Shura's Wrath Chapter 602

Chapter 602

Man-Made God

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Modlawls123

The city gates were opened, and the Fairies and Dwarves charged out as they yelled with joy. At the front, Chief Dilos face was so emotional that it was completely red, and Chief Greenwood and Granny Witherwood were grinning. Almost the entire city was filled with cheers.

This battle had lasted for more than 10 hours, and they had anxiously spent each minute and second in fear. After all, this new city contained their hope and future. Crisis after crisis had been averted, each more perilous than the previous. Miracles had happened time and time again, causing countless waves within their hearts during these 10 or so hours. Finally, Ling Chens return had completely resolved the crisis, causing them to uncontrollably yell out with joy.

Brother Ling Tian, its great that youre back; youve once again saved us! Im becoming more and more certain that youre someone sent by the heavens to save us, Chief Dilo said emotionally. All of the Dwarves gazes towards Ling Chen became incredibly passionate. Ling Chens position in their hearts had reached an unprecedented height.

Splendidly done. Greenwoods gaze passed over each person, looking extremely impressed. He had watched the battle from the very beginning, and he knew just how much of a miracle it was for them, who had 1/5 of their enemies numbers, to defend the new city. Finally, his gaze rested on Ling Chen as he said earnestly, We havent seen you for some time, and youve almost become a new person. Indeed, youre no ordinary person at all. 

Beside him, CaiEr happily flew towards Xiao Qi and SuEr and the others. She hovered around them, her smile like a blooming flower. Ying Xue stood beside Granny Witherwood, a calm expression on her face; it seemed as if there was a layer of frost that could never be melted on her face.

The joyous celebrations didnt continue for too long. The Fairies and Dwarves returned to their hard work after surviving the attack, their passion and motivation had been raised to the extreme and everyone worked with all their strength. Sweat covered their bodies, but relaxed and happy smiles covered their faces.

The 3 Heavenly Kings left in a hurry, and Yun Feng and Xiao Qiu Feng also left together they needed to reorganise after that battle. The girls dragged Xuanyuan Dia Wu off to ask about Ling Chens past, as Ling Chen had never told them much about his childhood before. As such, they decided to learn these things from Xuanyuan Dia Wu. Of course, they were also interested in her identity as the Sword Emperor. Shadissika and CaiEr played together, but Shadissika continuously stole glances at Ling Chen, as if she was afraid that he would disappear if she let her sights off him.

Elder Dita, here are 2 Spatial Stones. Can you please help me make another 500 Spatial Orbs? You can keep whatevers left to make spatial items and teleportation channels in future.

Ling Chen gave the 2 Spatial Stones he had obtained from the East Ocean Continent to Elder Dita. Anyone who used Spatial Orbs would form a dependency on them. Returning to the new city had used his last Spatial Orb, and now Ling Chen did not have a single one left.

Heavens! You obtained another 2 of these legendary items. This is simply incredible! Elder Dita took them as he exclaimed in shock and awe. Whats more, these 2 Spatial Stones were much bigger than the 2 from before. He patted his chest as he said, Leave this to me; the 500 Spatial Orbs will be ready by noon tomorrow at the latest.

Right, theres also these things. Use them where appropriate. Im sure they should all be things youre interested in. Ling Chen took out all of the weird and wonderful things he had obtained on his journey, which soon piled up into a small mountain.

With Xiao Huis sensitivity to treasures, wherever Ling Chen went, he would always find the treasures in the area. During his 2 months in the East Ocean Continent, he had spent most of his time near the Celestial Cherry Valley, where the Moon God aura had attracted and given birth to many treasures. All of them were discovered by Xiao Hui and fell into Ling Chens bag. Any treasure that Xiao Hui could be bothered detecting was a treasure of treasures, and some of them were extremely rare metals and materials.

My god!!

Elder Dita felt his head spin he almost fainted from the shock and happiness he felt.

What am I seeing I cant believe my eyes. Elder Dita leapt onto the mountain of treasures, his body threatening to collapse under how much he was shaking. Good materials were like their lives to Dwarves, and seeing so many treasures heaped in front of him, he felt like he was in heaven. Smelling the unique smells from the metals and other materials, and looking at the high-grade materials that he had only read about in books, Elder Dita almost went mad. Azure Cloud Stone, Jade-Blood Glass, Dark Secret Gold, Overlord Rock, Starwood my god, my god ah, this this is Chilling Crystal Chalcedony! This is Chilling Crystal Chalcedony, which only exists in records something that even our Progenitor has never seen before!

Elder Dita continued to mutter to himself, sometimes crying out, wishing that he could bury himself in these treasures. Soon, he was unable to hear anything Ling Chen said. Ling Chen tapped his nose and could only walk away leaving these treasures here with the Dwarves was undoubtedly the best thing to do. As for what they could be used for, that was what the Dwarves specialised in. Of course, Ling Chen hadnt given them everything he had kept some of the Chilling Crystal Chalcedony because not only was it a top-grade material, but it could also instantly increase ones level.

Xiao Xue, whats going on with the Skyfall Dynasty? Ling Chen pulled Li Xiao Xue aside and asked her the question that had been on his mind the entire time.

Li Xiao Xue did not directly answer. She swept back some loose strands of hair as she said, Come meet someone with me tomorrow.

Who is it?

Gu Qing Han. Li Xiao Xue smiled.

Her? What does it have to do with her? Ling Chen felt quite shocked. He had long since heard of Gu Qing Han, but had only seen her once. It was that time when he had gone to visit Li Xiao Xue, and the elegant aura that she gave off left a deep impression on him. However, he had only briefly seen her, and there was nothing between them.

In this world, the only person who can order the 3 Heavenly Kings to take their Skyfall Dynasty on a suicide mission is Gu Qing Han. Not even their father would be able to do such a thing. As for her reason, youll know tomorrow when you meet her. Li Xiao Xue folded her arms around her chest as she smiled lightly. This was something she often did.

Ling Chen frowned and thought before asking, Does she know my real-life identity and where Im staying?

Yes, Li Xiao Xue replied. However, dont worry shes more intelligent than any other woman. Since she was willing to give up the entire Skyfall Dynasty to help you, she naturally wants to possess a good relationship with you. How could she expose you? From how I see it, shes probably like me found some worth in you Ill come pick you up tomorrow afternoon... remember not to go out.

After giving Ling Chen a coquettish gaze, Li Xiao Xue turned around as she faintly smiled and walked away. There was a look within her eyes that made her seem like she could see through everything in the world what would the situation be like tomorrow?

After Li Xiao Xue left, Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ice, who had been waiting for a long time, finally found an opportunity to come over to Ling Chens side.

Ling Tian do you have anything to say to us? In front of Ling Chen, Winter of That Year was not as frivolous and flippant as he usually was. He had a complicated expression, and Hundred Miles of Ice also looked quite serious. Both of his sword-like eyes were piercing into Ling Chen.

What year did the two of you enter Heaven? Ling Chen frowned as he coldly asked. This question caused Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ices pupils to contract.

So you really were somewhere from there! I never thought that after that explosion, apart from us, there were other survivors! Winter of That Year said while trying to suppress his emotions, though his heart rate still sped up. He and Hundred Miles of Ice were both humans, but they were different from other people. They were humans who no longer belonged in the world. They only had each other in this vast world, and only they knew the feeling of loneliness, inferiority, and exclusion that they felt.

Now that they had suddenly found someone in the same boat as them, they felt delighted and felt a sense of closeness.

Answer me first, what year? Ling Chen asked.

Winter of That Year looked at Hundred Miles of Ice and didnt hide anything as he replied, It was 10 years ago, or more precisely 10 years and 4 months ago! What about you?

10 years ago? Ling Chen muttered to himself. A look of astonishment flashed in his eyes that was when he had left Heaven. He had spent 3 years and 4 months in Heaven, 3 years and 5 months in Hell, and after killing Instructor Hell, 7 years had passed in total, it had been 13 years and 6 months since he had been taken to Heaven.

These 2 people had entered Heaven 2 months after he had left.

I was there earlier than you, Ling Chen replied. I was taken there 13 years ago 13 years and 6 months ago.

13 years ago? Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ice were shocked. A look of confusion surfaced on their faces, after which their expressions suddenly changed.

Youre Adam!! Winter of That Years eyes widened as he yelled.

You know about me? Ling Chen was quite calm upon hearing the name Adam. To anyone, the things that happened there would be incredibly shocking, and even more so to the victims. They couldnt reveal any of this to the public or countless problems would arise for them. However, to these 2 people who had gone through the same things as him, people he felt quite familiar with, he didnt hide anything.

Heh Adam, Eve, how could we not know about those names? Winter of That Year laughed. Although he was laughing, the laugh was one full of grief. No wonder why youre so strong; to the point that youre many times stronger than the boss and myself. No wonder why you could defeat the Sword Emperor so easily and single-handedly destroy millions of troops. So youre not a man-made god like us, but the Mad Scientists perfect creation!

Man-Made God? Ling Chen frowned.

Thats right, man-made gods. The boss and I are both man-made gods. Sounds cool and domineering, right? Do you know what man-made gods are and how they came about? Winter of That Years smile became more and more twisted. Behind him, Hundred Miles of Ice silently closed his eyes, giving off an aura of grief.

Adam and Eve were perfect creations that the Mad Scientist screamed about every day, and they were the greatest works of his life. He madly told us that when the time was ripe and he removed the restrictions on Adam and Eves brain capacities, they would become true demi-gods! 2 perfect demi-gods should have been enough, but that madman still wanted more demi-gods to become his powerful slaves. As such, he started to create us, the man-made gods haha, man-made gods. Adam, do you know why you have a strange feeling when you come near us?

Ling Chen:

The boss and I thought that we had met another man-made god, but we never expected that he had met the lord of gods. This is because we were made by being modified by your blood and genes. In other words, were only lowly life forms given our powers by your blood and genes.

 Ling Chen: !!!! 

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