Shura's Wrath Chapter 540

Chapter 540

Over My Dead Body!

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: MindLitUp

To my knowledge, you and your friend have stood guard here for nearly 2 months, possibly even longer. Im very curious why experts like you would stay at such a place for such a long time, Long Tian Yun slowly asked.

Although Winter of That Year had reacted perfectly, he was sweating all over his body. He beat his chest as he replied, For a promise! A promise from a man to a woman! Because of this promise, I need to stand guard here! For 10 days! Alliance Master Long, Im sure you would agree that promises are incredibly important to men!

Indeed, Long Tian Yun smiled as he nodded, In that case, what sort of secret are you protecting behind you? Mind to share it with me?

Since its a secret, I naturally cant say. However, I can promise that Alliance Master Long wont be interested in this secret at all, Winter of That Year dryly laughed, Im sure Alliance Master Long wont make things difficult for me, right?

Long Tian Yun remained calm as he replied, What if I must know?

Winter of That Year shrugged, Then Ill never join the Yan Huang Alliance. Im sure Alliance Master Long isnt a person of such low tolerance.

Long Tian Yun looked at him as he spoke in an indifferent tone, Is there a difference? After all, you never planned to join the Yan Huang Alliance. If you did, you wouldnt have dared to humiliate the Flame Emperor like this. After joining, youll have to work with the Flame Emperor Even if there was enmity between you, you wouldnt continue provoking him. Moreover, you agreed too quickly. You have an important friend who youre always with. If you were truly considering joining, you would have first discussed with him. However, hes not here, and yet you agreed too readily. Do you think Id be tricked so easily?

Winter of That Years mind froze as cold sweat started to rush down his body, and he inwardly cursed Screw the Long familys 18 generations of ancestors! I hope a big rock falls down and crushes you all into pancakes!!!!

Winter of That Year knew that there was no use pretending anymore, so he once again equipped his Bow and raised it up as he said helplessly, Since Alliance Master Longs determined to see whats behind me, then theres nothing left for me to say His expression became savage as he roared, However, if you want to get past me, youll have to step over my dead body!!

Winter of That Year stood incredibly straight with his Bow raised high. His expression was no longer uninterested and lazy, but fierce and resolute. He didnt have any intention of retreating.

Step over your dead body? Long Tian Yun laughed, Theres no need for that.

Long Tian Yuns expression became cold as he gestured with his right hand, commanding, All players! Ignore him and split up as you move to the south! Ill say it again. Charge to the south as quickly as you can. Even if this person attacks you, ignore him!! Charge!!

An order from Long Tian Yun himself was the highest order in the Yan Huang Alliance. Everyone roared out as they put away their weapons and put on equipment that gave them the most Movement Speed, rushing toward the south. They all completely ignored Winter of That Year.

This caused Winter of That Year, who had prepared for a massive fight, to feel quite shocked.

Before, if the 100 people Cang Yan brought with him had all split up and charged, even Winter of That Year would not be able to stop them. However, Long Tian Yun was different than Cang Yan Cang Yan had come to kill Winter of That Year, and was not at all interested in what Cang Yan was guarding. However, Long Tian Yun was not interested in Winter of That Year, but wanted to know the secret behind him.

After Assassins did their second profession upgrade, they could either become Slayers or Shadowless. Slayers had the strongest Physical Attack Damage and explosive power, and could insta-kill unsuspecting targets, while Shadowless had the most powerful movement abilities. As such, in terms of movement abilities Shadowless were ranked first, then Slayers, then Marksmen, then Hunters. The army of over a thousand people split up into a massive line that spanned hundreds of meters and simultaneously charged.

Winter of That Year was completely dumbfounded. He had been prepared to die, and yet these people werent attacking him. If it was just 2 or 3 people, he would have just dealt with them. Even 9 or 10 people would be no problem. However, even if he had 3 heads and 6 arms, he would be unable to stop them.

He had stood guard here for almost 2 months, and had long since made this his duty. Seeing the new city grow day by day, he grown quite attached to it. Moreover, he was completely smitten with Yun Meng Xin How could he allow all of this to go to waste?

Stop right there!! All of you stop right there!!!

A Machine Gun Arrows swept out, shooting the 6 Shadowless in the front to the ground. However, there were still more than 1,000 people charging up. When he tried to attack others, the 6 people who he had shot down got back up and continued to run His equipment was simply too trash, and he was unable to insta-kill them. His obstructions, in front of so many people, were completely useless.

As he stood in shock, more than half of the Shadowless had passed by where he was and rushed south. After attacking, the Slayers also reached him and quickly passed by. Winter of That Year furiously roared and unleashed his full speed, quickly catching up to the Shadowless and Slayers as he swiftly attacked.

Every time he attacked, he would knock at least one person down. However, the army came closer and closer to the new city. Even if he put in all his effort, it would be akin to pouring a glass of water on a burning house.

Long Tian Yun continued to stand in his place. There was no need for him to personally go and look, because if the players discovered anything, they would immediately notify him. Seeing Winter of That Year desperately try to stop them, he began to feel more and more curious Just what was hidden there?

At this moment, he saw Winter of That Year suddenly stop in his tracks as he stood there.

Ha, hes given up, Long Tian Yun said as he laughed.

If he had seen Winter of That Years face, he would have seen his pupils dilate to a terrifying extent.

You forced me to do this!!

Winter of That Year spoke slowly, each word as heavy as a boulder.

Winter of That Year slowly raised his rattan wood Bow as 6 ordinary arrows were placed on the bowstring Only the Machine Gun Arrows could shoot out 6 arrows simultaneously. As he released the arrows, they streaked through the air towards the 6 people closest to him.

This was an ordinary skill using ordinary arrows, and seemed like the powerless attacks he had launched before. However, the only difference was that after shooting out those 6 arrows, he continued to maintain that posture, looking like a statue. However, his pupils continuously dilated and contracted

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

The 6 arrows all found their targets, and hit them all exactly in the centre of their foreheads! 6 Critical Hit damage figures floated up, as the 6 people who were hit fell to the ground.

Normally, unless an Archers arrows had a piercing effect, or the skill had a piercing effect, the arrows would disappear after hitting a target. Machine Gun Arrows didnt have a piercing effect, nor did Winter of That Years Bow or the arrows that he had used. However, after hitting their targets, the 6 arrows did not disappear, and instead pierced through their heads and continued forwards. In the next second, they hit another 6 people in the center of their foreheads, then once again pierced through their heads and even sped up as they hit another 6 people.

In just an instant, 18 people had fallen. However, this was not the end; it was just the beginning.

The 6 arrows did not disappear, and instead, became faster and faster. They travelled so quickly that even a hundred meters away, one could hear the sound of them tearing through the air. Soon, they reached such a speed that they couldnt be followed by the naked eye. It seemed as if these 6 arrows would never stop, and instead became like 6 deathgods scythes as they passed through 1 player every second, then 2 players every second, then 3 10 20

Their range also became larger and larger.

6 wild gusts of wind swept up on the grassy plains, within which pitiful cries sounded out. The 6 arrows continuously sped around, piercing through bodies. Thats right, the 6 arrows covered the entire area within 100 meters, creating a 100-meter-wide net. Everyone who had passed by Winter of That Year was caught within the net as the arrows pierced through their bodies

-2984, -2888, -2649, -2758, -2552

Winter of That Years Attack Power was incredibly weak, and despite his attacks resulting in a Critical Hit each time, they never exceeded 3,000 damage. However, the 6 arrows passed through over 700 targets. All of them were pierced by at least 1 arrow around every second. No matter how much HP one had, it was impossible to defend against such terrifying loss of HP. The 6 arrows created a net of annihilation, as the Yan Huang Alliances players died in droves.

The players further back stopped in their tracks as they stared at the spectacle in front of them. Half of them became so shocked that they almost lost their ability to think, and the other half slowly retreated in terror.


The storm of arrows that had persisted for 10 or so seconds suddenly stopped as the 6 arrows disappeared. The places where they had travelled left corpses strewn across the ground. Not a single player remained alive within those 100 meters.

Long Tian Yuns expression froze, and his throat became so dry that he couldnt utter a sound.

 Winter of That Year heavily fell to his knees, his eyes incredibly dim. He kept his body upright with his arms, not allowing himself to fall into unconsciousness as he spoke with a trembling, but incredibly resolute voice, If you want to get past me youll have to step over my dead body!!

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