Shura's Wrath Chapter 562

Chapter 562

Fire Purgatory (3)

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: MindLitUp

Thats Qi Qi? Looking at the red figure in the sky, Yun Meng Xins mouth fell wide open, and she was unable to believe her eyes. That girl in red had flown over the Yan Huang Alliance, and every time she attacked 3 fiery explosions burst forth, bringing disaster to the Yan Huang Alliance. Was this really the incredibly weak Ice Mage who had to rely on Mu Bing Yao and SuErs attacks, and Shui Ruos protection to level up?

Before, you told me that she went to the south by herself. Looks like she went to an incredible place and experienced some amazing things, Li Xiao Xues face was also full of shock. Although Xiao Qi relied on Xi Ling to stay high in the air, away from attacks, the speed at which she killed enemy troops was not at all inferior to the Sword Emperor.

When she left, she said she decided to trust Ling Tians words, to go and search for a possible hope, Yun Meng Xin looked towards the red figure far away as she said in a soft voice, Not only did she find hope, she also found a miracle This is great.

Xiao Qis attacks caused the Yan Huang Alliance to suffer greatly, and their entire army was once again thrown into disarray. They were faced with the fear of 3 massive bombs every second; in such a densely-gathered crowd, trying to evade these attacks was almost impossible. What was even worse was they couldnt even counterattack, and could only passively receive the attacks, pitifully crying out.

Yun Fengs eyes were red with bloodlust, and his Earth-Splitting Slash simultaneously killed the 3 players who had been attacking him together for a while. He drew ragged breaths as he looked at Xiao Qi, who was bringing fear and desolation to the Yan Huang Alliances army. He wiped his mouth as he chuckled, saying to himself, Heh, not only did she return, shes become so incredible. After today, the Battle Alliance will become even more famous because of you! Xiao Qiu Feng, seeing Qi Qi not only return safely but becoming so mighty, you must be delirious with joy.

Ahhhhhhh!!! Yun Feng roared out as he rushed towards a place densely gathered with the Yan Huang Alliances players.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Boom! Boom! Boom

The Yan Huang Alliances army was continuously bombarded with explosions. Not only were their bodies incinerated but their minds grew frightened, as well. At this moment, Xiao Qi suddenly stopped as Xi Ling gave a cry, and quickly turned and left; below them, to the north, a large patch of black dots appeared and quickly rushed towards her.

That was a crowd of flying pets, and all of them carried a Marksman holding bows. At a glance, there were at least 1,000 of them!

Xiao Qi immediately understood was happening. Indeed, this was the only way to attack her with her so high in the air.

The squadron of flying pets drew closer and closer, and when the closest ones were already 100 meters away, Xiao Qi did not seem worried at all. Instead, there was a red flush on her perfect face as she stretched out her right arm with the [Vermillion Death] pointed ahead of her, and red flames started to burn on top of the Vermillion Death.

Vermillion Birds Wings!!


The crimson red flames burst out and took the shape of the Vermillion Bird. It flapped its wings as it flew towards the flying pets, and a faint birds cry rang out.

When they were about 100 meters away, the Archers on the flying pets didnt even have time to prepare to attack when they suddenly saw a phoenix-shaped flame rushing towards them. It instantly spanned the 100 meters distance, closing in on them extremely quickly. The blazing flames were like a ferocious beast, and as it passed through them, nearly 50 Marksmen had no time even to cry out as they were devoured and fell with the pets to the ground.

W-What?! Impossible! This is impossible! How can she attack from such a distance?

The binoculars the Flame Emperor held fell to the ground as he stared with wide eyes and yelled out. He simply couldnt accept what he had just seen. At most, his Fire Magics range was 50% greater than that of average players. He was completely confident that he was Chinas number 1 Mage. However, he had just seen Xiao Qi attack from nearly 100 meters away. Even his strongest Fire Magic wouldnt come close.

Impossible? Ha! Do you think were both seeing things? Long Tian Yun coldly replied. At this moment, a piercing birds cry sounded from a distance. When they heard this cry, Long Tian Yuns hands suddenly trembled as his eyes widened; when he heard the birds call, he had seen the flying pets who were chasing after Xiao Qi fall like rocks and crash into the army below. One second, a dark wave of flying pets filled the sky, and in the next second, there was not a single one of them left; all of them had fallen.

In Xi Lings current state, although she couldnt attack players, she was still able to attack pets. With her sovereign grade, a mighty cry from her was not something these flying pets, who were like trash in front of her, could contend with. Before Xi Ling, they were like a group of rats which met the king of the jungle. Under a roar from the king of the jungle, apart from tremble, they couldnt do anything at all.

Xiao Qi continued to rain down balls of flame, resulting in countless pitiful cries. The Yan Huang Alliance had spent much time transferring the flying pets and had gathered 1,000 of their best Marksmen. Yet, Xiao Qi and Xi Ling had completely destroyed them with a single attack and a single cry, turning all that effort into a joke. Long Tian Yun tightly gripped his fists together, making a cracking sound as he viciously spat, Bring out the Cloud Piercing Crossbow!!

W-What? The Cloud Piercing Crossbow? Flame Shadow was given a big fright as he hurriedly replied, But isnt that the secret weapon to be used against Ling Tian? If we reveal it now

I said to bring out the Cloud Piercing Crossbow! Are you deaf?!

Eh? A-Alright Team 3, you have 1 minute to prepare the Cloud Piercing Crossbow! The target is the girl in the sky using Fire Magic!

After Flame Shadow gave this order, a 10 meters long, 10 meters wide, metallic crossbow chariot was slowly pushed out. On top of the chariot was a gigantic, dark gray crossbow.

It was called The Cloud Piercing Crossbow because it was powerful enough to pierce through clouds. Two months ago, one of the Yan Huang Alliances elite groups had obtained the Cloud Piercing Crossbows blueprints at a mysterious ruin 2 months ago. They had passed it to the Azure Dragon Citys best Blacksmiths and expended large amounts of money and time. After many failures, they finally created this terrifying killing machine.

The Cloud Piercing Crossbow was not a standard Archers weapon, but an attack item. Its grade was close to Heavens End, and it was the most powerful attack item possessed by players at the current stage of the game. It weighed more than 1 ton, and its draw weight was even more monstrous; it required at least 30 players who each had more than 300 Strength to pull it. The heavy crossbow bolts shot by the Cloud Piercing Crossbow could reach up to 1,000 meters away. Of course, to release such power, the crossbow bolts were not ordinary either. The crossbow bolts weighed 50 kilograms and were made from Starcloud Chilling Iron. A single arrow was worth 1 million gold.

The Cloud Piercing Crossbow was one of the Yan Huang Alliances secrets and was Long Tian Yuns ultimate weapon against Ling Tian. He was confident that with the Cloud Piercing Crossbows might, he would be able to kill Ling Tian from a thousand meters away.

However, Ling Tian had not appeared today while Xiao Qi had, forcing Long Tian Yun to use this secret weapon early.

The heavy crossbow bolt was loaded onto the Cloud Piercing Crossbow, and 30 elite Warriors, who had completed their second profession upgrade, pulled the drawstring. As a metallic creaking sound was heard, the Cloud Piercing Crossbow slowly turned, until it finally accurately pointed towards Xiao Qi.


The Cloud Piercing Bow fired, and the massive recoil caused the metal chariot to be launched back, sending the 30 elite Warriors flying.

In every corner of the battlefield, everyone heard an incredibly piercing sound. The crossbow bolt broke through the air, traveling extremely quickly and traversing a thousand meters in an instant. Everyone raised their heads, watching as that terrifying black crossbow bolt shot towards Xiao Qi.


The crossbow bolt was simply too fast, and by the time Xiao Qi noticed it, it was already too late. She was hit directly in the chest by the crossbow bolt, and the massive impact caused her to fall from Xi Lings back


The massive damage was enough to kill Xiao Qi 10 times over. She was sent flying nearly 100 meters by the crossbow bolt, and she fell powerlessly down.

Ahhh!! Qi Qi!! Yun Meng Xin cried out in shock and horror as her eyes trembled, her heart falling into a deep abyss.

Just then What happened? Li Xiao Xue was also completely dumbfounded The Yan Huang Alliance actually had such a fearsome weapon?!

In the distance, the faces of the bosses of the large guilds went pale as they stared in shock. Seeing the crossbow bolt hit Xiao Qi, they felt as if they, themselves, had been hit in the heart. Every guild had their trump cards, and they were no exception. However, the Yan Huang Alliances secret weapon was something they could not even imagine. That arrow seemed to come from beyond where the eye could see, and the sound of the air being torn told them it would be able even to destroy the sturdy gates of a city. During a large war, a single crossbow bolt would be able to pierce through anything within a thousand meters; who could block such a thing?!

This crossbow bolt killed the Yan Huang Alliances greatest enemy in this battle and gave a warning to anyone who had any ideas against them.

Watching Xiao Qi being pierced by the crossbow bolt, Long Tian Yun smirked as he said in a low voice, The Yan Huang Alliance hasnt displayed its might in a while, and some people seem to have forgotten how terrifying the Yan Huang Alliance is hm?

Long Tian Yun suddenly stopped speaking as he frowned.

As countless people watched, Xiao Qis falling body suddenly burned with a crimson red flame. The fire completely covered Xiao QIs body, and her descent began to slow; she eventually floated in the air. Xi Ling chased over, and once again put Xiao Qi, wrapped in flames, on her back. In that instant, the flames on Xiao Qis body disappeared. She raised her [Vermillion Death] as she continued to attack, sending the dumbstruck Yan Huang Alliance players into a fire purgatory.

After inheriting the Vermillion Birds Flames, how could Xiao Qi not possess the Nirvana Flames? Moreover, because Xiao Qis life-force couldnt compare to that of the Vermillion Birds, a Mysterious God grade beast, the amount of Nirvana Flames she required for a resurrection was incredibly minuscule. The Vermillion Bird could only use its Nirvana Flames once in its lifetime, but Xiao Qi could use it 9 times every day.

In other words, if the Yan Huang Alliance truly wanted to kill Xiao Qi, they would have to kill her 10 times within a day!


Long Tian Yuns expression became savage. The Cloud Piercing Crossbow, which he wanted to use to show the Yan Huang Alliances might, had not been able to kill Xiao Qi, making him utterly furious. He roared, Again!! I want her dead!!

A second crossbow bolt was loaded onto the Cloud Piercing Crossbow. Because of how unique the crossbow bolts were, the Yan Huang Alliance only had 12 of them. Every use was a significant expenditure. Flame Shadow watched in pain as 30 elite Warriors drew the drawstring back.


This sound was even greater than the one before, causing everyone to look up simultaneously. The crossbow bolts speed was absolutely monstrous, and despite being nearly a thousand meters away, let alone Xiao Qi, even Xi Ling was unable to react in time. She was unable to evade at all as an explosion-like sound rang out, and Xiao Qi was once again hit. She was sent flying by the crossbow bolt, and her HP immediately vanished.

Countless cries of shock and worry sounded out as Long Tian Yun coldly laughed. Revival items were incredibly rare, but they definitely existed. He was sure that Xiao Qi had used some sort of revival item before. However, not only were they rare, they had strict usage conditions; no matter what item it was, a person could only use one of those items every day at most.

Just as he laughed, his face froze.

Xiao Qis body once again started to burn with crimson red flames, and within the Nirvana Flames, Xiao Qi stood up on top of Xi Lings back, with numerous looks of disbelief focused on her. If it were the Xiao Qi from before, she would have felt quite nervous at being looked at like this. However, with the Vermillion Birds power, as well as the Vermillion Birds souls might and the air of a monarch, she remained remarkably calm; only her large eyes shone with an unnatural red glow.

After her second revival, she did not continue to launch her normal attacks but silently looked beneath her as she slowly lifted the [Vermillion Death].

Inheritor of my power, you must remember that fire is the most vibrant and the most explosive element. Those who inherit the power of flames will feel their personalities become more explosive and will become easily angered. However, do not try to suppress your fury, because your fury will allow the flames within you to become more vibrant and the might of your flames to become more powerful. When your fury reaches the extreme, you can use my Vermillion Bird Clans most powerful skill - Dazzling Red Lotus.

Although Dazzling Red Lotus cant compare to the Golden Crows Heavenly Wrath of the Nine Suns, its more powerful than the Phoenix Clans World Burning Heavenly Flames. Once Dazzling Red Lotus starts burning, it will cause everything within 1,000 miles to be incinerated. Although youve inherited my flames, it hasnt been very long, and your power is not yet stable. Because of your bodys limitations, I was only able to give enough power to activate a small Dazzling Red Lotus. However, even that will cause unimaginable results.

As such, before you reach LV90, even if you feel incredibly furious, dont try to use Dazzling Red Lotus. Moreover, the Dazzling Red Lotus doesnt differentiate between allies and foes, and it can burn even the current you. Although the Vermillion Birds Battle Gown will protect you, it will still harm your innocent friends. Remember my words.

The Vermillion Birds words echoed in Xiao Qis mind, then became hazy and vanished. Beneath her, Xi Ling seemed to detect something and beat her wings as she gave a long cry.

Xiao Qi didnt notice any of this. Her mind was becoming hotter and hotter as her consciousness spread to 100 meters away 1,000 meters away 10,000 meters away

The Yan Huang Alliances army Long Tian Yun, who was far away to the south of the Azure Forest Village The Disillusion Alliance and Snow Moon Loulan, who were desperately fighting Yun Meng Xin, Li Xiao Xue and Mu Bing Yao, who were north of the new city The silently recovering Sword Emperor

She could see all of them

No one knew this moment would become the starting point of a legend - Arouse the Flame Empress fury, a million troops to bury.

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