Shura's Wrath Chapter 603

Chapter 603

A Miracle That Came Silently

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Editor: Modlawls123

Using my blood and genes? Hows that possible?! Ling Chen frowned.

To normal people, thats indeed impossible, but that person is the Mad Scientist! He was able to clone your blood and genes, and given enough time, he could probably even clone you! Winter of That Year said as he breathed raggedly while in a strangely stimulated state. Seeing that the person in front of him was the person whose blood and genes had been forcibly instilled inside him to make him a man-made god, his memories were awakened, making him feel incredibly complicated emotions.

Cloning blood and genes Ling Chen knew that if it was the Mad Scientist, he would be able to do it. There was almost nothing that was impossible for him! Just like Instructor Hell, who had seemed to rise from the dead, he had been turned into a cyborg by the Mad Scientist! A monster that only appeared in movies, but was much more perfect than those in movies.

Why did he use my blood and genes?

Because the 4 successful subjects at the end were all male and you were stronger than Eve overall, so of course the Mad Scientist would choose you, Winter of That Year replied as his entire body trembled slightly.

The Mad Scientist instilled by blood and genes inside you mainly to alter your bodys constitution, right? Were your minds, thoughts, and memories affected in any way? Ling Chen asked as he looked at them.


Thats good. Ling Chen nodded as he said in a serious tone, Since they werent affected, youre still you, not a derivative product. If a persons mind was altered, they would have lost themselves; while if a persons mind is still theirs, even if their entire body has been altered, they will still be themselves. Its most likely that you were given those things because you lost too much blood, and that blood has long since fused with your bodies so it has nothing to do with me anymore. Genes are the same.

Ling Chens words caused Winter of That Year to pause in surprise this entire time he had felt humiliated that a stronger persons blood and genes had been instilled within him to make him stronger. He felt that he was no longer himself, and his superhuman abilities were also because of another persons blood and genes, making him a mere derivative product. He felt that he was both pitiful and laughable. However, hearing Ling Chens words why did he suddenly feel that it was no big deal?

He suddenly felt much better!

Ling Chen ignored the changes in their expressions and continued speaking, Come to speak of it, how did you escape from there?

Ling Chen had asked how they had escaped, not left. Ling Chen wouldnt believe that the Mad Scientist had left them go out of compassion unless he had truly gone mad.

6 years ago, we found a rare opportunity to blow up the island. Thinking back to that day, a look of delight appeared on Winter of That Years face. Since we couldnt just escape, we decided to take the Mad Scientist down with us! On that day, the entire island, including the Mad Scientists equipment, samples, medicines, metals, and diseases were all completely blown up. The heavens were kind and allowed the boss and I to live on, though I lost consciousness for 6 years and only woke up half a year ago.

Blew up? Ling Chen raised his eyebrows as he went deep into though. Back then, after killing Instructor Hell, he and Eve had returned to Heaven to assassinate the Mad Scientist. However, they found that Heaven was gone. It turned out that it had been blown up by these 2 people!

On the vast ocean, the evidence of the explosion was quickly swallowed by the boundless waves.

However, these years, the boss and I always had a bad feeling. Speaking to there, Winter of That Years body trembled. A bad feeling that the Mad Scientist wasnt dead! This was because every time the boss and I thought of the Mad Scientist, our bodies would grow cold it wasnt just out fear towards him, but maybe maybe a warning from our winds! Adam, with your mental energy, Im sure that you should know that foresight and warnings arent just fictional things!

Ling Chen snapped out of his thoughts as he looked at them, Your guess was correct indeed, the Mad Scientist has not died. Not too long ago, I met another of the Mad Scientists creations. In front of that creation, I was almost unable to fight back, and I was almost killed by him.

W-What?! Expressions of shock appeared on Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ices faces.

Not dead hes not dead! Winter of That Years body started to violently tremble as his face instantly became incredibly pale. Guessing that the Mad Scientist wasnt dead and receiving confirmation were completely different things. Anyone who had been to Heaven before would know just how terrifying the Mad Scientist was! His body was incredibly thin, and would huff and puff from just walking. However, he was more terrifying than even the most horrifying demon in the world! Although so many years had passed, no matter if it was Winter of That Year, Hundred Miles of Ice, or even Ling Chen, they would always shudder when thinking about the Mad Scientist.

Not only is he not dead Ling Chens voice became heavier. The year you destroyed that island, it was definitely arranged by the Mad Scientist!

What do you mean? Winter of That Year felt quite shocked.

The Mad Scientist is terrifyingly intelligent Im sure you know this already. Over the years, tens of thousands of people fell into his hands, but not a single one of them were able to escape from him. And yet, you were able to find and detonate a bomb! Moreover, that island contained equipment that was ahead of earths technology by hundreds of years, and all of the satellite signals around it were scrambled. All of the ships that came near the island would be redirected, and all of the planes that would fly over it would suddenly change course. In other words, if the Mad Scientist hadnt allowed it, it would have been impossible to reach the island! On that undiscoverable island, why would he have a bomb that could destroy the entire island? What would he create it for? Apart from that island, what would he want to blow up?

Upon hearing this, Winter of That Years body chilled. Indeed, he had found the bomb quite easily, and had felt incredibly lucky. He occasionally wondered whether this was part of the Mad Scientists plan. However, because so much of the Mad Scientists hard work was gathered on that island, he couldnt see why the Mad Scientist would want to blow up that island. However, upon hearing Ling Chen say this, he felt more and more certain that this was the truth. His lips trembled as he asked, T-Thats impossible, right? Why would the Mad Scientist

Ling Chen had already guessed the reason. He spoke succinctly, The reason is quite simple. Back then, he must have used some method to discover that Eve and I defeated his only comrade, and found out that Eve and I escaped from his control. Haha he once said that Eve and I were his only 2 creations that could make him feel fear. As such, he became scared upon learning that we had escaped his mental control.

We knew the way to get onto the island, and had sufficient power to kill him. As such, he had to escape. However, he couldnt bring away everything on the island, nor could he allow anyone to discover the island. As such, he decided to blow up the island through you. This was because if you did it, it could create the illusion of him being killed. Moreover, the time you guys blew up the island matches up with the time we killed his comrade. By the time Eve and I prepared to go back to kill him, the island was gone.

Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ices faces became ashen. After hearing that the Mad Scientist wasnt dead, they felt as if a gigantic rock weighing thousands of kilograms was weighing down on their hearts. Unless the Mad Scientist truly died, he would remain as a shadow in their hearts that they would never be able to erase. Winter of That Year deeply breathed in as he asked, Did you find the Mad Scientist after that?

No, Ling Chen shook his head as he frowned. As long as he doesnt show himself, Im sure that no one in the world will know where he is. However, what Im sure of is that right now, hes not carrying on man-made god experiments.

The Mad Scientists body was extremely weak. He was a monster who worshipped knowledge and intelligence, but he disregarded physical strength completely. All of Ling Chens physical training had come from Instructor Hell. Instructor Hell had almost been killed by him and Eve, and he had fallen into the ocean. Although he hadnt died, he had barely survived and needs a few years to recover. During that time, there was no one to help the Mad Scientist find more experimental subjects.

However, it was certain that the Mad Scientist was not lazing around. Ling Chen and Eve had escaped from his control, but from his personality, he definitely wouldnt give up just like that. However, after all these years he still hadnt reappeared the only possibility was that he was carrying out an even more important experiment or plan.

Since we cant find him, well have to wait for him to come back. Im sure well find him again someday, Ling Chen said as his eyes flashed.

Winter of That Year looked at Hundred Miles of Ice as he bitterly smiled, You might meet him again and kill him, but boss and I wont have that opportunity.

Whys that? Ling Chen asked.

I dont know what sort of methods the Mad Scientist used, as well as how many strange and rare materials he used to change your body. The molecules in your blood are more volatile than fire, and arent something that normal humans can endure. If a normal person was injected with even a bit of your blood, within a few minutes, they would be dead. The Mad Scientist used many cruel methods to create 4 successful experiments, but the success came at a price. Each of those 4 successful experiments only had a maximum of 10 years of lifespan remaining the boss and I still have 1 year. 

At the same time, our senses were damaged. I lost my sense of smell and taste in my world, there are no fragrances and delicious foods! As for the boss, he lost much of his verbal abilities, and he cant even say a complete sentence. Moreover, he lost his sense of touch coldness, heat, pain, itchiness even if you stabbed him with 100 knives, or threw him into fire, he wouldnt feel any pain!

They had never told anyone any of this apart from Ling Chen because there was nobody else to tell. Only they knew the pain of losing their senses.

Ling Chen! The snow-white Shadissika left Ling Chens embrace for too long, and couldnt help but come over. She grabbed onto Ling Chens hand as she smiled sweetly, Are you talking about something fun? The cute CaiEr said that theres a big forest over there thats very pretty; can you take me there to play?

Mm, okay. That place is called the Fairy Forest; Im sure youll like it. Facing Shaddisikas request, Ling Chen simply couldnt refuse. His gaze fell on Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ices faces as he smiled and said, Theres no such thing as absolutes in the world, and Im sure theres a way. Out of the people I brought out from there, 2 of them specialise in medicine and have equipment that the Mad Scientist made. Maybe theyll be able to find a way to restore your bodies. As such, if you have time, come to Su Hang City and Ill ask them to try.

Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ices eyes lit up. If it was a normal doctor even if it was the most reputable doctor in the world, they would refuse. However, when Ling Chen mentioned the equipment that the Mad Scientist had made, although the Mad Scientist was terrifying, everything that came from him was incomparable to the things on earth. This gave them a faint sense of hope.

Really? Then Then thank you so much! The boss and I will come to Su Hang as soon as possible. Winter of That Year emotionally said as he rubbed his hands together.

Ling Chen slightly nodded as he smiled, I cant guarantee that well be successful, but even if we do succeed, you dont have to thank me I heard from Xiao Xue and the others that because of a promise, you stood guard in front of the Azure Forest Village for a few months. If it wasnt for you, the new city might have been destroyed already. For you to keep that promise and be so loyal, I consider you to be true men who are worthy of respect. As such, Ill do my best to repay you Sha Sha, lets go.

Mm! Sha Sha excitedly nodded and happily held Ling Chens hand. After taking a few steps, she looked back at Winter of That Year and Hundred Miles of Ice.

Adam, hes actually Adam. After Ling Chen left, Winter of That Year patted his chest and let out a breath. I never thought that Adam would be Chinese nor did I think we would ever meet him. Fate is such a strange thing achoo! Achoo! Achoo! Whats this smell? Its so sweet


Smell Smell I can smell again!! Winter of That Year rushed towards Hundred Miles of Ice, his hands tightly grabbing onto him as tears surfaced in his eyes. I can smell again; I can really smell again! Its true!! Its true!!!

Facing Winter of That Years mad yelling, Hundred Miles of Ices expression froze. He stared at Winter of That Years face before looking down to where Winter of That Year was grabbing him

In his excitement, Winter of That Year had used too much force when grabbing him, making him feel some pain.


It hurts He only said 2 words and couldnt say anymore.

He basked in this pain, savouring it because he had not experienced it in so many years.

 To them, today was a miraculous day. The heavens had filled their lives with cruelty, and yet it had suddenly become compassionate, returning what it had taken away from them. These things, which were things that normal people always had, were things that they didnt even dare to dream about regaining.

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