and today, he had received a definite answer

That luck had appeared time and time again, and there was definitely an explanation. It turned out the source of this luck was Xiao Hui, who had stayed by his side and had blessed him with auspiciousness!

It seems like you understand, The White Tigers remnant soul could detect the changes in Ling Chens emotions, and its voice grew weaker. It wouldnt be able to hang on for long, With it by your side, good luck will always follow you, unless you abandon it Of course, I believe that thats impossible, as becoming its companion is the greatest luck of your life. As such, enjoy this auspiciousness, but dont rely on it- after all, auspiciousness is just auspiciousness. It will give you more opportunities to do the things you want to do, but in the end, youll need to rely on your own strength and determination. Auspiciousness will only follow those who put in their effort and termination. No one can achieve success merely relying on luck.

Ling Chen nodded, I understand. Im satisfied that I was able to see the new Holy Qilin before departing. Theres one last thing I want to ask you this is quite a serious matter, so you can choose to refuse.

The White Tiger spoke in a serious tone, and Ling Chen could more or less guess what it was, What is it?

The White Tigers voice once again sounded out, The Tyrant Demon Beast and Ice Demon Beast mentioned that the Lunar Scourge that was supposed to have been destroyed 10,000 years ago is on you is this true?

 Just as Ling Chen had expected, the White Tiger had asked about the Lunar Scourge. When Ling Chen had first arrived, the Ice Demon Beast had roared out about the Lunar Scourge, and it was impossible for the White Tiger not to have heard. Moreover, the White Tiger had existed since the ancient ages, so how could it not have heard of the Lunar Scourge before? Ling Chen didnt want to lie to the White Tiger, so he nodded, Thats right, I possess the Lunar Scourge.

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