Shura's Wrath Chapter 561

Chapter 561

Fire Purgatory (2)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: MindLitUp

The 3 balls of flame quickly fell, unnoticed, towards 3 different places. Just as they hit the ground, the 3 fist-sized balls of fire suddenly exploded out with a deafening boom as 3 areas that were ten or so meters long were devoured by flames.

In the north, Long Tian Yuns hand, which held the binoculars, slightly trembled because within his field of vision 3 crimson red dots had appeared. In a battle with millions of people, the battlefield was incredibly large, and yet the explosions from those 3 fireballs were still quite visible. They immediately attracted Long Tian Yuns attention, and even Cang Yan by his side cried out, What is that?

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Countless players cried out in fear and shock; the explosion from the 3 balls of flame mercilessly devoured 3 massive crowds of players. On this battlefield packed with people, there were at least 10 players within range of the balls of fire. Tens of people were caught up in the explosions and could only cry out as they died. It didnt matter if they were Warriors, Archers, Shield Bearers or Mages; even Flame Wizards, who possessed extremely high resistances to Fire, died in an instant. No one could last another second within those flames.

If these flames couldnt insta-kill players around the same level, how could they deserve to be called the Vermillion Birds Flames?

The 3 fireballs exploded as terrifying flames swept at the players around them, causing mass panic. They guessed this was some high-grade skill scroll or a high-grade attack item. However, they never thought it could be just a normal attack which, if the caster had enough MP, could be cast an unlimited number of times.


In the air, Xiao Qi once again swung her staff as another 3 fist-sized balls of flame were thrown down towards the Yan Huang Alliance players. Another 3 explosions sounded as another 3 regions were cleared out, and 30 or so players were insta-killed. Xiao Qis eyebrows raised slightly as she continuously attacked.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Every time Xiao Qi attacked she would cause 3 explosions which would insta-kill a large crowd of Yan Huang Alliance players. The terrified Yan Huang Alliance players all looked up and found the source of these fiery explosions. There was a large, crimson red bird flying around above them, and there was a young girl dressed in red. The balls of flames came from her.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Boom! Boom! Boom

Xiao Qis attacks were incredibly fast; every 3 seconds she could attack roughly twice. As Xi Ling slowly flew around, the fireballs were scattered throughout the Yan Huang Alliances army, blowing the Yan Huang Alliance players to kingdom come and scaring them to death. Attacking twice every 3 seconds and killing at least 30 or so players with each attack This was even faster than the Sword Emperor!

Through his binoculars, Long Tian Yun watched the balls of flame continuously explode within his troops like grenades, quickly taking their lives. Long Tian Yuns frown became deeper and deeper as he asked in a low voice, Who is this person?

Surely its an NPC? Cang Yan hesitantly replied.

NPCs are unable to participate in this battle. Thats a player Moreover, what shes using evidently isnt an item, but Magic attacks! Long Tian Yun said as he ground his teeth in fury.

What?! That Thats impossible! Cang Yans hands trembled as his face slightly twisted, It must be some type of attack item; theyll definitely run out of supply soon! No second upgrade skill can release that kind of Fire Magic! I, Cang Yan, am the most powerful Fire Mage; how could anyone be stronger than me with Fire Magic? Even if there is, how could we not know about them?

Hmph! Of course, its not impossible, Long Tian Yun said with a dark expression as waves of shock were sent through his heart. Attacking 3 different places at once and with such a large range and terrifying power What was even more terrifying was these ultimate-level abilities were being cast with almost no cooldown time, at all!

When had such a fearsome Fire Mage appeared in China?

Long Tian Yun picked up his communication device as he roared, Assemble the strongest Hunters and tell them to investigate all of the information about that person!

Long Tian Yun immediately received a reply full of fear, W-Weve already investigated her. Her name is Cute Qi Qi, but we couldnt find any information on her profession. This name seems to be be

Cute Qi Qi Long Tian Yun paused in shock before his eyes widened, Xiao Qi

How How could it be her?! What the hells going on? Long Tian Yun muttered to himself in shock. He never expected this monstrous Fire Mage was the Xiao familys princess, who he had never taken seriously. His expression darkened as he roared, Who cares who she is! Have you trash all died? Hurry up and kill her! Cant you see how much damage shes causing us every second shes alive?

B-But shes too high! Shes at least 50 meters in the sky, and no one can attack her! The voice in the communication device hurriedly replied.

Flying pets were quite rare, and only 1 out of a few thousand players would have one. Moreover, most of these pets could fly a maximum of 20 meters in the air, and some could fly a maximum of 30 meters in the air. There were essentially no pets that could fly above this point. This was because regular Marksmen had a range of 30 meters, and in order to make the game balanced, the system set the flying limit for the vast majority of pets to 30 meters.

However, Xiao Qi, while flying on her pet, was able to fly 50 meters in the air. Even if the Yan Huang Alliances players cried and wailed as much as they wanted, they wouldnt be able to do anything to her.

Idiots! Long Tian Yun furiously replied, Gather all of the players with flying pets and get them to temporarily transfer them to the strongest Marksmen so they can shoot her out of the air. Understood?

U-Understood! The Alliance Master is truly wise!

Hurry up and go!


While Long Tian Yun responded in shock and fury, the other bosses of the large guilds were completely dumbfounded. They watched the red shadow in the air, as well as the continuous attacks she was raining down, as they heard their hearts loudly thump.

Who was this person?

When did such a monstrous player appear in China?

What skill was that? No matter the range, AOE or direct, they were all unbelievable!

Hurry! Send people to investigate that person!

Immediately go and find that persons name it should be a woman, but the only women on the Heaven Rankings are the Frozen Hearted Man-Eater and the Loulan Queen; who is this person?

Hurry up and find out who that person is! After the Sword Emperor left, another monster appeared. It seems that shes no weaker than the Sword Emperor. Goddamn! The Sword Emperors already helping the new city, and if we offend both of these people

Xiao Qis attacks from the sky were simply too overwhelming and caused the bosses of the large guilds to feel a deep sense of fear. None of them could sit still, and all of them were desperate to find out her identity. When they heard the name Cute Qi Qi, they were all completely dumbfounded.

They were not unfamiliar with this name. However, they had not paid much attention to this name either; they were only somewhat familiar with it because it was the Battle Alliances Alliance Masters little sister! This girl entered the virtual world quite early on, and apart from her stunning looks, there was not much else about her.


Real world, Beijing:


The game bracelet on his wrist sounded out. Xiao Qiu Feng looked down, and after hesitating, he answered. A voice hurriedly spoke, and just from the 2 sentences, Xiao Qiu Fengs body froze as his hands started to shake emotionally.

After ending the call, Xiao Qiu Feng charged into the living room and hurriedly turned on the screen. Needless to say, it was currently broadcasting the battle for the new city. Xiao Qiu Feng quickly flicked through the scenes until his gaze fell on a red figure.

Qi Qi Qi Qi

After muttering her name, Xiao Qiu Feng started to laugh.

The Cold Magistrate actually laughed; if this news spread, many people would be shocked to death. Even Yun Feng, who knew him for over 10 years, had never seen him laugh before. Xiao Qiu Feng stood as his expression became incredibly resolute. He called the Battle Alliances commanders through his game bracelet as he said, I want everyone gathered north of the Azure Forest Village in 3 minutes. Everyone in the entire guild; not a single person less! If anyone doesnt show up, regardless of excuse, theyll be kicked from the Battle Alliance!

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