Shura's Wrath Chapter 542

Chapter 542


Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: MindLitUp

You want me to join the Yan Huang Alliance and become your Long familys lackey? Winter of That Year asked, as he coldly laughed.

Lackey? Long Tian Yun shook his head, If you join the Yan Huang Alliance, itll merely be a relationship of cooperation between us. Ill borrow your power to fulfill my goals, and you can receive whatever you want from us. If you feel that we cant give you what you want, or that what weve given you is less than what youve given us, then you can leave and we wont try to stop you. I simply cant understand why youre hesitating. Dont you think that wasting the power youve obtained, at the cost of your lifespan, is incredibly stupid?

So, what if its stupid... if its for a promise that you made? Winter of That Year coldly smiled, Since I dont have long to live, why cant I live as I wish? I just want to do the things that I want to do. For the things I dont want to do, even if the Emperor of Heaven kneels down and begs me, I still wont do them.

Long Tian Yun raised his eyebrows as he said, Promise? You said that you made a promise to a woman. It seems that that woman is quite important to you. In that case, you probably harbor some romantic feelings towards this woman, but you know that given your circumstances all you can do is bury those feelings inside your heart. Moreover, you feel inferior to her. As such, you didnt say anything, and only stood guard here for her, right?

Winter of That Year was speechless Long Tian Yun was completely correct.

If you join my Yan Huang Alliance, Ill make that woman yours. How about that? Long Tian Yun said, smiling calmly. To him, this was an incredibly simple matter because there were very few women who his Long family couldnt control.

No need to answer quickly, before Winter of That Year could reply, Long Tian Yun continued, Ill give you enough time to think about it. Right now, your mind isnt too well, so have a think about my words after youve fully recovered.

After speaking, Long Tian Yun turned and began walking toward the south. He truly wanted to rope in Winter of That Year. The power Ling Tian had displayed in the East Ocean Continent was like a nightmare to him, making it difficult for him to eat and sleep. He desperately needed someone who could suppress Ling Tian, and he saw this hope within Winter of That Year! Moreover, as a Man-Made God, Hundred Miles of Ices strength would be similar to Winter of That Years!

Long Tian Yun remembered that in the previous China Mock Battle, the silent Hundred Miles of Ice was the greatest dark horse. He slaughtered his way into the top 10, and he was given the right to enter the Heaven Rankings, causing all of the Chinese players to know of this solitary swordsmans name. In the Heaven Ranking Battles, he defeated Xiao Qiu Feng, then battled the Sword Emperor, Feng Xie Yu However, never appeared at that battle, and Feng Xie Yu had won by default.

In the end, Xiao Qiu Feng was ranked 6th out of the 9 people who had shown up. However, because he was defeated by Hundred Miles of Ice, Hundred Miles of Ice was ranked 6th, while he was ranked 7th. 

 In other words, this result was only because Hundred Miles of Ice had suddenly left! Most people guessed that Hundred Miles of Ice had left because he knew he was no match for the Sword Emperor, so he attempted to save face by skipping the battle. That was what Long Tian Yun had originally thought too However, now he knew that things may have been different than they appeared at the time.

It was very likely that Hundred Miles of Ice was trying to hide his true power!

If he could recruit Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ice into the Yan Huang Alliance, adding on the equipment that the Yan Huang Alliance could provide, they could definitely defeat Ling Tian! When the time was right, they could even bring them to the Long family and extract the secrets of the Man-Made Gods by experimenting on them... Once they did this, the Long family would be able to mass-create these 'Man-Made Gods'. When that happened, who could possibly stand up to the Long family?

In just a few breaths of time, countless ideas sped through Long Tian Yuns mind. He had walked quite far away, and yet Winter of That Year had not yet caught up The mental fatigue he was dealing with was not something that could be overcome quickly.

Alliance Master!! Weve discovered something!!

The voice coming from his communication device was incredibly excited. Long Tian Yun stopped walking as his eyes became serious, Speak!

 Less than 10 kilometers away from this town, theres a city under construction No, its nearly complete! The citys quite large, and because were quite far away we cant confirm if its a city built by players. Although its unlikely, if it is then

A city? And it was about to be completed?

Blood rushed to Long Tian Yuns head, becoming so excited that he nearly dropped the communication device he was holding in his hand.

It was a city! A players city! He had been correct!

Apart from building a city, what could take such a long time? Moreover, there were 2 super-experts guarding here, day and night, for a few months!

That meant that a few months ago, someone had already obtained a City Creation Token! The only City Creation Token of the region!

A City Creation Token was the only thing that gave players the right to build a city in the virtual world. Moreover, in the virtual world, only 1 city could be built by players in each region. In that case, this city would become the capital for all players, while the owner of this city would become an emperor! Who wouldnt want such honor and glory? Long Tian Yun desired it so much that it was almost an obsession! After more and more people in the Yan Huang Alliance completed the second profession upgrade, he had ordered the entire Yan Huang Alliance to obtain the City Creation Token at all costs!

 However, who would have thought that someone had already obtained the City Creation Token a few months ago, and the new city was about to be completed!

Long Tian Yuns body erupted with sweat If Cang Yan hadnt stumbled across this place If he hadnt come here personally he would only have found out about the new city after it was complete. When that time came, it would have been too late. This was because other factions could only attack and stop a city from being built while it was still being constructed. Moreover, because this was a battle between players, NPCs could not interfere. However, if the city was complete, the situation was different. If the city was completed and NPCs were residing there, they could also retaliate and protect the city.

How could players fight against high-leveled NPCs? Even if no NPCs were residing within the city, the owner of the city could recruit some high-leveled City Guards from main cities, or the Royal City, and use them as their own City Guards. Those LV100 City Guards could slice apart players like vegetables. As such, even for the Yan Huang Alliance, taking down a completed city would be incredibly difficult.

However, what Long Tian Yun never expected was that within the new city were Mysterious God grade beings, like Greenwood. If the new city was fully constructed, even if the Yan Huang Alliance attacked with their full strength, they would be decimated as easily as Greenwood waving his head.

Hurry up and confirm which faction that city belongs to! Long Tian Yun roared out, That side should know that all of you are drawing near, so theyll have many troops stationed there. Even if you all die, I want to know who the owner of the city is!!

 After hanging up, Long Tian Yuns expression changed as he quickly hurried over. He wanted to personally have a look at this new city!

Just as he had expected, because Winter of That Year was unable to stop all of them, he must have reported to the new city to make preparations However, what he would never have expected was that there was only a single player guarding thereYun Meng Xin. There were no defensive troops at all!

The construction of the new city was still ongoing, and it had not stopped since the very first day.

The most glamorous Administrative Region was already complete, and the construction spread out from there, creating the outline of a beautiful city. After working for a few months, the Dwarves remained just as enthusiastic. Every day, they wiped their sweat, ate delicious food, and watched in delight as their new home came closer and closer to completion. They felt an incredible amount of joy every day. The Fairies were not idle either; some of them used their special abilities to transport wood and stones from the Fairy Forest, and others continuously cast their blessing magic, helping the Dwarves recover their strength.

Big sister! Big sister! Oh no, there are so many people coming over! Big sister!

CaiEr flapped her wings as she hurriedly flew over, crying out in panic. Yun Meng Xin turned around, her eyes also filled with worry Just then she had received a message from Winter of That Year saying that they had been exposed. Whats more, it was Long Tian Yun who had personally led an army here!

 CaiEr, dont worry. The heavens wont let all of our hard work to go to waste. Tell your father and all of the Dwarves not to worry. I know how to deal with them.

After smiling and reassuring CaiEr, then watching CaiEr hurriedly fly away, Yun Meng Xin stood as she faced towards the north, watching the black dots come closer and closer.

Xiao Xue, theres a very unfortunate piece of news.

Weve been exposed? that was the worst thing that could happen, but also the thing that was most likely, as well.

Thats right. Whats more, the people who found us are the Yan Huang Alliance. Long Tian Yun also personally came, Yun Meng Xin spoke into her communication device.

Li Xiao Xue fell silent for a while before replying, That worthless little fox must have smelt something. How many people did he bring?

He probably came to scout this place out, so he only brought 1,000 or so people. Now that weve been found out, Long Tian Yun definitely wont allow the construction of the city to go on. In order to take the City Creation Token, I wouldnt be surprised to see him mobilize the entire Yan Huang Alliance, Yun Meng Xin said pensively.

You dont sound very worried, though, Li Xiao Xue replied with an interested look on her face.

 Yun Meng Xin gave a light laugh, Because you said that if this happened, youll be able to contact Ling Tian.

Hehe, Li Xiao Xue laughed, the Yan Huang Alliance has tens of millions of players! If it was just protecting himself, Im sure it would be impossible for them to kill him. However, even if he had 10,000 hands, he wouldnt be able to protect such a large city. Blindly worshipping someone isnt good, you know...

However, no matter how desperate the situation, hell be able to rescue it. No matter how impossible something is, hell still be able to do it. Thats the impression he has given me. He is the only person I am willing to blindly follow, Yun Meng Xin said as she smiled.

Alright, alright, Li Xiao Xue said in a strange voice, Ill immediately contact big brother Ling Tian, who you blindly worship and will blindly follow. My Snow Moon Loulan will also immediately go over to defend the city However, right now, youre the only person there. What are you going to do?

 After being blocked by Winter of That Year, there are only a few hundred people left. Long Tian Yun wont use these few hundred people to do anything. Im sure that after he has personally confirmed it, he will leave. In order to destroy this new city, hell immediately have to return to make preparations, as opposed to wasting time here. After pausing, Yun Meng Xin continued, Hell probably gather more than 1 million people to attack, so as to destroy the new city in one fell swoop. According to my rough estimates, the earliest hell be able to organize so many people will be around midnight, and at the latest, early morning tomorrow."

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