Shura's Wrath Chapter 572

Chapter 572

At All Costs!

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Su Hang, the Gu familys courtyard.

Oh? Something for me from Xiao Xue? Gu Qing Han brushed back a few strands of hair as she looked at Li Wan Yu in surprise. Li Xiao Xue didnt contact her very frequently, and normally she would directly call her. Only when discussing especially important matters would they meet face to face. This was the first time Li Xiao Xue had asked someone else to pass something to her. Looking at Li Wan Yus expression, this something seemed to be very important.

Within the younger generation of women, Li Xiao Xue was the only person who Gu Qing Han favoured. As such, she did not refuse Li Wan Yus request to meet her.

Thats right. Li Wan Yu handed over the document protection box that she held tight against her chest. This was the first time she had faced Gu Qing Han by herself, and the aura that the Gu familys amazing woman gave off caused her heart to rapidly thump, Miss told me that I must hand this personally to Aunty Gu, and that I need to be present when Aunty Gu reads it. Only Aunty Gu can read whats inside, and no one else can see. After looking at it, its best that Aunty Gu destroys it.

Oh? Gu Qing Han raised her eyebrows, her gaze lingering on Li Wan Yus face for a second before receiving the document protection box. Her observational skills were extraordinary, but there was nothing strange about Li Wan Yus expression. The document protection box was quite light; it seemed to only contain a single document.

This sort of document protection box wasnt just to protect the document. It had a special seal that required a unique key... Once the box was unlocked, the lock would be destroyed, making the box unable to be used ever again. This locked document protection box served as evidence that no one had opened the box after it had been locked.

After opening the document protection box, Gu Qing Han saw a few ordinary sheets of paper filled with writing. Gu Qing Han picked up the sheets of paper and found that there were 3 sheets in total, all of them handwritten by Li Xiao Xue. She didnt use any high-tech devices to type this information out and instead wrote it by hand, showing how extraordinary the information was. Gu Qing Han narrowed her eyes as she started to read.

At the beginning, Gu Qing Hans expression did not change at all, only a slight frown on her face. When she read about half of the first page, her right hand, which was holding the paper, suddenly shook as she stood up from her chair with a whoosh, as if she had been electrocuted.

Within the Gu family, everyone knew that Gu Qing Han was the sort of person whose expression would not change even if Mount Tai exploded. No matter how big of an issue she faced, her expression would still be calm as water. It was rumoured that Gu Qing Han had suffered some sort of trauma in the past, causing half her heart to die as well as half her person. It was said that nothing in the world could cause her to feel any sort of emotions.

Gu Qing Hans 2 secretaries were so shocked that they nearly cried out. They had been with Gu Qing Han for many years and had never seen such a reaction from her before. Let alone them, no one within the Gu family had seen this. They immediately ran towards Gu Qing Han and hurriedly asked, Miss, whats wrong?

Dont come over!!

A voice filled with might and dignity sounded out, causing them to stop in their tracks. Gu Qing Han pressed the documents against her chest while the other hand was outstretched. Evidently, she did not want anyone to see what was written on those documents not even a single word.

The 2 secretaries hurriedly stopped, but they could see that Gu Qing Hans outstretched hand was trembling and her face, which was normally incredibly calm, became quite red this was a reaction caused by uncontrollable emotions. The secretaries, as well as Li Wan Yu, were completely dumbfounded. Even when faced with a mass uprising of many esper families, she had not revealed any fear or panic. When the esper families had been completely suppressed by the Gu family and had finally taken back their rightful position as the head, she didnt show any signs of delight. Just what had caused her to reveal such a reaction?

Leave. Dont disturb me or let anyone else in.

After speaking, she took in a deep breath and then slowly sat back down on her chair and started reading again. The 2 secretaries didnt say anything and cautiously walked to the door. They looked at each other for a long time, and even began to subconsciously breathe lighter. Both of them felt the same thing something big was going to happen within the Gu family.

Gu Qing Han became more and more absorbed into Li Xiao Xues letter. She began to read slower and slower, until she would spend a great amount of time on each word. She began holding the documents with both hands, her hands continuously trembling.

Normally, Gu Qing Han would be able to read through these 3 pages within a few minutes, however, it had taken her an entire half an hour. Instead of reading it again, her hands dropped to her sides, a blank look in her eyes as if she was recalling something else as well as trying to calm herself down.

Facing anything, she would be able to instantly calm down. However, for this although she could not confirm the truth of it, she simply couldnt calm down.

Her gaze returned to the document protection box. At the bottom was a thin folder. Gu Qing Han picked it up, opened it, and saw two big words.

Test Report.

These two words sent a lightning like shock down her back and dilated her pupils. She was filled with a strong sense of premonition as she held her breath.

There were 2 test reports, each one clipped to either side of the folder. Comparing them, everything was revealed.

Gu Qing Han silently stared at the 2 test reports, not moving or speaking. The heart that she had silenced for more than 10 years ago began rapidly thumping, as a feeling of heat passed through her chest, making her feel as if it was going to explode.

Gu Qing Han didnt react in time as the document protection box slid off her knees and fell to the ground. She saw some shiny and crystal-like things fall out, quickly picking them up. They were diamond-shaped and button-sized objects: they were evidently micro-recorders. The small, obsidian-like things on the bottom of those recorders indicated that they could be played through Bluetooth.

Gu Qing Han quickly picked up her Bluetooth earphones and placed them in her ears. The recording that Li Xiao Xue had created started to be played.

Although the dialogue wasnt very long, to Gu Qing Hans ears it made her feel much more emotional than everything she had experienced in the last 10 years combined.

Gu Qing Han took out the earphones and after spacing out for a while, threw the micro recorders into the ecological aquarium behind her. The sound of the recorders falling into the water attracted the attention of the other 3 women in the room, and when they all looked towards Gu Qing Han in that instant, they almost all cried out.

On Gu Qing Hans face were 2 streaks of tears!

If it was any other woman, they wouldnt have felt very surprised. However, for Gu Qing Han to cry it was as if the heavens were falling and the earth was shattering.

Whirring sounds sounded out as Gu Qing Han fed the pieces of paper into a paper shredder, watching them as they were destroyed. After a while, she lifted her tear streaked face that still retained her air of majesty and dignity and calmly said, Immediately tell Tian Nan, Tian Dong, and Tian Ping to come here.

Mystic Moon.

Hm? What is that? Why have we never heard of such a defensive item before? Haha, it actually blocked off 10 million players! What an amazing scene, Judging Sky marvelled as he watched on through his binoculars.

Its been nearly an hour, and yet its still there, Skyfall said and then shook his head. But so what if it can last for even another hour? With less than a million players against more than 10 million players, they dont have a single bit of hope.

Indeed, the new city doesnt stand a chance. That strange defensive item should be their final trump card. As for us, it seems quite difficult for us to find an opportunity to strike, Against The Sky tapped his chin as his eyes suddenly lit up, Big bro, third bro, the Yan Huang Alliances fourth wave has arrived and has about 7.8 million players. This means that there are less than 1 million players defending. If we go to their headquarters

Cheh! Judging Sky didnt even bother to look at him, Did some water leak into your head? When a guilds headquarters are attacked, the players can immediately return. The Yan Huang Alliance can just leave 1 million or so players here while the rest of them immediately return to defend; whats the point of doing such a thing?

Of course I know that. I just wanted to scare them.

Ding ding ding!

Skyfalls communication device sounded out. Skyfall glanced at it, and immediately picked up. After listening for a few seconds, he said to the others, Big sister wants us to go back. It seems that theres something urgent. 

Within the Gu family, Gu Qing Hans summons were like an imperial edict. The Gu familys 3 brothers didnt dare to dally, and immediately logged off. Very soon, they came to the study in Gu Qing Hans courtyard. Before they could even greet her, their jaws nearly dropped to the ground.

Although Gu Qing Han had wiped away her tears, the Gu familys 3 brothers were all legendary figures in Southern China and had extremely sharp senses. At a glance, they could tell that the redness and wetness in Gu Qing Hans eyes were not natural she had been crying!

This was their big sister! From when they young until now, they had never seen her shed a single tear!

What the hell was happening?!

B-B-B-Big sister, w-w-w-what happened? Skyfall started to stutter. As he spoke, he suddenly thought of something as his face instantly became pale. He trembled as he asked, Could it be that father

As soon as they heard this, Judging Sky and Against The Sky almost started crying. Indeed, apart from their father dying, they couldnt imagine what else could cause their big sister to cry! Before they could cry, Gu Qing Han furiously chided them, Fools! Fathers currently boating at West Lake and is perfectly fine. If you dare to curse father again, Ill rip apart your mouths.

Eh ah? Fathers fine? Whew Skyfall sighed in relief, then felt even more dismayed. Then big sister you you

Dont say anything unnecessary; I have something important that I want you to do, Gu Qing Han stood up as her voice became strict and heavy. She narrowed her eyes as she looked at the 3 brothers, speaking clearly, Immediately gather the entire Skyfall Dynasty and hurry to the Azure Forest Village. I want you to stop the Yan Huang Alliance and the other attackers defend the new city at all costs!

Remember, at all costs!

 Even if we have to sacrifice the entire Skyfall Dynasty, well protect the new city!

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