Shura's Wrath Chapter 578

Chapter 578

Ling Tian Returns

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

Flame Shadow, with his forehead covered in sweat, hurriedly rushed over to Long Tian Yun. Before he had even come close, Long Tian Yun asked him with a dark expression, Have you found them yet?

Flame Shadow hurriedly lowered his head as he ashamedly replied, Young master, weve sent out 1,000 players to go around the entire battlefield, but we havent found any formation items on the players.

None? Long Tian Yuns expression became even darker. A group of trash. You havent found anything after such a long time?!

Please calm down young master, Flame Shadow hurriedly spoke. The places we looked were the boundaries of the formation, as detected by our highest-level Hunters. However, its true that there are no formation items or players there. Young master, could it be that a player is controlling this formation I mean

You mean that this formation is a players skill? Long Tian Yun asked as he looked at him.

Yes, yes. Flame Shadow nodded, but he thought that this was essentially impossible. However, there were no players or items at the boundary of the formation, so he couldnt think of any other possibility.

Foolish to the extreme! Long Tian Yun coldly said. Do you know how large this place is? It spans nearly 20 kilometres. If it was an NPC of the Mysterious God grade or Saint Destroyer grade it might be possible, but they cant interfere in this battle youre telling me that a player released this formation? I doubt its possible to have a thought stupider than this.

Being rebuked like this, Flame Shadows face and ears became red. He lowered his head, not daring to say anything. After thinking about how large the battlefield was, he realised how stupid his idea had been.

In order to cover such a large area and use so many different formations, they need at least thousands of players and thousands of formation items. They would normally be spread around the boundary of the formation in a perfect circle. As long as you can find them and kill them, the formation will collapse!  Hmph, in order to lay down such a large formation, the Skyfall Dynasty must have spent a fortune. I never thought that the Skyfall Dynasty would have such an ace up their sleeves- no wonder they dared to move out their entire alliance to fight against us.

It seems that before they werent simply hiding, but rather laying down the formation after spending so much time and effort laying down this formation, how could it be possible for us to discover it so easily? Its possible that the boundary that you searched was obscured by some sort of concealment. Immediately increase the search radius those players and the formation items might be even further away. In fact, they might even be hidden within the high-level monster territories.

Flame Shadows eyes lit up as he hurriedly nodded, Yes, yes. In the end, its the young master whos truly wise. Ill immediately give the orders right, young master, the changes in this formation are very disadvantageous towards us, and weve suffered great losses. Should we temporarily retreat and find the formations weaknesses and then

And let the entire world know that the Yan Huang Alliance and 30 or so other guilds were forced to retreat by the Skyfall Dynasty and Battle Alliance? Long Tian Yuns face was as dark as thunderclouds.

Flame Shadow only just realised what a stupid suggestion he had made. They had been almost tormented to tears and had suffered terrible losses, and yet they could not find out how to break the formation. Temporarily retreating should have been a wise decision however, they had gone into this battle with a 5 times number advantage, and the number 1 guild was allied with 30 or so other guilds against 2 or 3 guilds if they retreated, it would be a massive humiliation. Putting the other guilds aside, the Yan Huang Alliance, which had always been victorious, would become a massive laughingstock. Even if they later destroyed the Skyfall Dynasty, they would never be able to raise their heads in front of the 3 Heavenly Kings again.

More and more people were sent to find the key points in the formation, but they would never be able to find them. This was because the idea that they thought was incredibly stupid, and in reality, was an impossibility.

This formation that covered 20 kilometres was set up and controlled by SuEr alone.

The Heavens Secrets Absolute Formation was still being maintained, and SuErs clothes were completely drenched in sweat. Her face was already shockingly pale, but she did not stop swirling the horsetail whisk around.

Li Xiao Xues gaze never left the battlefield, analysing the situation every second. For the battle to go this well, most of the credit went to SuEr, but Li Xiao Xue had also made incredible contributions. While SuErs Heavens Secrets Formations were incredibly powerful, Li Xiao Xue had maximised their might.

Yun Meng Xin stood beside SuEr, continuously using her handkerchief to wipe away her sweat. The descriptions of the Heavens Secrets Absolute Formations had written that casting them required not only large amounts of MP, but also consumed ones mental energy incredibly quickly as for what would happen to a person who tried to use them when he or she was exhausted, that was not written.

Winter of That Year, Hundred Miles of Ice, Yun Feng, Against The Sky and Judging Sky couldnt sit by and watch, so they had joined the battle. Skyfall and Xiao Qiu Feng, the two leaders who couldnt allow themselves to be killed, watched the miraculous battle being fought by their guilds, causing their blood to boil. Their voices had already become hoarse from yelling, but each command was given with great vigour.

Su Su, are you alright? Are you feeling very tired? When Xiao Qi looked at SuEr, her heart ached. It was evident just how exhausted SuEr was.

SuEr whirled her horsetail whisk, causing the formation to once again change. Because of this simple action, the battlefield of millions of players was once again greatly changed. Upon hearing Xiao Qis voice, a sweet smile appeared on her face, Im fine, and only feeling a bit tired. Dont worry about me.

Su Su, if youre too tired just take a break. Dont force yourself. Every bead of sweat that rolled down SuErs forehead caused Yun Meng Xins heart to ache a bit more. She silently looked at this 16-year old girl although she hadnt seen Su Su for a long time, she had indeed grown up. The SuEr who was gentle, meek, didnt dare to talk to strangers, and always relied on others, had changed a battle of millions singlehandedly. At the same time, she carried the hope of so many people on her shoulders.

The Sword Emperor returned from the battlefield, once again sitting down to recover. Looking at the Sword Emperor, Li Xiao Xue raised her eyebrows. The Sword Emperor needed to rest because her sword intent relied on her mental energy. Despite being so powerful, the Sword Emperor was completely fatigued- what about SuEr who had been going for even longer

Looking at how pale SuErs face was, Li Xiao Xue gave a light sigh as she picked up her communication device and called Chao Ying and Chao Xi.

Ying and Xi, have you received any news from Ling Chen?

No. Tian Tian has stayed by his side the entire time, and he has not shown any signs of waking up. Hows the situation over there?

I dont know how long we can last for.

After powerlessly putting down the communication device, a look of frustration appeared on Li Xiao Xues face. They had received miracle after miracle and had used their trump card. They had already stalled for as much time as possible Ling Tian, why arent you here yet? Just where are you?

If SuEr collapsed, the Heavens Secrets Formation would dissipate. If Ling Tian still didnt appear, then everything they had done would still have been for nought.


A dark world.

With an angelic companion like Sha Sha, Ling Chen did not feel lonely or bored on the way back. After Sha Sha dove into his embrace, she would occasionally lie outstretched, curled up, or even hang from him, but she refused to get off. She was so cute that Ling Chen couldnt help but smile the entire time.

The road of light extended as far as the eye could see, and after seeing the same scenery for 10 hours, Ling Chen couldnt help but feel annoyed. He looked down towards Shadissika in his embrace as he asked, Sha Sha, do you know when well reach the exit?

Does Ling Chen want to get back quicker? Sha Sha asked as she smiled and looked up.

Of course. Theres nothing to do here. I want to leave this place as quickly as possible, Ling Chen replied as he smiled.

Oh right now, its just me and Ling Chen with nobody else to disturb us. I really like this peace and quiet, but if Ling Chen wants to go back that much, we should be there soon, Shadissika said as she laughed.

Just as she spoke, a white circle of light appeared within Ling Chens field of vision.

Ling Chen quickly looked over, What is that?

Wow! It looks like the exit! I was right! Were at the exit. Shadissika delightedly smiled and lay against Ling Chens chest, looking lazy and reluctant to get up.

I can finally leave this place I hope this exit really will take me back to where I was before Ling Chens arms, which were holding Sha Sha, slightly tightened as he quickened his pace and jogged over. He had originally thought that the circle of light was quite far away, but after a few steps, the circle of light quickly became bigger and bigger. In just a few moments, he was standing right in front of it.

Ling Chen hesitated before stepping into the circle of light. As the white light flashed, the white-haired girl in Ling Chens embrace opened her eyes and looked at the dark world that she would be leaving forever.

After walking into the circle of light, an intense white light obscured Ling Chens vision, causing him to subconsciously close his eyes. In the next moment, the air suddenly became cool as Sha Sha cried in delight.

Could it be...

Ling Chen immediately opened his eyes the world in front of him was no longer dark. In front of him was the thing that had sucked him inside- the mysterious door!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As Ling Chen appeared, the Celestial Slayer Insignia, Heaven Slayer Insignia, and God Slayer Insignia that had been socketed above the mysterious door fell to the ground and shattered. It was as if they had fulfilled their mission and had no use anymore.

Wow! Where is this? The air is so cold! Could this be Ling Chens world?

Sha Sha blinked as she excitedly looked around her. When she looked up to see the beautiful layer of ice, she started to yell out in joy.

Thats right, Ling Chen had returned to where he was before he was sucked into the mysterious door- the summit of the Godchild Peak.

Wait Godchild Peak?!

Ling Chen suddenly realised something and looked down at the girl in his embrace. There was still a rosiness within her cheeks while her gaze was filled with curiosity. He stared in shock for a moment before asking, Sha Sha dont you feel cold?

The summit of the Godchild Peak was an extraordinarily cold place. Even Qi Yue, who was a spirit, had to seal herself off. Even most Mysterious God beings did not possess the ability to come to this place and yet he didnt see any abnormal reactions from Sha Shas body.

Cold? Just a little bit. But its more cool than cold, and its very comfortable. As Shadissika spoke she spread out her hands, feeling the air around them. She closed her eyes and smiled, a look of intoxication on her face.

Ling Chen fell silent and was speechless. Sha Shas entire body was snow-white... could it be that she was a snow-spirit? Maybe that was why she wasnt afraid of the cold 

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