Shura's Wrath Chapter 560

Chapter 560

Fire Purgatory (1)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: MindLitUp

A dark world:

The girl in Ling Chens arms fell silent for a while, and he lightly walked as he looked down at this pure white maiden. Her long, white hair gave a dreamlike sensation, and her small face was millions of times cuter than the cutest doll. She rested the entire weight of her body in Ling Chens arms and lay against his chest. Her arms were wrapped around his neck and naturally fell against his shoulders. Her eyes were peacefully closed, snow-white eyelashes against her pale cheeks, as her small nose and white lips gently moved with each breath.

It took much of Ling Chens self-control not to lower his head and kiss her as he softly asked, Sha Sha, are you asleep?

Nope. Unexpectedly, Sha Sha immediately answered him with her eyes closed. When she spoke, her lips upturned in a smile, and her body gently moved, shifting into a more comfortable position.

Then why arent you talking anymore?

Because it feels very comfortable and peaceful lying in Ling Chens arms.

Ling Chen smiled warmly. Even he was surprised by how warm his smile was.

Hugging Sha Sha gave him a sense of peace and comfort. He would only feel this sort of sensation while holding Shui Ruo.

After Shui Ruo escaped from the Isrock Disease, Ling Chen felt, while he hugged her, he had the whole world in his arms. He felt so at peace and relaxed that he had no more regrets in the world. He had fallen for Shui Ruo at first sight, and their feelings for each other had grown over the past 6 years. However, it was the first time he had met this girl called Sha Sha, and yet she gave him this sort of feeling, which was simply incomprehensible to him. However, Ling Chen knew this feeling was incredibly real because his feelings would not be able to trick him.

The only explanation was this girl had a magical charm to her.


Qi Qi, why have you come here? Why didnt you tell us that you were fine first? Weve been worried about you the whole time. Looking at Xiao Qi in front of her, much of Yun Meng Xins despair about the new city disappeared. Indeed, what better news than that of Xiao Qi safely coming back? No matter how important the new city was, it was still doomed; how could it compare to Xiao Qis safety?

I only just left that place because I wanted to come with Xi Ling, but Xi Ling cant use teleport scrolls, so I asked Xi Ling to fly me here. That way, I could enjoy the sensation of flying as much as possible, and I wanted to come back secretly to give you a surprise. Who would have thought that I would meet you here? Ah! Thats right, big sister Meng Xin, what are you doing here? And whats going on over there?

Xiao Qi still looked the same, but the feeling she gave off was entirely different from before. This was mainly due to her large eyes; they seemed full of spirit, and also contained a faint red light. She was wearing a set of red equipment, from her headgear to earrings, clothes, gloves, her ring, and her shoes They were all completely red. Moreover, it wasnt a festive, celebratory red, but a burning red color.

This was especially true for her clothes. When people looked at them, they would find it difficult to avert their eyes. It seemed to be a full-body battle gown and was covered with flame-like magic inscriptions. Those inscriptions were not simple at all, and if one looked at them for a while, they would feel the inscriptions were moving around like fire, giving off a burning sensation. A phoenix-like bird was embroidered on the abdomen. When looking at it, one would feel a suppressing sense of might, and at the back of the gown, 10 or so phoenix-like tail feathers were attached, looking incredibly beautiful. Every inch of the battle gown stuck tightly to Xiao Qis body, and the shape of her two, large breasts, as well as her hips, could be seen. She looked not only heroic but also wild and sexy.

Xiao Qis figure was incredibly sensual and adding on her beautiful looks, anyones eyes would be fixed on her once they looked. She brought out the full charm of this battle gown as if it was made especially for her. When Xiao Qi and Yun Meng Xin tightly embraced, Li Xiao Xues gaze was fixed on Xiao Qis battle gown; her eyes lit with desire. She didnt know what this battle gown was called or where it came from, but she was certain that it was no ordinary piece of equipment.

Its Long Tian Yun. He wants to destroy our city, in response to Xiao Qis question, Yun Meng Xin gave a heavy and powerless reply.

Our city? Xiao QIs eyes stared wide open as she exclaimed, Could it be that this city

Its ours. Yun Meng Xin smiled, Ling Tian obtained the City Creation Token and gave it, as well as many other things, to me. Together, with Xiao Xue and many other peoples help, our new citys nearly completed. However, in the final few days before completion, we were discovered by Long Tian Yun, so

After listening to them, Xiao Qi more or less understood the situation. Mystic Moon wasnt the first virtual game she had been in, and she knew just how important the City Creation Token was. She understood the necessity of secretly building a city, as well as the consequences of this city being discovered by Long Tian Yun.

With her good sister back by her side, Yun Meng Xin, who had suppressed her emotions all this time, could finally let them out. She told Xiao Qi about the process of the construction of the new city, which included the Fairy Clans hope and the Dwarf Clans future. She told Xiao Qi about how the new city had been discovered, and how Ling Tian still had not appeared, as well as the Disillusion Alliance and Snow Moon Loulan sacrificing themselves to stop the Yan Huang Alliance. She also told her about the Sword Emperors help. However, they had still fallen into these desperate straits.

Xiao Qi understood everything. Her excited heart settled down, and she became serious, her spirited eyes becoming concerned.

She had completed the inheritance at a speed which even surprised the Vermillion Bird and had taken less than half a year in total. She had excitedly returned to meet with the people she had continually missed, as well as to put their hearts at ease and share in her happiness. However, she would never have thought she would be faced with such a desperate situation on the very first day she returned.

At the same time, she felt quite happy... Thank goodness, I wasnt too late. No matter what the result is, at least I made it back in time and can face this together with Meng Xin. At least she wont have to face this by herself. This new city contains her blood, sweat, and tears, and shes given everything for this new city. If this new city is destroyed, shell suffer a massive blow. At least in the worst-case scenario, I can help her bear this No! We cant let this worst-case scenario happen!

Xiao Qi turned and looked to the north as her eyes flashed with a faint red light. The Vermillion Birds Eyes of Flames allowed her to see extremely far away. However, all she could see was a sea of the Yan Huang Alliances players, and almost no Disillusion Alliance or Snow Moon Loulan players. This was because they were completely suppressed, and there were barely any of them left.

Xiao Qi bit her lips as she gently held Yun Meng Xins hands. She suddenly turned around and jumped on Xi Lings back as she pointed towards the north, Xi Ling, please take me over there.

Xi Ling gave a low cry as she flapped her wings. Yun Meng Xin hurried over as she asked, Qi Qi, where are you going?

To go beat those bad guys who want to destroy our new home!

Dont do it! Its far too dangerous!

Dont worry, big sister Meng Xin, Xiao Qi smiled as she flew away with Xi Ling, Im not that same Qi Qi who needed everyone to protect her. Its time for me to protect our new home Ill do my best and will keep myself safe.

Xi Ling currently wasnt a pet and was completely free. Back when Ling Chen had sent Xi Ling to the Lava Purgatory, the Vermillion Birds first condition was for Ling Chen to cancel the soul contract between Xi Ling and himself. Afterwards, Xi Ling returned from being a pet to being a Boss. This was because the Vermillion Bird didnt want a sovereign-level being like Xi Ling to become someones pet. It wanted her to regain her freedom and not be bound by anyone.

If she still wanted to be Ling Chens pet, that was her choice. It was only because Xi Ling wasnt a pet anymore that she could leave Ling Chen and stay at the Lava Purgatory. However, because she was no longer a pet, and was a kind beast, she was unable to take the initiative to attack players. Otherwise, if she killed players who did not attack her, she would become an evil beast. Only after she became a pet would she be able to fight whenever her master wished.

However, there werent any restrictions for her against flying Xiao Qi to her destination and protecting her.

In her optimal condition, Xi Ling could fly extremely quickly, and she soon arrived at the battlefield. Fifty meters above the battlefield was an extremely safe distance, and looking down at the densely-gathered Yan Huang Alliance, Xiao Qi stretched out her right hand as a crimson red, strangely-shaped Magic Staff appeared in her grasp. This Staff was called [Vermillion Death] and was shaped from the Vermilion Birds bones, forged using the Vermillion Birds soul flames. It significantly increased the damage of any Fire Magic attack. When [Vermillion Death] appeared, the [Vermillion Birds Battle Gown] lit up with a red light, as the fiery inscriptions became real flames, burning wildly on Xiao Qis body. Xiao Qi raised the [Vermillion Death], and as she moved her arm, 3 fist-sized balls of flame fell downwards.

Ill burn all you bad guys!

The 3 balls of flame were a shocking red color, and there was not a hint of yellowness within them. However, because they were too small, no one on the chaotic battlefield noticed them. Even if players did see them, they would immediately look away and not take them to heart After all, those small balls of flame looked like low-level Fire spells.

However, no one could have thought that these 3 seemingly ordinary balls of flame were the most powerful, hot and holy flames on the Forgotten Continent, the Vermillion Birds Flames.

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