Shura's Wrath Chapter 555

Chapter 555

Taking Down the Chief Within An Army

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: MindLitUp

The incredibly powerful heavy cavalry was almost completely wiped out by the Sword Emperor. Their strength wasnt able to deal any losses to the enemy, and instead, caused themselves a huge disaster. Under such circumstances, it was possible for people to calm down and quickly regroup, but this was not the same for their frightened mounts! Before players who had been thrown off could even stand up, they would be once again sent flying by mounts that were desperately looking for their owners. 

Just like that, hundreds of thousands of players and horses were thrown around, stampeding on each other. In fact, some people even died from being repeatedly bashed. The unstoppable charging machine had been turned into an absolute mess and had even blocked the non-cavalry players behind them.

With something of such a large scale, they would not be able to reorganize within a short period. A single person had caused all of this The Sword Emperor, with her near magical performance, had stopped 200,000 heavy cavalries by herself.

In the distance to the north, tens of guilds watched from afar, preparing to make a move. As they watched the Yan Huang Alliances heavy cavalry charge out, their hearts trembled. With their own forces, facing such an onslaught, they would be annihilated. However, the Sword Emperor did cause their eyeballs almost to pop out.

This This is The Sword Emperor? The previous rank 1 on the Heaven Rankings?

 A single person took down hundreds of thousands of heavy cavalries! Ohmygod, is that even humanly possible?

This isnt the level of an emperor anymore but of a god!

Ive long since heard that the Sword Emperor betrayed the Yan Huang Alliance, and seeing the Sword Emperor now attacking the Yan Huang Alliance, it seems that hes decided to protect the new city. The Sword Emperors a terrifying monster, and now that the Yan Huang Alliance has lost him, its like theyve lost an arm. The Sword Emperor becoming their enemy is a complete nightmare for the Yan Huang Alliance!

He can completely change the tides of the battle because hes the Sword Emperor!

He seems even more powerful than before!

The Sword Emperors performance, which lasted less than a minute, caused the big bosses of all the guilds to remember her name in fear. They decided never to offend this person. After all, offending an expert just meant having a powerful enemy; they could simply destroy that person with numbers. However, offending the Sword Emperor That would be an unending nightmare.

Over on the side of the new city, Yun Feng and the others stared with their mouths wide open, their eyes bulging as they spaced out. Within them, only Mu Bing Yao had fought with the Sword Emperor before and was defeated, so she somewhat knew of the Sword Emperors strength. 

 However, seeing the Sword Emperors current strength, Mu Bing Yao was dumbfounded. She knew that the Sword Emperor always kept her sword on her and that her attacks were so fast that they couldnt be followed by the naked eye, and could cut enemies into pieces in an instant. However, she never knew that the Sword Emperor could wield her swords without even holding them, and the speed was simply incredible. Her skills had reached a level of perfection, and her using two swords was even more incredible.

So So amazing, Winter of That Year said as he stared. As he spoke, he deeply gulped as he thought of him thoughtlessly attacking the Sword Emperor to provoke her. He rubbed his neck as he felt cold sweat flow down his body. Hundred Miles of Ices gaze followed the Sword Emperors body, and his eyes burned with a strange light. This Sword Emperor was a completely different person to the one he knew! Could this be the Sword Emperors true power?

As he watched the cavalry collapse, Yun Feng finally remembered what he should be done. He equipped his weapons with a whoosh as he charged forwards while yelling, Brothers and sisters! Do you see that? The Yan Huang Alliances heavy cavalry arent so great! Before theyve even reached us, theyve started trampling on themselves. With the Sword Emperor standing on our side, what do we have to be afraid of? This is our chance Brothers and sisters, charge! Kill them all!!

Yun Feng almost tore his throat apart yelling, and his thundering voice caused the hearts of the players of the Disillusion Alliance and Snow Moon Loulan to tremble. Looking at the fearsome cavalry, which was in complete disarray, their fear completely disappeared as their blood started to boil. 


The Disillusion Alliance let out a heaven-shaking roar as they raised their weapons and ran as fast as they could towards the Yan Huang Alliances army. Their battle cry was not at all inferior to the one given by the Yan Huang Alliance before, and the Snow Moon Loulan charged right behind them.

The heavy cavalrys might come from their charging abilities, which was incredibly destructive. Now, it was impossible for them to perform the same charge that they had unleashed before. Shield Bearers main was most useful against powerful Bosses, but in large, chaotic battles, they could only do some blocking and dealt very little damage. It was difficult for them to keep up in a fast-paced battle, and while they were still in chaos and disarray, the Disillusion Alliance and Snow Moon Loulan had charged up. They were all still trying to stand up and find their mounts and had no time to get into formation.

Like two massive waves, the attackers, and defenders finally clashed. Countless icy glints of weapons appeared as they mercilessly attacked their enemies.

The fierce battle had finally officially begun. Vicious roars, pitiful wails, and furious cries, as well as the sounds of weapons clashing, were deafening and filled the battlefield. The 2 armies merged, forming a chaotic sea of people.

 Because of how large the 2 armies were, the line of battle became longer and longer. The Yan Huang Alliance possessed an absolute advantage regarding numbers, but because of the chaos caused by the heavy cavalry at the front, the backline was completely blocked off and was unable to fight. As such, they could not capitalize on their numbers advantage. As for the defenders, with the Sword Emperor as their mental support, they rushed up without any regard for their lives as they mercilessly attacked the Shield Bearers. The Archers at the back continuously let loose arrows. At this point, there was no point aiming- randomly shooting was guaranteed to hit enemies, due to how densely packed they were.

This trash! These bastards!!

Long Tian Yun, who had retreated to the center of the army, was so furious that he was trembling. He had thought that the heavy cavalry would be more than enough to crush the weak defenders. After all, the other side only had 1/10 of the total forces that they had. It would be incredibly easy to deal with them. However, he never expected the Sword Emperor to appear, and use her monstrous abilities to send the heavy cavalry into complete disarray. If the Sword Emperor had originally been his enemy, that wouldnt have been much. However, the Sword Emperor had once been part of the Yan Huang Alliance, and had followed his orders!

Long Tian Yun simply couldnt understand why she had betrayed him.

After the battle started, it was his Yan Huang Alliance that was on the defensive. This was a great humiliation to Long Tian Yun. He smashed his fist into the tigers head below him as he roared, Feng Xie Yu!! Give me a goddamn explanation why youre doing this!!

 Just as he spoke, he suddenly felt something and looked up. His pupils dilated as the gray bird sped towards him at a shocking speed. On the giant birds back, the Sword Emperors gray cloak billowed, emanating Sword Qi.

Lord Lord Sword Emperor! Protect the Alliance Master! Protect the Alliance Master!

By the time Long Tian Yun had discovered the Sword Emperor, his golden guardians also noticed her. They panicked as they did their best to quickly form an Iron Drum Formation, surrounding Long Tian Yun in the middle. The Lightning Falcon was simply too fast and was flying high in the air, so it was simply unstoppable. It arrived above Long Tian Yun in the blink of an eye. More and more people gathered around Long Tian Yun to defend him, but not a single one of them felt at ease, and their hearts trembled- because they were facing a legend among Chinese players- the Sword Emperor!

As the Lightning Falcon cried out, 2 silvers, single-handed swords appeared in the Sword Emperors hands These 2 swords were at most Silver grade, but in the Sword Emperors hands, they were hundreds, if not thousands, of times more terrifying than Mysterious God grade equipment in normal players hands. The instant the players saw the silver light within the Sword Emperors hands, a wave of coldness flowed through their hearts.


The swords streaked like comets towards Long Tian Yun. The crowd charged up, using their bodies to prevent these 2 swords from harming Long Tian Yun. If these were arrows, they could use their bodies to block them. Similarly, if they were spells, they could also use the same tactic. However, these swords came from the Sword Emperor, and each was full of a boundless sword intent. How could they stop them like that?

Chi chi chi chi chi chi

The 2 swords pierced through all of the bodies that tried to block it as if they were thin sheets of paper. Let alone stop, they didnt even slow down the swords. The swords pierced through more than 30 people, piercing towards Long Tian Yuns chest. At this moment, 2 loud cries sounded out from Long Tian Yuns sides. They came from 2 players wearing golden armor and holding golden shields as they blocked in front of Long Tian Yun. Their golden shields gave off a dense light of protection

Unbreaking Shield! Hahhh!!!

[Unbreaking Shield] was the strongest defensive skill for Shield Bearers after completing their second profession upgrade. The skill gave Absolute Defence, and could nullify any Physical Attack. 2 [Unbreaking Shields] defended against the 2 swords, and everyone watched as they were about to clash


The scene of the swords being sent flying by the shields did not happen, because right before the swords were about to smash into the shields, they suddenly changed direction, and shot upwards, evading the [Unbreaking Shields] and the 2 Shield Bearers. They then fell towards and pierced into Long Tian Yuns body.

Alliance Alliance Master!

Alliance Master!!!

Thousands of elites from the Yan Huang Alliance were unable to stop a single, casual attack from the Sword Emperor. They could only watch as Long Tian Yun was killed by a single strike from the Sword Emperor while 2 million players surrounded him Although Long Tian Yun had not yet fallen, how many people, in all of China, could survive a hit from the Sword Emperor without being insta-killed?

The swords that had pierced through tens of players stabbed into Long Tian Yuns body and remained there, as 2 huge damage figures rose up. Long Tian Yuns mouth widened as his pupils contracted, staring at the Sword Emperor in the air He simply couldnt understand why this person, who had obeyed his orders for so many years and never disobeyed him, would attack him so mercilessly without any hesitation.

However, Long Tian Yuns death was not the end. As the Yan Huang Alliances players howled, his body, which had not fallen yet, strangely rose up in the air. The 2 swords brought it to the front of the army, where the fighting was, and heavily fell to the ground. Just like that, his body was nailed to the ground by the swords.

This pitiful corpse went on display for both armies that were furiously fighting.

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