Shura's Wrath Chapter 538

Chapter 538


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What sort of secret is it? Cang Yan asked in surprise.

I have no way to know, and I dont have much interest. However, you dying there and Feng Xie Yu appearing there after hiding away for so long, makes it necessary for me to personally make a trip there.

Long Tian Yun stood up as he coldly smiled, It doesnt matter that you were insta-killed by Feng Xie Yu. However, Im surprised that you were killed so easily by someone weve never heard about before. Is he really that strong?

Hes definitely a mental esper! Cang Yan said as he gnashed his teeth, I saw his arrows change direction! Even after their second profession upgrade, Archers cant have such a skill; the only possible explanation is that he used his mental energy to control the arrow incredibly precisely. Not only is he a mental esper, hes an incredibly powerful one at that. Hes probably even stronger than some of the mental espers in our forces!

Long Tian Yuns expression became cold. Espers were incredibly rare, and only about 1 in millions of people would be espers. The espers in the Long familys seven main forces were found all over China. As soon as they had heard an esper had appeared, they would immediately go try to recruit them. If they couldnt recruit them, they would use special methods to make their esper ability disappear. In extreme cases, they would make the person disappear from the world, out of fear that they would disrupt the balance. It could be said that apart from the ancient families in the south, more than 90% of Chinas espers were within the Long familys forces.

In actuality, many people knew Winter of That Years name because he had been in the top 10 of the Player Level Rankings for a long time. However, no one had any information on him, and no one had ever seen him before. Moreover, Winter of That Year had concealed his IGN, so although Cang Yan and Long Tian Yun knew what he looked like, they couldnt match him up to his name. This allowed Long Tian Yun to confirm that he wasnt an esper from one of the esper families in the south. Otherwise, he definitely would have known about him.

Mental esper abilities could be brought into the virtual world; this was no longer a secret. This was because mental esper abilities existed in ones mind, which was what entered into the virtual world. As such, it was not surprising that one could use their mental esper abilities in the virtual world. However, this did not affect the balance of the virtual game world too much. There were only 30 mental espers in China, which had the biggest population, and most of them were under the control of the Long family.

Lead the way, I want to take a look, Long Tian Yun said in a low voice.

Young master, I recommend that you dont personally go yourself, Cang Yan said earnestly, That Archer is definitely more powerful that you expect. Apart from Ling Tian and the Sword Emperor, hes the only person who has caused me to suffer such a pitiful defeat. Moreover, I could feel that he wasnt going all out. Feng Xie Yu seems to be on their side, so if she comes to stop us, I might not be able to protect young master. Thats right When Feng Xie Yu killed me, she was using the sword manipulation technique! Its possible that she has surpassed even Xuanyuan Dao!

Sword manipulation? Long Tian Yun deeply frowned, then coldly spoke, Shes a genius of the Xuanyuan family who would be hard to find in even a thousand years. Adding on the fact that she has completely cut off her emotions and dedicated herself to her sword, she has progressed incredibly quickly. It can be said that no one has ever achieved this, and no one ever will again. If I remember correctly, within the past 300 years only 2 people in the Xuanyuan family have developed their sword intent to the level of sword manipulation. Both of these people reached this stage in their seventies. Xuanyuan Daos sword manipulation is merely using sword intent to forcefully control a swords trajectory for a very brief period of time, and is not true sword manipulation.

If Feng Xie Yu truly reached the sword manipulation level, she would be the first person in the Xuanyuan family to reach that level before the age of 30 However, its a pity, Long Tian Yuns eyes flashed with a cold light, She betrayed the Xuanyuan family and my Long family Whats even more of a pity is that right now, its the age of technology. In front of modern weapons, cold weapons are simply pieces of scrap metal.

Choose 200 elite players from each profession who have completed their second profession upgrade, and set out immediately!

200 people from each profession was 1,400 people in total. With Long Tian Yun personally going, all of these players had to be the elite among the elite. It was an incredibly impressive battle formation!

2 hours later, Hundred Miles of Ice still had not returned. However, Winter of That Year was not too worried. When he had done his quest, it had taken 3 hours. To an expert like him, the quest wasnt very difficult, only incredibly time-consuming.

After facing those 2 waves of players, Winter of That Year didnt dare to leave. He had a feeling that the Flame Wizard might come back!

As expected, he did.

When Winter of That Year heard the rumbling from the distance, he jumped up as he looked toward the north. The look of relaxation disappeared from his face as his expression became incredibly serious...

Because the party that came this time had more than 1,000 people!!

Winter of That Year felt his scalp go numb, and he looked up as he cursed, Boss, you bastard! Why did you have to choose such a bad time to do your profession upgrade quest arghh!

After cursing loudly, he calmed down as he laughed and walked over. Just like before, he stood behind the 2 meter tall rock. When the thousand-man party was 50 meters away, he jumped out with his hands on his waist and yelled, Halt! Everyone stop! The land behind this rock is my handsome selfs personal property. No ones allowed to come close; please immediately leave!

The 1,400 players were in perfect ranks, and even walked in step, creating a mighty aura of foreboding. And yet, a single person had jumped out, trying to block their army. Instantly, countless gazes looked at Winter of That Year as if he was an idiot.

Its him! Cang Yan, who was standing beside Long Tian Yun, pointed out and spoke in a low voice.

When he spoke, Winter of That Year noticed him as he grinned, Aiyoyo! Isnt this the lil turd who I killed before? What, you miss your dear father?

Winter of That Year inwardly cursed. That goddamn bastard had come back again! Last time, he brought 100 people, and this time he brought more than 1000 people! Fudge! Was this really necessary?!

You! Cang Yans expression darkened as a ball of flames arose from his body. However, seeing the crappy Bow that Winter of That Year held in front of him, he didnt dare to attack. After all, Winter of That Year had left him with too much trauma. If he attacked, but was once again reduced to the state where he couldnt even stand up, he would never be able to wash away the humiliation.

If it had been before and the Flame Emperor was insulted like this, he would instantly fly into a fit of rage. However, although the Flame Emperor had been infuriated to the point that his body lit up with fire, he stood there, unmoving. Long Tian Yun looked at Cang Yan before taking a step forward and asking, Your name is Winter of That Year, right?

Although it was phrased as a question, this sentence was spoken like a statement. Winter of That Year stared with wide eyes as he asked, Eh? How did you know my handsome self's name? Could it be that my handsome self is so famous that everyone knows my name? Ahahaha! I knew it! With my handsome looks, which even the heavens are jealous of, how could I keep a low-profile? I knew that I would soon be envied by all men and admired by all women, ai

Long Tian Yuns eyes twitched, and the Yan Huang Alliances players stared in disbelief as their stomachs flipped and turned, feeling as if yesterdays lunch would come out.

It was a guess. I didnt think it would actually be you, Long Tian Yun said as he narrowed his eyes, Winter of That Year has remained in the top 10 of the Player Level Rankings for a long time, and is the highest-levelled Archer in all of China. However, we could never find any information regarding this unfamiliar name. And you, someone weve never seen before, were able to defeat 100 elites singlehandedly. As such, I couldnt help but link you with that name.

Winter of That Year chuckled, Really, really? It seems that youve been paying attention to my handsome self for quite some time. Dont tell me youre a loyal fan? Ahahaha! I get it, I get it. Youve admired me for a long time and after finding out that Im here, you decided to come see me with your own eyes, right? Dont worry. Im a very easy-going person, and I wont treat my fans condescendingly. Look all you want! Do you want an autograph? My handsome self has already laboriously done autographs for 30 years, and every autograph is worth tens of thousands of dollars. However, seeing how sincere you are, Ill fulfill your desire.

The expressions on the Yan Huang Alliances players faces darkened The noble Alliance Master of the Yan Huang Alliance... The number 1 person in the virtual world in China is your fan? Go screw yourself!

Long Tian Yun laughed, Indeed, Ive heard of your esteemed name before. However, theres no need for an autograph. Today, I came here to meet a legendary figure like you, as well as propose a deal.

Deal? What sort of deal? Winter of That Year asked with wide eyes.

What do you think about joining my Yan Huang Alliance? Long Tian Yun said as he smiled, Im sure youve heard of the Yan Huang Alliance before. As long as you join, I can promise that within 3 months, youll become the President of all of the Yan Huang Alliances Archers. When that time comes, let alone in China, players all over the world will know your name!

Hearing this, everyone who had come with Long Tian Yun were dumbfounded. The way they looked at Winter of That Year completely changed There were millions of Archers in the Yan Huang Alliance, and Presidents were subordinate only to the Alliance Master. He would be on the same rank as the Flame Emperor! This was a promise that the Alliance Master Long Tian Yun had personally made!

What sort of abilities did this person have?! How could the Alliance Master suddenly make such a big promise?

They didnt know what had happened earlier, but Long Tian Yun did. This Archer, with trash equipment, had singlehandedly destroyed the Flame Emperor and took down 100 elite Mages while remaining unscathed. This sort of monstrous strength qualified him to be in the top 5 in China No, top 3! If this person joined the Yan Huang Alliance, he could even replace the Sword Emperors position.

 Cang Yans face became incredibly stiff, and he couldnt utter a word. After all, this Archers strength was something that was undeniable, so it was no strange matter that Long Tian Yun would try to recruit him like this.

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