Shura's Wrath Chapter 569

Chapter 569

Heavenly Star Line

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

The attackers armies had been lying in wait when the 2 million players had been wiped out, and all of them had seen the Dazzling Red Lotus from before. When the phoenix-like cry and the red image appeared, they were all flabbergasted. When the leaders started roaring into the guild channels, they felt as if they had been woken up from a nightmare. They completely disregarded the Battle Alliance and ran.. while running, they started to unequip their equipment.

Killing 2 million players with a single skill- the impact that scene brought was like Mount Tai weighing down on them, leaving a deep fear within every person. When the attackers saw the activation of this monstrous skill, their fear was completely released, and the only thing they could think of was running away at the same time, they didnt forget to unequip their equipment. Otherwise, just like the Yan Huang Alliances players, not only would they die pitifully, they would also lose their equipment as well.

Yun Meng Xin and the others were completely dumbstruck. Naturally, they couldnt forget that this was the precursor to the skill that had incinerated 2 million players. As they watched on in shock, the figure wrapped in flames rose to where they were, after which the girl turned and blinked at them. She gave them a mischievous smile and landed on the platform.

Qi Qi, you Yun Feng pointed, and was so emotional that he couldnt say anything.

Qi Qi, youre awake! Yun Meng Xin cried out in joy.

Mmm! Xiao Qi happily nodded as the flames around her body disappeared. Because I heard Su Su calling me, I did my best to wake up. After waking up, I really saw Su Su.

Qi Qi! SuEr leapt over and started crying. Although she was the Heavens Secrets Sects sect leader, in front of Yun Meng Xin and Xiao Qi, she was still that girl who liked to cry.

Hehe, Su Sus body is still so soft. It feels so nice hugging you. Xiao Qi looked incredibly fatigued, but her smile was still as beautiful as a flower, tears of joy in her eyes.

The 2 girls hugged each other for a long time, unwilling to separate. This beautiful scene was in direct contrast to the cruel battlefield, making everyone reluctant to interrupt them. Finally, the 2 girls separated as SuEr wiped her tears and looked at Xiao Qi in admiration, Qi Qi, I saw everything. Qi Qi is now the Vermillion Birds Representative and has become so powerful. You can chase away all those bad guys in an instant.

That was just a feint? Li Xiao Xue was finally able to speak.

Thats right, thats right. Xiao Qi, whose plan had succeeded, grinned in delight, When I woke up I was saw so many people, so I decided to scare them a bit. I never thought that they would be so afraid and all run off.

How could they not be afraid? Yun Feng retorted. You killed 2 million players with 1 strike! 2 million players! If you saw a knife instantly kill 2 million people, and that knife started flying towards you, would you be scared? Would you?

Heheh, itd be best if I could scare them to death! Xiao Qi laughed. There was not a trace of worry or anxiety on her face; she was just as high-spirited as usual. She skipped over to Xiao Qiu Feng, who was looking at her silently, as she looked up and smiled, Big bro, did you miss me?

Its good that youre back. After lapsing into silence, the countless words that he had suppressed were expressed as 4 words. He placed his hand on Xiao Qis arm, confirming that she really was in front of him, as a slight trace of wetness appeared in the corner of his eye. He immediately forced it back with his iron will as he calmed down his emotional heart and softly spoke, Qi Qi, you fainted just then. Are you feeling unwell anywhere?

Im just a bit dizzy, but Ill be fine. Its just that that after sleeping for so long, Ive only recovered by a little bit. The fire and phantasm just then consumed all of my strength, so I cant fight anymore. As she spoke, Xiao Qis voice became smaller and smaller. At such a critical time, she was unable to fight- she felt a deep sense of guilt.

Its alright, Qi Qis already so amazing. Ill protect this place, just like Qi Qi.

As SuEr spoke, she ran to the edge of the platform while looking northwards.

This sort of large-scale, panic-stricken escape was not something that could be stopped. Countless players, who were no longer in battle, flashed with white lights as they returned to town. Upon seeing this, other players also returned to town, and in an instant, the incredibly vast grassy plains shone with countless flashes of light from players leaving. In a second, half of the sea of people had disappeared, and in the next second, less than one third of the players remained. In their fear, they forgot that if that skill really was about to be cast, they would still be in battle and would therefore be unable to leave. Being able to return to town meant that they were not under threat from being attacked by a skill.

By the time Long Tian Yun realised this, more than 90% of the Yan Huang Alliances players had already returned. His order for them had been to retreat, and returning to town is the best way to retreat. Upon the attackers desperate escape, the suppressed Battle Alliance indulged their bloodlust and redoubled their attack, continuously killing them. Since their leader had not given the order to retreat, the Battle Alliance wouldnt dare to retreat.

The amazing scene that Xiao Qi had created caused SuEr to feel incredible happy. She turned as she yelled, Big brother Xiao, hurry and tell the Battle Alliances army to retreat here! Tell them all to retreat within 500 metres of the new city! Hurry, hurry!

Although he didnt know why SuEr had requested this, if the Battle Alliance continued to give chase, they would eventually suffer for it. Xiao Qiu Feng immediately gave the order to retreat, and in the instant he spoke, the entire Battle Alliance stopped advancing and instead orderly moved back towards the new city.

Goddamit! Long Tian Yun was so angry that his face started to go black, Immediately tell the people who went back to town to get the hell back here!

Just then that was a feint? Flame Shadow wiped the sweat off his forehead, his heart still pounding.

If it was a real attack, they would have been able to destroy those 10 million troops in an instant! Do you think they would let go of such an opportunity?! Long Tian Yun roared. It was obviously a feint! For an attack like that, not deleting her account is already incredibly generous! How could she use it again?

Yes, yes, Flame Shadow could only nod.

Immediately make preparations and attack in 10 minutes!

The attackers finally realised what had happened, and all of them cursed loudly. Although most of the players had returned to town, bringing them back took merely a sentence. Soon, they had completed their preparations. The Yan Huang Alliances two waves, numbering 4 million players, charged towards the new city with the other attackers by their sides. Instead of obstructing each other, they seemed to form a tacit understanding.

Under Xiao Qiu Fengs orders, the Battle Alliance had retreated within 500 metres of the new city while glaring like tigers at the dark mass of people approaching from the north. SuEr stood on the platform, watching as the attackers drew near. When they were about 1,000 metres away, she raised the horsetail whisk in her hand upwards as a light that only SuEr could see shot out of the horsetail whisk, streaking into the sky.  

Following this, it was as if a star twinkled in the sky. The light that only SuEr could see fell down from the sky, falling about 500 metres in front of SuEr. In then split into 2 as it extended towards the east and west in a curve, forming an arc in front of the new city.

What is that? There seems to be a light, Xiao Qi pointed out in front of her towards the ground that had suddenly lit up with light, as if it had been covered with a fluorescent powder.

Other people also discovered the traces of light. They were certain that those traces of light definitely had not been there before. Those traces of light were simply too eye-catching; if they were there before, they definitely would have noticed.

Thats it! It can block off those bad guys. After successfully casting the formation, SuEr exhaled and pointed towards those traces of light, Look!

When the attackers reached the traces of light, they felt a bit surprised but didnt pay much attention to them. Just as the first row of attackers stepped onto those traces of light...


The perfectly clear sky rang out with the sound of lighting. It wasnt the sound of a single lightning strike, but hundreds combined together. The sound was so loud that even the earth trembled, and in the next instant, countless bolts of lightning rained down on the players who had stepped onto the traces of light.

-80,000, -80,000, -80,000

The sounds of lightning were mixed with pitiful cries. All of the players hit by the lightning were without a doubt insta-killed. Because of the large number of attackers, the attack line extended quite far. Nearly 1000 people had stepped onto or over the traces of lighting, leading to instant death. The players behind them were greatly shocked and hurriedly stopped. However, with such large forces, how could the entire army stop at will? Although the players at the front had stopped, those behind them continued to walk, pushing the players in front forwards

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack

More than 1,000 lightning bolts once again descended, mercilessly smashing into the players bodies. Yet another 1,000 or so players died.

By now the attackers started to panic, and each of the leaders gave the order to stop advancing. The mass of players, numbering over 10 million, stopped walking. They looked at the white line on the ground, as well as the corpses, in fear. No one dared to take another step, for they all had seen that those who stepped on or over the line died.

What Whats going on? Yun Feng vigorously rubbed his eyes, completely dumbstruck.

Its yet another amazing skill. Li Xiao Xue tapped her snow-white chin, an expression of deep shock in her eyes.

Su Su, did you do this? Yun Meng Xin asked in disbelief.

Mhmm! That line is called the Heavenly Star Line, and was drawn using this horsetail whisk, SuEr shook the Heavenly Star in her hands. She was quite happy that the Heavenly Star Line had been able to block off all of the attackers, For the past few months, I was at a place called the Heavens Secrets Sect. The Heavens Secrets Sect can communicate with the heavens will, and the Heavenly Star Line is a protective barrier created by singing a protective contract with the heavens will. If anything that hasnt received my consent tries to cross the line, theyll be struck by Tribulation Lightning. Its just that Im still quite weak, so I can only summon the Tribulation Lightning for a little while. 

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