Shura's Wrath Chapter 584

Chapter 584

Holy Spirits Pearl

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Editor: Modlawls123

The might of the Medium Level Feng Chen Curse undoubtedly surpassed that of the Low-Level Feng Chen Curses, even able to affect multiple targets. Because Ling Chen has 25 Comprehension, he is able to select 25 targets. The 2 shadow skills are both levelled up, and a third shadow skill had been unlocked, more than doubling Ling Chens survival abilities. If he met the Purple-Winged Cloud Leopard again, he would not be scared at all.

Following this, Ling Chen opened Xiao Hui and LengErs stats pages, and looked through their abilities, particularly Xiao Huis.

Holy Spirit Beast (Xiao Hui): Type: Beast Pet, Level: LV50, Grade: Heavens End, Owner: Ling Tian.

Stats: HP: 50,000, MP: 10,600, Physical Attack Power: 1, Magic Attack Power: 1, Physical Defence: 3200, Hit: 1, Evasion: 1, Critical Chance: 50%, Pierce Chance: 50%, Movement Speed: 350.

Passive Skills: [Soul Devour], [Holy Spirits Shield] LV3, [Holy Spirits Gift] LV3, [Thunder Bulwark], [Lightning Attraction].

[Eye of the Holy Spirit]: Current Level: LV4, Highest Level: LV5, Level Required to upgrade to LV5: LV60. Uses the Holy Spirits energy to create a pair of eyes that can see through all hidden things. The higher the level, the more information that can be seen and the greater the range. Effects: Can view detailed information and weaknesses about humans, beasts, devils, demons, gods, ghosts and spirits that are less than 30 levels higher than the user. The information can be transferred to the master. Has a range of 100 metres, and can discover any hidden creatures. 

[Holy Spirits Aura]: Current Level: LV11, Highest Level: LV20, Level required to upgrade to LV12: LV55. Using its Holy Spirit Aura that is void of evil and impurity to seek the protection of mother nature, it upgrades the innate gifts of itself and all companions. Effect: Luck +11 and Comprehension +11 when along with the master and all pet companions. Effect exists even while not summoned.

[Holy Spirits Sacrifice]: Special Skill, cannot be levelled up. It uses a pure heart and the Holy Spirits power to create a sacrifice of life. When the owner or other pets die, it can use its own death to die for them; when multiple beings die, it can use a single death as a sacrifice for all of their deaths. Can be used 3 times every day. Because owner Ling Tian is affected by the Lunar Scourges debuffs, it does not affect owner Ling Tian.

[Holy Spirits Pearl]: Current Level: LV1, Highest Level: LV3, Level required to upgrade to LV2: LV60. The Holy Spirit Beast uses its unique Holy Spirit power to create a special pearl, containing boundless auspiciousness and Natures blessings. Can create 1 pearl every level this skill is raised. When the Holy Spirits Pearl is used on a skill, it can increase the maximum level of the skill by 20% (subject to rounding), and it can instantly raise the skill to the new maximum level.

Upon seeing this skill, Ling Chens eyes widened and widened, and his jaw nearly dropped to the ground.

Raise the maximum level by 20%... then directly raise the skill to maximum level!

My goodness, this is simply ridiculous!!

After Xiao Huis Grade increased, the most direct change was the massive increase to his stats. However, though undetectable, the aura of luck and auspiciousness around him had grown denser as well. As for his new skills, Ling Chen had expected that based on how powerful his skills had been when he was only at the Celestial grade, the new Heavens End grade skills would be quite good as well. However, Ling Chen never would have thought that they would be so powerful, and adding on the effect that the skill would instantly be raised to the new maximum level even Ling Chen, who had seen all sorts of overpowered skills, couldnt believe his own eyes.

Ling Chen immediately squatted down and patted Xiao Huis head as his eyes that were as dark as the night burned with a glowing light, Xiao Hui, this is it really that powerful?

The skills description had stated quite clearly that every level the skill was upgraded, Xiao Hui would be able to create 1 pearl. This meant that Xiao Hui could create on right now! In that case 

The intelligent Xiao Hui immediately understood what his owner was trying to say. He wagged his tail as he moved backwards and suddenly lowered his head, his sharp horn pointing towards Ling Chen. Following this, a ball of grey and purple light gathered on the tip of the horn. Within the light, a pearl gradually formed, and by the time the light dissipated, the pearl was as big as the nail on ones pinky finger. It was completely clear and looked like a normal glass marble.

As Xiao Hui gave a light bark, the pearl lightly floated over and fell into Ling Chens hands. The instant Ling Chen held it, he saw its name Holy Spirits Pearl! The description of the pearl was exactly the same as he had read in the skills description!

Ling Chen was completely dumbfounded. This Xiao Hui, who didnt have any battle power, had such shocking support abilities. Just like the White Tiger had said, he possessed the Holy Qilins bloodline, and could bring to his owner auspiciousness and good luck. However, this wasnt all that Xiao Hui had given him. Without Xiao Huis companionship, he definitely wouldnt have been able to rise to such a level in the Mystic Moon world.

The incredible power of the Holy Spirits Pearl was evident, and it was also incredibly precious. This skill had a maximum level of LV3, which meant that Xiao Hui would only be able to create 3 Holy Spirits Pearls. Ling Chen decided that he had to use such precious items on the best skills to maximize their effects.

Ling Chen immediately thought of a skill. That skill was heaven-defyingly powerful, but raising it to its maximum level would be even more difficult than defying the heavens [Soul Demise]!

If he used the pearl on this skill

Ling Chen held his breath and opened his skills page. He looked at [Soul Demise], which was currently only LV4 and required 150,000 SP to raise to the next level, as he carefully crushed the Holy Spirits Pearl.

The shattered Holy Spirits Pearl turned into a ray of light and flew towards the skill on the display. It silently landed on it, and the moment the ray of light disappeared, the skill suddenly flashed as a massive change happened in the skills description.

Ding the Holy Spirits Pearl has been successfully used, your skills maximum level has been increased by 6 levels and has been raised to LV36.

All of this had happened in just a few seconds. There weren't any complicated steps to follow, nor were there any chaotic images or scenes. Just like that, after crushing the pearl, the effects had taken place.

[Soul Demise]: Current level: LV36, max level. A skill that can destroy souls created from ones powerful spirit as the foundation and support. Using Soul Demise will directly attack the targets soul. Single target attack, can be activated using both hands or through any weapon. An unseen force attacks the targets soul, ignoring level, grade, Defence, Absolute Defence, and takes away 36% of the targets HP and MP. This attack has Absolute Hit, and has a 3.6% chance to instantly kill the target, ignoring level, grade and instant-death resistance. Costs 1 MP, can only be used 20 times per day. Cannot be used on the same target within 12 hours.

The LV36 Soul Demise was an indescribably heaven-defying skill. Against powerful opponents, the effects would be no less powerful than even the Shuras [Shuras Death Domain]. With this skill, no matter what level, grade, or type his enemy was, once the enemy was hit, he or she would lose more than a third of their HP and MP? What did this mean? This meant that as soon as the battle started, the enemy would almost be half dead what was even more terrifying was that there was a 3.6% chance of instantly killing the target! This was regardless of whether the enemy was a godly beast, holy beast, or even a Moon Goddess.

The skill that could instantly kill any enemy actually had a 3.6% chance of activation! This was undoubtedly the most game-breaking skill in the entire Mystic Moon world. It shouldnt exist in the Mystic Moon world, much less be in the hands of a player.

Have I become truly heaven-defying? Looking at the LV36 skills description over and over again, Ling Chen couldnt help but mutter to himself.

Apart from this, Xiao Hui had also unlocked another skill. However, although he had unlocked this skill, he could not use it.

[Purple Qilin Light]: Special skill, cannot be levelled up. Unknown effects, unknown casting method.

Purple was the colour of pure Lightning elemental essence. Ling Chen guessed that this skill had some relation to the White Tiger.

Comparatively, after reaching LV50, there had not been much changes in LengEr, except that she had unlocked a new skill. 

[Soul Lock]: Current Level: LV1, Highest Level: LV3, Level Required to upgrade to LV2: LV60. It uses dark underworld power to bind a single targets soul within 30 metres, completely controlling their mind and soul for 10 seconds. Base rate of success is 30%. Consumes 200MP. Cooldown time: 60 seconds.

Once successful, LengEr would be able to control the targets mind and soul with her underworld power. If Ling Chen, or any other player, had obtained this skill it would be incredibly terrifying however, Ling Chen understood LengErs personality. Even if she successfully cast this skill, she would not truly control the target. The only thing that she liked were dolls.

However, the upgraded [Summon Undead] gave Ling Chen great delight.

[Summon Undead]: Current Level: LV2, Highest Level: LV5, Requirements to level up unknown. It uses the death energy from corpses as mediums to summon medium grade Skeleton Soldiers from the Underworld. The Skeleton Soldiers assume the profession of the corpse, have the same level as the summoner, and have Grades of 1 Star Elites. The Skeleton Soldiers fully obey all commands from the summoner. Every corpse can only be used to summon 1 Skeleton Soldier. Every summon costs 50MP, and multiple Skeleton Soldiers can be simultaneously summoned from multiple corpses. There is no limit to the number of Skeleton Soldiers that can be in existence. Every Skeleton Soldier lasts for 10 minutes and will immediately disappear once killed.

The LV2 Summon Undead no longer summoned normal skeletons that were the same level as the original players; they would now be 1 Star Elites! Within the ranks of monsters, 1 Star Elites were essentially Mini Bosses! They were much stronger than normal monsters.

If LV1 Summon Undead summoned normal monsters, LV2 summoned 1 Star Elites did that mean at LV5 LengEr would be able to summon Lord Grade Bosses?

If that was the case, that would simply be too terrifying! Lord grade monsters were no doubt Bosses, and it would take tens, if not hundreds, of normal players to kill a Lord Grade Boss of a similar level. If he summoned an uncountable mass of Lord Grade Bosses merely thinking about it was enough to make his heart tremble. It was simply too terrifying and cruel.

Moreover, the cost for summoning had decreased by half. This meant that with the same consumption costs, LengEr would be able to double her output!

After the skill reached LV2, it became countless times more powerful.

LV50 was a great divide in any virtual game. Once someone reached LV50, their abilities and strength would skyrocket. There was only a single level between LV49 and LV50, but the players at LV49 and at LV50 were on completely different levels. After looking at his pets new skills, Ling Chen happily closed their skill pages and looked up towards Xi Ling in the air. Her return had brought him great comfort, and made him much happier than his professions being upgraded.

Xi Ling, welcome back. Ling Chen smiled as he spoke and stretched out his hand. Xi Lings return not only meant that she had come back to life, but also meant that she was willing to continue staying by his side. The Contract between them had been cancelled, so after Xi Ling had been revived, she was completely free. With her foundations as a Saint Destroyer beast, there was nowhere that she couldnt go, and there was nothing that did not fear her. There was no reason for her to return to a measly human players side and yet, she had come back. Although he was at the Godchild Peak, she had followed his aura here. When they had found each other, her cries had been full of joy and delight.

Xi Ling descended, and because of her size, she was no longer able to stand on Ling Chens shoulders. Instead, she landed next to Ling Chen and affectionately leaned against him. Unlike Xiao Hui and LengEr, Xi Lings intelligence was like that of a humans. The second time Ling Chen had seen her, she was even in human form. This was why she had emotions and feelings like humans and they were possibly even stronger than those of humans. 

 Ding the Mysterious God grade beast Crimson Spirit has recognised you as its master and is willing to become your pet. Would you like to accept?

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