Shura's Wrath Chapter 533

Chapter 533

The Flame Emperor Who Kicked An Iron Plate

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: MindLitUp

Cang Yan had been casually continuing his journey when a grasshopper jumped out and demanded to fight At least, that was how it felt at that moment.

If this was a high-levelled Boss, he would consider fighting it. However, this was a player, and one with a face he was unfamiliar with!

As the number 4 ranked player on the Heaven Rankings, there were very few people in the China Region that Cang Yan took seriously. He knew everyone on the Heaven Rankings and Earth Rankings. He only feared the super experts on the Heaven Rankings, and was wary against the experts on the Earth Rankings. He did not take anyone else seriously at all. Because he had never seen this person before, he was sure that he wasnt on the Heaven Rankings or Earth Rankings. As such, he was merely a piece of trash whom he could easily destroy.

And yet, this person who was about to die was acting so arrogantly.

Cang Yan couldnt help but coldly laugh. Bullying the weak was one of his greatest pleasures. He slowly raised his right hand, as a red flame appeared in his hands. It grew bigger and bigger until it reached his shoulders, and he mockingly replied, Really, now? I want to see if you can send me off, or if itll be me who sends an idiot like you off to hell.

Hoh! A Fire Mage Wait, no... Youre a Flame Wizard whos done his second profession upgrade. Winter of That Year grinned as he inwardly cursed, You dare to call my handsome self an idiot? Ill beat you up so badly that even your mum wont recognise you!!

Winter of That Year seemed like a simpleton who easily fell for women. With just a few words and her beauty, Yun Meng Xin had coerced Winter of That Year into promising to stand guard there for a few months. He seemed stupid and harmless, but held grudges and wasnt one to forgive easily. Hearing Cang Yan call him an idiot, the flames of his anger rushed up as he decided the way he would send this intruder off; he wouldnt be so gentle anymore.

An azure bow appeared in Winter of That Years hands. The bow wasnt very big, and it seemed to be made out of rattan wood. No matter the color or shape, it seemed to be a low-grade bow. After seeing this weapon, Cang Yan snickered in contempt and felt that it would be a humiliation for him to fight with this idiot. He sent the flames in his hands towards Winter of That Year with a whoosh as he coldly spoke, Idiot, remember to put on your glasses when you go out in future! There are some people who trash like you cant afford to offend!

As the Flame Emperor, Cang Yan had been superior to those around him all his life. With his extraordinary talent, as well as hard work, his arrogance grew more and more as his body also grew to maturity. This was special in the virtual world; apart from a few people, most players were just like ants to him, and he felt that even talking with them lowered his status. However, all in all, he had the right to be so arrogant.

However, it was a pity that although he hadnt met a super expert from the Heaven Rankings he had met someone who looked simple, but was actually an incredibly tough and solid iron plate!

Cang Yan had casually thrown out a Fire Wall that Fire Mages after their first profession upgrade could use. However, this Fire Wall was much bigger than a normal Fire Wall, and was much faster as well. As a natural fire esper in the real world, this sort of talent came along with him into the virtual world. His control over fire was stronger than most Fire Mages by over 100 times! His title as the Flame Emperor and ranking as number 4 on the Heaven Rankings werent just for show.

Just as Winter of That Year took out his weapon, he felt a wave of heat rush towards him. As someone who loved fighting, he had fought against quite a few Fire Mages before and had a decent understanding of Fire Magic. However, he had never seen such a huge and fast Fire Wall before. Despite feeling incredibly shocked, he reacted quickly and leapt back by 3 body spaces as the Fire Wall roared past him.

Holy moly! This Flame Wizard wasnt any simple guy Winter of That Year, who had barely dodged the Fire Wall, looked at Cang Yan with a serious expression as he exclaimed inwardly.

Seeing that his attack missed, as well as Winter of That Years strange movements, Cang Yans eyes narrowed. He swept out with his left hand as 3 Fire Bombs flew out towards the place Winter of That Year had jumped. Against this fameless person who held a weapon that was, at most Copper grade, Cang Yan didnt even bother using his second professions upgrade skills.

These 3 Fire Bombs completely shocked Winter of That Year.

Mage attacks dealt great damage and had a long range. Moreover, most of them had a large AOE, but they also had a big drawback and that was that spells all require a casting time that varies according to each Mages abilities. The casting time for Mages after their first profession upgrade was around 1 second, and after casting spells they were in a frozen state for 1 second. In other words, there was usually at least 1 second between casting spells.

And yet, less than half a second had passed between Cang Yan casting the Fire Wall and 3 simultaneous Fire Bombs!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The 3 Fire Bombs exploded simultaneously, creating a massive blast that covered Winter of That Year.

Hmph, cant even take a single hit,

Cang Yan coldly laughed, as a condescending look arose in his eyes and he noticed an icy glint. That icy glint came after the explosion and was extraordinarily fast fast to the point that Cang Yan could only watch it get bigger without being able to evade at all.

The arrow precisely and accurately hit Cang Yan squarely in the middle of his forehead. Cang Yan grunted and fell to the ground.

After the fire from the explosion disappeared, Winter of That Year could be seen with a smirk on his face. His left hand gripped his bow with his right hand still in the air, maintaining his pose from releasing the arrow. There was a thin layer of cold sweat on his forehead as he muttered inwardly

Goddamit that was way too close!!

Cang Yan flipped his body up, his expression as disgusted as if he had just eaten a bucket of dung, You Impossible!!

He didnt believe that this person could dodge 2 of his attacks in succession, and even counterattack Whats more, that attack hit him precisely in the middle of his forehead!

The amount of damage caused by a Bow-type attack depended on the region where it hit. When hitting the targets head, the chance of Critical Hits was doubled. Moreover, when hitting the targets forehead, the attack would have been a guaranteed Critical Hit, and it had a high chance of knocking the target over, cancelling out any skills that were being activated. However, the forehead was incredibly difficult to hit and even a slight deviation would halt this sort of effect. To Archers, hitting their targets forehead was almost impossible. Even against a stationary target at close distance, it was almost impossible to hit this point. It was even more impossible during battles.

And yet, the arrow that hit Cang Yan hit him right in the center of his forehead, knocking him over. This was absolutely a stroke of luck! It definitely couldnt happen again!

You bastard! Not being able to kill this person in 1 hit, and instead taking a lucky shot like this, Cang Yan felt incredibly humiliated. His arrogance became fury as his expression darkened. After cursing, he stretched out his hands as 2 balls of purple flames lit them up Cang Yan was so furious that he no longer held back and wanted to burn this tiny Archer into a crisp.

Winter of That Year had personally experienced how terrifying Cang Yans flames were. Moreover, what he just used were skills from his first profession upgrade. If he used his powerful flames from his second profession upgrade that would be no laughing matter.

In that case, if Winter of That Year didnt want to be burned to ashes, what should he do?

Of course! He shouldnt give this Flame Wizard a chance to release his Fire Magic!


Winter of That Year stood his ground as he shot out an icy light; Cang Yan didnt even notice when Winter of That Year had nocked the arrow, nor did he see Winter of That Year drawing the Bow and releasing it. The icy light simply shot towards him suddenly.

The arrow was so abnormally fast that Cang Yan, who was still preparing his spell, only saw it right as it was about to hit him. Once again, it hit him squarely in the middle of his forehead.


Cang Yan once again fell to the ground, and the flames in his hand instantly disappeared. His HP fell to less than half.

Mages usually had very low Defence and HP, but Cang Yan, who possessed a powerful background and immeasurable resources, had far more HP than most Mages. Moreover, Winter of That Years weapon was simply trash. After all, he and Hundred Miles of Ice only stayed around this area, so obtaining this LV50 Copper grade Bow was quite fortunate. Trash weapons could only deal trash damage, but because he hit Cang Yan in the middle of his forehead twice and dealt 2 Critical Hits, Cang Yan had less than half of his HP left. At the same time, these 2 attacks were not normal attacks, but the strongest single-target attack of second profession upgrades: Crippling Feather Arrows.

If it was just once, Cang Yan could have dismissed it as luck. However, being shot in the middle of his forehead twice in a row would require a terrifying amount of luck. After once again falling to the ground, Cang Yan was so furious that he felt as if his internal organs were going to explode. He roared out as he got up, when yet another arrow flew towards him. As he got up, it appeared as if he was rising to meet the arrow.

The icy light once again shot into Cang Yans forehead, causing his half-risen body to once again fall back down.

 Go screw yourself! You dared to call my handsome self an idiot! If you can stand up before you die today, Ill change my surname to yours!! Winter of That Year raised the Bow that Cang Yan considered trash high into the air as he angrily yelled out.

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