Shura's Wrath Chapter 565

Chapter 565

The Hyenas Approach

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

The remaining 1.81 million people all all died, and all of their equipment disappeared. There was no exception to this. Even Even the Cloud Piercing Crossbow disappeared. The losses are incalculable.

While Flame Shadow spoke, he could feel cold sweat run down his forehead. He lowered his head, not daring to meet Long Tian Yuns eyes. The murderous air coming from Long Tian Yun caused his entire body to tighten, his hands and feet involuntarily trembling. He could feel Long Tian Yuns fury - a fury like no other.

Long Tian Yuns face was so dark that it was terrifying, and his pupils continuously expanded and contracted, making him look explosively vicious.

The loss of more than 1 million players, as well as their equipment and items, wasnt enough to make him this furious however, he had unfortunately died as well. He was at the very edge of the attack, and therefore was one of the players who had died last. Because of this, he had respawned near the outside of the crowd and countless people saw his naked body as well as his little brother.

Following the young master of the Xuanyuan familys stimulating threesome, the pictures and videos of the Long familys young master spread like snow across the entirety of China. Normally, a man being photographed naked could not be compared to a woman being photographed naked - the effects were usually much less severe. If Long Tian Yun had a strong and beautiful body, Long Tian Yun wouldnt have minded this at all. However 3 centimetres this was completely true. Countless eyes had verified this length, and many high-quality photos blinded countless people.

The only thing that Long Tian Yun felt inferior about compared to others had been revealed to the entire world. A mans length more or less represented his dignity. This is how it is no matter how successful a man is even if his wealth could rival that of countries and his power could cause the sky to fall. If he took off his clothes and the person opposite him was longer, even if that person was a beggar, he would still envy that person. If that person was much longer, they would feel incredibly humiliated to the point of death, and would not be able to raise his head.

Long Tian Yuns dignity had been trampled upon by countless people. He could imagine how many people were laughing at him. His hands and feet shook in anger, his face becoming almost black. His mind buzzed, threatening to explode. Although Ling Tian had killed him over and over again and caused him to suffer losses in public, he had never felt so humiliated and angry before. All of the hatred within him changed to a different target

Xiao Qi!

After Flame Shadow gave his report, Long Tian Yun didnt respond for a long time. The terrifying silence and the cracking of Long Tian Yuns bones caused cold sweat to flood down his body, his entire body trembling. Finally, he was unable to endure this unbearable silence anymore and spoke with a shaking voice, Young master, we just received news that that people have given you a nickname which has been publicly accepted

Its Its Alliance Master 3. I dont know what it means, Flame Shadow said as he gulped. To be completely fair, while facing Long Tian Yuns flames of fury, he had lost the ability to think and truly didnt know what this nickname meant. He only said it to dispel the incredibly uncomfortable silence. Indeed, Long Tian Yun was the Yan Huang Alliances most senior figure, the Alliance Master. Why was he called Alliance Master 3 then? Could he have 2 older brothers? It didnt make sense.

Long Tian Yuns face instantly became darker than that of a crows, and his face completely twisted in anger. He shot to his feet and kicked the innocent Flame Shadow as he roared like a beast, Xiao Qi, Ill make you feel utter misery so that you can neither live nor die!!!


Although a long time had passed and the flames had all died down, all of the bosses of the guilds faces were still completely pale. Their hands and feet trembled as waves of cold sweat rolled down their bodies. There was not a single person left on that scorched earth, and no one dared to attack. Although the Dazzling Red Lotus had not been able to wipe them out because they were very far away, they were still shocked out of their wits.

That girl seems to have fainted. One of the leaders hesitantly told the others about the news he had received from a Shadowless. When he said the words that girl, his body trembled. Killing 2 million players with a single attack was completely shocking. However, when they had respawned, all of their equipment had been destroyed, resulting in a mass streaking event. Their jaws almost hit the ground and they almost turned and ran.

Was that girl really the Battle Alliances Princess Xiao Qi? Was that really a player?

Holy crap! Could the Mystic Moon world become even crazier? There was a skill that could instantly kill millions of players? How was everyone else supposed to play?

What do we do?

If such an obscene skill didnt have a side effect, Id go and commit suicide. Fainted? Just fainted? She didnt disappear or have her account deleted??

This sort of 18-levels-of-hell-defying skill should cause her to sleep for 8 years, or even 10 years! That sort of skill shouldnt be able to be casted again. Now that the Yan Huang Alliances army, defenders, and equipment have all been annihilated, if they want to come back, theyll have to regroup and distribute new equipment which will take a long time. Now, theres only Yun Feng, the Sword Emperor, and a few women this is a God-given opportunity!!

Opportunity? Thats right, this could very well be an opportunity! However, what if Xiao Qis just pretending and gets up again as soon as we attack? Well all die over there! Well lose levels and all of our equipment! We cant suffer such a loss!

Fudge! Could it be that were all going to be scared into running?

At the very least, we cant be reckless; we need to make sure that Xiao Qi definitely fainted!

So, if we cant confirm this, well just have to wait? And let this incredibly rare opportunity get away? We all saw the Yan Huang Alliances strength just then- they could have even more secret weapons. Since Long Tian Yun has acted, it shows that hes not afraid of fighting us for the City Creation Token. If we miss this opportunity and the Yan Huang Alliance comes back, we wont have a chance anymore.

Fine! Youre right, so your Black Flames Alliance should go first!

W-Why should we go first? Do you want my Black Flames Alliance to be cannon fodder? In your dreams!

Xiao Qis shocking performance had left too large of a shadow on the hearts of the bosses of those large guilds. Under the threat of their entire alliance being annihilated and losing their equipment, despite the chances of this being incredibly low, no one wanted to take the risk to be the first ones to attack. If that what if truly manifested, they would be completely destroyed, and their entire alliances strength would decrease. In fact, it was possible that they would never be as strong again. In order to become one of the major powers in China, they had spent incredible amounts of time, money and effort. No one wanted to take that sort of risk.

Stop jabbering.

The Alliance Master of the Golden Age Alliance, Mo Gu Lin, who had been silent this entire time, finally spoke. He stood up as he narrowed his eyes, What did we spend so much effort to come here for? Hmph, for those who are afraid, go home and tremble there. Those of you who are men, follow me and fight!

The Golden Age Alliance was the 4th ranked guild in China, and its fame was only behind the Yan Huang Alliance, Skyfall Dynasty, and the Dark Night. With Mo Gu Lin leading the charge, no one objected. As soon as he spoke, ten or so other leaders also stood up. The Black Flames Alliances Alliance Master, Black Flames Wild Gale, loudly yelled, Hes right! Your elders have never been afraid of anyone before! Those who are scared should piss off!

Mo Gu Lin laughed, Since we came together, of course we need to go and greet them together. Were not the same as the Yan Huang Alliance; our goal is to simply destroy the city. As for who obtains the spoils of war, well leave that for after destroying the city. Right now, we need to work together. Its essentially empty in front of the new city, almost as if were being invited in. So, what are we waiting for? However, if anyone is still worried about the what if, then dont bring too many people- 30,000 or 40,000 should suffice Groups 11 to 17, prepare to leave.

Evidently, Mo Gu Lin himself was also worried about that what if, and only brought 7 teams. None of the other alliances dared to move out their entire army, so they also sent out a small portion. With 30 or so powerful guilds moving out, although they only brought part of their forces, they still numbered nearly 1 million players as they marched towards the new city.

After Xiao Qi had chased away the lions from the Yan Huang Alliance, the hyenas had decided to attack. Defending in front of the city were just Yun Feng, Yun Meng Xin, Mu Bing Yao, Li Xiao Xue, the unconscious Xiao Qi, and the Sword Emperor, who seemed to not have recovered yet.

Without any grass left on the ground, the massive army marched on the scorched earth, causing greyish-blackish dust to fly into the air. In front of the wall of vines, Yun Meng Xin and the others fell silent while watching the massive and mighty army march forwards. Xiao Qi had made a legendary attack, but even this was unable to completely change the new citys fate, it had only delayed it. After the lions came the hyenas and a massive pack of hyenas at that.

Theyve finally come, Yun Feng let out a long and frustrated sigh. A confederacy of 30 or so alliances, 6 of which were in the top 10 in the Guild Rankings and 14 in the top 20, was marching towards them. Combined, they had more than 10 million players in total.

How could they stop such a force?

Although the marching soldiers seemed mighty and awe-inspiring, all of them were afraid that Xiao Qi would suddenly wake up and obliterate them. Then they would have to streak in public as well. However, what they feared didnt happen. Even when they reached Yun Feng and the others, the girl that they feared so much still did not move. As they drew closer, Yun Feng and the others moved in front of her to protect her.

Mo Gu Lin stopped walking and inwardly let out a long sigh of relief. After reaching this point, he knew that the terrifying what if would not happen. With his fear completely erased, and with only this incredibly weak force standing in front of him, he no longer held back. He stood with his arms crossed in front of him as he slowly walked forwards and said in a loud voice, Friends, you should know why weve come. To be perfectly honest, I quite respect your determination and strength, especially the sleeping Princess Xiao Qi. If there wasnt a massive incentive, I wouldnt want to become enemies with her. 

At the same time, I dont want to become enemies with you or see you all resist. If you all leave, I can promise that no one will harm you, and we can even agree to some reasonable terms of yours although if you do resist, itll all be for nought.

Mo Gu Lin, as the leader of the largest guild in East China, I also respect your character and ability. However, I never thought that you would act like a bandit, Yun Feng mocked.

If you were in my shoes, you would also want to be a bandit, Mo Gu Lin laughed as he replied.

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