Shura's Wrath Chapter 547

Chapter 547

Desperate Straits

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: MindLitUp

Within the dark world Ling Chen had no idea that already half a day had passed in the outside world, nor did he know how desperately he was needed. Although there were countless people calling for him and hoping for him to appear, he, who had been cut off from the rest of the world, definitely would not make it back in time.

There were more and more players who had completed their second profession upgrade, and every day, there would be countless more players rushing towards their second profession upgrade. As this happened, the date for the Royal City to be unlocked came closer and closer. Many large guilds and families had long since made preparations to charge into the Royal City as soon as it opened.

During this period of time, where the focus was second profession upgrade and the Royal City, extremely explosive news spread out among the Forgotten Continents players.

What? Constructing a city? Almost complete? 2,000 square kilometers? And its not the Yan Huang Alliance Are you sure?!

Did you hear? Our China regions City Creation Token was dropped ages ago! The new city is almost complete, and its said that the city is to the south of the Azure Forest Village! This has been completely verified! Moreover, it doesnt belong to the Yan Huang Alliance! If it was the Yan Huang Alliance, the entire world would have known about this by now; why would they do it so secretively?

Of course, I heard about it! Who doesnt know about this? This is something that was confirmed by the Yan Huang Alliance; its definitely true. Holy crap, which big faction was so OP that they obtained a City Creation Token so early? However, now that theyve been discovered by the Yan Huang Alliance, theyre completely screwed. The Yan Huang Alliance will definitely go destroy it so that the City Creation Token will appear again, and then snatch over the City Creation Token! What? They havent even finished constructing it? Fudge! Wont it just be like playing around for the Yang Huang Alliance then? If they can save this city, Ill run around the Forgotten Continent 3 times!

Alliance master! Big news! The City Creation Token has appeared, and the new city is about to be completed. Its to the south, and we dont know who it belongs to!


President! We just received a shocking report! The City Creation Token youve been looking for has already been found Theyre building a city south of the Azure Forest Village!


All members, pay heed! Each of the 5 halls are to assemble all players within 5 hours. Apart from those necessary to defend, our entire alliance will gather at our headquarters! This operation will affect our honor and future development, so no absences will be excused!


To be able to construct a players city is my, as well as the entire alliances, dream. We have the ability and power to construct a magnificent city, but weve never been able to obtain a City Creation Token. This is our biggest chance! We definitely cant let this opportunity slip by. Assemble the entire alliance!


The City Creation Token has appeared, and we dont need to look for it! This time, the Yan Huang Alliance is determined to obtain it, as are many other factions. However, we still have a chance! Were going to fight for it honorably! Weaklings have no right to possess the City Creation Token. Brothers, assemble the entire alliance! How can we miss out on this battle? Were the truly powerful ones! Even if the Yan Huang Alliance snatches it before us, well take it from them!


As the news about the new city spread, the entire virtual world almost exploded. In every country the appearance of a City Creation Token caused a massive frenzy. This time, it created an even greater uproar because the new city did not belong to the Yan Huang Alliance.

This made players feel incredibly shocked and excited, and it caused countless factions to go crazy because they saw the hope of stealing the City Creation Token!

After talking to Yun Meng Xin and learning about the situation, Yun Feng froze, unable to speak for a while. He never would have thought that Yun Meng Xin had been acting mysterious, constantly disappearing over the past few months, because she was constructing a new city! The shock it brought to him was greater than even Mars hitting Earth! The words constructing a city were simply too dumbfounding.

Hearing that the new city had been exposed less than 3 days away from completion, and that it was Long Tian Yun who had discovered it, Yun Feng was horrified. He, of all people, knew what this meant.

Just as his forehead began to rapidly sweat, his communication device started ringing. Because Yun Meng Xin was present, and he felt incredibly anxious, he didnt immediately pick it up. However, the communication device repeatedly rang out, forcing him to pick it up. Just as he was about to roar out in anger, he heard the report from the other side, causing his face to become ashen.

What happened? Seeing Yun Fengs face, Yun Meng Xin felt that something was off.

A very bad piece of news, Yun Feng gritted his teeth. If Yun Meng Xin hadnt told him that the new city belonged to her, hearing this news would have made him incredibly excited, and he would have gone to see the fun. However, now that he knew it was hers, this piece of information was incredibly terrible, Long Tian Yuns so sinister and malicious! He spread the news about the new city!

Yun Feng spoke somewhat hoarsely. This piece of news was simply too cruel to Yun Meng Xin, who was already so powerless.

What?! Yun Meng Xin felt as if she had been struck by lightning, and her body began to sway.

Yun Feng gripped his fists together, the whites of his knuckles showing, According to normal logic, after discovering the new city Long Tian Yun should have suppressed this information, then secretly destroyed the new city to obtain the City Creation Token. With the Yan Huang Alliances power, this should have been extremely easy. However, if this news was spread other guilds and alliances would come to fight for the City Creation Token as well, hindering the Yan Huang Alliance and yet, Long Tian Yun has spread this news. Long Tian Yun is not an idiot; the only reason he would do such a thing is because he knows of the relationship between you and the new city!

Yun Feng became more and more emotional as he spoke, and his forehead beginning to drip in a cold sweat, More likely than not, he spread the news so that the ones who wanted to destroy the new city went from just the Yan Huang Alliance, to countless factions, destroying any hope you have. This is partially revenge for you rejecting him and causing him to lose face. At the same time, he wants to force you to beg him for mercy, or to simply hand over the City Creation Token to him. Moreover, he wants you to know that despite there being so many people desiring the City Creation Token he will still obtain it in the end. He wants to show his arrogance and might to you; he wants to tell you that youll never be able to escape from within his palm.

Ding Ding

Yun Meng Xins communication device rang and Yun Meng Xin, who appeared to have spaced out, only picked it up after 3 seconds. Looking at the name, "Flowing Clouds and Flying Snow, Yun Meng Xin quickly answered it, Xiao Xue, Ling Tian, he he

He still hasnt responded. Tian Tian has been calling him the entire time Li Xiao Xues voice sounded quite helpless, and after pausing she gave a sigh as she spoke, Meng Xin, you probably know of that piece of bad news, right?

Mm, Yun Meng Xin said as she nodded.

Before, with just the Yan Huang Alliance, we were already in a hopeless situation But now, even if Ling Tian appears, nothing will change Meng Xin, tell me your plans, Li Xiao Xue said slowly. Her words were quite cruel, but they were the cold, hard truth.

Plans Yun Meng Xins vision became a bit hazy. If Ling Tian didnt come, how would she defend the city? Perhaps the main defensive force would be Li Xiao Xues Snow Moon Loulan, and maybe her big brother would also take the risk to help her. However, what else was there?

With these meager forces, even defending against the Yan Huang Alliance alone was wishful thinking, let alone countless other forces. Trying to defend would simply result in the people who tried to help her losing everything There was no other outcome. Moreover, with countless factions attacking, even if Ling Tian returned, he wouldnt be able to defend against all of them. 

Give up? At least if they didnt retaliate, they could prevent much death and great losses


Yun Meng Xin closed her eyes as countless scenes from the beginning of the new city, through the construction progress, flashed through her mind. She softly spoke, Ling Tian gave me the City Creation Token, but what he gave me wasnt just a token that contained countless peoples dreams; it also contained hope for me, as well as the destroyed Hearts Dream. He not only left behind the City Creation Token, but also many other things, and described how he had met the Fairy Clan and Dwarf Clan. At that time, he had already made a plan, but he didnt tell me. Instead, he gave me these things because he wanted me to create Hearts Dreams future and hope, myself. This was the first time in my life that I believed I could control my own fate.

As such, I started to work hard, and found you, the Fairy Clan, and the Dwarf Clan. I then went through the Forgotten Continents history, as well as the rules related to building a city. Afterwards, I focused all of my time and effort into constructing the new city, and did not leave it, day or night. If this new city was built, I would be able to finally have my own freedom. I could wait for Qi Qi and Su Su to come back, and witness an even greater and more glorious Hearts Dream.

In order to not let their race go extinct, the Fairy Clan left the Fairy Realm and decided to build their new home in the human world. Every Fairy has done its best, using all of the resources they had stockpiled to help the construction of the city to go faster; they even used mystical wood and mystic stones from the Fairy Realm...

And the Dwarf Clan, Xiao Xue, theyve been working even harder. Every day, all of the Dwarves are covered in sweat, but their smiles are incredibly jubilant. Even the elderly, whose hands and feet shake, and who use walking sticks, work every day, and refuse to rest... Children who have just learned to walk look forward to growing up so they too can help out, because the new city is their hope and their future. If the new city was destroyed, do you know how cruel this would be to them?

2 streaks of tears slid down Yun Meng Xins face, I will continue to protect the new city no matter what; even if Ling Tian doesnt appear, I wont give up. Ling Tian once told us that no matter how desperate the situation seems or how difficult the task is, as long as were still alive, we cant give up. Because if we dont give up, then a miracle might just happen.

Li Xiao Xue gave a long sigh, I understand. Meng Xin, just like you, I will persist until the end. Snow Moon Loulan has 90,000 players in total, and all of them will arrive in front of the new city within 3 hours. Thats all I can do. Also, not too long ago the Skyfall Dynasty broke off our partnership. However, even if we were still in a partnership, the Skyfall Dynasty still would not help us. After all, theyre one of the biggest contenders for the City Creation Token. 

I understand, Yun Meng Xin replied as she gently wiped the tears from her face.

Meng Xin, you also have your big bro! Yun Feng said. Yun Meng Xins words greatly moved him; she had put everything into this new city. If the new city was destroyed, it was possible that her entire world would shatter. Yun Feng grinned, Im going all out this time! Ill bring the entire Disillusion Alliance within 6 hours!

 The Disillusion Alliance was a subsidiary guild of the Yan Huang Alliance. Yun Feng knew exactly what the consequences of this were, but at this moment in time, he couldnt care less. Even if it was akin to a grasshopper stopping a car, in order to protect his little sisters new city, he had to bet everything could.

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