Shura's Wrath Chapter 541

Chapter 541

Man-Made God

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: MindLitUp

The Yan Huang Alliances players all stood there transfixed, their minds completely blank after the shock of seeing what had just occurred? Did that really just happen? Was it a hallucination? Was it some sort of superpower that only appeared in sci-fi movies? Were they dreaming? The enormous grassy plains fell into a terrifying silence as everyone stood still, exactly where they were. Not a single one of them dared to advance.

Long Tian Yun felt just as shocked. However, he was the Long familys young master, and the Long family had the largest esper unit in the world. As such, Long Tian Yun had come into contact with many espers before. It was obvious to him that that shocking scene wasnt some Archer ability but that this Archer used his mental energy to control those 6 arrows, enabling them to become a hell storm of arrows!

6 arrows in the end, every arrows speed surpassed the speed of sound and each one of them had precisely hit each player in the middle of their forehead... Just how terrifying did his mental energy have to be to achieve such a thing?

Despite seeing so many espers before, Long Tian Yun had never met such a powerful one. Even Murong Xiong Tian, who was called the strongest esper in China, wasnt at such a level! In fact, this sort of power was no longer an esper ability After all, despite being powerful, esper abilities were still within the limits of an ordinary human range. What had just happened was something that could only occur in a legend! 

What sort of monster was this young man, who appeared to be no more than 20 years old? How could there be such a person in China without the Long family knowing?! After Ling Tian, how could another monster appear, which the Long family had no idea about?

Looking at Winter of That Year, who was kneeling on the ground and hadnt stood up, Long Tian Yun quickly calmed down. He looked around him as he said in a low voice, What are you all standing there for? I told you to run towards the south and ignore everything else! Are you all deaf? This person has used up all of his mental energy, and cant even stand anymore. What are you afraid of?

Hearing Long Tian Yuns voice, the Yan Huang Alliances players felt as if they had just awoken from a dream. However, the shock within their hearts couldnt be dispelled so easily, and they suppressed the trembling within their hearts as they looked at Winter of That Year in fright, finally running towards the south again.

Hearing the noise, Winter of That Year tried to get up, but whenever he tried to use his strength, the pain in his head became even worse. He felt as if his head was going to explode let alone standing up, he couldnt even speak.

Realizing they were not being stopped, the players all let out a sigh of relief as they continued to run. They ran over the corpses of the players from before and didnt even turn to look at Winter of That Year. After running far away, Winter of That Year was still kneeling in the same place.

Long Tian Yun slowly walked over and stood to the side of Winter of That Year with his hands behind his back as he calmly said, To be honest, that spectacular performance from before gave me quite a scare. From what you did just then, I can say that all of the espers Ive seen combined together are inferior to you. Moreover, youre much younger than all of them.

Hmph Winter of That Year gave a cold harrumph as he closed his eyes and calmed himself down, trying to recover as quickly as possible. He wasnt surprised that Long Tian Yun knew what he had just done.

Ive heard them talk about the consequences of overusing their mental energy a pain akin to 10,000 arrows piercing your brain... as if youve fallen to the 18th level of hell. And yet, you havent even cried out once, and even formed a complete sentence just now. I cant help but respect you... You deserve the title of a true man, Long Tian Yun said as he smiled.

Tell your people to stop! Winter of That Year said as he gritted his teeth.

Which Man-Made God are you? Long Tian Yun suddenly asked a seemingly random question.

Hearing this, Winter of That Year felt as if he heard a peal of thunder. He suddenly raised his head as a look of shock appeared in his eyes, You!

 So, I was right! Long Tian Yun frowned deeply. He hadnt expected anything out of this, but Winter of That Years reaction gave him a terrifying answer.

After Winter of That Year reacted like that, he realised Long Tian Yun had been guessing. If he was in his normal state, hearing the words Man-Made God would bring a great shock to him, but he wouldnt have reacted so intensely. However, he had used up all of his mental energy, and hearing that name, he responded instinctively.

How do you know that name!! Winter of That Years face slightly twisted, as he coldly asked.

Long Tian Yun felt utterly dismayed. He never thought that Man-Made Gods actually existed. He said in a low voice, In the Bei Zhou Citys northern parts, nearest to the North Pole, the temperature has always been below 0 degrees Celsius and is always covered with snow. There arent many people living there, and nothing usually happens there. However, a few years ago, a large number of children from 8 to 12 years old disappeared. Despite all the investigations done, nothing was found.

6 years ago, there was an explosion in the center of the Indian Ocean, which could be heard hundreds of kilometers away. Many countries worked together to investigate the source of this explosion and found a nameless island. The island was mostly blown up, and there were still some remains left Some of them had DNA that was able to be extracted. Through my Long familys investigations, we found that some of the DNA matched with the children who had gone missing from the Bei Zhou City!

Winter of That Year:

Moreover, within all the wreckage, we also discovered a bit of data that was not completely destroyed, although it was heavily damaged. After being analyzed by the worlds top deciphering experts for 2 weeks, we discovered information about the Man-Made God Plan, as well as some fragmented data about Man-Made Gods.

Long Tian Yun lowered his head as he looked at Winter of That Year and said, Your home was in the Bei Zhou City, right? You are one of those children who went missing back then. After disappearing, you were taken to that nameless island that was blown up and became one of the experiments that became known as a Man-Made God. From the information we obtained, the Man-Made God' Plan greatly reduces a persons lifespan in order to develop a terrifying ability. 

These people are able to surpass humanitys limits, and reach the level of gods. However, the consequence of such power is that their lifespan is shortened to merely another 10 years. Moreover, this cruel experiment causes the subjects to feel indescribable pain, and the success rate is terrifyingly low. Only around 1 in 1,000 experiments succeeded, and those who investigated this were all completely shocked to learn about it.

Thats the information we received from restoring the data, and it was listed as a national secret by the 5 countries who investigated it, as well. Less than 30 people in the world know about this. The mental abilities that you just displayed, combined with your age, made me think of the Man-Made Gods, so I decided to ask and see if I was right. I never thought that you would actually be a Man-Made God though, Long Tian Yun said as he frowned.

 Back then, they deduced that the explosion was caused by an experiment that went wrong and that a mysterious terrorist organization and all of their experimental subjects, were blown to smithereens. Now, it seems like this national secret wasnt as everyone thought. Youre a Man-Made God, so does that mean the terrorist organization that created you still exists? Long Tian Yun coldly asked.

Organisation? Heh Winter of That Year gave a frigid laugh, What organization? It was a single person! A person who called himself the Mad Scientist, and was terrifying beyond belief! But who would believe such a thing? Winter of That Year endured the pain in his head as he gritted his teeth and replied, That island was equipped with technology that surpassed everything on earth, and even the most high-tech of satellites couldnt detect its existence. Even boats and ships that came near were redirected away by the interference so that they could never arrive at the island. If the island hadnt exploded, none of you would have found it and the one who caused the explosion was me!


Thats right! Thinking back to the scene from that year, a look of delight appeared on Winter of That Years face, I waited for a rare opportunity and blew up the island. I thought that I would definitely die, but unexpectedly, I survived. However, I fell into a coma for a few years. When I woke up, I was already back in China. As for the terrorist organization Hehehe... It would be best for you if they died in that explosion. However, if they havent died, even if there were 10 Long families, you wouldnt be able to find them.

 Long Tian Yun looked at him as he asked, Is Hundred Miles of Ice also a Man-Made God?

Thats right! Winter of That Year didnt deny it, There were 3,000 experimental subjects for the Man-Made God' Plan, and only 4 were successfully lived. Hundred Miles of Ice and I were 2 of them. After the explosion, we were the only survivors. Feeling relieved?

Long Tian Yun thought for a moment before slowly saying, From the amount of time that has passed and your age, it seems that your life should almost be up, right?

The power Winter of That Year had displayed was simply shocking. However, he had obtained this power at the cost of 90% of his lifespan if it was Long Tian Yun, even if he was offered 10 times as much power, he wouldnt accept such a trade.

Ill have to disappoint you, his headache was receding, and Winter of That Years mind was recovering at an incredible rate, Hundred Miles of Ice and I still have about a year to live. Within that year, we can do many things.

 1 year, was it? Long Tian Yun looked at him meaningfully as he calmly said, Join my Yan Huang Alliance then. Im sure you dont want the power that you exchanged with your lives to go to waste. If you join my Yan Huang Alliance, youll be able to fully use your powers. Moreover, as the Alliance Master, I can promise you that your position will only be lower to mine, and youll be famous everywhere under the heavens. Most importantly Long Tian Yuns eyes flashed as he said in a low voice, With my Long familys abilities, perhaps we can find a way to extend your life spans! 

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