Shura's Wrath Chapter 592

Chapter 592

Deity Curse! 

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Long Tian Yuns reaction was extremely unsightly, and the other leaders almost fell over in shock.

Judging Skys eyes opened wide as he muttered, This This is impossible right someone tell me that Im dreaming ah!!! Why the hell did you pinch me?

Im helping you confirm whether this is a dream. Looks like it isnt, Against The Sky innocently shook the hand that had been slapped away by Judging Sky.

Even the legendary Lightning Forbidden Curse wouldnt be so powerful, right? And yet, Ling Tian has such a terrifying lightning attack this this is unbelievable, Yun Feng said, feeling stunned.

Let alone other people, even Ling Chen himself was given a big fright by how powerful the Thunder Gods Bulwark was. In these 9 short waves of lightning, he had killed over 1 million players! This was an absolutely terrifying number, however, thinking back to the fact that this power belonged to the guardian beast White Tiger, he understood why it was so powerful. After using about half of the lightning stored in the Thunder Gods Bulwark, he finally stopped since the Thunder Gods Bulwark was so powerful, it would definitely play a great role in times of crisis. How could he use it all on these cannon fodder?

Moreover, there were simply too many attackers. Even if he used up all of the lightning, he wouldnt be able to kill them all.

Moreover, defeating these attacking players didnt necessarily mean killing them all.

After the 9 waves of Nirvana Lightning, 99% of the attacking players were scared out of their wits, and the remaining 1% barely had their minds intact. No one dared to take a single step in the direction of the new city, temporarily resolving the crisis. Seeing this opportunity, Ling Chen stopped attacking and Snow Cherry charged forwards like a meteor, locking onto Long Tian Yun and the other leaders.

In order for ease of communication, Long Tian Yun and the other leaders were at the same place, surrounded by many layers of elites. 

Ling Tian!! Ling Tians coming!!

Panicked cries sounded out from the players around the leaders. The terrifying lightning attacks had made them completely terrified, and to them, Ling Tians name became a synonym for the devil. Upon seeing him charge over, all of them felt as if their souls were scattering, and the entire area was sent into a frenzy. The players all shakily raised their weapons, pointing them towards Ling Chen however, given the height at which Ling Chen was flying, they could not hit him at all and could only watch as he came closer.

Long Tian Yun looked up and detected Ling Tians gaze, causing his heart to tremble. The other leaders faces all fell. Before they could even think of what to do, a white light flashed above them as Ling Tian, who was a hundred metres away, suddenly appeared above them while looking down at them.

Ill give you a final chance Ling Chens voice was domineering and emotionless like he was a king giving his prisoners of war an opportunity to live, Take your people and screw off and Ill pretend none of this happened. Otherwise

The final word was spoken extremely coldly and sinisterly, causing everyone who heard it to feel as if a demons sharp teeth were on their necks. After Ling Chen stopped speaking, every one of them felt his gaze sweep across them like an icy blade being dragged across their bodies, causing shivers to run through their bodies.

Heheh, hahahaha Long Tian Yun started to laugh, his laughter filled with darkness, madness and savageness. After that night at the Long familys residence, he knew that the enmity between him and Ling Tian would never be resolved. The only option he had was to kill Ling Tian; no matter what, he could never compromise or ask for peace. Ling Tian, are you scared? That lightning you let out was the last trick up your sleeve, right? You used your lightning to kill 1 million players, but we still have 3 million! With enough time, well immediately reassemble. When that happens, do you think youll be able to stop us? Keep dreaming!

As soon as Long Tian Yun said this, the other leaders toughed up a little. The things Ling Tian had done in the East Ocean Continent had completely shocked everyone, and they couldnt help but fear him. However, after coming so far, they could not turn back, nor were they willing to turn back. Moreover, although Ling Tians lightning attack was incredibly shocking, they still had the advantage how could Ling Tian block 3 million players? They didnt believe that Ling Tian could do such a thing again.

The winner is the king and the loser is the bandit! Even if you kill us all, our Golden Age Alliance will never run away. Mo Gu Lin valiantly said as he took a step forwards.

Ling Chens eyes narrowed as he looked at the other leaders before asking calmly, Is that how you all feel as well?

No one said anything, but no one turned to leave either.

Very good, Ling Chen said. Since its like this, dont blame me for not giving you a chance. From now on even if you kneel down to beg for mercy, Ill make you regret appearing here for the rest of your lives!

Kneel? Long Tian Yun reacted as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world. He tilted his head back as he roared with laughter, In this lifetime, Ive only had people kneeling down to me, and yet you want me to kneel down to you? Hahahaha

Is that so? Ling Chen also started to laugh in amusement as he mockingly looked at each of the leaders. A strange light flashed in his eyes as he locked on to Long Tian Yun and 24 other people who held the highest statuses Ling Chens Comprehension was currently 25, so he could only choose 25 targets.

Ding the Libra Orbs effects have activated, [Deity Curse]s cooldown time has been reset.

Immediately, all of the leaders reacted as if they had been struck by lightning and froze on the spot. They all looked up with their eyes wide open, staring at Ling Chen their eyes started to flash, and soon they were filled with tears!

They were tears of excitement and joy, as if a long-lost son had found his father!

With a puchi, as everyone else watched with wide eyes, Long Tian Yun knelt down towards Ling Chen with his hands in front of him, prostrating himself in worship. He stared at Ling Chen through his tears, his expression and posture filled with sincerity.

Ling Tian you youre so powerful and mighty; so heroic and amazing! Youre definitely a representative from the heavens. Youre the most amazing person in this world; no one can compare to you and your incredible holiness. Ive offended you many times in the past and should receive divine punishment for my offences.

Long Tian Yun lay prostrate on the ground, his face full of worship and guilt. As he spoke, tears and snot ran down his face, looking as if he wished to crawl over and lick Ling Chens feet.

The world instantly fell deathly silent.

Cang Yan was dumbfounded. All of the Yan Huang Alliance players were dumbfounded. The 3 Heavenly Kings were dumbfounded. Li Xiao Xue was dumbfounded. Yun Meng Xin was dumbfounded. Xiao Qis mouth was wide open. Xiao Qiu Fengs eyes bulged. Yun Fengs jaw dropped to the ground all of the attacking players stared at Long Tian Yun as their minds exploded.

The Long familys sole heir, the Alliance Master of the Yan Huang Alliance, was a majestic figure, whether in real life or in the virtual world. No one could compare to him, and yet he had kneeled to Ling Tian, someone he hated irreconcilably! His words were filled with worship and adoration, making it difficult for everyone to believe their ears.




Even more knees fell to the ground. It was as if all of the other leaders had planned to kneel down together and dropped down simultaneously. The sound was so loud that it was as if they were trying to bury their knees in the ground. 24 people with the most power in the virtual world looked as if they had seen Gods trusted apostle, looking up at Ling Chen with tears streaking down their faces.

Ling Tian, I never thought that Id be able to witness your glory; this is the greatest moment of my life. Youre as bright as the dawn in the darkness, warmly nurturing my soul and illuminating my body and future. Youre even more resplendent than the stars. You are holier and purer than the moon and even brighter than the sun

Wuu Wuu Im a beast whos worse than a dog or a pig; I offended you time and time again. My crimes are incredibly grievous, and I deserve death. I cant even forgive myself, wuuu. Black Flames Wild Gale howled as he smacked himself.

Glorious Ling Tian, being able to kneel down to you is my great fortune! To be able to worship you at such close distance makes me feel like I can die without any regrets. Even if I die immediately, itll be worth it, wuu Im so moved so moved

Ling Tian, please punish me as you wish. I actually tried to attack the city youre protecting; this is an unforgivable sin. Im scum and trash. Im worse than animals. Please punish me, otherwise Ill forever be buried in my guilt

The 25 leaders, including Long Tian Yun, were kneeling around Ling Chen, kowtowing and worshipping him with tears and snot running down their faces. Some shouted out all the phrases of praise and admiration they knew, and they seemed incredibly emotional. Others lowered their heads and beat their chests, condemning and cursing themselves for the things that they had done to Ling Tian. While others slapped themselves, some even took out their weapons, wanting to kill themselves

3 million pairs of eyes stared at this scene directly hundreds of millions of Chinese players watched the broadcast 25 of the players with the most power and influence, including the Yan Huang Alliances Alliance Master

Had gone crazy!

They felt as if the entire world had gone crazy!

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