Shura's Wrath Chapter 526

Chapter 526

Thunder Bulwark, Lightning Attraction

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Allenwa

The thing that a Shura has the most of is not power, but bloodlust. If one can control his bloodlust, they will surpass the level of an ordinary Shura. As such, the legend is somewhat believable. However the terrifying nature of the Shuras power is something I witnessed with my own eyes back then. It is simply in an indescribably powerful realm. The Shura was called the worlds most powerful being, and I can attest to that. Wanting to control the bloodlust that even exceeds its power is more difficult than reaching the skies! Perhaps its impossible.

Youre not an incredibly greedy person; this is something Im certain of. Youre obsessed with restoring the Lunar Scourge because you have a special and important reason. However, my selfish request is that you stop after retrieving 11 God Orbs However, your future and the Lunar Scourges futures are things that I cannot control. If you have a reason to desire the Shuras power or identity, then I hope that you can, through the protection of the Holy Qilins auspiciousness, become the legendary Shura Emperor, as opposed to a demonic murderer I hope you and the Holy Qilin will not perish at the Moon God Clans hands.

Every creature has its selfish desires. Rather than you becoming a terrifying Shura that the Divine Tribulation Lightning has no effect on, I even more so dont want to see the Holy Qilins bloodline go extinct Young human, youre the first true owner of the Lunar Scourge. If you decide to become a Shura, then the entire Forgotten Continent no, entire Mystic Moon world, will be shaken up by you. When that time comes, whether you bring catastrophe or great blessings will depend on you, but will not be decided by you I cannot see anymore

I have already told all of this to the White Tiger Citys Mayor. As such, you dont need to worry about the consequences of killing me. Young human, protect yourself and protect your companions. I hope that one day when the Holy Qilin matures, it will be able to reawaken the White Tiger Clans bloodline

After using the last of its souls strength to say the things it wanted to say, the White Tigers remnant soul dissipated. The Thunder God Barrier disappeared, and the crackling of lightning also died down as the air became less chaotic. Ling Chen stood there and did not move for a while, going through every sentence that the White Tiger said.

Ding you are the first player in Mystic Moon to kill a Mysterious God grade Boss. You received the rewards: Fame+100,000, gold coins+100,000, SP+100,000, unique item God Slayer Insignia.

[God Slayer Insignia]: Type: Insignia, Grade: None, Equipment Requirements: belongs to [Ling Tian], cannot be transferred. A mysterious insignia with an unknown history. Awarded to the first player who kills a Mysterious God grade Boss by themselves. Does not give any bonus stats. Legends say that it can open an ancient ruins that has been sealed.

A system announcement suddenly sounded out as a golden insignia floated down from above and landed in Ling Chens hands. The insignia was quite eye-catching, and was about the size of a ping-pong ball. No matter if it was its appearance or description, Ling Chen was quite familiar with it. He stopped thinking about all of the things the White Tiger had said and took out 2 insignias that were the same size, had the same patterns, but were silver and a lighter shade of gold the Celestial Slayer Insignia and Heaven Slayer Insignia.

The Celestial Slayer Insignia was awarded to him when he killed the Greedy Giant Toad, for being the first player to kill a Celestial grade Boss. The Heaven Slayer Insignia had been awarded to him for being the first to kill a Heavens End grade Boss. This God Slayer Insignia had been awarded to him for killing the first Mysterious God grade Boss. Not only were their appearances almost the same, even their descriptions were exactly the same. None of them had any stats, but all of them were able to open an ancient sealed ruins.

Ling Chen now knew where the entrance to the ancient sealed ruins were- under the fragmented ice layer at the Godchild Peak.

Each of the 3 insignias shone in Ling Chens hands. As if it had been ordained by the heavens, Ling Chen had collected all 3 of the insignias. This meant that Ling Chen could now open that mysterious door at the summit of the Godchild Peak.

Godchild Peak mysterious door the highest place in the Mystic Moon world. A door that required 3 mysterious insignias to open what could be inside?

Ling Chen tightly gripped the 3 insignias, and the burning curiosity within him made him want to immediately return to the Godchild Peak. He looked around him, and found that the Thunder God Barrier was mostly gone, though there was still some lightning on the ground. Ling Chen let out a long breath as he coldly asked, Qi Yue, what the White Tiger said about one becoming a Shura if they possess the Lunar Scourge whether they want to or not is that true?

Qi Yue could feel the suppressed anger in Ling Chens voice, and after remaining silent for a while, she slowly replied, Until now, no one has been able to escape the curse brought by the Lunar Scourge. However, that does not mean its impossible. Perhaps little master will be the first to conquer the Lunar Scourges curse just like how he was the first to conquer the Lunar Scourge.

Ling Chen fell silent

After hearing so many legends about Shuras, they formed a firm impression in his mind powerful, emotionless, cruel, savage, bloodthirsty, demonic murderers. No one could rival a Shuras power, but the cost of that power was losing themselves and becoming a god of killing. In that case, if he lost his self, what use would that power be? Back then, the Scarlet Flame Sword Emperor massacred 10% of all living creatures in the Forgotten Continent, and the end result was being feared by tens of thousands of creatures, then dying.

As such, the Shura had always been a legend to Ling Chen, but not something that he himself wanted to become. Even if he had the opportunity, he definitely wouldnt allow himself to become one. Ones self was one of the most important things as a person- how would he be willing to give up his very self in exchange for power?

However, why did the Shuras remnant spirit tell him that he didnt regret becoming a Shura, but instead enjoyed it? And why did he say that Shuras werent emotionless beings, but rather, only those with the greatest emotions had the right to become Shuras

According to the White Tigers words, there were some who did not become true Shuras, who were only fake Shuras filled with bloodlust. What did that sort of Shura lack could it be the emotions that the Shuras remnant spirit had spoke of? However, how could it be that one required an abundance of emotions to become a god of killing?

The word Shura endlessly reverberated within Ling Chens mind due to the White Tigers words. For Shui Ruo, he had to complete the Lunar Scourge, but he also had to avoid walking upon the path of the Shura. Ling Chen thought of the underground space under the Novice Village, and Tao Ties words that he couldnt understand- the unavoidable fate. Evidently, this was referring to the path of the Shura.

If I really must become a Shura


If this was during the early stages of the game, he would most likely have been quite excited. How fun would it have been to be a Shura in the game? However, he now knew that the Mystic Moon world was not just a virtual world. If he became a Shura, it wouldnt just be his identity in the game. Perhaps


Ling Chen shook his head and cast those thoughts out of his mind, and decided not to dwell on them He had to complete the Lunar Scourge, and the curse could go screw itself! The Lunar Scourge failed at taking over my mind in the beginning, so I dont believe that it can change my nature to become a Shura!!

Ling Chen was only a sliver away from filling up his LV49 EXP bar, so if there were high-levelled monsters nearby, he could easily reach LV50. However, the White Tigers rampage left the surrounding area without any living creatures, so it wouldnt be easy to find monsters to kill.

Xiao Hui had already walked around the White Tigers body many times, and he now finally stopped. After giving a short cry of awoo, he opened his mouth and a grey light instantly covered the White Tigers corpse.

Ling Chens eyes widened Surely Xiao Hui wasnt trying to eat the White Tigers corpse! That was a guardian beasts corpse!

As Xiao Hui barked, the grey light completely covered the White Tigers body, and it slowly turned into specks of purple light and rushed towards Xiao Huis mouth

Xiao Hui was indeed eating the White Tigers corpse. As the area that they grey light covered decreased, the White Tigers body began to gradually disappear. After 3 minutes, the last of the light from the White Tigers body had disappeared into Xiao Huis mouth.

Despite consuming such a large body, Xiao Huis own size did not change at all. However, Ling Chen had long since become used to this, and did not find it strange. After consuming the White Tiger, Xiao Hui did not move, and quietly stood there, as if he was digesting the massive amount of power from the White Tiger. After a while, a purple light rose up from Xiao Huis body, and a system announcement sounded out in Ling Chens ears. Ding your pet Holy Spirit Beast Xiao Hui has successfully devoured the Mysterious God grade Boss White Tigers body, and his stats have increased. HP+20,000, MP+10,000, Defence+2,000, Movement Speed+50, obtained skills: [Thunder Bulwark], [Lightning Attraction].

After devouring the White Tiger, Xiao Huis stats skyrocketed, causing Ling Chens eyes to become like saucers. This sort of stat increase gave Xiao Hui more stats than Ling Chen levelling up 100 times! Not only that, he had also obtained 2 terrifyingly powerful skills:

[Thunder Bulwark]: An ultimate defensive skill granted by the White Tiger. Forever negates all Lightning attack damage.

 [Lightning Attraction]: A skill granted by the White Tiger that attracts lightning. When casted, can greatly increase the effects of Lightning attacks within a certain range, causing the damage of all Lightning attacks within 10,000 metres to increase by 100%. After casting, the effects cannot be controlled and does not distinguish between friend and foe. It can be cast and deactivated at will. Amount of time skill can be cast for: 3,600 years.

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