Shura's Wrath Chapter 577

Chapter 577

3 Moon Goddesses

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Mystic Moon world, Moon God Realm.

The elemental essence here was incomprehensibly dense, but was also incredibly gentle. They did not show even hints that they might become a berserk Elemental Storm. At a glance, there were clouds and fog everywhere, making the place seem like a celestial realm or perhaps, this was a celestial realm. The tallest palace looked like it extended into the clouds, making it difficult to see it clearly. The formless pressure that it gave out made people subconsciously wary of getting too close, and it caused slight changes to the flow of elemental essences in the Moon God Realm.

Within the palace, there were 3 women wearing different coloured clothes sitting cross-legged. The woman at the front was wearing white, and seemed to be the leader. Next was the woman in purple and then the one in blue. They seemed to detect something, and simultaneously opened their eyes. Just this simple action seemed to cause a small change in the flow of the elemental essences in the Moon God Realm.

North of the Fairy Forest in the Forgotten Continent, the natural order has been disturbed. Purple Dress, do you want to take a look?

The voice was gentle and beautiful, and it had an ethereal feel to it. It was gentler than the wind, and any mortal that heard this voice would feel intoxicated. Perhaps this was what it meant to call someones voice celestial and ethereal.

The one who spoke was a woman dressed in white. Draped around her shoulders were snow-white feathers, and there were simple inscriptions on her snow-white dress. Her waist was incredibly slim, enough so that one could easily wrap their arm around it, and she had a delicately-shaped body. Her hair was drawn up by a white-jade Moon God Hairpin, and just her silhouette made her look celestial and otherworldly.  

Ive investigated already. The person who caused this is a human from the other world, so I shouldnt interfere. She used the Heavens Secrets Sects Heavens Secrets Absolute Formations to cause these disturbances in the natural order, so theres even less reason for me to interfere.

Compared to the softness of the voice of the woman in white, this voice was incredibly clear and cold. Upon hearing this voice, one would think of icy plains and feel as if their entire body was buried in snow and ice, causing them to tremble.

The woman who had spoken was dressed in purple, and apart from the colour of her clothes, her silhouette looked the same as that of the woman in white. Her long hair fell to her shoulders and was drawn up by a purple-jade Moon God Hairpin. There were light purple tassels hanging down from it, which slightly swayed as she spoke. She was the Purple Dress who the woman in white had referred to. Evidently, it was because of the colour she was dressed in.

Oh? Heavens Secrets Formation? This generations successor is a human from the other world? The woman in white spoke with a voice as soft as smoke, Although its quite surprising, theres indeed no reason for you to act. In that case, are you also going to keep silent about the matter regarding Snow Cherry?

Upon hearing this, the woman in purple looked up. Her eyes were as clear as water, and they had a bone-piercingly cold chilling intent. It was as if a gaze from her could cause the heavens and earth to freeze over, and that nothing in existence could escape those incredibly cold eyes. The other person is also a person from the other world, so I have no reason to interfere. Moreover, Snow Cherry made that decision herself. 

Thats right! This was what Snow Cherry wanted; we shouldnt meddle in this.

A woman in blue suddenly spoke at that moment. The 3 women had the exact same voice, but the tones and emotions expressed in their voices were as different as heaven and earth. While the woman in whites voice was beautiful and gentle and the woman in purples voice was cold, the woman in blues voice was delightful and spirited, as if she was a youthful girl. 

She had been quite concerned about the matter about Snow Cherry and said earnestly, We cant trace that human, nor can we trace Snow Cherry. Why is that? Snow Cherry must have hidden herself so that we cant find her. Evidently, she left willingly with that human from the other world rather than being forced. Also, she seems to have returned to her original form and become that humans pet. Since she has become part of the mortal world, theres even less reason for us to interfere. This is what Snow Cherry wanted, and although she was saved by Purple Dress, freedom is the most beautiful thing in the world. Could you really bear to snatch Snow Cherrys away?

The woman in white smiled, Blue, as the Moon Goddess who controls freedom, of course you would say such a thing. However, Snow Cherrys situation is special. With our help, it wouldnt take long for her to reach the Saint Destroyer level however, now that she has become that humans pet, its indeed out of our control.

At that moment, the woman in purple suddenly stood up. The instant she rose, a beautiful and heavenly face was bathed in the light coming from outside the window. Her skin was white as snow, and there was a faint trace of purple in her eyes. It was just that the coldness within them completely hid away her emotions. Her skin was smooth and supple as jade, and her light pink lips were full and lovely. Two locks of hair fell down either side of her face, making her look extremely enchanting.

Purple Dress, where are you going?

The woman in purple looked towards the east, I dont want to think about Snow Cherrys matter for now. However, with Snow Cherry leaving, theres no one maintaining the seal on the Yamata no Orochi. The new Moon God Representatives power is not enough to suppress it, and with the Yamata no Orochi once again rousing, I need to go to the East Ocean Continent myself.

Very well, The woman in white nodded. Blue Heart, go with Purple Dress. After staying here for so long, Im sure youve been wanting to go out.

Hehe, its still White Snow who understands me the most, the woman in blue happily responded. She lightly arose as her charming face was revealed. Her skin was soft and waxy, and there was a faint pinkness contained within the whiteness of her skin. Her eyebrows were as beautiful as a paintings, and her eyes twinkled like stars. Under her cute nose, her mouth was upturned as she cheerfully smiled. It was difficult to guess her age from her looks; she looked 20 or so years old, yet also like she was 10 or so years old.

The expressions and atmospheres around the woman in purple and the woman in blue were completely different. One was chillingly cold while the other was bright and warm. And yet, their faces were exactly the same! Eyebrows, eyes, noses, mouths there was nothing that was not identical. Even their heavenly bodies looked exactly the same. Standing together, if not for their clothes, it would have been impossible to tell them apart from the back. However, standing in front of them, they could be immediately distinguished due to their expressions and emotions.

After the woman in purple and woman in blue left, the woman in white remained by herself within the palace. The surroundings became peaceful again, and the flow of elemental essences returned to their natural state. After a while, a soft murmur could be heard within the palace, The Moon God Orb is glowing is the Lunar Scourge going to reappear?

Su Su! Change formations! West to east!!

The Heavens Secrets Formation changed. This formation is called [Heavens Secrets Formation Chaos], and can cause all elemental essences to flow in a certain direction. The most direct impact of this is that the elemental essence will push the players in a certain direction. When the formation activated, a formless force caused the unprepared attacking players to lose their balance and crash to the ground. The defending players, who were prepared, were affected only very slightly and resisted the pushing force. They took this opportunity to rush up towards the attacking players, ferociously ripping through their forces. In just a few minutes the attacking players had suffered yet another great loss.

When they started to adjust to the pushing force, the formation suddenly changed again so that the pushing force came from the other side. The attacking players once again crashed to the ground.

With SuErs current abilities, she was only able to maintain the formations for 45 minutes. Within these 45 minutes, the formation had changed 19 times, tormenting the attackers so much that they simply wished for death.

Heavenly King Skyfall and Alliance Master Xiao, give the order for everyone to concentrate and await your orders as soon as you give the order, tell them to lie on the ground!

SuEr, prepare to change the formation Dragon Turning Formation! Li Xiao Xue yelled.

All players heed my orders 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 lie down!

SuEr, Dragon Turning Formation!! Li Xiao Xue shouted.

As soon as Skyfall and Xiao Qiu Feng yelled out their orders, all of the defenders laid on the ground. The attackers all stared in shock at this strange scene, but in the next instant, the world seemed to turn as everyone who was standing was flipped to the ground, and everyone who was lying on the ground was flipped upright.

Hurry, attack!!! Skyfall roared.

A scene of massacre once again played out. The defenders roared as they charged up, furiously attacking those on the ground. As for the attackers, who all had expressions of confusion, all they could do was wait for death. By the time the attackers had crawled up, those at the front had already been annihilated by the defenders. The 2 armies chaotically fought for 10 or so seconds before the defenders once again lay down on the ground.

The Dragon Turning Formation was once again activated as those who were upright were flipped onto the ground, and those who were lying down were flipped upright. Even the countless corpses on the battlefield stood upright

The flow of the battle was now completely out of Long Tian Yuns hands. He stood on the tall platform as his face became a pig-liver colour. There had never been a force of 15 million players attacking a city before in Chinas virtual gaming history. Despite the Skyfall Dynastys obstruction, they should still have been able to attain a flawless victory. Based on his estimates, he had believed that he could completely wipe out the defenders forces within 2 hours.

However, 5 hours had passed, and yet these 15 million attacking players still had not torn apart those measly 3.5 million players. In a battle of such a scale, the number of deaths every second was quite terrifying. If this sort of battle happened in the real world, corpses would litter the entire plains and blood would form rivers. Currently, the attacking forces had lost 5 million players- a rate of 1 million players every hour while the defenders had lost less than 1.2 million players! The remaining players were becoming more and more vigorous. The defensive line, which had looked so fragile, could not be broken at all, and they had not retreated by a single step.

Everyone clearly knew that what caused this definitely wasnt that the Skyfall Dynasty and Battle Alliance were more powerful than them. Clearly all of their players arent capable of fighting against 5 enemies simultaneously it was because of that incredibly powerful formation that was being used to continuously toy with the attackers!

During this period of time, SuEr had continuously used 9 Heavens Secrets Absolute Formations: Chaos, Disturbance, Whirling Heavens, Dragon Turning, Dominating In Eight Directions, Disorder In Heaven And Earth some of these formations affected elemental essences, while others affected space, skills, and the mind all of the formations had caused the attackers to suffer immensely.

The formations covered the entire battlefield, affecting all of the players. However, what was different was that the defenders all had advance notice, making it so that they were almost unaffected. As for the attackers, they were always caught completely unprepared, making it so that none of them were able to resist the effects of the formation. On the battlefield, a small variable could cause a mountain of loss, let alone massive blows to the army time and time again.

After being tormented like this for 5 hours, the attacking players simply wished for death. They spent each second in deep fear, anxiously waiting and trying to prepare for the next misfortune as their battle intent slowly faded. If at this very moment their leaders gave the order to retreat, they could immediately run as fast as they could in a normal battle, they had nothing to fear. However, after being toyed around with and tormented like this, they felt that death would be a release.

As for the Skyfall Dynasty and Battle Alliance players, even though they faced a force 5 times larger than theirs, they didnt show any signs of fear at all. Their morale burned brighter and brighter like an intense flame, and each attack was more ferocious than the last. They had come fully prepared to die, and they never expected that such a scene would play out if they could truly defend against an army of this size, how glorious would that be?

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