Shura's Wrath Chapter 546

Chapter 546

For Her

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: MindLitUp

What happened? Seeing Yun Meng Xins eyes become lifeless, Greenwood frowned as he asked caringly.

Yun Meng Xin put down the communication device, and her stiff expression was replaced with a smile. Li Xiao Xues news caused her heart to fall into disarray, but she couldnt panic. At least, on the surface she couldnt panic, because her emotions would also affect the Fairies and the Dwarves, Chief Greenwood, Chief Dilo, please rest assured that we will definitely get through this without any trouble. Chief Greenwood, I remember that your clan can use Natures energy to quickly grow vines. Is that possible here? And if so, how long can the vines remain for?

Chief Greenwood seemed to understand what Yun Meng Xin was thinking. His eyes lit up as he nodded, This place is quite close to the Fairy Forest, so Natures energy is quite dense here. Although the efficacy cant compare to when were within the Fairy Realm, its definitely possible. The vines that we create will remain forever unless theyre destroyed or we release them. For the current otherworlders, the walls of vines put up by ordinary Fairies will take them quite some time to destroy.

Very well. Chief Greenwood, as well as all of the other Fairy friends, please build a wall of vines that are at least 5 meters tall and 45 kilometers long at the north end of the new city. Of course, the longer it is, the better. Chief Greenwood, with all of the Fairies helping, is it possible to do this before the end of today?

 Greenwood thought for a moment before solemnly nodding, It should be no problem. However, the west, east, and south we wont be able to cover those.

Yun Meng Xin shook her head, Its fine; its more important that we protect the north. Before, even with the strength of the current players, it was only possible for a very small number of people to reach this place. However, for Long Tian Yun to bring so many people this last time, the only possibility is that they found a safe route from a town in the north to here. This sort of route is incredibly rare, and its essentially impossible for them to find another one. 

As such, if they want to attack the city, they will need to first arrive at Little Peace Town, then go to the Azure Forest Village. If Long Tian Yun bought teleport scrolls from the Azure Forest Village, its likely theyll directly teleport there. No matter where they attack from, theyll come from the north. If they try to attack from other directions, theyll need to pass through high-level monster territories, which might decimate their troops before they even arrive. Thus, we only need to protect the north.

Ill immediately take the Fairy Clan to do this! Knowing how dire the situation was, Greenwood didnt dare to dally and quickly left.

Chief Dilo, please tell all of the Dwarf friends that your job is to complete the new city as soon as possible. These few days, please stay calm and put all of your efforts into building the city. Dont worry about anything else! No matter how fierce the battle outside is, or how desperate the situation seems, ignore it all. Even if the enemies have broken through our defenses and have rushed into the city standing right next to you, just ignore them. By doing your best to construct the city, all of you will be fighting an important fight.

 I understand! We Dwarves will do our best to fight to protect our home! The heavens will protect all of us! Dilo spoke emotionally as he raised his hands high in the air. He then turned and rushed back into the new city while yelling, and personally joined the other Dwarves in constructing the city. The Fairies all gathered together, then split into 2 teams, which headed to the west and east even CaiEr was included among them. A 5-meter-tall, 1-meter thick wall of vines sprouted out from the ground amidst green light, rapidly extending in an arc towards the north.

By now, Yun Meng Xin had completely calmed down. She picked up her communication device as she called Yun Feng, Big brother, theres something I need your help with Where are you? Ill talk to you face to face.

After asking where Yun Feng was, Yun Meng Xin disappeared amidst a flash of white light, leaving behind the perplexed Winter of That Year. Seeing the wall of green vines rapidly extending, his jaw dropped as he scratched his head and stamped his feet. He heard some noise behind him as he suddenly turned around and saw Hundred Miles of Ice, who had finally returned. His emotions burst out, Boss!!!!!! Why did you take so long!!!!

Hundred Miles of Ice expressionlessly took a step back. He was already used to outbursts like this as he calmly replied, Quest.

Hundred Miles of Ices calmness made Winter of That Year want to go crazy. He roared, Something bad happened, you know!! This place was discovered! And it was the Yan Huang Alliance, personally led by Long Tian Yun!!!!

 Hundred Miles of Ices eyebrows jumped. Evidently, this piece of news affected even him greatly.

Previously, he had stood guard with Winter of That Year in front of the Azure Forest Village because of Winter of That Year. However, Winter of That Year hadnt decided to leave after calming down. Instead, he had continued to stand guard. After a while, guarding the new city had become a duty he had set for himself. His reward was the satisfaction of seeing the new city grow day by day, as well as a faint sense of happiness.

Forget it Boss, I cant really blame you for this. No one could have known that this would happen while you were away. I can only blame myself for being useless, Winter of That Year sat on the ground as he powerlessly spoke and looked at the wall of vines. No one, including Yun Meng Xin, blamed Winter of That Year. She felt only gratitude towards him, as well as that she owed him. The only person who felt guilty was Winter of That Year, who put all of the blame on himself.

Boss, while I was still unconscious, you entered the virtual world and have many more years of experience than I do. You understand the Yan Huang Alliance more than I do, and you definitely know that the Yan Huang Alliance wont allow this city to exist. However, both of us know that the new city has practically no defenses... Only tens of thousands of Dwarves and a few thousand Fairies, but theyre all NPCs. 

You told me that at its peak, the Yan Huang Alliance had tens of millions of players. How can this weak city survive? He pointed in front of him, With just this wall of vines? Its created by the powerful Fairies, and a player would not be able to open a hole even in hours. However, facing hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of players, how long can it last?

 Hundred Miles of Ice silently sat down next to Winter of That Year, his eyebrows still knit into a frown.

Winter of That Year continued to speak, I wasnt able to keep the promise that I so boldly made; it was all because of me. As such, no matter what, I must take responsibility. Ill stay here and defend against the intruders Even I cant stop them anymore Even if I have to use that ability.

Hearing Winter of That Years words, the calm Hundred Miles of Ice suddenly stood up as he stared at him.

Heh You think Im crazy, right? Or maybe that Ive become incredibly stupid? Winter of That Year laughed self-mockingly, I made a promise to someone who I had just met and stood guard here for a few months, using up what little of my lifespan I had left. I completely ruined my plan of traveling around the entire Mystic Moon, and I even dragged you in with me. And now, in order to make up for my failure, Im willing to make myself turn into an idiot Boss, you must think that Im the most ridiculous person in the world, right?

Hundred Miles of Ice:

 Boss, have you ever met someone where the instant you saw her you felt as if your body, soul, and even the whole world was melting? To the point that you couldnt feel yourself breathing, or your own heartbeat? When she speaks, you believe theres nothing more beautiful in the world? Or that her eyes are so beautiful that you dont dare to keep looking for fear of defiling them? A person who your soul tells you to give everything for them, despite not knowing who they are, or if theyre a good person or bad person?

Hundred Miles of Ice:

Winter of That Year closed his eyes as he said softly, Im sure you havent met such a person, or you would have acted even more stupid than I am now. However, I met such a person. My brain capacity is far greater than a normal persons, so perhaps thats why I reacted much stronger than most people would to such a thing. However, Ive completely fallen for her. Before, I only used silly ways to flirt with pretty girls for fun. After all, I only have 1 year of lifespan left, so I want to have fun. However, Im not playing around this time. Although I know Im not good enough for her, and that she already has someone else within her heart, I don't care.

Perhaps if I had a normal persons lifespan, I would do my best to chase after her. However, I dont have that sort of right. If she really fell for me, I would be overjoyed, but I would silently leave to a place where she could never find me so that she could forget about me

 Haha... Of course, thats impossible. As such, I can rest easy. Boss, do you know how happy and blissful I feel to be able to see her everyday, and to help her? I feel that, apart from not being able to meet my parents again, theres nothing else that I regret in this life.

Hundred Miles of Ice slowly sat back down next to Winter of That Year and remained silent. He had never met someone like what Winter of That Year had just described. However, something that would never change was that he would protect this person next to him and never abandon him. 

Back then, during the intense explosion, Winter of That Year had used his body to shield him and had lost consciousness for 6 years as a result. He had walked along the boundary between life and death countless times. After Winter of That Year finally woke up after those 6 years, how could Hundred Miles of Ice abandon him?


 A dark world:

Within the perfectly dark world Ling Chen had no idea where he was going, nor did he know how much time had passed. He was pulled forward by the Lunar Scourge, unable to see anything at all.

Where is this place?

Wheres the Lunar Scourge taking me?

These 2 questions surfaced in Ling Chens mind thousands of times.

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