Shura's Wrath Chapter 564

Chapter 564

The Streaking Event

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: MindLitUp

South of the Forgotten Continent, Vermillion Bird City, Mayors residence:

The Vermillion Birds Mayor was wearing a red robe, with a red crown on his head. His face was quite red, and the hair on his temples stood up. Out of the Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Black Turtle Cities, the Vermillion Birds Mayor was the strongest. His control over Fire elementals was rumored to have already reached the peak, and he was the only one of the 4 Mayors of the main cities who had reached the Mysterious God grade. Overall, he was one of the 5 strongest humans in the Forgotten Continent. Adding to his fiery personality, and that he was easily enraged and was unstoppable when he was angry, all of his subordinates were extremely subdued in front of him and didnt even dare to breathe loudly.

Currently, he had his hands behind his back as he anxiously paced back and forth within the hall. The temperature at the Lava Purgatory had been rapidly decreasing, and that was where the Vermillion Bird resided. Guesses that the Vermillion Bird had left, or even died, caused the residents hearts to become extremely heavy and made the atmosphere within the Vermillion Bird City quite tense. The Vermillion Bird was the Vermillion Bird Citys guardian beast and was a being that was worshipped by the humans in the south. If the Vermillion Bird truly died, they would receive a massive blow. In fact, to them, it would feel as if the sky was falling, and the city would fall into chaos and disorder for a long time.

Facing the Lava Purgatorys decrease in temperature, the Vermillion Birds Mayor didnt know what to do. Although he had personally appeared, he was unable to calm the residents down. Today, he received a message from the Vermillion Bird, and when he saw it, he was completely dumbstruck.

R-Reporting to Lord Mayor! A middle-aged man wearing a red Mages robe appeared in a flash as he knelt down on a single knee in front of the Vermillion Birds Mayor. He hurriedly spoke, 1 minute ago, the Vermillion Birds Phantasm appeared towards the north! It only appeared for a moment, then disappeared.

The Vermillion Birds Mayors body trembled as he quickly turned around, Are you absolutely sure?

We are 100% sure! I saw it myself! There are thousands of residents who can bear witness! We dont dare to lie regarding the Vermillion Bird!

Good! Hahahaha! The Vermillion Birds Mayors anxiety disappeared as he started to laugh loudly, Very good! Immediately send people north and find out exactly where the Vermillion Birds Phantasm has appeared No! Immediately prepare the Blaze Colt; this Mayor will personally go himself. Thats the Vermillion Birds Soul Phantasm and can only appear on the Vermillion Birds Holy Maiden.

Also, immediately tell the entire city that the Vermillion Bird has perished, but its power has not perished. Instead, it has been inherited by a human! This is the Vermillion Birds great blessing on mankind. The human that inherited the Vermillion Birds power is the Holy Maiden chosen by the Vermillion Bird itself! As long as we can receive the recognition of the Vermillion Birds Holy Maiden, she can give us blessings and protection, much more than the Vermillion Bird itself!

The Vermillion Bird Citys north gates were thrown open, and the Vermillion Birds Mayor, who had not stepped out of the Vermillion Bird city in tens of years, rode out towards the north. Behind him, hundreds of high-grade Flame Guards followed behind him. At the same time, news of the Vermillion Birds Holy Maiden spread like a wild wind around the entire Vermillion Bird City. The tense and fearful atmosphere instantly became as vibrant and joyous as fire.

The final tongues of fire disappeared, leaving behind black, burnt ground. At a glance, there was not a single bit of green anymore. Xi Ling retracted her wings, and the red barrier of light disappeared. She flapped her wings and quickly flew forwards. Above in the sky, the flames around Xiao Qis body had disappeared, and she slowly fell down. Just as she was about to hit the ground, she was caught by Xi Ling, and brought over to Yun Meng Xin and the others.

Haha! Im back!

Xiao Qi jumped off Xi Lings back and proudly stood in front of the rest of them. Xiao Qi was still Xiao Qi She was wearing a beautiful and eye-catching red battle gown, and her lovely face and eyes were full of spirit. Looking at the current Xiao Qi, all of the people revealed a complicated expression. It was as if they were no longer seeing the girl they were incredibly familiar with, but a heavenly guest.

Eh? Why are you all looking at me like that? Xiao Qi felt quite strange being looked at like that, and she shrunk back her neck, Is there something weird about my body?

Princess Qi Qi, do you know what you just did? Li Xiao Xue took a deep breath as she calmly asked.

Y-Yeah! Qi Qi, do you know what you just did? Evidently, Yun Feng was not as calm as Li Xiao Xue, and his voice trembled. The red lotus he had just seen was the most shocking, most beautiful, and the most unbelievable scene he had ever seen in his entire life. Even now, his mind was still hazy, and he was unable to believe what had just happened.

Of course, I know, Xiao Qi blinked as she laughed, I accidentally used fire and burned them all to death However, Xiao Qi apologetically lowered her head, the attack just then couldnt distinguish between friend and foe, and I was unable to control it, so I ended up killing our friends from the Disillusion Alliance and Snow Moon Loulan as well.

Haha, thats not a big issue, Li Xiao Xue laughed and shook her head. The other side had lost close to 2 million players, while they had lost around 100,000. Trading 100,000 for 2 million; could there be a better deal? You destroyed 2 million players with a single attack. Princess Qi Qi, do you understand the magnitude of that? Thats a number that could only appear in a legend; youve created a real legend! A legend that should, by reason, be impossible!

She was unable to imagine just how much of an impact this would bring to the rest of the world.

Qi Qi, during that period of time Just what did you experience? Your attack was so powerful that I cant even describe it, Yun Meng Xin spoke emotionally as she walked forwards.

Xiao Qis smile was as beautiful as a flower. As the instigator of all of this, she was extremely calm and wasnt shocked or scared by how powerful she was. After obtaining the Vermillion Birds power, she also gained a portion of the Vermillion Birds soul. In the Vermillion Birds eyes, that sort of attack was quite ordinary. She giggled as she spoke, Hehe, its nothing, really. They had so many people, so we definitely wouldnt have been able to beat them. As such, I could only do what I did just then to kill them all. Although they can immediately return here, itll take them a long time to prepare again, because that fire burned away all of their equipment

As she spoke, Xiao Qis voice suddenly paused, and her bright eyes became hazy. Her body swayed as she fell backward.

Qi Qi!

Yun Meng Xin cried out and hurriedly caught Xiao Qi, Qi Qi, are you alright?

Everyone else gathered around and looked at her in concern. Xiao Qis eyes were half-closed, and she did not have the strength to keep them fully open. Hearing Yun Meng Xins voice, she moved her lips as she mumbled, I feel a bit dizzy and I dont have any more strength in my body wuu I shouldnt have used that skill, the Vermillion Birds Origin Flames; need to sleep for a while Maybe for a long time

Xi Ling go and find big brother Ling Tian, and quickly bring him here. Big brother Ling Tian will definitely defeat them.

Xiao Qis eyes weakly closed as she stopped speaking. Xiao Qi breathed peacefully, as the tip of her nose and her eyelashes slightly trembled with each breath. She seemed to be having a good sleep, and there appeared to be nothing wrong with her.

Yun Meng Xin and Li Xiao Xue leaned Xiao Qis body against the wall of vines, letting her sit there peacefully. The side effects of forcefully using her power had manifested; falling asleep for a long time. This sort of side effect of any other skill would be an incredibly cruel one. After falling asleep, one would be left entirely defenseless. However, in comparison to that terrifying ability to kill 2 million people, this sort of big side effect seemed negligible.

Qi Qi, youre so amazing! Not only did you return safely, but you also gave us such a huge surprise. I can only imagine how hard you worked for Hearts Dream to return, Yun Meng Xin softly spoke as she stood next to Xiao Qi, Qi Qi, have a good sleep, and leave the rest to us. Well definitely protect the new city!

Xi Ling, please go and find Ling Tian and bring him here Im sure youll be able to find him.

After receiving instructions from Xiao Qi and Yun Meng Xin, Xi Ling flapped her wings and rose into the sky. After circling them for a bit, she flew towards the west and quickly disappeared from their vision.

Xiao Qi Li Xiao Xue had long since known of this name but had never paid it much mind. However, at this moment, she stared at that girl until she committed her fully to memory. This was because the name was about to send the entire virtual world into a frenzy, and become a synonym for a legend. After a while, she turned around and yelled to Yun Feng, Yun Feng, the Yan Huang Alliance will be back soon. Immediately gather your Disillusion Alliance and tell them to hurry and rush back here.

This Yun Feng, who was holding his communication device, had a strange expression on his face. He looked as if he wanted to laugh and cry, and after a while, his face twitched as he replied, Just then, Qi Qi wasnt joking Their equipment Their gear All disappeared.

At the Azure Dragon Citys Central Square, countless figures suddenly appeared at the revival point in a flash of light. After the light dissipated, the vast Azure Dragon Citys Central Square became incredibly crowded, with people gathered everywhere. Even an ant wouldnt be able to squeeze out.

If they had all died normally, this would not have been a big deal. After all, with how many players there were in China, the Azure Dragon Citys Central Square was often clogged with people. However, none of the men had any clothes on, and the women only had underwear made of coarse cloth.

The earth-shattering scene of 2 million naked men and semi-naked women almost blinded many peoples eyes within the Central Square.

The entirety of the Azure Dragon Citys Central Square, as well as all media and forums,  went crazy. Numerous news broadcasts, videos and forum threads started to flood social media:

Millions of streaking males appear at the Azure Dragon Citys Central Square!

This worlds too crazy; the entire Yan Huang Alliance streaks together. Are they going against the heavens?

Todays top news: The Naked Yan Huang Alliance.

The Yan Huang Alliances Alliance Masters nude photos: shared at the risk of death!

My eyes have been blinded: the Yan Huang Alliances Alliance Masters dong is only 3 centimeters long! Of course, I have pictures!

Chinese mens average length; thank you to the Yan Huang Alliances million males for giving a perfect sample size.

Discussion of Long Tian Yuns dong.

[email protected]#$%...

Xiao Qi, indeed, had not been joking. The Vermillion Bird Clans ultimate skill destroyed everything, not just life: the environment, items, and equipment. The players who were within range not only instantly died, but their equipment was also burnt to ash. No matter if it was their weapons, jewelry, outer clothes, underwear All of it was entirely obliterated. However, for the protection of females, unless they were willing, they were covered with underwear made of coarse cloth when appearing naked in a public place. Of course, non-public places did not count. As for males, they didnt have this sort of treatment.

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