Shura's Wrath Chapter 585

Chapter 585

Mysterious God grade Xi Ling

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Although he was somewhat prepared, Ling Chens heart still trembled when he heard this system announcement.

However, Ling Chen did not immediately accept. He looked at Xi Ling as he gently placed his hand on her beautiful feathers, Xi Ling, it was a great blessing for me to meet you. Back then, I only rescued you at the Lonely Spirit Ridge out of curiosity, and I never thought that you would repay me like this youve even sacrificed your life twice to save me.

Although youre not the Golden Crow, Im sure you possess the Golden Crows bloodline within you. That is the bloodline of a Saint Destroyer beast that represents sovereignty in this world. Back then, I was incredibly weak, and was an otherworlder at the lowest hierarchy in this world. In order to save me, you burned the flames of your lifeforce twice. Your actions caused me to feel moved for the first time in this world, and helped me realise that Saint Destroyer beasts arent all high and mighty; instead, their hearts are even purer and kinder than those of humans.

Xi Ling gave a gentle caw, the meaning of which Ling Chen did not fully understand.

Back then, you became my pet so that I could save your life. But now Ling Chen shook his head, Xi Ling, you should know that once you become a players pet, although your Grade will not change, your power will drop to maintain the balance of pets. Moreover, youll completely lose your freedom, so

Before Ling Chen could finish speaking, Xi Lings body flashed with a resplendent and warm red light which covered her entire body. The light gradually contracted and became narrower and shorter. By the time it disappeared, there was a young girl in front of Ling Chen.

Xi Ling was gone and instead there was a cute and pearl-like young girl wearing red clothes.

Xi Ling you can become human again? Looking at the girl in front of him, Ling Chen cried out emotionally. This was the girl who he had met back in the Lonely Spirit Ridge Xi Lings human form.

Hehe! The girl was much shorter than Ling Chen and had to look up to face him. She grinned as she met his gaze. Her large eyes looked clear like glass and she was small and cute. Her waist was quite thin and her beautiful, soft hair fell on her shoulders. Her flame-red dress was quite cute and looked like a princess-style dress, making her look like a doll, Big brother no master, did you forget our promise? Wherever master goes, Xi Ling will go as well. Wherever master is, that will be where Xi Lings home is. This is the promise we made the first day we met; master already agreed to this.


No buts, Xi Ling cut Ling Chen off with her sweet voice. I know that masters saying this for my own good because he doesnt want me to lose my strength and my freedom. Hehe, masters always so good to me. However, even though I have so much power, because of the rules, I cant fight with master or protect master. If thats the case, whats the point of this strength? Although Ill lose some of my strength, if I become masters pet Ill at least be able to fight by masters side and can face all those difficult enemies with master together. I am willing to even if I have to lose all of my current strength.

Even though Ill lose my freedom, I was happiest back when I was by masters side. Even though Ill lose my freedom, Ill be able to stay by masters side. Even if master wants to chase me away or abandon me, he wont be able to do so. Xi Lings eyes glittered like shining stars. There was a deep look of hope and expectation within those beautiful eyes, making Ling Chen feel as if his heart was going to melt. Xi Ling continued, So master, please let Xi Ling continue to stay by your side just like before, alright?

Looking at this girl who was as beautiful as a rose, Ling Chen felt as if none of this was real. He put his hands on Xi Lings small shoulders as he asked emotionally, Xi Ling, am I really worth it for you to do all this?

Of course! Xi Ling earnestly nodded and then smiled. Master saved Xi Lings life, so Xi Lings life belongs to master anyways. If master doesnt dislike Xi Ling, please dont reject her.

Ding the Mysterious God grade beast Crimson Spirit has recognised you as its master and is willing to become your pet. Would you like to accept? 

Hearing this system announcement, Ling Chen did not hesitate anymore. He smiled as he nodded and accepted. A white light enveloped him and Xi Ling before it quickly disappeared.

Ding Crimson Spirit has become your pet. Crimson Spirit was once your pet and was named Xi Ling. Would you like to rename her?

No! Ling Chen immediately declined.

Ding your pet Crimson Spirit ranks as the number 1 pet on Chinas Pet Rankings. Do you wish to hide your personal information?

No need. Ling Chen was slightly surprised, but then he quickly realised something. Snow Cherry had originally been at the top of the Pet Rankings, but this position was now taken by Xi Ling. This meant that Xi Ling was still at least Mysterious God grade! At the Lava Purgatory, under the Vermillion Birds soul flames, she had not only been reborn, but had become even stronger.

Ding your pet Xi Ling has returned to you and has become Mysterious God grade. All of her stats have been greatly increased and her Passive Skills have been upgraded. Her [Rootless Flames] have been levelled up to LV5, [Wild Flames] have been upgraded to [Heaven-Burning Flames], [Red Laser] has been upgraded into [Solar Laser], [Burning Fire Array] has been levelled up to LV5. She has unlocked the new skills [Pale Flames], [Phoenix Arrow], [Vermillion Judgment], [Dazzling Red Lotus] and [World Burning Heavenly Flames].

Xi Ling had returned even stronger than she was before. As the system announcement sounded out, Xi Lings stats appeared in front of Ling Chen.

Crimson Spirit: Type: Beast Pet, Level: LV50, Grade: Mysterious God, Master: Ling Tian. A Fire Spirit Beast that possesses the Golden Crows bloodline. It has a beautiful appearance and extreme Fire abilities. It can also use the suns flames. It is currently not yet mature, and its power has not fully matured either. After exhausting its lifeforce, it was brought back to life by the Vermillion Birds soul flames and received part of the Vermillion Birds strength, awakening its dormant Phoenix bloodline.

Wait! Phoenix? Ling Chen was dumbfounded.

The words Golden Crow had appeared within Xi Lings description, which meant that the system recognised that she possessed the Golden Crows bloodline. However, that bloodline was not pure the description had also mentioned the Phoenix. 

Back then, Qi Yue had told him that Phoenixes were ancient godly beasts and that the strongest being within the Phoenix Clan had been at the Saint Destroyer grade. Back then, the Phoenix Clan and Dragon Clan were the overlords, but after a catastrophe, the Phoenix Clan became extinct and no one had seen a Phoenix ever again. By now, Phoenixes had become a myth. Qi Yue possessed 10,000 years of knowledge, which meant that even 10,000 years ago, the Phoenix Clan had already been extinct so why was the Phoenix bloodline mentioned in Xi Lings description?

Could it be that she not only possessed the Golden Crows bloodline but also the Phoenix Clans bloodline? Could she be the offspring of the Golden Crow and a Phoenix?

Ling Chen continued to read:

Attributes: HP: 6,000, MP: 120,000, Physical Attack Power: 1,200, Magic Attack Power: 48,000, Physical Defence: 60, Movement Speed: 220. Elemental Resistances: Water: -30%, Fire: 200%, Wind: 80%, Lightning: 80%, Earth: 80%, Light: 80%, Darkness: 80%.

Passive Abilities:

  • Can fly up to 50 metres high while carrying people.
  • Automatically recovers 2% MP every second.
  • Can absorb any form of Fire damage and freely convert it to MP or HP, and the owner and fellow pets become immune to Fire damage.

[Flame Attack]: Normal attack, cannot be upgraded. Burns all targets within a 10 metre range with rootless flames and the damage dealt is equivalent to Magic Attack Power. Consumes 20 MP. No cooldown.

[Rootless Flames]: Current Level: LV5, max level. A passive skill of the Golden Crow bloodline. It uses one's soul to create and control rootless flames that do not require natural Fire Elemental Essence to be created. It ignores all resistances to Fire, and it possesses greater temperature and destructive power than normal flames. Effects: Ignores Fire Resistances, Fire attacks do not require channelling (Does not ignore negative Fire Resistances. For monsters that are weak against Fire attacks, the extra damage still applies). All Fire attacks deal 50% more damage and contain a Medium Destruction element. It is incredibly destructive to things that are weak against Fire.

[Heaven-Burning Flames]: Current Level: LV8, Highest Level: LV10, Level Required to upgrade to LV9: LV60. It unleashes boundless rootless flames, mercilessly burning all targets within 50 metres, dealing 400% Magic Attack Power to the targets with a 30% chance to add a Burn effect for 10 seconds. Consumes 500 MP. Cooldown time: 5 seconds.

[Solar Laser]: Current Level: LV8, Highest Level: LV10, Level Required to upgrade to LV9: LV60. Condensing rootless flames into a bright and burning light from the sun, it shoots down a searing laser from the skies to a single target, dealing Fire damage equivalent to 1000% Magic Attack Power with a 100% chance to add a Burn effect for 10 seconds. Once locked on, it cannot be evaded. Consumes 1000 MP, cooldown time: 10 seconds. 

[Phoenix Arrow]: Current Level: LV5, max level. A destructive skill from the Phoenix bloodline. Uses the Phoenixs flames to create a crimson shadow that pierces through 200 metres in front of it, burning everything in its path. Deals 500% Magic Attack Power and has a 10% chance to add a Burn effect for 5 seconds. It can even burn the surroundings. Consumes 600 MP. Cooldown time: 10 seconds.

[Vermillion Judgment]: Current Level: LV5, max level. A destructive skill from the Vermillion Birds soul flames. Spreads the Vermillion Birds flames in an area of 50 metres, causing all targets within the range to take Fire damage equivalent to 100% Magic Attack Power every second for 10 seconds. Consumes 1500 MP. Cooldown time: 30 seconds.

[Burning Fire Array]: Current Level: LV5, max level. Uses rootless flames to cover all directions, creating a destructive formation array of heavenly flames that burn all targets within its radius. Covers 200 metres around the caster, dealing damage equivalent to (10,000 + Magic Attack Power x 10) with a 100% chance to add a Burn effect. Takes 5 seconds to set up the formation array and burns for 3 seconds. Consumes 13,000 MP. Cooldown time: 2 hours.

[Nine Suns Rebirth]: Fixed Skill, cannot be levelled up. After dying, it uses the power of the Nine Suns to revive. After reviving, there will not be any loss, but will not be able to fight within 1 hour. The power of the Nine Suns is limitless and the Nine Suns Rebirth can be used an unlimited number of times. 

[Pale Flames]: Special Skill, cannot be levelled up. A unique flame that belongs solely to Xi Ling created by combining the Golden Crow, Phoenix, and Vermillion Birds flames. After fusing these flames from different origins, a terrifying white flame is created. Once activated, all of the flames Xi Ling releases will become white. The white flames ignore all resistances to Fire and deal triple the amount of Fire damage. They also destroy everything they come into contact with. After activating, consumes 3,000 MP per second and can be maintained for 30 seconds at most. Can be used once every day. Because Xi Lings strength is insufficient, the power of her flames will fall asleep for 3 hours after use. 

[Dazzling Red Lotus]: Forbidden Skill, cannot be levelled up. The most destructive ability from the Vermillion Bird Clan. Cannot be used yet because the Vermillion Birds flames have not yet fully fused with Xi Lings soul.

[World Burning Heavenly Flames]: Forbidden Skill, cannot be levelled up. The most destructive ability from the Phoenix bloodline. Cannot be used yet because Xi Lings Phoenix bloodline has not fully awakened.

[Heavenly Wrath of the Nine Suns]: A destructive Forbidden Skill from the Golden Crows bloodline, cannot be upgraded. It releases its own source of power and condenses flames similar to the nine suns into an ultimate flame that can burn anything. When it reaches the peak of its strength, the Flames of the Sun can be directly used. The fire doesnt distinguish friend from foe, and the damage is equivalent to (Magic Attack Power x 9 x Crimson Spirits current level). The maximum range can be controlled within a range equivalent to Xi Lings Magic Attack Power. Consumes all current MP. Cooldown time: 1 month. Because Xi Lings strength is vastly insufficient, it is best not to use it. If forcefully used, Xi Ling will fall unconscious for 3 days, her maximum HP will permanently decrease by 20%, and her level will fall by 10.

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